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Lord of the Sabbath

The Verdict / John Munro
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November 9, 2020 10:47 am

Lord of the Sabbath

The Verdict / John Munro

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November 9, 2020 10:47 am

Dr. John H. Munro November 8, 2020 Matthew 12:1-14

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We continued our study through the Gospel of Matthew in today come to Matthew chapter 12 and ask you to open your Bibles there looking at the first 14 verses of Matthew 12 if you're visiting here, I should explain that we began a series of Matthew almost a year ago. We are we have come today to Matthew chapter 12 is a question. How should followers of Jesus regard the Sabbath regards Sunday as some Christians, such as Seventh-day Adventist transfer of the principles of the Old Testament Sabbath to Saturday, others transferred the Old Testament regulations regarding the Sabbath at the Sunday others believe that the Sabbath, one of the 10 Commandments but that doesn't apply to Christians today and have no qualms at all in the missing worship on Sunday. If the children are playing a sport if you want to begin my golf when the spent time visiting family or simply want to have a lazy day at home so there's all kinds of ideas regarding the Sabbath regarding Sunday.

What do you think what is clear is that the Sabbath was central to the Mosaic law, it is also clear that breaches of the Sabbath under the Old Testament, Mosaic law were regarded as very, very serious, as we shall see some of the learn about the Sabbath as interpreted by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We listen to his words were going to listen to his teaching about the Sabbath that you're sitting there you think of all subjects. John why would you choose to preach on the Sabbath. Think about countries going through.

Why don't you be more relevance and practical in your teaching.

Good question. I don't answer I can give is that God has called me to preach his word and is an old English Bishop said, while others are preaching to the times may not one poor preacher preach for eternity. So I want to preach the eternal truths of the word of God and to keep to the Scriptures.

In the spirit of God is directing us to this passage today. So let's open our Bibles and were going to see the first in verses that Jesus has authority over the Sabbath that he is Lord of the Sabbath. Matthew 12, first of all, the first two verses at that time Jesus went through the green fields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry and began to plug heads of grain and to eat but when the Pharisees saw it, they said to Luke your disciples are doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath. The Pharisees are criticizing the disciples of Jesus for picking grain in the on the Sabbath that everything is very, very trivial, but I wanted to understand that the work of any kind was not permitted on the Sabbath. When you turn with me if you have your Bible thereto. The second book in the Old Testament the book of Exodus and what duty to you some of the teaching of the Lord under the Mosaic law on the Sabbath.

Exodus chapter 13 one. Exodus chapter 31. Now, here is some of the provisions under the Mosaic law relating to the Sabbath. Exodus 31 – 12 and the Lord said to Moses, so this teaching is coming from the Lord is Moses idea it's coming from the Lord and the Lord said to Moses, you are to speak to the people of Israel and say above all you shall keep my sabbaths for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I the Lord sanctify you, you shall keep the Sabbath because it is holy for you, everyone who pervades it shall be put to death.

Whoever does any work on it, that soul shall be cut off from among his people.

The zero seriousness verse 56 days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rise. Holy to the Lord.

Whoever does any work on the Sabbath shall be put today. Therefore, the people of Israel shall keep the Sabbath observing the Sabbath throughout their generations as a covenant forever. It is a sign forever between me and the people of Israel, that in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed he gave to Moses when he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai.

The two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone written with the finger of God that amazing. The 10 Commandments are given to Moses on Mount Sinai, and the 10 Commandments are written with the finger of God.

But did you notice that as I read that the Sabbath was assigned. Verse 17 it is a sign forever between me and the people of Israel.

This is a sign of the Mosaic covenant with a covenant comes a sign was the sign of the covenant with Noah the rainbow.

The rainbow is a sign of that covenant are the sign of Abraham a covenant was circumcision. The sign of the Mosaic covenant is the Sabbath, and as we read then work was not permitted on the Sabbath was the Sabbath. The Sabbath was from sunset on Friday to the sunset on Saturday. That was the Sabbath when I was a teenager my family night we lived in Gibraltar right in the southern tip of Spain for three years and that we, the number of Jewish boys in the school.

We attended boys only school and my brothers and I on Saturday evenings. Went to a certain place. Really the center of Gibraltar is a very small place and that we would watch some of her friends and some of the Jewish community and they were standing and we used to smoke because it would looking West looking for the sun to set that was like us as boys, we sometimes wondered whether Sunday over these boys were wondering when is the Sabbath over so we can get on with life. But the point is, it was from sunset to sunset. Neither Pharisees, these are the religious rulers. These are the experts in the law library are the ones who going on with the ropes. Rather hypocritical people, but they know the law.

