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Surviving the Crisis

The Verdict / John Munro
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March 22, 2021 11:50 am

Surviving the Crisis

The Verdict / John Munro

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March 22, 2021 11:50 am

Dr. John H. Munro March 21, 2021 Matthew 14:22-36

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All of us experience crisis in life you've experienced the time of unexpected disappointing circumstances.

Perhaps you and the torque one day and were terminated perhaps as a serious illness perhaps is a broken relationship. Perhaps it's the death of a loved one.

These overwhelming circumstances. These fears and crisis comes all of our lives in the question were thinking this morning is how do we who are followers of Jesus Christ. Hope coal. How do we survive in the crises of life we have a magnificent passage before us this morning, and if you have your Bible Ashley determine to Matthew chapter 14. Hope you come with your Bible because one of our goals in Calvary is that you know your Bible that you read your Bible and the obit and it helps us at least it helps me not only to hear the word of God, but to see it. Matthew chapter 14, I would going through this gospel. So what you think, rather slowly, but that were making her way through the gospel of Matthew and today come to Matthew 14 verse 22 immediately. He that is Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, while he dismissed the cards and after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up in the Moncton by himself to pray.

When evening came, he was there alone, but the board by this time was a long way from the land beaten by the waves for the wind was against them and in the fourth watch of the night he came to them walking on the sea, but when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified, and said it's a ghost and they cried out in fear, but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying, take heart. It is, I do not be afraid. And Peter answered the Lord if it's if it is you, command me to come to you on the water. He said, so Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus, but when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out, Lord save me Jesus immediately recharges and took hold of him saying to him or you of little faith, why did you doubt when they got into the boat, the wind ceased and those in the boat worshiped him say, truly you are the son of God. And when it crossed over the came to land an answer when the men of that place recognized him this centerline to all that region and brought to him all who were sick and implored him that they might only touch the fringe of his government and as many as touched or were made well is not outstanding passage of Scripture. First of all I want to us to learn the truth that you already know by the truth. The one we know intellectually I think often we forget it.

This is one of the great truths of the people of God, and it is this in the crisis Jesus is with you. I want you to get on you to grasp that wanted not only to understand that intellectually want you to feel that and I want you in your life.

To put that into practice and to integrate this into all the circumstances of life that in the crisis. Jesus is even when you feel the Lord we feel abandoned Jesus is with you at our text Matthew told us as we saw last week of the feeding of the 5005 loaves and two fish. Jesus takes it blesses it multiplies it and feats thousands then the Lord Jesus dismisses a Christ tells him to go and the makes the disciples get into the boat to go to the office to go to the opposite side, but he is. He does throw the Gospels from time to time he goes up into a Moncton alone to pray. There are times when he takes all of the disciples. There are times when he takes the inner circle that on many occasions he prays alone and this is one of the examples that he is a long in prayer with his father, not Matthew doesn't tell us the content of his prayer authorities having communion with his father and his God.

He is the perfect son of man, and he sprang to his heavenly father and while we don't know the content of his prayer. No doubt he is reaffirming why he came to suffer and to die and I am positive that he was praying for his disciples.

There no there is not with them in the boat, but he sees them and he knows exactly what's happening to them on the sea of Galilee, he knows about the wind was either feeling and display left to themselves the disciples get into trouble to as reader is a wonderful truth that you crisis Jesus is praying for you.

He knows every single detail of your painful struggle knows you feel terribly alone. He knows you feel the wind is against you and you notice that in verse 24 says they were beaten by the waves for the wind was against them.

Now these at least some of them are seasoned fishermen know by this, even though by both Norbert Starnes, there's Peter, the bold leader. There is Andrew James and John for fishermen this is their home territory there so I know every inch of the lake, but they are in crisis in the wind is against them, and no doubt Jesus seems far away from them. Praying alone to his father. He sees one of the joys of being part of the family of God.

Unit Calvary is an many of you tell me about this over and over again when you're going through a crisis brothers and sisters here praying for you. I heard this work this week.

