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Christmas is Peace

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 7, 2021 9:12 am

Christmas is Peace

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 7, 2021 9:12 am

Dr. John H. Munro Candlelight Christmas Eve Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:14 For ASL Interpretation:

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Well, Christmas 2020 has a different feel about a thousand songs of joy to the world by Sgt. rather hollow in the year of COBIT 19 where there's been unemployment with his been a bitter political election where the where there are racial and social divisions. Unemployment furloughed and people laid off work long times in school closures is been quite a year, hasn't it.

Many ask for many people 20/20 is been a horrible year. I read recently that anxiety and insecurity, and depression are at increasingly high levels among their children and students think of that when I Cisco I didn't, because anyone who seemed anxious or really depressed reverently thought about these things ever these things, but no among your children amongst children's anxiety, worry, depression, and increasing the wonder what's happening to our culture that is impacting people like this, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suicide is the second leading cause of death of adolescents after accident. That tragic reality but some of our students.

Some of our adolescents find life so difficult, so painful and not so unbearable that they think of taking their own lives and in some cases the actually do that this in the United States of America. This country which is been so blessed and we read that these things are increasing about someone would say well the message of Christmas. The message of peace cannot still stand to today absolutely. In fact, it is in the toughest of times it is in the darkest of times that the message of Christmas shines with the greatest brilliance. Yes, Christmas is peace.

Your heart is read the Scripture from chapter to the word of the angel to shepherds.

That is the voice of God to us on that first Christmas was glory to God in the highest, and on message coming to you and me from heaven to a message of peace.

God is offering peace. You Christmas and with the coming of Jesus. The Bible says that people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death on them light has dawned. People living in darkness. People living in the very shadow of death, and then comes the lights as our Lord Jesus Christ comes to this world and so the message of Christmas is that Jesus with the lying dispels darkness dispels that hopelessness gives hope to those who otherwise seem utterly despondent thing to today, whoever you are, follow Jesus is the light of the world. He still says I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in the darkness which the light of life. You feel the darkness the darkness has begun to invade you sent me seems to be invading our culture one would have thought that COBIT 19 with all of the dance with all of the confusion that we as a nation we have been drawn closer to the Lord. We saw that after after 9/11. I don't think is happened with COBIT 19 is said there is bitterness there is anger among so many yet into our world comes the light of Jesus into the darkness of our fear and despair and hopelessness include the light comes on this light will never ever be extinguished.

Darting through the centuries when church is always been attacked inside before Jesus was born other efforts to kill him. Remember how Harry tried to kill them. Just after he was born attacking our Lord Jesus Christ put him on the cross.

No room for him. Let's live without him and dine through the centuries.

This book, the Bible is been attacked and it has been proven to be indestructible in the message of the gospel in spite of the opposition throughout the world. This message reverberates with God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting light and life or someone says the sun very good John but who is Jesus like in the spell darkness and gloom that signs a rather glib, what is so unique is about Jesus who can turn our darkness into light as a great question. We cannot answer it.

As we look at an ancient Scripture. It was written 750 years before the birth of Jesus was almost 3000 years old. In this part of holy Scripture is written by one of the prophets.

One of the great prophets Isaiah and he writes in Isaiah 9 verse six. Many of you know the words. Here they are for to us of when you think that that is to us. A person with you to be to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of profit say 750 years before the birth of the Messiah and then into our world comes this one a child is born a son is given and is given this glorious fourfold name. The prophecy was to us a child is born, and our Lord Jesus Christ enters this world is no one else is evident as human mother of another human father, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, is the prophecy fulfilled with Mary on the Lord and his name shall be called Emmanuelle God with us.

He enters this world in a unique way conceived of a virgin, but yes he is a unique child is a holy child is a perfect child but nonetheless he is a child.

The baby born in the manger was a human baby. The 12-year-old boy who stayed in the temple and confounded other scholars of his day was a human boy.

