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Pray Without Ceasing

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 3, 2022 12:16 pm

Pray Without Ceasing

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 3, 2022 12:16 pm

Dr. John H. Munro January 2, 2022 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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One of our four themes for 2022. Is this pray without ceasing, and locating the Lord taught a parable to the fact he says in Luke 18 verse one that we ought always to pray and not to lose heart. Paul writes in Ephesians 618 praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication cautions for verse to continue steadfastly or be devoted in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. Jude verse 20 but you, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, and praying in the Holy Spirit and then first Thessalonians 517 Paul says, pray without ceasing followers of Jesus to pray with you, pray at all times were to pray without ceasing were to pray in the spirit. The study of Matthew we read the words of Jesus that the house of God was to be a house of prayer and one of the vital characteristics of a vibrant, growing Christian and a healthy and growing church is a vibrant life of prayer, Samuel Chadwick writes, Satan dreads nothing but prayer is one concern is to keep the saints from praying he feared he fears nothing from playlist studies, playlist work, playlist religion, he laughs at our toil marks on wisdom but trembles when we pray, you believe that you believe that our enemy trembles. When we pray, tell them very thankful for so many of you who pray my challenge is that more and more in 2022. We would be a praying church that we would pray without ceasing (it is difficult for us as as a pastor is much easier for me to get people to serve, to say to join a committee to do Bible study invite almost do anything, it is easier to do that rather than get together to pray Sunday evening we were to have a special prayer meeting.

I wanted us to get together in prayer because of coded we've done that but I thought I wonder how many people are going to come on the Sunday evening to a prayer meeting. What are you doing what what what else is there prayer. I wonder how many of us would've come George Barber of operation mobilization for the privilege of meeting him. I went online this morning and he is still a champion for missions and is also great man of prayer during that we serve together in Michigan and Jordan overcame one Sunday to preach. It was when the waistcoat with it with the world printed on it that he is really on fire and that is I thank God for men like George Barber who is committed to missions in operation mobilization but also to galvanize us the prayer here is what George Barber says the lack of neglect of the prayer meeting is I believe one of the greatest mistakes in the Bible believing churches. Such deception by Satan represents a far greater enemy than liberal theology or cults is whether the statement is where is the prayer meeting gone in our churches. I was brought up as many as you were that we had a prayer meeting people literally dying on their knees to pray.

So during 2022. This is a priority. This is one of her themes.

This is to be throughout everything we do that we are to pray without ceasing. Think of the power of God unleased through prayer 2022 at Calvary and beyond will be a year of great blessing year of growth.

Unit of power. If we are a praying church now that begins with you and me.

Praying is individually here is Charles Spurgeon. If God be near the church and must pray and if he be not there. One of the first tokens of his absence will be a slothfulness in prayer we are to be a church prayer we are to pray without ceasing, none is open our Bibles to acts chapter 1 were going to see that praying without ceasing is essential for Calvary church to flourish. Prayer is essential if this charge of Calvary church is the flourish and I want to go back very quickly and to see this. The early church in the book of acts was characterized by prayer. The only church.

Our chapter 1 verse 12 verse 11 the Lord ascends to heaven.

Then they the disciples returned to Jerusalem from the mind told all of it which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath day's journey away and when they had entered.

They went up to the upper room where they were saying John and James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew James the son of Alpheus and Simon the zealot and Judas the son of James. All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with a woman and mother Mary the mother of Jesus and his brothers noticed the Unidata came with one accord noticed the perseverance they were continually devoting themselves to prayer. Notice that I bashed today. They did that, along with the woman prayer was central acts chapter 2 the great day of Pentecost.

Acts chapter 2, verse 41 is preaching.

What a response that is they who received his word were baptized, and what I did that day about 3000 souls.

Acts 242 they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Prayer is going to be central to the New Testament church noticed that they were devoted to various things, including prayer supported to prayer wasn't meant to be devoted to something I met recently a young man and in the time I was with them in order to he must've mentioned that he worked out in the gym must've mentioned about five or six times. In fact, he wanted me to see his big biceps. I had mine for obvious reasons.