Woman said to me past that I don't know I would have gone through this apart from the prayers of the people of Calvary you've experienced that from June to run through a crisis or difficulty situation and brothers and sisters here in your life group Bible study people you know that you subside, they say, I'm praying for you. That's Trent this is a wonderful gift is not told in Scripture to pray for one another or something even greater that not only are your brothers and sisters praying for you and the crisis, the Lord Jesus himself is pray the father's right hand of the great high priest of our Lord Jesus Christ is interceding for us. You are on his prayer list. Someone told me this week, Pastor. I pray for your your my prayer list. I pray for your first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I said thank you for doing wonderful to be on someone's catalyst. Isn't it did know that they have praying for you, not just saying that would actually day by day. Praying for you. Wonderful to know but this is something better that our Lord Jesus Christ intercedes for us this is that really true, you visited the Paul in Romans chapter 8 the magnificent chapter he says in Romans eight verse 34 who is to condemn it under the Lord someone's condemning who is to condemn Christ as the one who died more than that it was Ricky's Ruth celebrated Easter break only did he die more than that he's raised from the dead and these that says Paul, at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. He dies for us these great photos. He's raised for us here sends for us and now as our great high priest on magnificent Lord Jesus Christ is interceding for us again that I did of Hebrews in Hebrews chapter 7 verse 25 Hebrews 725. Towards the end of the chapter. Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, that is, we come to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, since he always lives to make intercession for them. Our Lord Jesus Christ. For this and was that never again will he died. He's eternally alive. One of the things he is doing for us is interceding for us and you crisis Jesus is praying for you. I find it remarkable grace of God the praise for you is interceding for you. We also see this. But while the disciples fell dissected. Jesus never leaves his people.

I went out Lord comes to the disciples and their crisis. The wind is against them as their tired and discouraged. First, they don't even recognize the sore overwhelmed by the storm. You picture I when the waves was wind on the sea they link is high on the battered and the bruise on their tired of enrolling for a long time and when the Lord Jesus comes, such as their condition. They say it is a ghost, almost comical until we realize there are times in our life. The Lord Jesus as the word draws near and was so absorbed and were so distracted by the problems in the difficult situation. We failed to realize that Jesus is with you say why. Why did he send them all on the lawn you prayed some other time to get really need to go to the Moncton alone to pray why why did you leave them to toil and to rule so long that must've been exhausted, struggling against the strong wind media loves him why did he come sooner, to the disciples after all it was the Lord Jesus who told him to get in the boat and go to the other side doing exactly what he wanted and that find themselves in this excruciatingly difficult crisis. Verse 25 tells us it was the the fourth watch that's between three and six a is a tough time for a crisis of never woken up at 310 359 situation weighing on your that impending surgery that struggling your marriage situation with your with your daughter that difficult situation at work in your business problem in the church is yourself and your UA culprits 310 time than you twisted at night and then you look at the clock it's 430 tough times, things are much easier and the light on their nights on the fourth watch is aware is a difficult time so-called entire discouraged that expending a lot of energy, but they're not making much progress.

John tells us in his accountant John six of the rules of a three or 4 miles reminder that we had our crisis gets so fixated with the problem. Something trying to solve it ourselves. We get so fixated with the problem at the difficult circumstance that we don't recognize the Lord, we don't recognize the presence of the Lord was at the lowest time was of the darkest time of the night was when they were very very tired. It was when the wind was against them, Jesus comes. Of course he loves the call them Peter followed me.

Matthew leave your taxes come and follow me. Of course he loved them.

Of course he cared for them, but without allowing them to pray for them. He knew them decant and he comes and he dispels the field in the crisis. Yes, Jesus is with them.

Many of you have learned as I have learned in the crisis.