We have studied the law in the meticulous way memorize large parts of it. Certainly, the 10 Commandments. Certainly there regulations that we just read what makes this chapter 31 they know and they love the Sabbath because it is the pinnacle of their self righteous legalism, which before then the Pharisees, among other things, when legalists they love the meticulous interpretation of things. Now, here are Jesus and his disciples on the walking through the green fields. There's no Starbucks. There's no McDonald's there's no Bojangles in ancient Israel and is or walking through the fields. What are they doing say Jesus did this with the disciples they did what you have done, but take some of the grain there hungry and the eats the gray and the pharmacies could Jesus even looking and say we've got him this time. This is a breach of the Sabbath raises a well-defined legal client does plucking the grain constitute work under the Mosaic law.

Is this a breach of the Sabbath regulations are surprisingly the pharmacies responded in the positive. These are merciless legalists and they're very happy to find fault with the disciples of Jesus there. They are violating the Sabbath. Regulations not under the law. It was permitted to take some of the great dealing with a largely agricultural economy. So you go for a walk. You're hungry are you with the family and the law said into the runway is quite permissible to take the grain and eat it so that was not the point of the Pharisees were part of the Pharisees was done it on the Sabbath and with culture. They said they interpreted that the taking of the gray in rubbing it in their hands was stretching it, blowing the chaff away was winnowing worked on the Sabbath. You think grain and you work to prepare it and you in breach of the seven you can prepare your foods on the Sabbath give a point, Jesus is going to respond is going to respond to the criticism of the pharmacies by asking questions and then he's going to say the conclusion. First of all, he says, in actual fact, Mr. fantasy that is Old Testament precedent for breaking the law in similar circumstances. Verses three and four befalling the Matthew 12 verse three he said to them, you not riots that must've been like a sort through them because they did read the new.

The Bible says a word with the same to them.

You don't know your Bibles as well as you think you have you not read what David as King David did when he was hungry and those who are with them how he entered the house of God and in the breadth of the presence which it was not lawful for him to eat, nor for those who were with him, but only for the priests. Don't you remember he saying to them I King David, Israel's greatest king violated the Sabbath violated the law by eating the bread of the presence of Brad that was in the tabernacle.

King David Lord's anointed and his man immediately 12 loaves of consecrated bread which what in the house of God in the tabernacle that these 12 loaves represented the 12 tribes and decrease in the tabernacle. Consequently, the temple These loaves and it was removed every seven days. What happened to the bread.

It was eaten by the priest, along comes David and his men.

These anointed by God but is not yet crying King because King Saul is the king the evil king and he's hunting David he wants to kill David and David and these men are harassed, the tired and hungry and they find themselves right that the tabernacle and the tabernacle that are these 12 loaves given to the priests and the sons but now David and his men eats the bread Jesus and remember that there was a president of four people eating in violation of the Sabbath.

This was a breach of the ceremonial law, but ceremonial law baby broken in exceptional circumstances, as was the case when David God's anointed and is meant were being hunted by King Saul. And furthermore, there is no record in Scripture of David being condemned for that action. Read that that if David Israel's greatest king had authority over the ceremonial law so that the physical needs of his men and himself could be met.

How much more can the disciples of King Jesus David greater son ignored the Pharisees legalistic interpretation of the law, you are think of David. This is for sensor in verses three and four is the second answer, verses five and six, or have you not read again, you don't know your Bibles you should know this. Have you not read in the law high on the Sabbath the priest in the temple profane the Sabbath under guiltless I tell you something greater than the temple is here Old Testament precedent for breaking the law, yes. But secondly, Jesus is saying, don't you know that in the temple. The priests they work on the Sabbath were they doing on the Sabbath and working there killing animals representing sacrifices their praying on the Sabbath and all of that is instructed under the Mosaic law numbers chapter 28 whether doing is permissible so you're getting excited about my men taking a little piece of grain as they walk but think of the priests in the temple. What they do and they are guiltless and furthermore I tell you there six something greater than the temple is what is greater than the temple, the kingdom of God. Jesus himself he's there. Yes, the priests could break the normal Sabbath regulations because they were permitted to do so in their worship and therefore surely someone who is greater than the temple can interpret the law was the Sabbath Jesus is reminding the Sabbath was designed by God for man's rest for his joy for his renewal for his blessing and his worship. What were the pharmacies doing they were tightening up blessing into a burden. There were tightening something which was at the light given by God into something which is oppressive mercy and compassion are gone and the place guilt and condemnation. Last week we had the words of Jesus the end of Matthew 11. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. The burden of Jesus is not oppressive.

