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Use Your Talents

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 25, 2022 11:51 am

Use Your Talents

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 25, 2022 11:51 am

Dr. John H. Munro April 24, 2022 Matthew 25:14-30

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When learning is would be looking at Matthew chapter 24, 25, the Lord Jesus is returning we don't know when he's coming but the fact of his return is indisputable. Jesus said, for the Son of Man is coming out and you do not expect is coming when he comes is going to come like a thief in the night. The question is, is a look at the teaching of the Lord in the subject is how are we to respond. Jesus has been teaching us in these chapters. Matthew 24 and 25 that at the end of the age which we are fast approaching were not to be led astray although there will be wars and rumors of wars would also not to be alarmed, and shall be famines and earthquakes in pestilences were just gone through one were not to be alarmed. Also at the end of the age were not to be deceived by false Christ's and false prophets know we aren't sages, as we are to stay awake. Would you be ready. What to watch. We are to be prepared as we learned couple weeks ago and I were looking at today's open your Bible to Matthew chapter 25.

Looking at the last parable in Matthew's gospel knife something. The next section that will look at next week. The judgment of the sheep and the goats.

As a parable. I tend not to think so and so this is the last parable told by our Lord Jesus as recorded in Matthew and is very significant that Jesus again focuses on what we must do in light of his return and to help us understand further the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew's great subject to help us understand the kingdom of heaven, and all that is involved.

Jesus tells this intriguing story. So this morning. Our task is fairly simple.

We going to read the verses were going to reflect on them and them are going to think of some important principles which are applicable to all of us. First of all, the most important thing. Obviously, is to read the word of God. Matthew 25 and Jesus is again telling a story to help us understand the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 25 verse 14 for its meaning. The kingdom of heaven foot it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property to one he gave five talents, to another to another one to each according to his ability.

Then he went away he would receive the five talents went at once and traded with them and you made five talents more so all see, so also he got the two talents made two talents more, but he would receive the one talent went on and dug in the ground and headed his master's money. Now, after a long time, the master of the servants came and settled accounts with them and he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more St. master you delivered to me five talents here. I've made five talents more his master said to him, well done, good and faithful servant.

You have been faithful over a little. I will set you overmuch and turn it into the joy of your master, and he also who had the two talents came forward say master you delivered to me two talents here and make two talents more his master said to them, well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little.

I will set you overmuch and towed into the joy of your master. He also had received the one talent came forward say master. I knew you to be a hard man, reaping what you did not so and gathering radius Capt. Osage so I was afraid and I went and I hid your talent in the ground here.

You have what is yours with this master answered him, you wicked and slothful servant, you knew that I read what I have not so none gather when I scatter no seat then you ought to have invested my money with the Manker's and at my coming I should have received what my what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has a 10 talents for to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance but from the one who has not even what he has will be taken away and cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth story told by the master storyteller. The first of all there's a parable to be understood. Man gives various talents to his servants, Jesus as best one. The kingdom of God is like a man going on a journey, who calls his servants and entrusted to them his property that is no mention on this premise wealthy man will return. He doesn't tell them exactly when he will return, but they know he's going to return and that his absence. He's entrusting his property to the servants. One of his servants.

He gives five talents to another to enter the other one talent was not the specific unit of condensate, but on the expensive unit of exchange maybe gold and silver MA Minkoff copper is very difficult to quantify. In today's carbon say how much a talent would be worth today. But I read that it represented about 20 years of earnings for the average worker lots of money is so for example if we took $50,000 a year as an average worker. You say I don't make 50 times in some you make much more./But less than $50,000 a year in today's currency, then one talent would be $1 million.

So think of it this way, here's a very wealthy man. He's going in a journey and he wants his money is property invested in his absence so he entrusted to these three servants to one. He gives $5 million to another. He gives $2 million until one gives $1 million.

Notice Jesus as verse 15 to each according to his ability. This master knew his servants so he didn't have the same mind of talents to every servant no and he wanted them to use that initiative in investing his well so the man gets his five talents immediately goes to work. We don't know how we did it doesn't matter, but he invested and he makes five talents more man who is to talents he does the same goes to work fast them were not told how he does it but he makes another to talents they double their investment as pretty good and when he can do that.