But he goes to the gym and he works out. Does it several times a day and he's obviously a devoted to working out its me why you'd want to do something so sweaty I don't know some of us are just naturally athletic, but he is did you really think I was going to go with them, kill myself you kidding, Mike, but my point is, he was devoted to working out. That was an integral part of his life, and I admire his discipline for doing it for some reason he felt he needed to do that. What I'm not out to look at himself in the matter, and to admire his big muscles devoted to working with nothing wrong with that, in the sense of their balances in the my, you devoted to prayer. There are certain things we do which are hobbies. There are certain things we do in life which are not central to our life. You may occasionally begin to golf, you may occasionally workout you may occasionally go for a walk, but to be devoted to something means it is central to who you are. Chapter 4 of acts acts chapter 4 verse 29. The church is being persecuted on the Lord look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness while you stretched out your hand to heal and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus. And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken and are all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness. I love that what transformed these men who were so fearful prior to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They saw the resurrected Christ.

They believe in the message they devoted themselves to prayer and the very place where they were praying was shaken. I must have never experienced that of Herod and revivals of that actually happening, such as a part of God coming in.

People the filling of the spirit as we read here, and they continued to speak the word of God with boldness.

Why are we not bold in sharing the gospel. Why are we often so afraid.

Why are we so fearful why we so lethargic sometimes answer were not devoted to prayer our chapter 6 acts chapter 6, verse 42 is a problem and they only church in the end. Apostles are appointing people to take care of it. We would call them deacons verse 42, but we will devote ourselves. The apostles are saying to prayer and to the ministry of the word and what they said please the whole gathering at the Joe Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit in these other wonderful brothers that investor verse six. These they sat before the apostles and they prayed and laid their hands on them.

What happens on the word of God continue to increase in the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith unit is man and woman of prayer, devoting themselves to prayer with the results of the word of God is spread supernatural results. The word of God continue to to increase the pile was praying for God's blessing in 2022 that we would be alights wonderful. The word of God would increase. In 1922 through the ministry of Calvary church that will not happen unless were devoted to prayer acceptor 12 acceptor 12 years when the apostles James killed by the goodhearted acts 12 to he killed James the brother of John, with his sword and when he saw that it please use you proceeded to arrest Peter also hears Peter in prison. Verse five.

So Peter was kept in prison but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church when you will not to happen you going to missions trip and imprisons that we back in Calgary just too bad with hope is really sometimes know the only church. One of their leaders is placed in prison. What are they doing they are praying, and Peter's is sleeping between two soldiers.

He's buying with James Isaac in the Middle East. I went had it was about to bring about on that very night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers lined with two chains and centuries before the dog regarding the present and hold an angel of the Lord stood next to him and the light shone in the cell destructive Peter on the side and woke him up, sitting down quickly and the chains fell off is released in June. Verse 12 utilize this bigger screen. He went to the house of Mary the mother of John's other name is Mark where many were gathered together, and were doing what hears Peter in prison and the church gathers together not individually, they gathered together for prayer on this wonderful miracle happens that Peter is the lease.

Verse 24. In spite of the persecution of what happens the word of God increased and multiplied prayer chapters 13 acts 13 verse one there were no other word in the church of Antioch prophets and teachers Barnabas Simmon. He was called Niger, Lucius of styrene banana lifelong friend of head of the chapter. I can solve while they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I'd call them then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and send them off was happening here are Barnabas and Saul are going to be commissioned as missionaries. The church and here comes laser hands on them. Praise and fast start for mission enterprises in the church praying for missionaries to the missionaries Paul and Silas go and end up in Philippi.

They preach with boldness.

Why, because there filled with the spirit of God then arrested and put in prison and what did they do in prison. Look retards that they were praying and singing so intimate I go to mission trip and were arrested under the praying in his sight. The two of them praying and singing, not overcome myself or they not grumbling and complaining, but praising God and praying I take time to go through a little bit through the book of acts. You can read it yourself and see the importance of prayer. What happens when the church is devoted to prayer the pilot of God is released. Souls are saved, persecution does not stamp out the gospel were so afraid and doing people are wondering about what would happen.

