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Preserve the Unity of the Spirit

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 11, 2021 11:03 am

Preserve the Unity of the Spirit

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 11, 2021 11:03 am

Dr. John H. Munro January 10, 2021 Psalm 133; Ephesians 4:1-6

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I think you'll agree that we live in a very broken and divided world broken and divided nation tried to address was the problem was a tremendous focus is in their on our personal fulfillment our personal advancement personal happiness are personal opinions rights what I believe and that expression of our opinions, our pursuit of our personal happiness. Our desire that I would, opinions, and I would use prevailing marketplaces were inevitably results in conflict with others.

Marriages dissolve the divorce, business partners, which were often very thriving in all kinds of measurements. These partnerships are shattered with recriminations and resentments. Employees get angry with an employer's long-standing friendships going over many many years sometimes come to an abrupt stop in and of the harmony of the fellowship in the enjoyment of that relationship no longer exists. Families are divided churches are divided and if you know anything about disunity instead of there being peace and harmony with is a home with others in the marketplace where there is no relationship or whether it is in the church instead of that that is disunity. Disharmony.

This trust division and surely you've noticed that increasingly in this wonderful nation of the United States that has been blessed by God. Since its inception and has been such a shining light as a word to the world that in this nation. Today there is so much hate pretty sad people. Many people seem extremely angry and they expressed their anger is that I'm angry, as if that justifies the vitriol as if I justifies their insults as if I justifies the name-calling and the hatred there are many people who say I hate the Democrats their people say I hate the Republicans.

People say I hate Donald Trump others that I hate Joe Biden and all that he represents on the so much hate so much hostility so much name-calling and some of you know about that because you follow that on social media.

Could I ask you you claim to be a follower of Christ, to stop the name-calling. The vitriol yes you you are entitled to express your view, but also due to do that in an edifying way in a way which is helpful rather than destructive followers of Jesus are meant to be different than what was a point of saying that we have this wonderful salvation in Jesus Christ. And yet we leave at time of worship will even talk about a Bible study Lee fellowship and then we go into the world into our business in the hospitals and schools in the marketplace.

Whatever God has placed us in a very streets and communities of Charlotte and the surrounding areas and this is such a beautiful place to live and we go there. I sometimes wonder why we really think very different from the unbeliever. In this regard. I'm going to say that there should be a tremendous difference to God has done a wonderful thing. Not only does the Savior. So we began that he saved my soul is wonderful. I trust that is true of you that you know Christ as your Savior that your sins are forgiven, that you're right with God. I trust that's the case that you can say in the grace of God. He has saved my soul. Wonderful to say, but God is done more God in his wisdom has given us what John Stott calls God's new society is giving us the church. The church of our Lord Jesus Christ and the church of Jesus Christ is to be a place of love is was a place of peace, a place of healing a place of unity so that those who are bruised and broken in the world, to the church of God but not a household of God, as Paul says, they come to the house of God and realize that here in the church of Jesus Christ.

Things are different than that hatred that vitriol that that determination that everyone has got to hear my view and I'm going to insult the name call. Those who disagree that is ended and that we come together as people of God and enjoy this wonderful peace and harmony, not just when we gather together everyone that would also as we go into our homes, place of peace talking about quietness. Noise can be good. I'm talking about harmony. I'm talking about peace in the relationships or about your friends. It was about work and certainly in the church. We have four themes for 2021 last week. The theme was obey the word of God, foundational everything we are and believing Calvary church today. The theme is present are the unity of the spirit that this is not necessarily easy for us in the fact that some instances is very difficult. But this is a command, as we will see how one ties that Calvary church every other church where you are when you're listening. I want you to take this very seriously and say the jury 2021. This is going to be in the forefront of my life as I follow Jesus Christ as God helps me. I'm going to preserve the unity of the spirit that are going to be a peacemaker in my home work and my relationships to believers and unbelievers, and certainly in the church of the living God on this learned today about spiritual unity and this many blessings possible.

Let's open our Bibles to Paul's letter to the Ephesians, Ephesians, chapter 4 Paul and the first three chapters is presented magnificent theology, magnificent doctrine about our beautiful Lord Jesus Christ. I know he wants us to live it out.

Paul is a very practical theologian. Yes he could take us to the mountaintop's in terms of doctrine, but he wants is to be lived out in the first century in the Roman culture in the Greek culture and the pagan culture.