I don't think so right is a good investment to double know that a man who had received the one talent did something very different. Not only did he not trade with these talents. Not only did he not even invested in the bank. He dogged verse 18. He dug it in the garden and hid his master's money strengthened in the culture that even today is not uncommon to hide something of value in the ground, particularly if you come from the criminal class rights you're trying to hide some money.

I wondered, was that servants who got the one talent was he resentful of the others who had received five and two talents. What we do know is he was a lazy servant, the master calls him slothful, lazy, and he did not go to work. He did not use the talent that he had God I can think that he may have thought that the mass that would never come back. Then he'd be able to keep the talent million dollars owed to himself and rebooted into a bank that would be receiving could be find out the real record of the deposit and so perhaps he thought, you know this guy's going to leave and never come back to tell anyone what it is. Hide it and I may be able to use it for myself in the future and we really don't know what is clear is this. He does not invest the talents he hides it in the ground and it seemed to me he didn't really believe that the master would return one day a very foolish thing about a lazy thing that he did the master returns he was away.

Jesus says for a long time. Verse 19 no after a long time, the master of the servants came and settled accounts with them all the time. Of accountability is not come. The minute received the five talents goes to the master and says listen, here's your original five talents that you trusted to make an is an extra five talents so he presents to the master $10 million servant is told verse 21 is done well. You're a good and faithful servant and surprising lay verse 21 he says you've been faithful over a little. No, don't know about you $5 million is little to me? Multibillionaire Ms. Mosk.

You may think so. The rest of us. That's not a little. I'll come back to that this award is twofold.

First, I will say you over much that's left.

There were not sure the details I will set your Vermont second lay verse 21 and turn into the joy of your master. I continuing the relationship with the master. So this man, this master is very rich as you decline as he regards $5 million, $10 million as very little to think of the reward which is promised to the faithful and to the good sentence that a man would receive the two talents, and presents not only the two talents which were initially entrusted to them but to which it may pretty good presents then totally to the master for million dollars and did you notice this, he receives exactly the same overlord as a man who would receive the first talents, not a man who would receive the one talent comes forward to notice Jesus is the master storyteller and he knows the heart of man.

Notice what this character does.

He begins immediately.

By attacking the Masters integrity and character. He describes him. Verse 24.

He describes him as a hard man what some nerve if you heart Monument Motel of Hartman. What you say is a hard man you would a heart mind reaping what you did. Not so in gathering where you scattered no seats kind of individual to make a profit even though you do nothing you love others to scatter the seed you just get a harvest and you know I was afraid of you notice his manipulation. I was afraid of you and so because of that I hid your talent in the ground when the master describes him as worthless.

What the man was saying that makes sense. I'm in the master could have buried the talent himself in the ground if it wanted the master reported before. He had laughter to Brontės bankers and given them the one talent to invest I get at least a little interest, no I'm giving you the talent so that you can go to work so that you can invested not to bury it. Have you noticed in life. I have in the workplace.

Hopefully this is does not apply to anyone here in the workplace who is the biggest complaint is the one who is most critical of the boss was critical of the employer.

The man, the woman who does the least that is not a high achiever as the lazy person who is the most critical.

You see this man received the one talent did not know the heart of the master of the master describes him as a wicked and slothful – 26. Why did you invest the money to the bank. At least you got some interest and no the talent that you have is would be taken from you and given to the man who made the $5 million man who now has a 10 talents.

Therefore, verses 28 and 29 he will have an abundance. Take the talent from him, worthless man give it to him with a 10 talents. Notice the principal verse 29. Everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance from the one who has not even when he was will be taken away. Are you going to give more money to a man who does absolutely nothing is lazy is worthless Hittites in Connecticut and the integrity of the master.