His his his commandments Arnold previous, but the burden the yoke of the Pharisees was heavy was joyless. It was a oppressive.

These were legal, as these were hypocrites they were making life difficult for their prayer, such as the widows and the orphans were muted in Israel.

We we stayed in this hotel several times people tell and Jerusalem and we were there on the Sabbath on Shabbat as it's called, and in the elevators number of elevators in the hotel and on the Sabbath unnoticed was put up which read Shabbat elevators.

For your convenience. Elevator number six is a Shabbat elevator stopping on each floor. Why would you have on the Sabbath, one elevator which is designed to stop on every floor because the Orthodox Jew interprets pressing the button is work using that ridiculousness with the belief is a meticulous interpretation we would say a wrong interpretation of the law and so you can go and zoom all my room is on floor nine, and I'll press nine is working you can work on the Sabbath. Your exercising energy by pressing the button so let's go on the Shabbat elevator elevator number six and assaulted every floor and you just stand on it and you make sure if you're on floor 10 you will go on the Shabbat elevator because it stops number one number two. No need to press a button.

But Jesus says Mark records the Sabbath was made for the good of man, not man Sabbath, something which was given by God to his people. The blessing has become something oppressive and notice what Jesus says in this brilliant conclusion in verses seven and eight and if you had known what this means is going to quote from the Old Testament Scriptures was Essex. If you had known what this means, I desire mercy, that's it. God wants mercy and not sacrifice you. We do not condemn the guiltless for the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath said never mind spoke like this. Here is the master teacher. What is he saying to the Pharisees that Jesus is Lord over the Sabbath.

Therefore, he can override the Sabbath regulations. He is the Christ is the son of God is the son of David, Jesus is not only greater than the temple is Lord Lord of the Sabbath. That is, he is sovereign's sovereign authority to override and determine the laws of the Sabbath. After all, he wrote the Sabbath is God's idea of David of King David could override the Sabbath regulations. Shirley David's greater son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah certainly can and the spirit of the law is wants is a photo pressure is to point a finger at someone is to be the legalist. Is it to embrace lifeless ritualism, some kind of mechanical religion absolutely no no, the spirit of the law is worship is worship of God the spirit of the law is to be merciful is to be compassionate and the spirit of the law is much more important than the letter of the law.

The Pharisees are concerned with the meticulous lathered in the dissection of identity. The law and they expanded the law so it became an absolute burden on people. Paul's going to say for the letter kills, but the splendor that the Holy Spirit gives life and of Jesus the son of my notice in verse six, Jesus describes himself as the son of man, really his favorite self designation, the Son of Man, God's perfect man. He's going when he comes into time and space as God's perfect man as the Son of Man in fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy is the perfect man and as the perfect man he is Lord of the Sabbath is greater than King David greater than temple is not for the Pharisees to say the Sabbath to be interpreted. We learned as we went through the sermon on the mount that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ is the total fulfillment of the law and he's also the interpreter of the law and mercy and compassion are much more important than the meticulous observance of ceremonial law. Notice again. Verse six I desire mercy and not sacrifice, as in the Old Testament was Essex said the New Testament is in the teaching of the Lord God desires mercy and compassion rather than insomnia, ritualism, which leads to hypocrisy and that this Jesus verses one through eight is authority over the Sabbath. Secondly, Jesus does good on the Sabbath. Verses nine through 14. The controversy with the Sabbath continues verse nine he that is our Lord went on from there and entered their synagogue, and the man was there with a withered hands and they asked him is a Pharisees again, is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath so that they might accuse him. He said to them, which one of you has a shape if it falls into the pit on the Sabbath will not take hold of it and lifted out. What are much more about here is a man then initiate refutable argument is that for a she. Surely you can do much more for the man so it is lawful his appointment as lawful to do good on the Sabbath and he said to the man stretch out your hands in the man stretch that was restored healthy like the other with the Pharisees through the Pharisees went out as they leave the synagogue and conspired against them how to destroy him. Can you imagine that the Lord Jesus is in the synagogue was a man with a withered hand well of been born that way the pharmacies are there and what are they doing that criticizing Jesus for healing the man that criticizing Jesus for healing the man on the Sabbath. The Pharisees said that a sick person could only receive medical help on the Sabbath if he or she was in a life-threatening situation. So you're about to die. So when is a heart attack here and this assignment is what I want to help that person, you got some other condition that can wait for next day. Clearly a man with a withered hand that is not a life-threatening situation.