United States to the church when the church is weak, we should be concerned but do we believe that the power of the gospel is greater than 90 persecution. Of course it is best church believe that they were persecuted. Some other motels on them were monitored, but the gospel is not bound and continued. Why because there was a church on their knees in prayer praying without ceasing is essential for spiritual victory, 20, 21 has been a difficult year is in the you feel that you were defeated spiritually. Were you depressed was her spiritual lifestyle. We as a church is going through the motions. What was happening, praying without ceasing is essential for spiritual victory with me to Ephesians chapter 6 where we will see this.

Ephesians chapter 6 verse 10. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Verse 18 praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication to the end. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints, and also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains, that I may declare it boldly, as I ought to speak. Incidentally, notice the correlation between prayer and the word of God being proclaimed boldly.

Paul, the mighty apostle is asking for prayer, so that the word of God may be proclaimed boldly central to Calvary church is the text theme verse for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. We believe in the inspiration of holy Scripture we believe in the gospel. But if that gospel is to be proclaimed boldly from this cool bit in your lives through our missionaries through live stream through verdict through social media through all that we do. It must be Bay and prayer. I was going to 2022.

We as a church and individuals up to put on the armor of God, the armor of God must be put on with prayer. Prayer is not an additional piece of the armor of God, but prayer is foundational to using all of the armor of God in this spiritual warfare.

Did you notice what I read in verse 12, when a fight is in the spiritual warfare.

There must be prayer from beginning to end. Praying without ceasing brothers and sisters asking him pleading with you to pray without ceasing here at Calvary with a high premium on biblical preaching and teaching, and rightly so. We put a great emphasis on worship, which brings glory to God, and rightly so.

We have many programs for different ages and groups insinuations, and rightly so. We strongly believe in having to biblical doctrine and rightly so, but all of these are not sufficient in the spiritual warfare of enemy is very devious.

You may have great knowledge of this book, you may impress those in your life group or your Bible study by the verse as you know on the best as you can even memorize. You may have a good understanding of all of the pieces of armor of the armor of God, and yet still be devastated by the enemy is is that because you have notes on your knees in prayer putting on this armor of God is not a mechanical exercise, but rather is appropriating all the resources of God as we pray. Verse 18 at all times since Paul in the spirit usage on your pastor, you can spend all your time praying, I'm a busy person and a mother at home about these children might in the workforce.

I'm on my computer working at home all day. I can be praying without ceasing all yes you can lose this, it means living in the presence of God asking this question you enjoyed God do you enjoy being in the presence of God, yes, will become in corporate worship that that that's true will of the stone coming seeing the students lead us in worship were wonderful experience of this tremendous, but this is not just for residents living in the presence of God. We are to love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself praying without ceasing, so that every situation everything centers on Christ. What would you have me to know if you love someone you want to be with her home in our bedroom. There's a couple chairs on the other night about an hour or so before we're going to bed. Good day disappear. Then I came through there. There she sitting in one of the chairs, reading I like to say should drilling a Bible but I'm not sure what to ask, but she was really I was in my study reading. I brought my book. I sat down on the other chair beside look to me as if what he doing them just going to sit. I didn't go there for some weighty conversation or some casual conversation is just this and if you are married, you know what I'm talking about just being in the presence of someone you love is a wonderful experience. You could go for a walk along and enjoyed by that wall. The enjoyment of the walk is increased when you have someone walking beside you even if there's no conversation their very presence means something doesn't sit with us to be a follower of Christ that whatever ago whatever I do. Christ is by my side.

He's holding my hands. I'm about to make a decision and I'm talking to the Lord. I'm attacked by the enemy and I take it to the Lord I'm living in his presence. I'm living in the presence of someone I love and when I keep my eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ. I will walk in the paths of righteousness without last Sunday that Jesus is the light of the world and if I follow him. I will not walk in darkness, but will have all life of lights wonderful praying without ceasing your one occasion Jesus said in John chapter 15 the great passage of the true vine. He said to them in verse 14 through the disciples you are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants for the seven does not know the master is doing but I have called you friends there something in the Bible who described as friends of God. One thing to serve the Lord.

The seven does for the master tells them that's wonderful.