Those who have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ are to go out no and be different is what he says. Ephesians 4, verse one. I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord. I urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you being called you be called to the Lord Jesus Christ God and his grace has reached down and Savior. Now I want you to live in a way which is worthy of your calling as were growing up, should happen to you is good to me that madness every particular father would say you're my son. I want you to act like my son when you live it out on the name of Monroe. I let people know that you are a person of integrity is the point is that you have the name of Jesus Christ, you say your following Jesus is wonderful.

The Savior so live it out. You see how my going to do that. Verse two with all humility and gentleness with patients bearing with one another in love, eager notice that eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. That is one body and one spirit, just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call one heart, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all, whose overall and through all and in all wonders to learn.

As were to lay the theological carnation that the Holy Spirit creates spiritual unity.

This is something supernatural, but God in his grace creates this wonderful new society. The church of Jesus Christ and creates the spiritual unity.

This is what God in his grace.

You and I left to ourselves would never achieve it utterly possible. Why because were sinful people, and Satan separates and divides out NMA, the father of lies. The devil causes separation disharmony hostility and disunity.

The spirit of God creates unity out. NMA creates this unity does he do that he works to create havoc in your life much into be a restless kind of individual was usually fighting with people. What you did to me in the middle of some controversy.

He loves havoc creates havoc in our homes is not the case. Peace in our homes. Once you create havoc in the church. How did you do that will his various specialties. Bulldozers don't be ignorant of his strategy J is a very cunning individual is the father of lies loves accusations. Rumor lies, of course, friction. This unity and sin and Satan create vision and separation.

God unites sin and Satan separates yourself in the respective of your feeling well.

I'm involved in sin, but it feels so good, it must be right.

No, your sin, irrespective of your feelings never brings you closer to God.

Whatever sin you're involved in might remember this, you are saying never ever brings you closer to God. Every time you continuing that sin going farther and farther away from God is of the devil. Once the lead you astray were like sheep having gone astray, and you listen to the devil and yield to that temptation and do you realize are going further and further away from God. Isaiah says in Isaiah 59 verse two but your iniquities have made a separation between you and God you send what does it do it separates us. You know that your relationships will cause problems. Sin shall you're angry that individual you insulted individual you live by that individual and that is separation sin and the devil separates us in deceitful behavior in our lives. Lisa distrust that leads to estrangement in our homes and our relationships lies that people tell fracture friendships create chasms presented very difficult and to bridge between former friends and business partners brothers and sisters in the in the church, unforgiveness and bitterness that we have, because someone has wronged us that anger that bitterness that unforgiveness results in further and further estrangement that you are enjoying your life Junior family Junior relationships using it in the church. I have never never know immorality to strengthen homes without knowing many homes shattered by betrayal and infidelity using the devil. Husbands attracted to someone else about your feelings one bit of excitement in your life. Bored with the routine thing you can get away with anything.

You can highlight and you pursue that I wouldn't do as you finish either your home and set of unity instead of peace instead of harmony for the building something with integrity that that's going to be a wonderful wonderful witness to your children and neighbors and friends that home is shed is what sin does this with the devil, that's always divides separating us from God and from one another was wrong with her nation.

Simply put, we forgot God nurture all of the lipservice this country more and more is forgetting God results further and further apart.

The Holy Spirit with his beautiful ministries is to create unities even broken then scarred and toyed with the farm by sin and that we are far away from God and never peace with ourselves. I often tell people the most difficult person to live with his yourself. You've a problem with the employer and the employer and the individual and the individual. So maybe the problem is within you to live with yourself and deliver myself wherever you go. You can change the relationships you change zoning change your church people we want church to go to another. The Wrangler with one charge and become another church and usually they continue to be angry.

The problem is much of the church. The problem is with us. We are not at peace and trust.

First and foremost, your peace with God, with other than that Christmas I was one of her themes. Christmas is peace. Why, because our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace has come, and this is the one. This is the way through which we are at peace with God. Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by so saying my sins are forgiven.

I have a true relationship with God. No, the blood of Christ is cleanse me from my sin and I'm at peace with God and no strengthened by the Holy Spirit. I'm able to walk worthy of the calling with which I have been called to read from Ephesians 2B direct you get into that, as Paul brilliantly tells us that Jesus Christ is the bridge maker when away from God, our Lord Jesus Christ comes and he's the reconciler he's the peacemaker is a bridge maker.

