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Stand Strong for Jesus

The Verdict / John Munro
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June 6, 2022 11:24 am

Stand Strong for Jesus

The Verdict / John Munro

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June 6, 2022 11:24 am

Dr. John H. Munro June 5, 2022 Matthew 26:69-75

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While this graduation Sunderland to speak on something strong for Jesus's message is of course for graduates, but it is a message for you and for me to look at one of the outstanding leaders of the New Testament. A great man, a man who spent savings years following Jesus is a courageous leader.

Best time to be one of the leaders of the apostles. One of the great men of Scripture's name name is Peter Simon Peter.

He is a rock he's a man of God and yet is were going to read.

He felt that his he fell spiritually. Not only did he not deny the Lord. He did so three times and the doors then emphasizes the denial, the use of quotes and curses. Yes, that's Peter, your failed spiritually give a really messed up in the graduates of her master and it cheating on an exam to get through the morality secret alcohol or drugs or pornography problem and when you ever defrauded someone, anyone here who is hurt someone very badly in a relationship and what here was lied to slander someone anyone here who is denied the Lord Jesus Christ.

But just in your lives, but by your very actions of people look to you, they would say well. This individual cannot possibly be a follower of Jesus Christ below you say you are actions denied and would like that here today and when carrying a burden of some secret sin today were going to consider the failure of this man is Michael Peter, and to learn from his failure how we are to stand strong for Jesus. Very interesting in our society.

People sign strong things that are very wrong. This is the gay pride month during people are very strong in their beliefs. They want everyone to know their sexual preference they are standing strong for that.

People sign strong political ideology.

People sign strong for all kinds of things with this in the case that we as Christians instead of sending strong rather weak with weeks actually were not talking about people be ignorant or harsh or being disrespectful to those who embrace a different belief from ourselves, but how we need in a very very strange world is same as our world is falling apart since we don't know what we're doing is to hear in Joe's Lord willing, I'll be in Scotland's and that has been described, sadly, is the most secular country in Europe. The world is changing changing dramatically. And yeah, the word of God doesn't change a lot Jesus Christ doesn't change and so I say to our graduates as young men and woman standing there looking very impressive in the multicolor's central for Jesus was rated by Peter's failure, Matthew chapter 26, going to read from verse 69, continuing in our study of Matthew. I'll be out of the pool for a couple weeks, Lord willing.

When I return the pickup in chapter 27, but was reading the last verses of Matthew 26 verse 69 Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. Last week we saw our Lord Jesus Christ on his trial before the Sanhedrin is outside the side window. Think of that said Tim Upton inside. You also were with Jesus, the Galilean, but he denied it before the wall saying I do not know what you mean when you would like to introduce another servant girl saw him and she said to the bystanders. This man was with Jesus of Nazareth and again he denied it with an oath. I do not know the man. After little while the bystanders came up and said to Peter.

Secondly, you two are one of them for your accent betrays you. Then he began to invoke a curse on himself and to swear, I do not know the man immediately. The rooster crowed and Peter remembered the saying of Jesus before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times and you went out and went with standing strong for Jesus, Peter failed is just right. I have a number of principles. I think five of them very quickly, which will help all of us to sign strong for Jesus, how are these graduates going to sign strong as they go to Wilmington, Georgia, Michigan. No European education funding will come later completed, but there you are. Are you going to sign strong for Jesus wherever you are. First of all understand you speaking to graduates of speaking to parents speaking to all of us understand you can fall into serious said Peter was a man who confessed Jesus is the Christ, and he failed. And we read and you feel very, very badly. Peter was the leader of the apostles and remember that time we thought of it in Matthew chapter 16, where the question is asked who it was Jesus and it is Peter yes with divine revelation makes that magnificent powerful statement. You are the Christ, the son of the living God, what an amazing declaration that must warm the heart of Jesus to hear his followers. We know you are the Messiah, the Christ, the son of the living God and Jesus said blessed are you, Simon? Blood is not of your list. Do you know this is a divine revelation and it came to Peter as the spokesman of the apostles. So you can imagine. Among the 12 you can imagine. Peter felt a little spiritually superior to the other disciples giving so we know he did. Verse 33, chapter 26 when the Lord says about the sheep scattering Peter says, though they all fall away because of you I will never fall away we go to John and James there may fall away, others will follow.

But not me. I'm Peter.