We are servants of God is the truth is rating of praying without ceasing, that I God's friend. Sometimes saying what friend we have in directing your time with your friends is a friend you don't have a up the conversation with a friend say see you well. I'm going to tell you something, and I'm going to make a long story short, using an unknown make it short, I want to hear the details when I hear this friends communion and atmosphere of love, love for the Lord Jesus, yes, to do what he commands Jesus is saying, but I'm calling you my friends, very wonderful if we were friends of God, friends of Jesus was the procedure in the spiritual warfare number one, verse 10, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might you need and I need an Calvary church needs the Lord's strength we got gifts and abilities with the resources they really may mean nothing if we don't have the pilot of God and the strength of God. Secondly, verse 11 Proudhon the whole armor of God, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness are our shoes ready for the gospel. The magnificent shield of faith to extinguish the bodyguards of the enemy, the helmet of salvation and of course the wonderful sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, you take it all up to get a lot every part of it. You need when my to do then. Vision division six verse 13 I love this therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done it all, to stand firm stand therefore stand strong in the Lord you put on the armor of God, the enemy is no tactic attacking you. I would you do you stand firm. We do not retreats as a church when criticized, persecuted, when the enemy attacks us. We do not going to retreats. There's no retreats in the Christian faith. We stand firm standing firm against demonic opposition when the devil attacks you signed, James says, resist the devil will redo carefully from your don't be afraid. Greater is he was in us than he was in the world and the enemy attacks the church of Jesus Christ. The forces of how prevail against it.

Demonic opposition comes against us as we stand true to the gospel. As we boldly proclaim the gospel as we live a holy life.

We stand firm against the enemy do we do it. Verse 18 there's two participles praying and keeping in the SBA's second participle keeping is translated almost as a command that that's what you can take it that way. But as we put on the armor of God I am to do this with prayer time to do it. Keeping alert will King James says watching. I'm to be vigilant not to be lethargic among them is lawful IRM to do this praying without ceasing as a put on this armor and being alert brothers and sisters when you put on the armor of God is essential your praying in the spirit and your keeping alert. The wonderful thing is this heavenly father loves to answer will praying without ceasing I haven't gone into the content of the prayer that are there's a multitude of things we pray for Paul tells us that our great God is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, what we praying for as a church.

When we expect Calvary church to do in 2022 weeks right through missions.

What do we expect through her children's ministry. His ministry, whether we expect that we looking for in our worship when we looking for in these Bible studies the forces of darkness are against us, but God is able to do far more abundantly than anything we ask, praying without ceasing.

Verse 18 praying at all times. That's persistent and consisting prayer in every situation. Give yourselves to prayer, difficult in your marriage. The problem at work a difficult person is your ministry here is upsetting your little bit everything is taken to the Lord in prayer. Not as a firm holiday, but there is a necessity. Praying is Paul again verse eating at all times. Our spiritual battle is a reality. The devil can attach to that any moment pray at all times, pray without ceasing, pray, says Paul in the spirit.

Bribes is also referring to praying the very word of God is an enemy attacks from the things we do in our battle and attacked with.

We quote Scripture is with the Lord that praying in the spirit. This is not mechanically saying a prayer is not to a J. This is praying in the power of the spirit, and that has led by the Spirit you know the difference between going through the routine of a prayer as opposed to praying when you're aware, not aware of the very presence of God that your broken before God that your pleading with God that you need his power, his help with wisdom and strength is comfort in the spiritual warfare number. Paul says in Romans eight something wonderful. The times you've experienced experienced it was times in our Christian life.

When we can hardly pray were so broken. We hardly know what to say. We were tired and exhausted.

Paul says that this makes intercession for us wonderful God great God, the triune God helps us as we pray. And of course our mediator Kate is none other than our magnificent Lord Jesus Christ. Again, though this verse 18 praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication that and keep alert again. Jesus is what you and pray that you may not enter into temptation. Charts that was after you and will few minutes ago. Your appear leading us in worship. Wonderful. What's the devil elect these cunning, ill try and bring you darling the very time you're on the mountaintop with the Lord deal, try Harlow find a doctor that you be alert.