Therefore, the pharmacy would say why you healing him on the Sabbath. This is the Sabbath of laughter to the next day. After all, these children have the withered hand. Then why are you doing this on the Sabbath Pharisees is right in the synagogue.

The Pharisees looking to choose Jesus verse 10 and the Aston is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath so that they might accuse they come to a place of worship there there not to worship not to learn not to glorify God. There to criticize Jesus. The Pharisees are so focused on the legalistic interpretations of the law as devised by themselves with all of their bizarre interpretations of the law.

The sole focus on that that they lost sight of people they don't see they don't really care but man is there with a withered hand, they don't celebrate the power of God in the midst as this man Jesus says to the withered mind stretch out each your hands on the right before them.

They see themselves a biblical they see the power of God in action through our Lord Jesus Christ, so that this man's hand, which was weathered is just as healthy as his other one. And that happens before their eyes on the criticize Jesus. In fact believe the synagogue in order to conspired to kill Jesus over the concern about maintaining the law there concerned that there might be a breach of the Lord Jesus say listen is not lawful to do good you doing evil criticizing you regarding how you didn't, and conspiring among yourselves to kill me and your criticizing me not lawful to do good on the Sabbath. Can I just pause there, you would come to worship sit here at Calvary. You've come with a critical spirit you want to criticize what musicians and even more unbelievable. You want to criticize the preacher you find some little point slightly off. Something about a song. Something about that.

There was a way I musicians I don't quite like you focus on that you come think of the privilege. Do you realize that you're coming to the house of God, Jesus describes the tabernacle in verse four as the house of God, or not talking about this building. I'm talking about when we the people of God gather as we are doing on the Lord's day gathering to the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, to spirit and that we the people of God out of anybody very temple of the Holy Spirit and that we would come with a critical chewed and loose sites of the very point of worship and loose sight of our magnificent God and loose sight of her glorious Jesus Christ because were occupied with some minutia something that doesn't quite fit out idea Jesus is saying listen once mercy and not sacrifice using legalism and ritualism. It loses sight of people loses sight of worship and leads to a dead religion so these pharmacies who know the Bible very very well. I love to pray with a loud prayer, but when it comes to their heart is far from God and even in the presence of the pilot but it sounds almost unbelievable, doesn't it even in the very presence of the power of God when they see in the synagogue a man healed still turn on their heal and go out and could we get rid of this Jesus. We need to destroy the Wintel return conspired against him. Verse 14 how to destroy Jesus.

Of course, to silence them the kind answer.

First of all by healing a man. Jesus is not working didn't work. All he did was speak so no legal charge could be made against Jesus. It's ridiculous to say that when Jesus says stretch out your hand that that's work surely not. Furthermore, there is no moral charge against Jesus because surely it must be lawful to do good on the Sabbath is what Jesus said so is lawful to do good on the side of the course of this is lawful to be merciful and kind on the Sabbath. How can you pharmacies disagree with that no legal charge moral charge. See Jesus loved people on the Sabbath.

The Pharisees came down to what heating Jesus on the Sabbath. They were plotting the very murder of Jesus on the Sabbath, thinking evil. One thing to do evil, with all of their cloak of hypocrisy here is legalism here is self-righteousness.

Here is the outworking of hypocrisy leads to death that leads us away from God. Jesus silences his appointments in the work of the synagogue, they don't care for the man they don't rejoice with those that wonderful brother that your heel know the one to get rid of Jesus, the evidence of the power to do it hardens their hearts.

Therefore, concluding lessons for us on the Sabbath. First of all followers of Jesus are not under the Mosaic law as a rule of law underlies of people who dispute this, but I believe this is the truth. As followers of Jesus please hear me were not under the Mosaic law as a rule of law. Romans chapter 7 of the street one verse some of you will remember we went through the book of Romans Romans seven verse six, Paul says, but now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the spirit, the spirit of God, not in the old way of the written code were not under the law. Israel was under the Mosaic law. The Sabbath is this. It was a sign to Israel of the Mosaic covenant. But Jesus has come, the laws given by Moses, but grace and truth come through Jesus Christ with Jesus, the new wine has come the new year has come that is the dawning of the kingdom of God.