Absolutely not. That would be foolish. You had your opportunity and you made a mess of it and I'm going to take what you have done, give it to the one who is a good and faithful servant, and he will have an abundance for the more notice of the story twists is often does NSN surprises us. Verse 30 pass the worthless servant that this is a parable with his teaching truth is, will seek into the outer darkness in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is very very wrong. This is a serious matter and if you do that you will experience severe punishment is the parable. Think of the principles to be applied. I have 66 memo method I know what you're thinking. Others of your sake on disappointed. I would love 10 so whether you like it or not was six, but seriously is very very important principles. The first is this different gifts are sovereignly given by God to every authentic follower of Jesus Christ, you different gifts are sovereignly given by God. Every true believer in Jesus Christ's. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ. If you are saved by the grace of God, you have received the gift first Peter four verse 10 Peter writes as each as each has received a gift. Witness charisma from which we get cut a somatic. The Greek word for grace is caddis you have received a charisma you have received the greatest gift is an evidence of the grace of God is given you a gift as age 1 has received a gift use it to see one another as good stewards of God's very grace.

What a gracious God, we have, and God is so gracious that he gives to every single one of us grace.

You don't deserve it sovereignly given you don't buy.

You don't choose it sovereignly given to your and these gifts are different but they outer portion of all rights in first convinced 1211 to each one individually as he the Holy Spirit wills the mindedness come to the master to say I want five or the one so only want one know it is sovereignly given to you by God. We just think of that. Just to give your natural talents and abilities than the mistress chose her size with your tall or are small. Some of us are much more athletic than others. We just we who are we don't boast about that is the reality.

Some of us are athletic and some are not.

Some are gifted musically and others of us know as some have greater intellectual ability and some of no everything that we have is sovereignly given to us by God. Different personalities different backgrounds that is true, but to each one of us is in trusted the Lord Jesus uses in the parable is entrusted by the Holy Spirit with a gift, and he gives it to us that you know this, and I drew attention to at the end of verse 52, each according to his ability. God knows you and God has given you a gift especially suitable for you based on your personality, your training what you're going to do in life. It is tailor-made to you as it were given by God. Paul tells us in Ephesians 4 when the ascended Christ returned to heaven he gave us canis grace gifts he gave gifts to the trip church so you my brother, my sister have been entrusted with the gift of talent as a say these are grace gifts.

Please remember that on boast in your gift on boast in your ability don't use your gift to draw attention to yourself.

Remember it sovereignly given to you by God. Second principle obviously gifts are to be used not very there are to be used.

God there to be used for so others the master and trusted the talents to the servants. Notice the word Peter says in first Peter four verse 10 as I read to each has received a gift that charisma and we are what to use this to serve one another.

You have a gift not very you are to use it, how to serve others.

Paul says in the great chapter in Gibson first convinced Rob you to use it for the common good. Some of the parable Jesus tells in Luke 19 he says that the servants in the absence of the master were to engage in business until he comes? Bettering your gift not using your gift is a very serious matter, I don't forget the overall context of Matthew 24 and 25. Remember that the Bible is not written and just little bits and pieces as some of us read the Bible by by just reading a little section here and there. Don't do that understand the context what the context of this parable of the parable is the Son of Man is gone but is coming back and in his absence. You and I have gifts to be used is coming back the end of the age is near. There is an urgency and can I say is your pastor for Calvary church to be all that God intends.

You must be involved in serving God and others. Whenever things this year. Calvary is in vast in the next generation. We are to be investing in the next generation. In this generation. The point is you by give you are to invest in others by praying by serving by giving of your time and money gifts are to be used not good is the third principal the time of accountability is coming usually when is that I don't know what is coming after being away. Jesus is for a long time, the master of the servants came and settled kinds with them. Remember these are grace gifts reminds us that you are that we are stewards managers, trustees of God's manifold God's grace is multifaceted and God knowing who we are. Knowing everything about does everything that we will be sovereignly chooses the gifts and I to use it for myself, no, it's a gift given to me by my master. You are a manager you have to invest that your own interest know in the address of God in inches of others deposit so Peter says we are to be good stewards.

Good trustees understand that some of you out in the investment business Pines give you money to invest is not yours.