I'm the wrong, I'm the one who received this divine revelation I'm better than others. I spiritual superiority. They self-reliance are deadly on this confession I will never fall away, but no short time later whether Lord is being questioned by the high priest Peter is being questioned by a seven go to the Sanhedrin one of the top officials is aware. I just got waitresses aware under questioning by the Sanhedrin. Jesus stands firm Peter falters. He denied Jesus, not once, not twice but three times deliberates and repeated denial.

You see it in verse 17 he says I do not know what you mean we are talking about. I was never with Jesus, the Galilean and then about 72. I do not know the man there.

74. I do not know the man.

I do not you referring to Jesus as the man you're the one who knows is the Christ the son of the living God just so I don't know the man is fallen and fallen very badly when the Scripture falls in.

This is your Bible. Abraham lied know I got drunk. Jacob was a deliberate schemer. Moses killed a man.

David was in adulthood do another prophet disobeyed the Lord and run away from the Lord. Yes, you do however smug usage here in your spiritual superiority you to whoever you are, how much you know you know the Bible, however much you are involved in ministry. You two can fall into serious said our culture says you are a good person but going on with courseware everywhere. Good people.

The Bible says you have a deceitful heart and you desperately wicked member that remember that in certain circumstances, every one of us may make foolish, impulsive and sinful choices. Don't think that you can never fall into serious said.

Paul says in first Corinthians 10 verse 30 of verse 12 rather he says let him who thinks he stands take care lest he fall. Good message to you Peter you think you're different. You think will never fall. Take care, no we have a formidable and a very devious enemy who wants to defeat and to divide us. The very last thing that the devil wants is what our graduates to go thriving in the United States, wherever God has them and be strong for Jesus is going to do everything he can to time to devote into serious Robert Murray McShane, one of my heroes of the faith says the seeds of every sin lie in my heart that the seeds of every sin lie.don't say you will not do this was going on in your life you getting close to the average sin understand that you can fall into serious stand strong for Jesus. Number two. Guard your strengths as well as your weaknesses. The reality is you may fall but actually in the area of your strength on unguarded strength may be your greatest weakness Abraham another standing man of faith, notes God lives. Moses, the meekest man in all of the world were told kills a man and strikes the rock in anger, Elijah. What a bold, courageous man before Ahab and before the profits above all the signs strong bull courageous and then this old man runs before an evil woman Jezebel David, the greatest of the kings David the man after God's own heart, loses his heart to beautiful married woman, Peter the courageous, bold leader the one who steps out of the boat and walks on water in strong is a real man's man is a rock solid yet covertly way I really wasn't a come on Peter Lord is on trial and you three times the nine the Lord and accept her 20 Paul is speaking to the Ephesian elders and he says to them. Be on guard for yourselves yesterday on God for the flock but be on guard. First of all for yourself. Guard your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Guard your attitude. Guard your thoughts we think we are all actively thinking of anything.

What comes to mind when you think and where are you in your mind guard that guard your integrity.Satan often the taxes on the blind side. Oswald Chambers says on unguarded strength is a double weakness when invited some of you to come up and say not what your greatest strength someone was there. I got very strong marriage.

Someone might say I am a woman of integrity.

Someone might say I'm very honest.

One of you my syllabi very generous person. All of us have strengths only God gives them. How wonderful to be used for the glory of God but Satan often as he does does with Peter taxes on the area.

None of her weakness, but the area of strength members friendly with a man who is a CPA terms of finances. Absolutely incredible. One of these mathematical minds, financial advice, all of that absolutely brilliant in the financial field. That was one of his friends he knew about money nearby investments God had gifted him, and that kind of mind to look at things and yet he failed. He was taken in by a scout business. What happened all the greedy and instead of doing your due diligence in the finances as he would've advised that others don't develop strong, I can quickly look at up a balance sheet is greets the committee greedy Trumans of life. Dr. strengths as well as your weaknesses.

His number three number one understand, you can fall into serious sin number two. Guard your strengths as well as your weakness. Number three. Very importantly, pursue truth and prayer. Peter had the truth he was warned by Jesus in verses 31 through 35 Jesus says to him, this very night before the rooster crows will deny me three times.

He hears the truth from Jesus.

Jesus is a man of truth.

He disregarded it must've dismissed it very cavalier way. All large others will fail you help me to disregard for truth and disregard for prayer leads to failure. Peter ignored the true warning of Jesus and now he's listening to others say the obvious, but I need to say. Never ever ever neglect your study of this book, graduates you like to study some of you don't whatever you're studying. Make sure this is the priority that you have a Bible amazing everyday that people don't have Bibles going to the Bible and read it and read it.

