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March 7, 2022 2:18 pm


The Verdict / John Munro

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March 7, 2022 2:18 pm

Dr. John H. Munro Closing of Missions Conference March 6, 2022 2 Timothy 2:8-9

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One of us was read a couple verses because we have the woman scream use the beginning of covert media to ask if I would do a little video of how we as a church would respond to covert and these were the verses that were impressed on my heart and obviously very very and points to the theme of unstoppable Selectric them together, Paul is writing to say this is the last letter that Paul writes read it with me.

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel, for which I am suffering bind with chains as a criminal, but the word of God is not buying. Thank you.

Please be seated. Think of that Paul is suffering is monitoring the with changes being treated like a criminal. His ministry in a sense is restricted, then he is and he is awaiting his that, but he states these wonderful words but the word of God is not buying it is on stoppable. So let me very quickly summarize what we have said over and over again during this missions conference in our music. I hear it repeated in the wonderful testimonies from for our missionaries and this is been a great week, thank you so much for missionaries for coming and sharing your joys your struggles.

Thank you for being so real with us is been a great encouragement to us, but we have learned three things.

First of all, the word of God is unstoppable. Think of it, no in human history has been so reviled, so attacked, so scrutinized as the word of God that comes right from our enemy, who in the beginning question the word of God to Eve and said has God said and Satan. Throughout human history right to today continues to attack the word of God. The king of Judah to enjoy a and the sword of God came through Jeremiah. He didn't like what he what he was reading. I got the scroll and read about the digital might 36 sitting by a fire and that he gets his knife and he starts cutting out the bits that he doesn't like and he throws it in the five until the whole scroll is gone north. What happens when you say I don't like that of the Bible.

I don't like this.

I don't like that certain life with nothing but again through the prophet Jeremiah the word of God continued to come to King japonicum it is on stoppable 303 A.D. as many of you know, the Roman Emperor Diocletian directed an offensive against the Bible.

He tried to eradicate Christianity.

He tried and succeeded in, in some sense by ordering all of the churches. All of the houses where there were Bibles to be destroyed. He tried to obliterate the word of God. The gospel from the Roman Empire and he didn't succeed. Three years later Diocletian was dead and another Emperor Constantine came who welcomed the Scriptures the word of God is unstoppable. Skeptics continue to attack it attack the authority and the reliability of Scripture that even from vertebrates.

They try to eradicate the Bible from human existence. Almost every chapter of the Bible. Almost every doctrine in the Bible. Almost every verse in the Bible is being attacked. The visa has been ridiculed, being as it were cut targets Voltaire in 18th-century France said the Bible. This is what tools of written impresarios command what rooms teach and what young children are made to learn by heart.

Voltaire, the brilliant philosopher attacking the word of God continues today doesn't receive it in countries like Russia and China and other attendant also authoritarian dictators trying to stem the Bible every single one of them has failed the word of God is on stoppable today. It still is a bestseller in the world is been translated as we've heard so movingly this morning is been translated into dozens of languages and dialects. It stands the grass withers, the flower fades by the word of our God stands it is unstoppable. Jesus said happen on earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away, and would calling hit us in recovery church. We pray this is not going to stop the word of God, even during the three, two or three months of Logsdon. I continued to preach on this pulpit just about five people complement musicians couple the technical people that preach, in July 2020 we began to regather as a church just a few hundred of the time and then it grew and grew.

Thank you. But during that time, the word of God wasn't behind. We had live stream.

We had zoom we had the radio program through our missionaries. We continued to preach the word of God. It is the only divinely inspired source of truth. This book, the psalmist says forever Lord, your word is settled in heaven the word of God is unstoppable.

Secondly, we found that the gospel of God is unstoppable. Paul refers in this verse through my gospel. We begin supply Romans. He said he set apart for the gospel of God. Historically, the gospel came first to the Jews and eyelets come to all of the nations tries the gospel of God is concerned, there are no boundaries. There is no racial or social or ideological or economic or geographical boundaries of the gospel continues and continues and Paul had experienced very dramatically. The unstoppable power of the gospel he's being stoned is been imprisoned been shipwrecked eventful night of tiring people. Even some of his fellow Christians have questioned his apostleship, but he continues to preach the gospel. Why, I'm not ashamed of the gospel for this. The power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes whether we are with her lawyer in Mozambique, whether we're in a delay whether right here in Charlotte.

As we've had the gospel and the pilot of the gospel is unstoppable. No other power in the whole universe can forgive your sins and the gospel singers are saved, the lost and found the blind see, the guilty are forgiven, the condemned are justified. The defiled are cleansed, those who are dead and their sins are given new life in Christ. This is the gospel and this gospel on the part of the gospel is unstoppable. That's what we believe and we have seen it happen with Calvary church through our missionaries through the outreaches we see little boys little girls students and adults come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. This power, the part of the gospel smashes the hardness of heart's traits and changes the most determined of wellness. Nothing, nothing can stop the power of the gospel.

It's the only phone that will save your soul is the only power in the whole universe that will give you eternal life, so that when you die you will be eternally with Jesus Christ.