Ephesians 213, Paul says, but now in Christ Jesus, that it is you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ that central what is it that brings us near to God myself ever my work.

Absolutely not. As the cross that bridge between us and the holy God is bridge at the cross. So I went the cross on the roof of a century to remind us that we are saved, as Paul puts it here by the blood of Christ. Verse 14 for he himself is our peace was made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of facility by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances that he might create in himself one new man church in place of the two, so making peace was and that is where 16 and might reconcile both to God in one body through the cross thereby killing the facility with the visibility of this is the way and he came and preached peace to you who are far off Gentiles and peace to those who are near to God is an amazing thing. A remarkable thing that you know Jews and Gentiles, Gentiles are far off their are part of the of the commonwealth of Israel and the Lord Jesus Christ is come, and then his magnificent work of the cross.

Not only does he reconcile us to God.

He reconciles us to one another. Jews and Gentiles Gentiles in Cleveland. According to the Jews. There is nothing there totally separated the Lord Jesus Christ is the peacemaker has reconciled the guard that is the same way of salvation for the Jew and the Gentile is through the blood of the cross and as they come to Christ as a get right with God through the blood of the cross. Neither the United in this new society. The church of Jesus Christ where Jew and Gentile.

On one not only of the members of the same church that equal members of the same church bulge with her. Make that clear in Ephesians 3 I think of this. Here we are at Calvary church.

God is brought together the motley crew.

I mean we cannot rights were very odd group of people in 20 people say no okay with fingers from all over the world but brings us to give us some blueprinting and some of these he's got accents in my preaching and some to say accents and will encourage the wonderful Southerners and state known you've got accents all kinds of accents all kinds of backgrounds different cultures different opinions different viewpoints different ages is only the church of Jesus Christ that that is true and that whatever your backgrounds whenever your education, whatever you are socially socioeconomic scale is aware. Doesn't matter the color of your skin, your accent, your ethnicity wherever you are. Whenever your background on Lord Jesus Christ welcomes you and in the name of Jesus Christ, we welcome you to Calvary church. Not only are you welcomed, you are on equal grind with all of us that wonderful all sinners saved by grace is the challenge we who have known the supernatural peace through the blood of the cross we will have some understanding of the church of Jesus Christ so that we continue to grow in this and we are far from perfect in this at Calvary church. But as we seek to do this now our Lord Jesus Christ who is our peace. He sends us out and his followers are to be instruments of yes the gospel yes proclamation is my burden this morning. Instruments of peace, instruments of harmony and a restless, fragmented and broken world. Instead of starting to people so that insulting people thinking your superior that your viewpoint is superior to them and treating those who disagree with you is almost subhuman to understand as he saved her soul.

We bring the fragrance at the beauty and the loveliness of Jesus Christ know another that would be way with her apostles preached with boldness the boldness of the resurrection, but with grace so that it could be said of us as it was said of Jesus, they marveled at the gracious words which proceeded from his lips whenever he wonderful.

Someone said to come to Calvary church and as I speak with people but people are amazed at the grace this is what the Spirit does create spiritual unity. Not only does he case spiritual unity we the people of God are no to celebrate the unity of the spirit to do that. I want to directed to some hundred 33 which is a jewel of the Psalter is only three verses. I know this sound very very well because being a family of six boys. My mother had a couple of morning.

The couple had several verses she would frequently quote to us. One was Hebrews 13 verse one.

Let brotherly love continue as would be top each other and he was the other one. Psalm 133, verse one was some of David will hold goods and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in to coordinate from the look in James when brothers dwell together in unity is a beautiful thing. It's a good thing it's a pleasant thing is like the precious online ahead running dying on the. On the beard of Aaron running dying on the color of his robes is like the dew of Herman which falls in the mountains of Zion for their the Lord has commanded the blessing life forevermore.

