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Touched and Changed

The Verdict / John Munro
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September 21, 2020 11:16 am

Touched and Changed

The Verdict / John Munro

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September 21, 2020 11:16 am

Dr. John H. Munro September 20, 2020 Matthew 9:18-34

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Every day we get a tally of the numbers of people infected by covert, 19 and also give numbers of those who have died is kind of depressing is not afraid of covert, 19 the fearful of the future are you afraid of dying you afraid of contracting some disease or illness, but to give you an example is estimated that at the age of 85, between 1/3 and 1/2 of people are going to suffer from dementia, dementia is a very cruel condition involving the person of the deepest hopes in the Joyce may begin as a mild cognitive problem, some forgetfulness, some senior moments, as it were. But as it progresses dementia attacks are mental agility and of course it's a way either memory and when severe people are then incapable of looking after themselves.

People become may become delusional others become frightened. Some become angry, belligerent, some retreats into an apathetic some lump sum required care during all of their waking hours and in some cases people require care someone watching over them even when they are asleep for the last couple years. My mother's life. She died and was a year ago she suffered from dementia, not an extreme form, but enough to cause great confusion that many of you have loved ones who suffer from this and many people as I speak to afraid of a disease like dementia, cancer, heart attack, with the world with a lot of fear.

We read a discouraging figure that more and more of our children at elementary school and students at middle school and high school are fearful and anxious. When I went to school we suffered from many things, but I can't remember one person saying to me.

I feel stressed I feel anxious I feel afraid. I'm sure there were some but if so they were in a tiny minority did not know all of the figures show that our children can you believe this is true of children, middle schoolers high schoolers students at colleges are becoming more and more fearful and anxious people are anxious about life.

Why are so many people, children, students, older people, seniors Schweitzer many people know anxious and afraid.

African-Americans and immigrants are afraid of the police Caucasians and Asians, many of them are afraid of protests tightening to violence in their own communities.

Many people are afraid of Donald Trump being president for another four years.

Many are afraid what will happen to our country.

If Joe Biden is an ex-president, so a lot of fear out there. Not only are there but in our hearts can SAG very strongly from the word of God as authentic followers of Jesus Christ. We are not to live in fear. You hear me repeatedly in Scripture we are told over and over and over again Old Testament and New Testament would go to see it this morning. Fear not.

The Jost shall live by faith, not by fear.

Now that faith is certainly essential as we initially place our trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. But our faith doesn't stop there. Followers of Jesus are to live every day by faith. The just shall live by faith.

For without faith it is impossible to please God. If you are not living by faith. You are not pleasing God in your life is characterized more by fear than by faith not pleasing God. Do not be afraid. Don't put your trust in yourself certainly don't put your trust in a politician wherever he or she is doing for your trust and who is going to become the next supreme court judge. Don't put your trust in some theory of social or economic justice. Put your trust, your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm not saying one not to be interested in what's going on around us.

We are what we are called in this world to be different and not to live in fear, but to live in faith. Faith in God the spouse fear together faith in God dispels fear. Whatever your particular fear is put your faith in God trust God cannot mind you brothers and sisters that nothing happens in the world.

Nothing happens in your life nothing and happens in my life apart from the sovereign hand of God.

I find that tremendously reassuring.

As I looked at my personal future is a link to the future. Calvary church is a link to the future of the United States of America is a link to the future of United Kingdom that everything is under the sovereign hand of God. And wouldn't you rather have God in control of your life and yourself. Do you think you can control your life you're living in cloud cuckoo land John Bolton was Pres. George W. Bush's former chief of staff said in the presidency that is an illusion of being in charge, but all presidents must accept that in many realms. They are not in charge for this interesting if the president of the United States of America, the most powerful person in the world if the president is not in charge. Do you really think that you're in charge of your life do you really think that you are in charge of your circumstances have foolish, but if our trust is in the Lord Jesus is were going to see this morning. If your trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no need to fear faith spelling fear today were going to see Jesus in all kinds of situations, fearful, frightening circumstances disease a terrible disease that blindness demonic attacks. We will learn to be touched and changed by King Jesus is to know preservers to be touched and changed by the Lord Jesus is to know that all is well all is well now. Today, all will be well tomorrow. All will be well. 100 years from the end of your trust is in Jesus Christ, all is well forever for all eternity. Therefore, do not fear what you afraid of is open God's word in Matthew chapter 9 coverage of the company or Bibles. Yes, I'm old-fashioned. I like the actual Bible, not little iPod for your checking your social media in the middle of the of the message. Don't think we know that's so, what's on their Bibles.