One of the first cases when I was a criminal prosecutor was against two lawyers who saved a lot of money from a couple of states. And instead of dispersing the funds to the widows they siphoned off some for themselves is called embezzlement. Don't do it is a crime writes these greedy lawyers taking funds that was coming to them but know the rules and regulations that money had to be invested not on their own interest within the interests of their clients to get the point is what we are to do.

You received a gift in the time of accountability is coming. You are responsible. I am responsible for managing my gift is a good short mind you brothers and sisters that everything you have belongs if it is something that is something you find something very easy to do your incredibly creative person on the ability to make money your good athletes.

Good students, wonderful, praise God. Remember this everything you have and are comes from God.

Deuteronomy 8 verse 18 you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth. God is bless you financially got as much. Another way to remember. It comes from God. God gives you the ability gives you the strength to think of the ability that we have to get out of bed in the morning and come here to worship a text trend ethics focus.

Think of all of the gifts of life of the good things from God. Every gift comes from God. The very precious given to us by the risen Christ and his returning and I know you want to hear and I want to hear. Well done, well done John good and faithful as a boy growing up I volunteered for my father said, well done job, but often you didn't say it wasn't well done.

But if you're a boy you're a man you got a good relationship with your father. You know is a wonderful thing to hear your dad saying to you. Well done boss that you respect and you want hard to have done something and for that boss to say well done during the profession and you have clients of your customers how wonderful it is. As you get to know them for them to say to you, good job well done. I trust you think of think Jesus Christ. We stand before him who knows my heart knows everything and say well done good and faithful servant, Paul Wright second Corinthians 5 verse 10 we shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each may receive what is due for what is done in the body, whether good or evil.

Yes, the time of accountability is, now this accountability is judgment of Christ is not to decide who gets into heaven we heard from the testimonies and we know from the Scriptures that our salvation isn't based on what we do is based on what Christ has done his gift of God by salvation of God, not something I work for no gracious gift of loving God who is were singing, who so loved the world that he gave his only son, but now that I'm saying I'm given these gifts. These opportunities these responsibilities on the judgment seat of Christ is not a judgment of sailors is a judgment of servants question I'm asking you using your gifts, comments by serving a massive time of accountability is coming next one God rewards according to faithfulness, not according to the greatness of the good is my courage and the door drew arts, according to faithfulness, not according to the greatness of the gift.

Here's Mr. AA. He receives five pallets he makes.


Here's Mr. B.

He receives talents and he makes another to but did you notice that they receive exactly the same reward.

Both men are told well done good and faithful servant. Both were faithful both use the talents is true. One had more responsibility than the other but both of them were faithful both of them acted in the interests of the master is putting some of your sitting there as well. You know a very average kind of person? Most of us a reference right by statistically speaking, but no one is average in God's eyes you are gifted to love you so I'm not particularly gifted our am not particularly talented. Yes you are allowed just a few people to talk about being creative God is a creative God, and God gives us creativity and as we serve God. Whatever it is.

Think of the creativity that comes into it and do not compare yourself with others on this since there is a well she is much more talented than I am. That may be in your eyes but that's not the point. With God it is God who decides your gifts your talents God decided to review the report, God decided your size. God decided basically what kind of person you are and has given you again.

Be faithful in what you have, that's it. I'm to be faithful was in the looks extinguished and one who is faithful, and very little is also faithful in March and one who is dishonest in very little is also dishonest in much archery that is in the workplace begin to work. You're given a small task, giving a little responsibility you serve well faithful in that good work ethic.

Your boss comes and gives you more responsibility. Why would you give more to a person who is lazy and potentially dishonest. No start using your gift doing hello don't come into the mindset where you're waiting for the perfect time to use your gift people so you have got all I Calvin I'm I'm going to get involved in ministry SIM with annual Chinese people by baptism. I speak to people you should get baptized got baptized.

The urgency that is never perfect time to begin serving God.

There's always reasons why you should get too young or too old the children you don't have children you got too much time you got enough time to start serving so you're saying what I did that, but oh, I was criticized by the experience. When I was serving God. I don't know anyone who hasn't had a bad experience in serving God. If I like that to stop me serving as a pastor I would've resigned many years ago to get criticized.