Here is David's King David he note this is all about brokenness and his family does this you know about turmoil in all yes it messed up some boys that really messed up as well. David knew about the division and Judah and Israel is Bible history of Israel and here he is, is the king writing this beautiful little some business which the pilgrims sign as they went up to Jerusalem three times a year to go up for the festivals in the face of of Passover and Pentecost in tabernacles as they left the little towns and villages and made their way up to Jerusalem. Here was a song that David the psalmist the sweet sums of Israel taught them among other things, he was a musician and Napoleon man who loved words and he puts together this divisive little sound we don't have the picture into it, but we have the words this thing is a pleasant thing it's a good thing when brothers dwell together is a good thing good thing at Calvary church is a good thing in your home. Good thing in your relationship. When brothers dwell together in unity, not dwelling together in unity does not mean that there's an absence of conflict. Remember when they first visited my home in Scotland, for we got married she learning the English language coming from a different culture to different homes, humans are all brothers and afterward she said your brothers are shouting and arguing all the time.

I'm not really we just have healthy debates, and that someone's talking nonsense we tell them that and that we have very frank exchange of opinions. This is just the way we are. We love each other but sometimes we fight sometimes we disagree, sometimes we disagree, very, very sharply, and so it is in the church of Jesus Christ dwelling together in unity doesn't mean uniformity. This is not a cow would not clones were what individuals, what were brought together as brothers and, yes, in our churches that are homes where there is no disagreement amicable sometimes and we never boring. I mean, again, is someone dominating so everyone decisions to everyone there. I guess that's the way to dwell together in unity somebody healthy way or the really so compatible. There's never any disagreements is a different world from the world I live in. But never mind know in most relationships in loving relationships.

That is, disagreements, and if there's no disagreement sometimes is evidence not of the Spirit of God but of spiritual deadness of an icy cold and shivering to translate that is done very decently and in order. We visited churches like that and you feel like you need to put on the fur coat of an atmosphere is so cold the distance very formal.

There's probably no disagreement because they don't care about anything that no doctrine don't really care what you believe and that's not spiritual unity is no spiritual unity, something that God tests the what's much more important than the disagreements in a different opinion is that when brothers and to help us understand the writer gives us this beautiful picture uses about three times is translated twice in the ESV as running, dying in verse two. What is used twice in verse three that are the same verb in Hebrew is translated falls on the new American I think takes the same Hebrew and translates it coming down coming down coming down this spiritual unity is like they all will coming down on Aaron, who was there and he was a high priest.

It was Moses brother and when Aaron was appointed high priest. He is anointed, he's consecrated he set apart as the high priest, and to do that they would take all Moses would take the oil and anoint was a just a drop of oil. No, it was so lavish it was so abundant that that oil came down from his head. He did a nice thick beard like some other pastors rights. Nice beard goes down onto his beard and is so lavish. Not only does it stop with these beard goes down to the color of his robes get the point. This is lavish. This is abundant. This is not a drop of this is an abundance symbolizing the anointing the setting apart. Here is the dew of Herman living with a picture of minds Herman if you been to Israel. Your Simon, Herman, you go to the north of Israel and you look north of the mountains of Herman present-day Syria. Perhaps also into Lebanon magnificent mountains 9000 feet and anytime I be there at whatever time of the year, the snow in the mind. You see the mountains of Herman and finally they do coming dynamite.

Herman is particularly lavish as you go to garden, you go out in the morning and the dew is fallen in the garden is a good sign.

You can almost smell it. It is, it's clean and it's come down to nothing you've done about it. And so this spiritual unity is going to come down from God to us. Just as in symbol form the oil came down on Aaron's head.

The color of his robes, the dew of Herman. These high level mountains so that this spiritual unity is like the dew of Herman is going to come down come down on the mountains of Zion.

It is abundant, it is lavish. It is beautiful in the point that David is making the very obvious points on the wonderful point and the point that we thank God for is that this unity comes nine from God, not something we manufacture. We celebrated this is something which God and his grace is done.

Can you imagine having a garden and there's no water or use of the little vegetable garden like a gruesome potatoes carrots on the things every morning you are to do. Is there is good you imagine a garden I would find that the Activity Dr., George in the relationship with his beautiful unity of the Spirit.

What is cracked and is broken. Imagine trying to drive your car and there's no oil in its business to.

It helps us to relate the is a beautiful thing and it comes down from God brings renewal and brings refreshment as a sign of growth is a sign of God's blessing church with Isaiah Staley stylus is dying almost smell the deadness in the church Spirit of God is not there.