The Lord's timing Lord's purposes and plans are often very different from ours, and sometimes in our tiredness sometimes in our weakness of nerves interfered bribes, even in their private lab to advise the Lord what to do instead of realizing that he is going to come is always with you in your time darkest hour that severest time limits of your greatest fear. Jesus is with you when you to reflect the truth wanted to grab your soul today. I don't know your circumstances, but he was a truth that I find gives me great security grounds me and helps me gives me confidence in the Lord and it gives me a whole perspective of what will happen around me. Jesus is friends may leave you friends may betray friends may let you down.

Even your own family may not understand some of you have family abandon your family. Misunderstand you in the midst of the crisis were what you expected help in the hand on the shoulder people to come close to you, you find it in the crisis. Sometimes your terribly Lord Jesus is always with you. Listen to the words of Moses in Deuteronomy chapter 51. Josh is about to go into the promised land. You say hallelujah hallelujah parts those issues. Problem the promise land that was filled with pagan nations who were going to attack the people of Israel scary said situation is new going to be the commander-in-chief.

Deuteronomy 31 verse seven Moses summoned Joshua and said to him in the sight of all Israel be strong and courageous, for you shall go with this people into the land of the Lord is sworn to their fathers to give them and you shall put them in possession of it. Verse eight unit is it is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed not only Joshua is a lot going to be with you, but the Lord in fact is good to go before your Lord is ahead of you. You will never go anywhere Joshua when I Lord have not already been so I'll never leave you never forsake it. I don't want you to feel. I don't want you to be current to be dismayed. Joshua, irrespective of the circumstances I with a promise quote a few pages in their Bibles to Joshua we needed to hear it again. Joshua one verse nine have I not commanded you. Yes, Lord, you told me that before, but I need to hit it again. I need you to remind me of this truth be strong and courageous say to your brother say to sister be strong and courageous today.

Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed why my God you don't understand the obstacle. Yes, I do for the Lord your God is with you whatever you go. There is no place there is no insinuation there is no circumstance for the Lord is not with you is with you wherever you go, was as well as the Old Testament, John R was done to the New Testament, but we believe the Old Testament. These truths about us Hebrews 13 verse five. Keep your life free from love of money. If you have a love of money, no doubt, no wonder you're anxious I want any of these sleepless nights, covetousness will keep you awake, be content with what you have asked us to answer for. He has said I will never leave you nor forsake you. So, we can confidently say the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what can man do to me. I will never leave you nor forsake the Lord Jesus never asked you to go anywhere where he has offers God as you follow him.

Not only is he with you. He is before you yesterday Lord Jesus was with me today, the Lord Jesus is with me tomorrow the Lord Jesus will be with me. 10 years from now, the Lord Jesus is with me.

Usually John, you might be dead by then. Yes, it may be dead by then but the Lord Jesus will still be with me a million years from now, the Lord Jesus will be with me. Scripture tells us the rapture were caught up what happens we will be always with the Lord. We will be forever with the Lord for all of eternity. God will be with his people. We sang about that in the wonderful song is a word say that there is a time. The question is asked, will guard himself, dwell with his people and we say with a resounding yes.

Yes, God will be with us in the Jerusalem Revelation 21 verse three it says he God will dwell with them.

God himself will be with them as their God.

You Jerusalem. The father's house. Your edge and imagine Jesus living in your house you adjustments would have to be made with matching the great privilege of being with God in the father's house dog. Here is a promise that Gordon is amazing Grace asked me to explain it all of grace that he longs to dwell with his people with his redeemed and put all of the time a day we shall be with the Lord is with me no peace with you now in the crisis. Jesus is with you.

Secondly, in the crisis.

Jesus is a greater then your circumstances this these with me. But Jesus is also greater than my circumstances. Usually John you don't understand my situation.

I'm about am I my situation is absolutely hopeless there with give me a chance this passage is for you if you feel that who's the one who's with us. Who is this Jesus that in the sense as my math was writing his gospel Matthews telling us who Jesus is, is the all-powerful God is the Christ as the disciples say when it comes in the boat in verse 33.