The man who called his disciples to follow him was truly human. The person who died on the cross was truly human. The prophecy is that unto us a child is born, unto us a child is born, but unto us a son is given, not only as a child to be born with a son is to be given who is giving the sun is given to us, but who is doing the giving at Bethlehem when you get this at Bethlehem, the son of God, God the son, who eternally exists is now coming into the world and is being given to us by his father by God the father the child born the reverse respect for humanity, the son given refers to his perfect deity in Jesus Christ. There's a perfect man, and there's the perfect dog. He is the man Christ Jesus. There is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like him.

He is unique in all of human history. There is none like our Lord Jesus Christ and you comes from heaven, and the father sends him. The father gives him in great love that God so loved the world that he gave Benitez that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever should believe in him should have everlasting life. John the apostle says that God sent his son into the world to understand that he comes from heaven, the eternal God into human history to see the planets Saturn and Jupiter the other night shoes, planets, and that we were on this tangelo planted underway in the cosmos, but this is like a speck of signs is to that world.

The world that we live in.

Yes, the dark world. The world gloom world of conflict of one look worn and injustice as well as receive human brilliance and creativity on the wonder of the gifts that God has given us.

It is into that world that God gives his son child is born son is given, and he does this in love. This is the gift of God and love to you unto us a son is given, when you grasp this, that the son yes, the son of God is given for us, for you the perfect hands and the precious feet of this little baby in the manger and would one day be pierced with nails and across that tiny little body snugly wrapped in the swaddling cloths that little body. Yes, we grow in one dark and dreadful day outside the city of Jerusalem at the place called the skull that body would be ripped open by the Romans. My father is giving his son is giving his son for you. More than that he's giving his son to die for you that I think you desire because of your sin by Lord Jesus Christ comes and he dies in the place of John Monroe, a child is born a son is given for our salvation. I think very quickly of the fourfold name that is given to him. His name shall be called first wonderful counselor I wonderful refers to things beyond human understanding the wonderful things this one, the Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ is a wonderful counselor. Many of you have gone for counsel with her to a pastor teacher, psychologist or psychiatrist gone to people for counsel that people come to me as I passed that is nice for counsel and guidance and I give the best I can but sometimes the problem is too deep. I just don't know what to do other than pray for the people think of knowing this one.

Who is the wonderful counselor why do we like peace why we sometimes anxious because we don't know what to do in a different individual circumstances and we don't know what's going to happen in the future and that causes anxiety that causes a lack of peace. To remind you that God made you God knows all about you. You know your past you know you present you don't know your future. But God not only knows your pies better than you do. You've forgotten some of it was her present condition he knows was going to happen tomorrow because he knows what could happen in 10 years or 20 years to knows when you're going to die because everything about your future.

So when they'd be wise to follow the light of the world, the one who is the wonderful comes and gives wisdom, perfect wisdom trust this wonderful counselor trust Jesus gives wisdom not only see the wonderful counselor is the mighty God.

Yes Jesus is God. Trust the mighty God, who gives power gives strength. All of us face circumstances where we just don't know what to do a health crisis problem at work, relationship problem, or asserted within a family is difficult situation as part of human experiences needed and when we find ourselves in these situations and we sometimes lack probably feel helpless with you awake. We feel powerless when we do with the trust God. He is the mighty God. Not only is Jesus all wise is all-powerful borrow.

Once an opponent of the Christian faith as convert to Christianity says this is one of his writings, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me to prove the point that this one. He is following is the mighty God, and that is the mighty God you can do all things what to use is a big problem God can solve the many white warring with the future in the hands of Almighty God trusted Paul says if God is for us to transcend against us. As you go through life. You know, if you're following Jesus Christ that you're on the side of God and of you're on the site of God. Who can oppose you with as we boy at school but nine is a particular skill, and is just about all boys in Scotland in those days.

Anytime we could play football soccer we did it for school during recess. After that was. This was not organized other than boys getting together and playing against each other with regard to jackets of the goalposts and we would play whatever there was use her daughter's ago.