This is to be our daily practice. Psalm 119 verse nine how can a young man cleanse his way. How can these students live a clean life and very dirty, very sleazy colleges with all of the temptation of the Internet and all of the sleaze and all the pleasure I was impossible for a young man and a young woman to live a clean life.

God answered someone in 19 verse nine by taking heed thereto according to your word that's given you. This cleanses you even when you're not understanding it all is a cleansing effect in your two verses somewhat 19 verse 11 your word have I treasured pub.

I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you. Think of the word of God is a treasure thing. The word of God. This precious is a precious thing in your God. Something as precious as a gift of jewelry. Wherever there is something that you treasure you protect that, don't you use the word of God treasured in our heart. Nothing is a sure defense against the attacks of the devil than the word of God. It is the sword of the Spirit resort is the sword of the Spirit, and when our Lord Jesus is tempted, what does he do it is written anime Satan. It is written, it is written in our Lord Jesus knew his Bible. He had memorized that he loved it on the attacks. He brings the sword of the Spirit, you will defeat the enemy. Every time spiritual failure rarely happens all at once. Usually it is and then worked. Driving your car, warning light was on her sign was on today's used to be the little red light needed more auto something wrong with your engine and if you ignore the warning. You may seize the engine a greater problem can develop in the car you've ignored the warning you giving foolish and kept on driving, spiritually speaking the warning light comes on. We have a conscience… I'm not comfortable with that. I should be doing something as the conscience don't ignore those who, in the morning is about their children and not really taking life by the tail when a godly parent, a passive friends, someone that you respect someone who's walking with God when they speak with you and give you a warning. Please listen. Students don't disregard everything your parents say I know you think that old-fashioned and how bad it is that your parents don't understand you as well as it should something you think that others of you and your parents are absolutely wonderful. Most of your bit in between list just because you're off to some University pursuing life. It's very very exciting.

I know that but don't cut the time with your parents listen to the listen to friends listen to warnings if not I would ask you who who are you listening to we have today.

What's called social influencers love to be one of them seem to do much with pictures of themselves and they make a lot of money, so if someone can tell me how to do this.

Please tell me my very good dance that's true whether social influencers influencing people what they wear difficult people he tell you what to where they tell you where to go. They tell you what movie to watch here there leaving Kolkata is that it really was influencing some ungodly woman someone godly man this is influencing you were following Jesus Christ. Listen to a skeptical Prof. was going to destroy your faith.

Someone who is 50 with a speech they who's been teaching students and who thinks it's very very funny to attack those who believe the Bible is that it was is this and this person, the one you base your life. Proverbs 23 verse 23 by the truth and do not sell it pursue the truth. What is the truth by the truth. We know that this is the truth is the word of God and don't ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit and challenge for you would be reminded, pray without ceasing. Talk to him. Never ever stop talking to a great God. Never neglect prayer look back in chapter 26 verse 40 lords in the garden B that is there.

We would think. What a privilege.

Listen to the Lord in prayer you been asked to be with her.

He came to the disciples as funny find them sweeping the centipede so could you not watch with me one hour watch therefore, and pray that you may not enter into temptation. As part of the Lord's prayer delivered us from temptation. Lead us not into temptation. Pray that Lord temptation is going to come help you know my heart. Did you know I'm I'm prone to do such and such. Give me strength. Give me wisdom that is spiritually weak instead of praying with Jesus and being spiritually strengthened, those that wait on the Lord shall be renewed in strength you need spiritual strength unit renewal donated with them when you need God's help. You really think you can live your life by yourself. Do you really think that you by yourself and defeating the enemy, absolutely not the word of God the start of this minute and prayer pursue truth, the word of God pursue prayer every day get on your knees and pray and ask God for help.

Wonderful thing happens victory over 17 gives you more strengths for the next 1000 pursue truth number four are important to close to the Savior close to the Savior. Peter was not following Jesus closely for three years he had followed the Savior the day with them and sat with them or touch them.

Been blessed by him. He see them perform the miracles. It was close to the Savior that Mark tells us he's no warming his hands in the fire of those who are opposing Jesus would back in verse 58 chapter 26 verse 58 the Lord Jesus is before the Sanhedrin. He sees by them.

Verse 58 and Peter was following him a distance problem Peter followed Jesus a distance away from them. You follow my distance and then you're further away and and here's a crowd of unbelievers that had a nice fire and you just blend in with them is truly easy as was her problem not being close to the Savior. Furthermore, he's away from home. Peter is a Galilean.