Are you going to work with someone whose personalities little different different from yours.

Are you would feel sometimes discouraged are you with us on this field. You've done all this and no one is said to you. Well done doing a lot of self-pity on the Lila band experience in the past this stop you from starving God no.

One of the final truth of the Christian faith is in June's don't quit. Don't give up in June. The athlete knows that the musician knows that the businessman knows that the salesman sadly knows that you don't allow a difficulty or discouragement from stop to prevent you from keeping your eyes on the goal was to go with us our view of the Lord yes is true, I messed up the experience as it's true that was very discouraging. But today I'm going to serve God in unit is that God rewards according to faithfulness.

According to the greatness of the gift. Your gift in your eyes might seem to be very, very humble, be faithful in discharging that supply and hear the words well done good and faithful so next principal God graciously grants rewards and others awards in the kingdom. Gracious God, gracious of, to forgive our sins and to allow us into the kingdom and allow us to enter into the joy of the master gracious of God.

I marveled that this is as I was reading week Jesus is enmeshed with one man master says the first man you been faithful over a little little $5 million. Lots of this little compared with the future is a little thing for you to use your gift yes was a little thing for for you to serve as a greeter and a big thing really is quite little actually serve to serve in the in the nursery. The second is usually no actual fact is quite little thing washing team came early in and rehashed user gifts and abilities to lead worship was big think, not really was a little thing little compared with the greatness of the war. Not only are we saved by grace, and receive eternal life master rewards are faithful service. He says to the man I will give I will set you over much enter into the joy of your master. Here is the kingdom of God is the future. Here is the messianic kingdom, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to set up his kingdom and we know that we will reign with him. All is involved in this but I do know this God in his grace not only safe sense, but gives us rewards and I'm going to set you over much I want to be a faithful servant. I want to enter into the joy don't you all the remaining with my master is upset, perhaps a very very small Scottish island maybe only in a canal that will be great when the two and soon into the joy of our master some 16 verse 11 you make known to me the path of life in your presence there is fullness of joy at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

We can enter into that to some extent, even though would think of the future. Think of the future glory of enjoying the joy in the pleasures of our master by being with abundance wonderful blessings awaits us.

When Christ returns brothers and sisters, be faithful, be a light for Jesus Christ or the future is ours.

The final lesson and that's a tough one on faithful servants punished. Verse 30 is that this is harsh you accusing Jesus of being arch cast the worthless servant into the darkness in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The parable finishes with an inescapable solemn warning.

Think of the dramatic end of the unfaithful servant who does not turn out to know the master he regards the master is hard your mark. Regards the mass that is an scrupulous he regards the man who would make money for any reason the end justifying the means.

He does not know the last notes on the tented follower of Jesus. He presumes on the grace of God.

He presumes on the grace of the master is an example of a person who professes Christ who calls a master, but really he is a wicked and self-indulgent person nothing for the master.

He does not know the master and so he's excluded from the presence of the master he receives eternal punishment. You're here, you have rejected Christ and you don't know Christ. Yes, you receive the good things of life.

God is coming. Grace we have blessed you in some way, but you don't know Christ be worn. The day is coming when Jesus Christ will return and this will see night next week when he returns he returns in judgment. Make sure your trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He still stands today and say see you come to me all you who labor and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Believe in Christ trusted him as your Savior. Those of us who are followers of Christ, can I remind you don't better. Your gift usually gift for the glory of God as we wait, the return of our Lord from heaven. None of us want to be ashamed, when you return.

And we haven't how innumerable opportunities for you to serve you go on the web and there's a section of service we need right now many of you to serve in children's ministry in the nursery and entrance votes.

Many opportunities don't just sit there just waiting for the perfect moment to hear landlord use me know here for the rest of your name. There will done good and faithful so that's a prayer father. We think of the joy credible joy of hearing these words were gracious God, you are not only do you save us by your grace and keep is by grace you give us these grace help us to use them for your glory and some here who do not know the master of Fallsview so I pray for their salvation in Christ

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