You know I say that jocular lay but I really believe that you will understand and love the word of God much more if you actually have a version of Matthew nine we going to the festival verses 18 to 26 this is a wonderful passage. My 296 the 18 what he was saying these things to them. Bold ruler came in and knelt before him, saying, my daughter has just died, but commonly your hand on her and she will live and Jesus rose and followed it with his disciples about older women who had suffered from a discharge of blood for 12 years came up behind them untouched the fringe of his garments for she said to herself, if I only touch his garments.

I will be made well. Jesus turned and seeing her. He said take our daughter, your faith has made you well on your faith has saved you and instantly the woman was made well when Jesus came to the room's house and saw the flute players on the crowd making a commotion beside Galway for the girl is not dead, but sleeping and they laughed at him.

But when the cloud had been put aside. He went 10 and took her by the hands and the girl arose and the reports of this went through all that is. Want to see. First of all that Jesus is victorious over disease, the enemy of disease. So many people are afraid of disease of illness I would introduce here in Matthew chapter 9 to a woman who has an incurable disease kind of blood disease, a hemorrhage and she has it for 12 years is a long time. Some of you know what it is seven dollars for many many years. This woman is what we would call a private suffered were also introduced to the ruler of the synagogue. He's well known in the community saw no doubt as his daughter is ill. Everyone knows of the daughter's illness, but I suspect if you knew of this woman's painful embarrassing illness should gone to many doctors should spend a lot of money. We know from there kinds of Mark and Luke is ridding them together rather than getting better condition grew worse and worse.

Luke the physician when he gives his account in Luke chapter 8 he gives his professional opinion regarding his woman. She said she could not be handled by anyone. The woman has a disease she has it for 12 years and the disease is in curable. The picture this is a particularly humiliating disease is in constant pain. She is also furthermore ceremonially unclean. It's a blood disease. According to Luke 15 Leviticus 15 verse 25 is regarded as unclean, ceremonially unclean. She is an outcast. She is what we might think. Sign in to the shadows of life not part of the mainstream.

So if you came to cover charge should be sitting in the back control of the upper balcony to get the picture and illustration. By the way of how sin defiles us yes and makes us on the giver to reveal unclean sin if you needed a spiritual shower you've involved in being involved in something. I just feel dirty is an illustration of it and send also isolates us present Hathaway and the prayer was praying about relationship broken relationships is what happens when your sin is the sin which is very very selfish as you perpetuated, you find you in isolation. This is the enemy of disease is what happens is beautiful but touch of the master.

The spouse disease unknown to the crowds. This movement simply touches the fringe of the garments of Jesus to see her. This woman this terrible disease for 12 years incurable. Living a life of isolation of embarrassment of pain humiliation she just slips that touches the very fringe of the garment of Jesus's tremendous faith marvel at this woman's faith we understand someone coming as they do Jesus is were face-to-face but not this woman. She doesn't look Jesus in the face.

She's not used to that she's a woman who's in the shadows just touches the fringe of his look as he gives his current is Jesus is on the way to the ruler's house asked this question, is it that touched me romaine in the corridor touching him, pressing against them is traveling about our Lord Jesus realizes this touches different is a touch of faith.

What incredible faith. The disciples I think you're totally unaware of this woman, the disciples are following Jesus there on the way, this is young woman has died, a girl is died about this very important business and if he saw the woman who would've initially been on the fringes of the cloud are they ignored her. They are unconcerned. But Jesus knows this power the spell. The disease disposed is touch the hem. The fringe of his garments concealed. We don't know the woman's name. But know this, in verse 22 Jesus refers to Jesus turned and see her looks right after. Should he looked right in the eye, something she would not be used to assess take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well.

Your faith has saved you.

He calls her daughter an unknown woman.

One of life's room. I say little people. She touches the master she's instantly healed. Furthermore, she is adopted into the family of God daughter Jesus calling son Eric God's grace.