Whatever was and the home of a number of artists that where we would we select two captains and we pick a team became pretty obvious that these bodies who thought it was very good at soccer and I will have any goods because we played so often we should be good. There was one by who was visiting with reasonably depleted by the Nyquist's name was Alan Campbell and Alan Campbell. We didn't know then is revised with Alan Campbell was going to become a professional soccer player. In fact, he was in a play for the national team for Scotland of the under 21's and even as a little boy he just had that ability that we all long for is overthinking sides, you can guess what happened. If I was a captive and team and I got the first break I picked Alan Campbell.

If I didn't get the first break in the other captain picked Alan Campbell.

I do that will infer the difficult game was appointed the following was this that Alan Campbell was so good that if he was on your side you're on 7 June or the gods is on their side following the light of the world from following Jesus Christ. I have this assurance, the mighty God, the God of the universe. He will look after me is all power and Isaiah asked him for his power and his blessing to do his will, he will give me that so that I can say like Paul, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me for trust them. This Jesus is a wonderful counselor is the mighty God.

Third is the everlasting father, the everlasting father who cares for us not Jesus is not God the father in the Trinitarian sense is God the father, God the son, and Holy Spirit Holy Spirit. These are the things distinct persons within the one God had know about Jesus is our father in relationship to his children. What is a father of many fathers who would you do with your children.

You take care of them. You watch over them you love them, and most fathers are quite good, but no father is perfect and fights are there some fathers that can be unreliable. Some fathers can be fickle. Some fathers even could be abusive to their children, but was my relationship with Jesus is my everlasting father. He always cares for his children. These are generally dependable as I follow Jesus Christ the light of the world, I'm assured that you will give me this piece because he is going to take care of me and bring me comfort in the song. Many did you know there was a line about the Lord stilling the storm member. The scene was with the disciples in the sea of Galilee is a tremendous storm, the weatherstripping in the book the men are frightened the finger going to be going to die at the safety Jesus do not care that we perish close to cares and stands up. Peace be still as agreed, would like to follow someone like that in the midst of the storm manifests his care and his love for you and five. The Bible says that we are loved with an everlasting love. A love which will not let us go alive which we will have all of life through that and into life eternal. Nothing in the whole universe can separate us from the love of God is in Christ Jesus our Lord is the everlasting father.

So Peter says what you do with your anxieties. We can do with your word, you're going to cost them on him because he cares for you. Why would you bring a problem to someone who doesn't care you don't do that know when you have a problem when you're anxious you share it with someone who loves you and who cares for you. Here is our Lord Jesus Christ will always cares for you will always love you spaces following Jesus was the wonderful counselor following Jesus is the mighty Godfollowing Jesus who is the everlasting father and then the wonderful title is the Prince of my Lord Jesus Christ is the Prince of peace and gives peace and calm one.

What wonderful term. We live in a world of conflict only received this this past year and all kinds of levels received national legacy inner-city receipt of the workplace, receipt, and homes see in their own hearts undressed anxiety world is full of name-calling is in the summary very wisely. Limit your exposure to social social media people in vitriolic name-calling receipt hatreds into that world focused on your home or that's not your heart open space tomorrow.

Millions of people are going to gather for Christmas. There United States, Canada, the world you kingdom your people gather for Christmas meal for celebration, and in many cases, the families alienated the brother would speak to a system some uncle is alienated from someone else and that's its awkwardness and in fact, some people just don't invite people in her home. Trust the Lord Jesus the light of his peace to come into your heart, left ourselves with other peace with God rebelled against God. We marginalize God we use God would take God for granted. We want God and the emergence of it.

We want to live a long life's because the way of peace. You think you're smarter than God's and why does the Lord Jesus accomplished peace is why he came as a holy God. The sinful people there's a light of God in the darkness of our hearts, not just tell you that within the year and the Lord Jesus Christ, the father sends his son the child is born, the son is given coming into our world becoming man toward becoming flashing with is Emmanuelle God with us showing us his love teaching us by then, most of all dying as a substitute for the center for you and for me, he is the great mediator. He's a great peacemaker between a holy God and sinful people. The Bible refers to the piece of his cross the blood of his cross and through his dad and his glorious resurrection that we can be reconciled to God that there could be peace between us and God pulses being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ don't want to be at peace with God, one that you can meet God to be peace with God.