Truly you are the son of God. What we learned in our study of Matthew, this one heals a leper this one. Give sight to the blind. This one can heal in the distance.

This one during the raise the dead, this one can take five loaves and two fish and feed thousands and thousands of people so there's an abundance left over.

Such is the grace of our magnificent Lord Jesus Christ becomes the storm he walks on water, demonstrating not only his presence in the crisis. This power over the crisis, the roses, the United really walk on water. One fellow says he's really Jesus is really paddling in the shallows and then they really came as the disciples came and wasn't really walking on the water uses filing and that in the shallows and then the disciples were so distraught they think is walking on water. Why then did Peter say Lord save me as Peter began to say no this is God incarnate, the one who is supreme over the water, the one who can say can speak to the winds and the waves that they obey him. So the disciples said I live. What kind of man is this, that even the winds and the waves obey what kind of man is this who walks on water is not an ordinary man is not just a private is not just a teacher is not just someone who provides a wonderful example of love. This is called incarnate as Matthew has said this is Emmanuelle God with us. There is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like do not think you can deal with your problems. If you can walk on water is your problem really more difficult than that. When you're in the crisis from this God is greater than your circumstances. Jesus is God and is greater than your circumstances and hear in a majestic way in the start menu of this passage, Jesus reveals his deity to the disciples, he comes to the disciples in a totally unexpected way. Walking on water walking on the sea. Verse 26 they think is a ghostly thing is a phantom with the Cisse verse 27 Jesus spoke to them saying, take heart. It is I do not be afraid.

As I translation of two little Greek words I going to me. I go you know the word for ego Greek word for me. I am his answer is I will be afraid to lose this one comes walking whether it is Jesus is the eternal I am over and over again in the Gospel of John. John tells us that Jesus is I am the bread of life. I am the light of the world. I am the way the truth and the life I am. I am is the great I am in conversation with the Jews when they're talking about Abraham he says to them, before Abraham was, John H. I know that I was a true statement. More than that. He is the eternal God, before Abraham was a great forefather who had lived and died hundreds of years ago Jesus is saying before that you know your Bible you know the Old Testament through the here is Moses afraid to go to deliver the people in Egypt but he says to God in his conversation while it lasts, who is sending me your name.

God gives this strange answer. I who is personally strange thing I who I going to is the self existent one. We are creatures were dependent upon God. God is dependent of no one is God is a great who I am, God describes himself exclusively in terms of himself self existence is eternal God is the great I who is this one who walks on water is one who calms the storm is the one who takes five loaves and two fish and feed sorry. Since it is God incarnate. It is therefore he's in control of the store. Therefore, he is your brother greater than your circumstances is the sovereign God. So in the crisis are like me, you tend to scheme tend to strategize trying to wonder what's going on. Understand this, Jesus is greater circumstance. This timing is different from ours. He has his reasons that we don't always then understand is his purposes is as well. But Jesus is a God who comes to his people is not a remote. God is a God who comes to us in our Christ is revealing his power and his love is delays are not his denials so often the time of deepest needs to give experiences of the time of your deepest need. Jesus comes to you and surprises us with his grace comes in unexpected and miraculous ways. Peter, whatever you want to say about him. I admire the man as his outspoken yes he gets it wrong sometimes but of all the disciples.

He's the one who steps out his faith. He sees the Lord walking on water, and so he gets out of the boat and actually walks on water. No wonder the Gospels is such a strong witness. He walks on water but did you notice the only walks for time with Peter began to sink. Verse 30 but when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out, Lord save me. Keep your eyes on Jesus, you find Peter look at the storm and that in the wind and the circumstances that you walking on water.

There is another smooth link on think of that. This is a storm is walking above it is Jesus Christ is giving him the power to actually walk on water sees the storm begins to sing the Lord gets its own board with Peter. John is a kind of John six says the disciples were glad to take him into the port. Of course there were major, the Lord did you know do or say. Now the Lord is on board is greater than their circumstances and the crisis make sure Jesus is in your board. Stop focusing on the wind stop that whining stop that self-pity and discouragement of your difficult circumstances.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, just as with you will guide you is greater than all of your circumstances. He's in control and with Jesus on board. What seems to be a huge problem becomes very very small Savior. Verse 32. When they got into the boat, the wind. One minute there's a fierce fierce wind.