The new dispensation is, I knew covenant has come is interesting to note that the only commandment of the 10 Commandments which is not repeated in the New Testament is the commandment regarding the Sabbath. In fact, Paul says, in Colossians 216.

Let no one judge you on the question of the Sabbath Jesus is the fulfillment of the law is the temperature of the law is or not under the Mosaic law is a rule of law that would be bondage to sin. When I sounds wonderful, no, no, I could just lose. I want to hold you not under the Mosaic law is a rule of law, but if you're saved by the grace of God.

Following that means that means you do what he says and not what you want. I Jesus said if a man loves me and when he loved Jesus he loved Jesus yes if you love me, keep my commandments.

Oh easy to sing. I love you Jesus. If I love Jesus I obey him. I follow him, I submit to him. He is Lord of all the great commandment to love one another. John says his commandments are not gratis. Paul says in Galatians 6 verse two that were to bear one another's burdens. The Pharisees didn't do that. They put burdens on the other windows for the burdens on them. They ignored the orphans ignored the sink. No we bear one another's burdens and would be due. That process will fulfill your number.

Galatians 610 we fulfill the law of Christ. I'm under the law of Christ and his yoke is easy and this burden is light. And Jesus never leads me into sin, and he never leads me when he himself hasn't first gone on to follow him. All of my life through that and then to his eternal kingdom. So were not under the Mosaic laws rule of law. Secondly, the Lord's day is Sunday not Saturday, not the Sabbath. Why do we as followers of Jesus come together on Sunday. Well it is the Lord's day, John calls it that. In Revelation 1. He was in the spread it on the Lord's day on Sunday. Why is Sunday the Lord say what happened on Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Sunday the Lord's day is a day of resurrection is the day when the church comes together. The Yardley church made for communion.

The they were meant for worship.

They collected the ties and offerings. On Sunday they had fellowship.

So Sunday is the day of resurrection is the day of new beginnings. The day of the spirit of God.

So our day of worship is not Saturday but Sunday I like to call it the Lord's day, listen to the writer in Hebrews Hebrews chapter 10, you know, this pandemic has presented us with problems about meeting together many glad that we could meet in the lawful way like this. We understand some of our brothers and sisters. I would love to be here, but because of the illness of some precondition unable to meet by how wonderful that we could meet you and I know the mass of pain in the neck. Thank you for Inc. the social distancing wonderful to meet as a people. God is this much better than watching on Lifestream and I can tell you I forgot for how long. Pastor Hathaway assigned a few others. We met in the empty sanctuary and I preach that camera week after week and it was tough going. God helped much better. This is to see your faces and for those of you have your masks on your beautiful eyes so I see wonderful. This encourages us doesn't is just not the same watching by Lifestream is I we miss our brothers and sisters. This is what Paul says there are really Hebrews Hebrews 10. I tend to think it wasn't tall but doable is with regard Hebrews 10 verse 24. Last, consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

You can do that alone, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the see the day drawing when we as a people of God are to meet together as a commandment. It really blows my mind that that some pastors imposed on their churches to meet until this pandemic is over. I don't know when it's over, but we can meet Simon on perfect circumstances, but were trying to obey the word of God that God meets us one tested meet together. Yes, we want to be respectful to the governing authorities. But above all, we want to be true to the word of God to thank you for coming together and not neglecting anything of yourself together and having said that, we understand that some because of age because of some precondition I'm not able to make long for the day and we can all meet and the cobra 19 is just a memory. So number three. Work is not our top priority in life to understand that work is not to be your top priority in life and having said that some of you don't struggle with this because you need to work a little more. My dad used to love to quote the verse, Paul says if a man wants to eat you should work.

My dad would say to us you eat like man, but I'm not sure if you want to work like mine so I was brought up as many of you were brought up to encourage the work generalized. Adam worked in the garden of Eden before the fall. Work is not wrong. It's hard because of the fall, but God wants us to work on this to be lazy is oneness, consider the home not working so if you're not working. Pray to God to give you employment and to work on why some people because… Can't do that. But most of us are able to work. Having said that there's a danger for some of us, myself included, to make work a top priority.

God didn't make you to work overtime. All of us need the time of rest at time of renewal. This was one of the beauties of the Sabbath. The children of Israel, their slaves in Egypt. Was there any Sabbath rest in Egypt know their slaves. You work work work work that the taskmasters and they never got a break. Can you imagine work work work work work.