He's departed, you celebrate the unity was you appreciate how important Mrs. do you celebrate so I hope you do the unity of your family the importance of of the home.

Celebrate your relationships are taken for granted, but primarily in the church of Jesus Christ our visit a bit of negativity with your stories told of two men riding a bicycle tandem and going up a very steep hill and it took a great deal of struggle for these for this bike to get to the top of the hill and when we got to the top. The man in front of the bike turned in and said come on behind these are that I was a really hard client wasn't it the men.

The bank said yes and if I hadn't kept the brakes on all of the way I would've certainly rolled on backwards. There's one man paddling fast and here's another guy putting on the brakes. You would experience in serving the Lord you be in a meeting of the elders meeting pastors meeting planning something for the Lord and he feels on the spring on the brakes. There's a there's a voice of negativity like that instead of serving the Lord with joy. But after critical your your your your painting to become a critic and with that criticism you've cause division instead of canning and helping put others there is a negativity in your adventures when you do celebrate spiritual forgiveness. This life you this refreshment.

This joy fruitfulness.

This fragrance so there is an unbeliever comes through these doors and since in these views and we begin to worship God point people to our Lord Jesus Christ, even unbelievers send the spirit of God is here. There's there's life that God is a work in our hearts and relationships which are fractured and broken and hurting on being healed and bound together by the supernatural, loyal of the Holy Spirit, which God graciously pours on and that spiritual unity brings love brings acceptance. I wonder what unbelievers think of Calvary church. Sometimes this is why would once said of Calvary church using the words of our Lord Jesus in John chapter 13 verse 34 a new commandment I give to you that you love one another, just as I'd loved you, you also ought to love one another. By this, all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

That's it. This is the blessing of God. This is what the Spirit of God does hate hostility, anger, the desire to be top dog that goes in his room place. Without such love Calvary church is celebrating this unity, this weekly chart to a brother or sister demonstrate the love of God to in this time of covertly work isolated when meeting in home and life groups, and so on, that it is so difficult for us reach out to someone and celebrate the unity of this but also as we look back at Ephesians 4 we are to preserve the unity of the Spirit. This is my burden to during 2021. Each one of us will preserve the unity of the Spirit. No, we don't create it comes from the spirit of God but were called to preserve it to maintain it.

Verse three of Ephesians 4, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. This should be one of our top priorities are Calvary church together preserve the unity of the spirit. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God you please make someone after the first service, a farmer spoke to them in the mansard of his wife, my, my wife is a great peacemaker. It's in family relationships in the church and society.

Paul writes no I exhort your brothers by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree and that there be no divisions among you without you be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment. First Corinthians 1 verse 10 is Paul again. Philippians 2 verse to make my joy complete by being of the same mind is the mind of Christ, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one Philippians 22 Romans 1218. Paul's is it possible as far as it depends on you, be at peace with all my guess some people are totally and reasonably Gambia piece with the as far as it depends on you. You're the peacemaker you are bringing the fragrance of the spirit of Christ to others. As far as it depends on you, live at peace with open. It takes no talent to destroy unity. It takes no talent to point out faults. It takes no talent to be a troublemaker to be argumentative to create unrest takes no talent to criticize, to find fault upon the finger to the divine at the gossip to attack someone a social media to spread rumors that takes no talent, a tall, takes the spirit of God to demonstrate love and acceptance and peacemaking in the church, Calvary church can ask you to be a peacemaker in your relationships and bring the fragrance of the spirit about me, people like that on your to bring that atmosphere in the relationship. Don't be an antagonist by peacemaker Bill reconciler unified you say, but whether there are things I Calvary church that really bother me, and that really frustrate me and I saw I totally understand that because you're only a Calvary for a few hours a week. The most I'm here all the time and if you think you know dictated by things that Calvary church. I'm a longer list that you have and you say well I think we could do with whether pastors and we thoroughly agree we great guy said to me of the first service of the one thing I agree with you, we should've better pastors I Calvary I said amen but you know the goddess called us here. We are called by God to be here. Not perfect, pastors. We seek to love you. We seek to help you. Yes, there sometimes those agreements thank you for voicing them in a gracious client way and I would. I understand that sometimes are irritated by something that just understands your irritated by some of the pastors, not, not me, but some the other pastors irritate you and they tell me that you this summer you really irritating people and the summer you're difficult to deal with.