You know the power to experience the power of the gospel in your own so this is why we are so committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many things that we as a church could be doing but we stand on the word of God, which is unstoppable and on the testimony of Jesus Christ, which is the gospel we take our gospel yes into public schools. We teach it to Ravana and other programs to our children, our missionaries, as we've had you take the same message will list a little try with. It is the bustling major city in the Univar since the same gospel. It's the same power and use it while you are here where we are weak and consistent frail people. The powder is not in ourselves, says Paul, we have this treasure in earthen vessels so that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not of us. That's it. The unstoppable word of God, the unstoppable gospel, and then as we hired and that wasn't our missionaries in the reports. In this way were saying God is unstoppable.

That's it. I love what Paul says here in the passage he says. Remember Jesus Christ. We do that, the communion, but we do the adult time to notice what he says. Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead. That's the uniqueness of the Christian faith, our Lord Jesus is risen from the dead. The tomb of Abraham is occupied, the tumor Buddha is occupied the tomb of Mohammed is occupied and people go there in a pilgrimage, but the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty. We have an empty tomb, and we have a Savior who is alive and he still says I was dead and about live for ever. Lord, that is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like him. He is the unique Lord Jesus Christ coming from the glory of heaven into the darkness of this world and giving us the tremendous privilege and it is a tremendous privilege of to take this work to take Ms. Gloria's gospel. Whatever we are. We haven't calibrated via lights program and are in our neighborhoods and or and or skills in our banks and factories trip going to Monterrey Mexico.

Whatever it is this God is with us reminded us as we sign one of the hymns balls when the floorboards and Romans eight. What shall we say to these things is for us. If God has for us, who can be against us. What a wonderful question know if God is following us.

There is no opposition is a will there's a lot of opposition against the gospel. We we we've heard from the Hendersons were there they are committed to go to the site and wasn't big in the all these kind of problems always kind of opposition. The point Paul is making rhetorically is any opposition cannot stand against God in a sense, there is no opposition because God is on stoppable. And if God is on your side who can be against you when I played soccer at school were always glad to have a particular person with us and we felt if he's not on our side of the island, was on their team will going away and it was so good. He was on our side with God is on our side and God is on the side of her brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and God is on the side of our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, whatever that is. Opposition to the gospel and Paul says in that wonderful passage in Romans eight that God has demonstrated that these on the side, but these because he is delivered up his own son Lord Jesus Christ he's given you a Savior's life God has given you the best, the most costly thing so you concerned about the other things.

If God is for us who can stand against is this unstoppable. You begin a business you begin a sport you begin an educational setting. You begin a project that is no guarantee. Is there that it will always succeed know we sometimes fail God please him. It never fails.

God never gets it wrong, but never has to say I should run another direction, why, why did I do that no God is on stoppable this book, the word of God, the living word of God is unstoppable. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is unstoppable. God is unstoppable. God is on their side, brothers and sisters, why are we fearful you get discouraged. Yes Satan is against us, but he is not Almighty and all of the forces of sin and darkness could not keep our Savior in the grave, and all of the forces of darkness, and Satan against you. Yes and and against the church, yes, and against Calvary church is our enemy attacks is over and over again, but this we believe that is in Christ continues to build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against you can when you receive this card unstoppable. This involves you is a mobility missionary will perhaps you are not just content. Perhaps you've retired when and what to do. The rest of your life up to the boy little boy going to use you need to take that cart and respond you every week. I do little brochure for the children third through eighth graders and they completed the summa Monday morning and one that we chose this on the on the folder this week is taken little eight-year-old girl wrote go unstoppable. I said to I said to Michelle, my assistant, when we think of that. That's good marketing and branding to sign up his little girls put our media team. Go unstoppable when you do to go unstoppable. We could do this full-time career mission privilege in the last church where Jim and I served over the years. Three of our pastors were called to the missions field. We just want to get away from Tim and that may be part of it went to the mission field.

Pastors and elders and deacons filter missions coming short-term mission service. Good way to begin international go trip is our team going to Monterrey, Mexico on the culvert is over. With more and more of these. Some of you haven't know there's a big world is Inter-American specific world either is very different from this country. I love the fact that with go Monterrey and other ones. People can go with her family. Did you see that you see the.

The Eddings family the Chung family. Others international trip the light neighborly to rich.

We train you to move faster to reach will train you a light in your neighborhood volunteer for the good news club.

God is opening doors into the public school more and more volunteer as Charlie has challenges for the pregnancy resource Center showing love to women who feel very unloved to show them the love of Christ. Thank you for those of you do that volunteer for Joanie's and friends and family retreats by so this is a new one. The way you me, jungle high schoolers were going to pay completely right we might my charge of $50 application of something nominal. It's free want you to go and buy new charge my Xbox 360. You can experience in a setting probably a little tough setting something missionaries are schoolers check that way to spend your summer.

I was a teenager be volunteering, praying consistently missions counsel the change I would pray for missionaries so that every day will be particular ministry mission, a family unit. Pray for the appraiser family is an individual check that another way you can set Tim is going to come and were going to sing a wonderful hymn and as we do that is to sit there. I wanted to go, unstoppable. You take that farm.

Check it and they just come in an act of worship and dedication ladies on the steps when you do that, the word of God is unstoppable. The gospel is unstoppable.

God is unstoppable so many many here will unstoppable pray father is referred to word and that we responded of this conference will respond with humility on the beach for your glory in Christ

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