That's what it was to be a slave in Egypt not garden his mercy delivers his people and he gives them this commandment not as a burden, but as a delight that one day you don't work even the animals were were were to rest was kindness to the animals of the recognition that your animals are working animals needed to rest. God did not make us as machines. He didn't make us as robots, we are to try to be balance in our life and the lies that difficult for some of us there are some who are naturally lazy and there's others of us to be tend to be workaholics and that is wrong with the wrong which you work hard, but we also have a break vacation. Enjoy your vacation guilty guilty because your obligation feel guilty when you have time off if you don't rest your gun become exhausted to become tense you're getting become stale and irritated inpatient taking herself rather seriously and probably a bit of a bore because only talk about is your work that can lead to Bernard's that can lead to break the that could lead to serious problems in the family is a man who works works works and spend so little time with his family and his children don't do that sir while you working so much you think your business will fall apart if you take a day off take a week vacation. Or even better two weeks vacation we Europeans a better idea vacation in Americans. I came here was amazed he was a young man and asked them as much vacation you got you easily get five days is ridiculous.

Time five days a year just begun to work a whole year, then your five days vacation you're not machine you need rest needed time for personal renewal. Students have met students come to Calvary church and you told me you don't come to church sometime because your home studying may arrive at a very poor students are lazy students are very disorganized should let me tell you, you do not need to study overtime. I can tell you from experience.

In fact God didn't make you that way. You need to stop studying. Take a day off, preferably the Lord's day.

Don't study et al. resampling exam on Monday get up early Monday and study twice. Your brain needs a break. You can't study study study study study study you can work work work work. Stop. Stop rest. God wants you to rest but wanted to get a change of pace. Lord states today for personal renewal for worship a day of serving God addicted to show mercy and compassion to others at a day when we can spend more time with our families.

Number four. Experience the true Sabbath rest you say what you mean to experience the true Sabbath rest render the message last week you the words of Jesus come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, front gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls experience that rest to the physical rest of the Sabbath has become the salvation rest of the true Sabbath and we enter into that rest, that rest which will never end. When we come to Jesus Christ.

When we answer his call.

Come to me and we come we stop our own efforts, we stop trying to save ourselves, we stop trying to change our lives by herself and we realize that we can do that I'm about to start working for our salvation and got to remember that magnificent cry on the cross. When Jesus was on the cross atoning for our sins member that magnificence showed it is finished finished was finished work of salvation is complete our Lord Jesus Christ comes as the Savior of the world and he does his work perfectly 100% everything has been accomplished for your salvation you will need to do anything sold on perfectly done is a masterpiece you think your little piece can improve in the work of Christ. Absolutely not. It's all done, therefore, is to be received. You believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and your saved you come to him and find rest for your soul.

If you have never done that week we will you come and also a follower of Jesus. Some of you a restless realize the pastor may be referred to it in his prayer this time of the election has been difficult for all of a sudden two. But not just the election, the pandemic, and life itself in so many people are on average are there different strata that even angry there there there irritated and and we lack peace and were anxious and fearful brother sister got this one was to give you peace peace which passes all understanding.

This is the true Sabbath rest, some 46 verse 10 be still and know that God is to be still, stop fretting stop worrying.

Stop trying to control everything you can start getting upset with things that you have no control over and rest in the Lord Jesus Christ is the wonder of the Christian gospel in the midst of the storm. In the midst of the most difficult time of your life when your world is turned upside down.

You can obtain this piece on this rest. Through Jesus Christ we often sing on Christ the solid rock I stand all other grinders sinking sand. When darkness hides his lovely face. What do we do we rise on his on changing grace. That's resting on Christ the tough week so about use your family personal relationship with health is difficult. Life is hard to get to the Lord Jesus. We are heavy laden, come to the Savior and find this rest. This rest now you think perfect rest of us officiated. If funeral yesterday whenever brothers Pringle in the presence of the Lord not know his arrest last eternal and those of us who love Christ were going to the eternal rest, may we experience here and not the perfect way I understand what what what was so easily shaken.

But let's keep coming to Christ difference in Savior, who still says come to me and I'll give you father, help us.

Sometimes we are legalists in our hearts sometimes were critical forgiveness father sometimes were more focused on the problems of life rather than Christ is beyond him. What a good God, you are the perfect salvation is found in Jesus Christ somewhere hear them never surrendered to Christ maybe come with her. Satan and receive that forgiveness and made all of us leave father with the stress. This rest for our souls fund the loan and the Lord Jesus Christ's name we pray

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