Jesus comes on the boat but wonder they said truly, this is the sum the crisis Jesus is with you in the crisis. Jesus is greater than your circumstances. Thirdly, in the crisis is difficult but it is very very important in the crisis practice the presence of the Lord practice the presence of the Lord just like me. The crisis can be so overwhelming that that becomes your total focus on the same to you is difficult, but you need to spend time with the Lord circumstances this practice. They discourage us.

Sometimes people members a Calvary church when they go through a crisis. They do something which they shouldn't do one sale home for your animal heart to want to lick your wounds and so I couldn't come. I could come to church there so overwhelmed their staying away from the people of God.

Don't do that. I understand that I understand. For many people. There's a natural tendency to shrink to to cut yourself off from other people don't do that practice presence of God disciples apologies as they knew him would listen to the more you're in the presence of Jesus, the more you will be like reading his word to killing the Gospels listen to Jesus pray with her on give thanks for the way God's grace as saviors help you over the over the years that will dip your faith daily trusts Jesus you get up, perhaps after a sleepless night you go into the shower. Please go you can sing sing and whistle whistle. You can pray and thank God and say this day, but I need your help this day I'm going to trust you with all my heart not only on my own. There's an understanding I want you to direct highways. What am I doing practicing the presence of the Lord.

I'm inviting the Lord is aware into my situation.

You are difficult to manage. Why have you never invited the Lord in your marriage, why are you so slow to get done on your knees with your wife or your husband and asked for God's help your personal life is a mass was going to change it. And by the Lord into your life, repent of your sin back in a right relationship with God. Trust the Lord with all of your heart. Bring them into their confusing situation. I work pray for God's fellow believers. They pray with them so that you are inviting the Lord Jesus Christ into your situation into your family into your life into every aspect of your life.

What a difference that will make this witness against you crisis is stuff you feel you been growing for hours, sometimes field on here that you just can't go on another spending a lot of energy and you feel hopeless. The people in the circumstances that in fact feel so hopeless that they take their lives you know some of yes believers in Jesus Christ situation which had been so overwhelming got deeper and deeper you found to be sucked into a whole. You can you can tell you of its most people in these circumstances, take the life brother sister don't telling the Lord Jesus Christ is greater than your circumstance. We hear his voice to cart. Be strong, be courageous and as I do not be afraid to hear that Jesus is saying is you face that situation don't be afraid that surgery that difficult business situation personal crisis that thing you want to avoid doing the afraid you got fierce. He walks and fears, he walks on water is the all-powerful God and he can do all things. I'm reminding you is Matthews reminding you who Jesus is better than that song from one voice telling us who Jesus is not an ordinary man.

The psalmist says your way through the sea your path through the gray waters your food prints were Nazi. Sometimes God's working life offered God's working hard is unseemly to realize that doing God's working behind the scenes orchestrating things for his glory and for our Charles Spurgeon said he who conducts the stars.

Scientists don't know how many stars there are millions of people who come to the stars and calls them by their names. God only knows the number of the stars name so the mall the wonderful this is the God is with us closer by their names is no is in no danger of forgetting his own children. God fathers, mothers you don't forget your children. We certainly don't forget our grandchildren doing here is our wonderful God calls us to himself knows their names. The good Shepherd. John 10,000, he knows the names he knows the names of the sheep. He knows you.

He loves you and cares for you is eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches you practice the presence of the Lord. Thank God for that little temporaries out and then I remember there's the disciples what is safe in the middle of the storm is aware sure you are always safe. But I want you to practice the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 46.