How can your sins be forgiven.

I can you receive eternal life through trusting the Lord Jesus Christ that that's the way of peace in the world of undress. The confusion and division.

What are you going to do. We face a choice only you want to do my own thing. I will in my life and my own terms. My own desires. Follow the culture follow your friends do what everyone else is doing or I'm going be an individual who was going to tell me what to do to you. That is not the way of peace as a way of destruction is a way to end Stalin done that way of blessing is humility way of blessing is the time from your senator understand you can save yourself at that thing called for his magnificent gift in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you expect to get to heaven. What's your plan to get from here to heaven. Do you think your sins are going to be forgiven earlier this week I read the report to the Buda air which is based in Nepal made a blunder playing passengers to the airport.

The flight last the capital Kathmandu for the privilege of being there and it was meant to fly south through a city called Janik poor, but it flew north to Paul, instead of going West.

The pilot went north. What is going south. The pilot went northwest and landed in another city is a pretty bad blunders never pilot and the executive officer, Buda air to give a statement I thought was brilliant. He said that there was a mixup you got your plane went wrong place.

He said the mixup was caused by two factors: the way what one lapses in communication. Secondly, failure to follow and detailed standard operation procedures when final destination. My failure of communication and the failure to follow the standard operating procedures.

I thought I thought that I submitted for the people's lives.

We wonder sins forgiven one piece one job I want to go to heaven when they when they die, but they're not listening to the communication from God as God communicated as God told you the way. Of course, is pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ and say you says I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father apart from me that the communication from heaven to you need to listen and you need to you to follow the operating procedures found in the Scriptures, God has given us his word.

God is told us the way I'm saying to you this Christmas follow the operating procedures follow Jesus the light of the world you answer to peace does not lie within yourself. You have a key that can unlock that peace. Know your deeds is what humility is absolutely essential. You need supernatural help you need help from above and that's what happened. That's what Christmas is about the dog has come to us that we love God saw that we made our way to God somehow know God comes to us to deliver us to save us through sending his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He's a wonderful counselor is the mighty God is the everlasting father, he's the Prince of peace. I want you to receive his peace want you to receive the Lord Jesus Christ personally, the son of God. You do that return from the darkness scandal symbolizes that the light has come in Jesus. The Bible says that the light is common that the darkness will not overcome it.

There is no force in the whole universe that can extinguish the light of the gospel people of trying people continue to try this light of the gospel, the light of Jesus Christ shines.

It is a supernatural light so light from heaven to Jesus still says I'm the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in the dark but will have the light of like, I will note live in the light of light and wonderful Jesus want to be my wonderful counselor is a mighty God, everlasting father, the Prince of peace. We need to come from the darkness of hatred.

This so you have allowed that bitterness to come into your heart, strife, angry, angry, the government angry the president angry at the president electron grade everyone bitterness bitterness in your family come to Jesus and he will help you to be a piece make reconciler.

I'm asking you to follow Jesus the light of the under the prey going to give you opportunities.

I pray to receive this gift of salvation is forgiveness of your sins to receive the wisdom of God the poet of God the comfort of God the peace of God, just Christmas is peace. The Bible says very clearly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved is the promise, trust, and receive him. Let me pray with you and if you wish to receive Christ as your Savior. You play from your heart with is not just the words from the death of your b-day you collect to God to save you eternal God, thank you that you've given us this gift of Jesus you gave your son because you so left me a sinful person. Darkness. Thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross, taking my sin, being my substitute come from my sin and receive you as my Savior come into my heart transform my life.

Help me to follow Jesus the light of the world to display that light to others. Thank you that you rose from the dead as the son of God in the life come save me and cleanse me in Christ

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