You shall find that? Where human beings across the frustrations of course the limitations are things in your home but you don't like things are Calvary church of his life to me I would change that are using the how do we preserve this unity.

Paul tells us. Ephesians 4 verse three ready for this with all humility, don't be. Prior to be vacant. Why do you think of all of the hundreds of faces of people to come to Calvary church that you, your opinion must prevail was especially your point of view know with all humility and gentleness and they can be tough for us to be gentle.

The home relationship gentleness with patients bearing with one another in love.

Paul is assuming that in the church at Ephesus.

There's this agreement. If you never disagree with anyone you don't need to be patient with them. If the person you're working with. If your wife, your husband, your your your father, your mother, your brother Joel thing the same way life is easy but that's not reality.

Different personalities different perspectives, different things that bother us what we can do with to be patient with one another with the for bearing with one another in love. You like the way the usher came in and seated you today. Yet he could've done better. That is true right we bearing in mind the way a particular song. We understand that the patient be bidden with one another in love, that there are things as we work together as you serve. You see will not present a difficult personality.

Yes, that may be in their thinking exactly the same about you.

So all of us to be humble to be gentle with to be patients apply that in your home applied in the relationship and applying in the church, bearing with one another in love. This way God is glorified for missing today. I'm saying that God's grace brings us together as one is a good thing and is a pleasant when brothers dwell together in unity is likely that anointing oil coming time on Aaron's beard coming down for color visual to do harm and falling on the mountain of Zion and is there is this spiritual unity is there that God commands the blessing we cannot manufacture the blessing of God, a Calvary church. We can put some master strategy plan and get some committee together and say this is the way that were going to get the blessing of God. It doesn't work like that yes is good to strategize is good to plan goals. Yes. But most important is that when we are dwelling together in unity that when we are keeping our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ. And when we are humble and gentle with one another when we have patient with one another when we're bearing with one another in love. It is there that God commands the blessing and is very interesting. At the end of Ephesians chapter 40 Julie Dole chapter policy starts with the unit in the first six verses result describe then talks about the importance of the gifts in the church that they are working together and he says when that happens, the church is built up in love, to the fullness of Christ is what we want.

The psalmist puts it this way is there for the Lord commands blessing five practical lessons as I conclude and summarizes number one. Be a person of grace rather than a person of contention. That is the peacemaker rather than a troublemaker number one, number two.

Don't be a complainer or a minor. I'm not saying don't say that this agreements.

No, I'm saying don't be a complaint. Don't be a minor in width and don't be a gossiper was in the gossip. Don't jump to conclusions when you hear something. Don't take sides when you only hear one side.

I'm amazed that people can accept something without any investigation without regard for the flight. The fight was on an emotional basis accept the position, except one side and have never even had the other side that is very foolish Proverbs deals with no don't be a complainer. Don't be a gossip number three will need to do is pray for God's blessing we can't manufacture June 2021 and God blessed us in 2020.

God guided us to the scope God has poured his blessings on us in 2020. Pray that God would do that. Pray for God's blessing. Pray for unity. Calvary pray for unity in your home is pray for one another, particularly those with whom you see things differently when differences let's resolve them quickly, maturely and biblically, and then get over them and not whine about something that someone offended us two or three years ago and were so whining about it and were still talking right no spray God's blessing on 12 number four be involved in serving in love.

My observation over many years of pastoral ministry is that the critic is usually the person who does very little other than criticize want you to be involved in serving him of his many opportunities are Calvary again is difficult with covert brothers opportunities that involve satire, serve others in love and I am so thankful for hundreds and hundreds of people do that, as a church service at church that gives and then finally number five.

Be thankful for your spiritual family, children, be thankful for your own family will be thankful for the family at Calvary church I was unity of the spirit so that his body will be built-up to the fullness of Christ because it's there, but the Lord commands the blessing missing today preserve the unity of the spirit of God eternal God and the father, help us to do just that. Help us to be gentle to be kind to be loving with others to be humble. We know that you're opposed to the proud and give grace to the humble. So we pray that we are humble church. We need your help.

We need your blessing. We need your strength poured out on us. Father that many throw 2021 will say he has saved my soul once was lost but no I'm fine. We pray that you will guide us and help us in Christ name

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