The mountains are tumbling into the into the sea just learned of the of the volcano in Iceland not too far from good news home and work. Thinking of that, the volcano looking at pictures of it can imagine living close to the volcano. This mass is crumbling and there's a nasty Quaker mountains are going into the sea. That's the picture.

Furthermore, the enemies of Israel and against the nations against Israel.

Psalm 46. How does it begin God. God is a refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear their stand. We still and know that I am God saw Freddy stop worrying for Jesus sake don't be afraid something. Be still and know that I thought you will survive the crisis. Jesus is with you the sovereign over the circumstances as you committed to the Lord, you will know that piece we sometimes thing the old MO the piece, my Savior gives piece I never knew before.

On my way has brighter grown since I learned to trust him. The brighter your way. You trusted know doesn't immediately mean the crisis will go, but it does mean will give you a piece on the more you trust them, the brighter your way if you want to go your own way way of selfishness aware of the world. Your way will get darker and darker. But the more you trust Christ, the more you commit your way to the brighter the way he's promised to be with you in the crisis he's promised to bring you to the other side no authentic follower of Jesus. No child of God know one of the redeemed will ever be lost. He holds us with his powerful hand. He says I give unto my sheep eternal life, and they shall never perish was into the words of Jesus in John six. Although the father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out do not a follower of Jesus Christ of asking you to come to the Lord Jesus Christ you will will not cast your I realize your sinful ROIs are messed up lines you don't deserve salvation about new members read Ephesians 2, reminding us that it is all of grace, and you will receive you, you will not cast you for Jesus is up from the not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me, and this is the will of him send me that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last date for this is the will of my father that everyone who looks on the sun and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day of wonderful this sailing may not always be smooth but the landing is always safe. You commit your way to the Lord.

It will not necessarily reduce all the problems in your life that's on the promise of the gospel. The promise of the gospel is that if you come to Jesus Christ to forgive your sins will give you eternal life and you'll never perish. As you be with you forever and in every circumstance of life he can deal with it and know one of the redeemed know will be lost because were kept by the power of Almighty God himself finding yourself sitting sinking under your prices. Do what Peter did when he began to sink.

I like it actually works and what that felt like is a brace. Faith was, we guess the Lord said that all you of little faith, but he did have faith. One of the things Peter did I want you to do when he was thinking. He didn't look to the disciples he didn't we overcome by self-pity.

He said Lord to the Lord for salvation and for help. And while Peter wasn't always looking at Jesus looked too much of the does the wind. But when you look for Jesus. Jesus was looking at him and stretch Sadie's hand. We think it's time we invite them into your boards, but identifies enjoy those who touched the fringe of his garment.

We just recharged and touched the fringe of his garment, trust them in the dark, trust someone. The winds are against your trusted men do not doubt Isaiah the prophet writes fear not, fear not for I have redeemed you. We redeemed with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ realize that you follow treasury did for I have redeemed you. I've called you by name Lord Jesus calls us by name Peter follow me John follow me John follow me, Evelyn, follow me. He calls us by name. You are mine will belong to him. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you. My brother, my sister, that difficult prices that storm of your life will not overwhelm you. That is the promise of the gospel that Jesus is with you.

Here is how to survive the crisis know Christ which I can take is every day look to Christ. The author and the perfecter of our faith, trust and vitamin C of boats and do here again. His words unit comes to us it is I do not be afraid. It is, I do not be afraid of father under God help us, help us to trust more and more were some never you come to the Savior. Sins are forgiven and that on the road that leads to destruction. Father that the will come to you for the rise. Thank you for the promise of the gospel for those who come to Jesus you will tight with thank you that he took Peter by the hand and was of them went into the boards. We thank you for the miracle of conversion with thank you for this truth, and we who are your followers love Christ that he's promised to be with us and to go ahead to help us bring comfort and strength. Father hope to your people this morning some bug no. But in crisis. Some of the crisis coming ahead help father strengthen all of us to keep her eyes on Jesus, the author and the perfecter of our faith in his name we pray

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