Be alert then says Paul with all perseverance easy to get discouraged in the Christian life is the spiritual warfare is not some momentary skirmish was a battle with those who put up persevere in prayer are strong in the Lord, the victorious in the spiritual paddle those who wait for the Lord those who wait for the Lord. Isaiah says shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint. If you like fainting you feel like giving up going to that persevere and says Paul here investigating, making supplication for all the saints, we need to support one another. We need to be aware of one another's needs their people in this congregation as we know, going through very difficult circumstances, stopped his being involved in your own little family in your own little unit pray for all of the saints is people who are following who need to be restored. There those who are fiercely tempted their students going back to college. There are people who are in bereavement. The people who are lonely are people who are depressed pray for all of the same thing about missionaries that we are praying all the saints posters bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ missing today. I'm saying the prayer was central to the early church. They gathered for prayer that were united in prayer. They persevered in prayer. They saw the supernatural work of God in prayer.

They made their mission.

The enterprise in prayer the appointed godly leaders in prayer. They saw their fellow believers Save from persecution through prayer. Prayer without ceasing, is to be a pattern for 2022. When you be wonderful the end of this year.

Someone could truly see Calvary church was the bulleted to prayer. Martyn Lloyd Jones writes man is at his greatest and highest with upon his knees. He comes face-to-face with God. Let's be our greatest lesson. The other highest let's be on their knees before the very face of God, brothers and sisters as a pastor asking us to pray without ceasing.

Know a decade ago, long ago was that we began what we called the watchman prayer ministry and some of you a big part of that faithfully for 10 years.

You see, what is watchman prayer was you came in summer you missed it or we have prayer wall for walls and when we instituted this 10 years ago. So the people would be praying for the pastors and the ministers of Kyle Richards best people to sign up to choose a day and the time when they would pray to 3 AM on Thursday mornings than Philip to quickly, but you chose what time you would pray with angina. Pray for an hour for the ministers are Calvary church and then every month we sent you through a email they prayer requests. I would give for prayer request for praises compiled from Hathaway or pastors would do the same ministries would ask you to pray is a wonderful ministry and I just read this week that in 2007, 18% of Americans said that they seldom or never prayed the pew research Center was on the recent survey and there said that no 32% of Americans say that they never or seldom prayer us 1/3 of a population never pray our trust is untrue.

Calvary church which is that with all praying and so we revise watchman prayer possibly becoming a little cumbersome process. We got into the routine and so we have revised it and instead of giving fortified requests.

Each class there is ministry leader will give one central one item of praise and an item of prayer. I ask you to pray for me as I preach the word of God during mass. Pray for Benedict or something like that response we do the same and you if you want to do this and I'm asking you to do it. You will get every month just one page list a short list of prayer and produces so that all watchman prayer were not brilliant, as it were. This is a rebranding think hope who we are really Brian's thought of that. We have rebranding watchman prayer are the pew in front of you to stretch and get it business card is a time for action to see it watchman prayer ministry and you can sign up a couple ways we have on it, a QR code June the QR code is the cool people know what it is I saw the thing you interests are nonunion that your phone and this is the real problem. I prefer the old card, but if you're much cooler than me. You can use the QR codes I tried it and I was totally confuse so if you do that, just use the cart to get just fill it up right now and do them in a minute date that we note what the date is your name, your address, and so on. And then you put that in the basket as you leave your phone when you do the QR codes just do that and follow whatever it says if you get lost in cyberspace. Buster Pyle will be able to help you.

I once over members over regular attenders like you to do this would only do it if you are through this year going to pray without ceasing. One of the great privileges I have as your pastor.

With so many of you have said John were praying for you to know how the tremendous responsibility is the standard.

Open this book week after week after week.

The weight of good you think of our missionaries.

There's a chapels in Papua New Guinea living in a tribe translating the word of God think they need prayers. This pastor Hathaway leading the way the responsibility of leaving her worship. Thank you for praying, thank you for is aware lifting up our hands.

You say well you capable men you've done that before your gifted, that may be true but talking about gift card, but natural ability were talking about the supernatural of God to save souls the supernatural power to give us holy boldness in the world crisis we fullness up not right not to QR codes no idea what that stands for is going to tell me was it sent for Stephanie QR chronicles the website but I don't know what you are stands for.

Who cares, right Philip the card and pray without those of you home quarantines ill pray use that time when you're off work, not just to watch Netflix use that time to pray to open your Bible and pray. Jesus said times apart to pray father or privilege. We have to come to you, the living God help us.

We need your help as a church protect us from the virus give us holy boldness give us a spiritual unity, increase our love for one another. May we truly be a light shining in this community, we pray in Christ

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