This woman ceremonially unclean and rejected 12 years with this terrible disease is no daughter of God incarnate. To do this by the way, those of us who are in spiritual leadership, but something for all of us.

Do you know this for Jesus is not attached from the people that are those who call themselves pastors and shepherds about.

They seem to be so busy they don't want to deal with people your pastor and elder Deacon teaching a life group teaching a Bible study. Don't be detached from the people you're preaching to teaching Jesus is a personal Christ, he is the boot shipwrecked and a good Shepherd loves the sheep and we see this in Jesus.

And when you're like this woman, you may be someone who has few friends today you made the person who very few people know you as a work trip to Tacoma church in your you feel will not part of the inner circle, I, I, I, but I'm not sure if I belong here really listening by lifestream or online order are on the radio program and you feel yes. You're one of these people living life on the fringes is at work, you may come from another country, another culture you become from a very poor home you may have few friends was in this every single one of us.

Whoever you are, every single one who is touched and changed by God's grace become his sons and daughters.

Verse 22 again daughter, your faith has made you well. Your faith has saved you is the Greek word so those are the Jews in chapter 121 Wimmer told his name is Jesus or he will save his people from their sins.

This woman is not just made well physically. More importantly, she saved her face saves our and she becomes part of the family of God. Don't you look forward to meeting this woman have a magical walk was tell me was that difficult to come to restarting touch the hem of his comments. This woman is loved by Jesus cared for by Jesus healed by Jesus, a 12 year old disease is God. In an instant. This woman are no longer hiding in the shadows no longer suffering no longer going to doctors should buy six in the sunlight of the grace of God. If you saved you know what that means is the still remember the deep, deep joy exhilaration as a boy when I place my faith in Christ.

What a change to come is aware from darkness into the sunlight of God's incredible grace and faith is woman touches the fringe of his garment is forever changed. I find in my life that many people have private hurts. I daresay every single one of us has a private heart. Perhaps few, if any know about your situation. Maybe an illness, disease, loneliness, abandonment, abuse, private pain, a heartache which most people practice one or two your close friends know about over the years have tried many solutions what is going to adopt a counselor that I therapist the so-called expert, a friend passed the years that you wish and seems hopeless in your situation makes life daily life difficult for you times, almost unbearable, robbing you of your joy have met people like this private suffers can I say we, the church of God. We need to be sensitive to people who are private seem to be withdrawn who seem to have difficulty speaking up in public live life as it were in the shadows. This why this woman represents those for whom life is hard, constant struggle, attracting little submit a little notice, but whoever you are, and reach out in faith to Jesus. We do that bring your situation.

Faith in Christ. First, Jesus is victorious over disease. 2nd Way, Jesus is victorious over dad that probably is our greatest fear was so I'm not afraid to die.

I was a joke by Woody Allen is an old joke about it before, but once again, Woody Allen said, I'm not afraid to die. Just going to be around when that happens and that many people said you are not afraid to die.

But this is the act of dying will, however, we rationalize it. Most of us are afraid to tell you, Jesus you trust is in Jesus.

Jesus is victorious over dad here we have the enemy of death, the enemy of death strikes all kinds of homes including homes of influential people like the ruler of the synagogue Terrace. We know his name from the other Gospels.

And yes, children as well as old people die. John Maynard Keyes said in the long run we all die below that in the long run we are all dead. We fear death because dad although it is inevitable, is not natural God created us not to die. God created us to live and many of us. I was suspect.

Almost all of us here have experienced that horrible anime of day for the strikes or will this horrible it is ugly. However, people die my life with friends, relatives, family members died in all kinds of ways. However, it is it is totally horrible. Dennis 12-year-old girl.

She comes from a good home.

Her father's well-known ruler is the ruler of the synagogue. For this I mean is a kind of administrator and overseer of the synagogue, but as we meet him.

He's in a desperate situation although it is very influential in his community. He can do nothing about the situation and he comes and is a very very smart thing.

He comes on the nails before Jesus and explains the situation to Jesus's daughter just died look at past 18.

Don't you find this incredible as well. While he was saying these things ruler came in and knelt before him. There's the humility they saying my daughter has just died, but Tom and lay your hand on her and she will live. That's tremendous faith isn't the to believe that Jesus is so powerful that he believes his hand on the dead little girl. That girl can be raised from the dead, tremendous faith of this man hopeless situation that, but the father believes is remarkable.