Did you notice what she says the servant girl in verse 69. You also word with Jesus the Galilean beater says no another one comes and says, verse seven victory.

Certainly you two are one of them for your accent betrays you peace from God really is not in the big city Jerusalem is a fisherman. He talks like a fisherman.

His accent trays have a short time.

My grandson is going to be installed in the wonderful things happens when I installed but this is not you. From our fishing.

The weather here yesterday is from my from Charlotte where he really from and I've tried to speak southern and my wife tells me I signed really bad. Jo and I try I try and try and I just can't get it. My speech betrays me and so I wonderful 11-year-old grandson is coming with me.

He's lived all of his life in South Carolina and I tried to teach a little Scottish and is very slow as a people to save you from accent betrays us we can get away from many of you are like me you know you've learned English somewhere else and you come here and when we speak. I don't know how many times a week to blossom when he really from offering the say island which is very disappointing.

So he is Peter. He's about.

He's lived his life by the Sea of Galilee is not a sophisticated person from Jerusalem and he speaks a certain way and they think know you don't really fit in here at all. Yes, I do want to be a chameleon wants to blend into the company of those around temptation is students you want to blend.

You don't want someone to think you're weird because you follow Jesus to just quite easy not to say anything just to blend in. What's his problem. He had dismissed the warning of Jesus. He had not prayed with Jesus in the garden and is not following Jesus closely.

No wonder know he's denying the Lord following at the distance over mission at Calvary is being and making authentic followers of Jesus Christ, you enemies that follows is all yes I'm a Christian I'm a follower of Jesus. Have your following distance to the path of failure and perceptive play begins when their personal walk in our communion with Jesus are neglected. You know that we get into trouble when our priorities and our desires are not foremost for the Lord whenever other themes this year is seek first the kingdom of God. So boot two weeks from the Lord willing is going to speak on the seek first the kingdom of God but were not really seeking at first, I would say yes we are following Jesus just we are part of the kingdom of God. But we are following at a distance you know that we are friends with your friends who are helping you grow spiritually or even friends that you're with and now you're compromising your biblical convictions.

They are from students other than in the beautiful Jesus just blend parents will know that your follower of Jesus, not just that you come to church but they know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the central person of life, to many of us are following Jesus at a distance between us and we will either Bible but only occasionally. We attend church, but let's face it only when there's nothing else to do more exciting trip to the beach to put them to the mountains from game friends come and other priorities you are following Jesus by it's really out of convenience and your witness for Jesus is muted and if you're not careful, your personal integrity is being compromised following Jesus at a distance.

Yes, you may even be involved in serving Jesus's OA women John II was one of the students appear singing or playing a guitar. I acted as a greeter today I'm going to be something in the nursery yesterday.

I was involved in feeding the homeless wonderful to do that because my question serving Jesus without a close relationship with Jesus means you're heading for disaster.

Wonderful to serve the Lord.

Absolutely all of us to be involved in serving the Lord serving others for the means to be a Christian is to love others and serve others, but that is not accompanied with a closer relationship with Jesus Christ you're heading for disaster.

That's like the man who is married he provides for his wife. He provides for his children.

He doesn't beat he takes care of them financially, but there is no close relationship with Amanda's wide wonders does it really love me and the children are saying is that following Jesus distance also say keep very close to the Savior. When you go out of town saving students moving away to home. I say that to all of you.

Some of you travel the right of time for your business. In other reasons she Peter was in a sense alone that the disciples were there. Jesus was in there. He's away from home is a Galilean and he's in the big city and is very vulnerable to win your idle time at college when you're on vacation when you're away on business, you are more vulnerable to temptation. Not to away from home you are more likely to fall into sin and to yield to temptation to strike up in an appropriate friendship spend too much time at the bar in your hotel room college room to watch pornography to compromise your standards. Once there, no one sees you.

You are particularly when you're away from home, innocent first choices can be disastrous. Sincerely going to going to a new environment college meet your friends. Prof. is wonderful is very exciting and been through this absolutely great. We wish you the best, but be very very careful about your first choices to the wise person safeguards when he or she is time college students move away from home, make sure you get a good church home, make sure you're part of a campus ministry.

Make sure you have some strong Christian friends at the campus. I'm not saying you don't witness on the leaders of course are going to but you need people around you to hold you accountable. Who know you who you are, so that you are growing in the Lord. If you are not you will not send for Jesus said those of you who are married newly from home, make sure you call home. Everything I call my wife every day with Scott Ian checking up on me so got to behave. You know what is man, woman way from home. Call your spouse speak your children.

Above all, could close the Savior stand strong for Jesus final Peter was a bit of the road he fell, but God forgives and restores this wonderful wonderful God forgives and restores, but confession of sin is essential when the rooster crowed. What did Peter do their 75. He remembered the saying of Jesus.

You remember the word of God's world collapses, he has denied his Lord three times what you do when you fall spiritually admit your sin. Admit your wrongdoing stop pointing the finger at others.

We know that, I may be mitigating circumstances we know that other people may be partially to blame when all of that but you admits you said yourself I'm wrong I send. I did not stand strong for Jesus to go once a broken and contrite spirit, Prof. said to your sin has offended God. Yes, as you say, and they can have serious consequences on yourself, they can have disastrous consequences on those around you. But most of all sin is against God is one thing, the prodigal, when he returned.

Jesus tells a story like chapter 15. When the probably go realize that he had sin.

He says father I have sinned against number that your site yes he sinned against his father, but most of all sin against God.

That's good here as a young man who truly is acknowledging his sin is not blaming his father is not blaming his elder brother is not blaming his mother does not appear in the story. No, I have sinned against heaven, and also against my dad to repentance is not mere remorse, not merely being sorry is not merely regretting that you mean find I overcome by self-pity or embarrassment, know that is not true biblical repentance biblical repentance is brokenness and contrition before a holy God. It is hitting the said tightening, which says something beautiful 22 verse six the story says that when the coke crowed. Jesus turned and looked at Peter Donohoe close to where the Lord looked at Peter. Peter sees the Lord.

He remembers what the Lord said, and he goes out and weeps bitterly and we know the gospel story that this man is restored is recommissioned by Jesus is going to be greatly used in the furtherance of the gospel.

The devil wants to paddle allies is because of past sin today. Jesus is looking at you, he sees her failure.

He sees your sin but your response is God that is always forgiveness for those who repent of their sin. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. David fell into serious sin saves in Psalm 23 verse three he restores my soul. Peter knew what he is talking right on through spiritual restoration broken and a contrite heart before God and his experience at Marseilles, the forgiveness of God to our great God loves to restore sinners through the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is grace for the center. There is grace for those who have strayed like Peter have committed sin. Restoration is one of the specialities of our heavenly father, I have a heavenly father who loves to restore God never minimizes the sin of course not. He censored his son into the world to be the sin will tell you your bonus so badly God will never use you again. Scripture says that God's apartment God and God's grace and God's forgiveness are not given grudgingly, but are given willingly and freely, God extends his grace to the wake to the broken heart of a contrite spirit and pours his infinite, matchless grace on them so that Paul can say where said that Barnes, Teresa Barnes all the that is always more sin in our Savior.

There is always more forgiveness in our Savior than that is sin and you however much the sin. God's grace is greater. God's grace will never ever run was always more grace in the Lord Jesus than the sin in wonderful through the death and burial of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is forgiveness that is restoration, there is a recommissioning box.

It is essential that we are truly repentance that we tighten Frommer's and once again embrace our Savior to welcome us to embrace us to restore that wonderful fellowship and communion.

We have with the God who is our friends and who calls us to walk with him in life is a total of our graduates say to all of us stand strong for Jesus. Jesus through strong for you. He endured the cross, he despise the shame he fully accomplish God's plan of salvation when you're doing God's will. You can stand strong without fear. The whole world might be against you. But when you're doing God's will. When you're in the center of God's will. You can stand strong for Jesus when you're following Jesus. He will direct your steps when you're following Jesus and his spirit will direct you when you're following Jesus. He will give you each day. The wisdom that you need.

So be steadfast, removable stand strong for Jesus is a prayer for graduates but for all of us. We pray and ask God to strengthen us some of your better confess that sin is coming to life. We have never yet come to the Savior for salvation receive Christ as pray together eternal God, we thank you that your God of restoration, a God of forgiveness.

A wonderful your love extends to us in the brokenness in their sin. We know this is why you sent your son into this world to be the Savior of sinners to rescue us to restore us to redeem us. We thank you that you made us in the very image of yourself and yet because of sin that submit that image is marred and scarred. We thank you as we keep close to the Savior. We become more and more like him is our prayer again.

I prefer graduates that they will send strong for Jesus I pray that for each one of us, and for those here who don't know the Savior open their eyes.

Father dispel the darkness.

Help them to see a magnificent Savior, who is the Lamb of God, taking away the sin of the world to me.

Thank you that this God who restores us makes a difference in our life as we seek to follow you and love you with all of our hearts between Christ

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