The father believes that Jesus can raise a girl from the dead. That is incredible faith and that's what happens with touch of the master defeats that Jesus comes as no questions is that the mourners are there as with the culture of the day and Jesus was a dental like morning. This is not time for morning was my student. Remember what Matthew is doing.

Matthew is presenting Jesus as the King and King Jesus. We have seen has authority over the star member we saw that his authority over a man who's been paralyzed. He has authority over the disease. The 12 year old disease of this unnamed woman and no Matthew is telling us something astonishing that this man Jesus yet this man that is not following this man Jesus has authority over dad itself is the Christ, that we follow victorious over death that Jesus did.

Again you see the tenderness of Jesus. He took her by the need to take her by the hand he could've spoken his work. He takes her by the hand, the tenderness of the most powerful God, yes Jesus is victorious over that the writer of Hebrews puts it this way in Hebrews 2 verses 14 and 15 through dad pay our Lord destroys the one who has the power of that that is the devil does. How is it that our Lord Jesus Christ can raise a little girl from the dead, you can do that I can't do that on the cross with the Lord Jesus Christ is heading to our Lord Jesus dies on the cross for our sins, he dies for sinners he dies the dad that we desire and on rising from the dead. This recall Sunday I like to call it the Lord's day of resurrection. This is the Lord's day, the day of resurrection.

Jesus is risen on rising from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ strips that help its power and reduces death to sleep early. Our Lord Jesus is so powerful that this thing of that that the darkness of dad is over, and he reduces it to sleep. Paul says in the great resurrection chapter 1st convince 15 that the Lord Jesus is going ahead and he is the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep is not a beautiful description of someone who died fallen asleep. We blurted my mother in October last year we signed the open grave.

A song that you don't know that begins fallen asleep lying address. My mother had died in Christ as an older teenager.

917 or 18 Years Old Should Pl. our trust in Jesus Christ and now she had died just as an old woman, but she had fallen asleep in Christ's wonderful think of our mission statement being unmaking I think. Take followers of Jesus Christ was overseer would say we are followers of Jesus Christ. You believe that you follow Jesus Christ. When I tell you something which is very comforting shooting Jesus never ever ask you to go anywhere when he has not forced God. He is the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep during the talk about dad, our Lord Jesus Christ has gone into dad. Not only has he gone into dad. He has gone through dad's Concord dad, and he's entered into eternal life. So Paul says death is swallowed up in victory all day. What is your victory over death. When is your saying our Lord has taken this thing out of dad for his followers and one of the wonderful pictures in the Bible to help us to understand when one of our loved one was a believer in Christ is died is the say that they have fallen asleep, your Stephen the first Christian master marketer brutally stone today. What this looks a he fell asleep he fell asleep. For the follower of Jesus. Dad is by following falling asleep and who's afraid to fall asleep last night. Pray I fall asleep I fall asleep really fast. My wife tells me for some reason she takes a little more time I follow my afraid to fall asleep. Absolutely not that we compensate today for the Christian is falling asleep was the Lord comes. All of us here will of Christ will fall asleep. That may be a very gentle passing and may be a violent accident. It may be an illness. Whatever it is for you and for me love Christ, the grantor fall asleep and awake were in the presence of Jesus is pretty good. We afraid of afraid of first Corinthians 1549 just as we have borne the image of the man of dust. That's Adam, we shall bear the image of the man of heaven.

Not only are you going to wake up in the presence of Jesus, you're going to be absolutely like him. Now as we follow him.

The more we follow him. The closer we follow him. The more we love him. The more we become like Jesus but were not perfectly like Jesus. So, excuse me, when I don't act and speak like Jesus. I'm not quite there one day and can be perfectly like I will awake in his presence just as real as Christians we face it we don't minimize it. Death is real but death is not final. Jeremy. Death is not the end, the unbeliever wants to think it's the end. But I do know this, all of us will die and we will live forever either in heaven or hell is the teaching of Jesus. So I ask you, do you know Jesus as your Savior promises this, but I will give you eternal life, and you will never perish, never perish.

And if you're going to follow someone something people say to me why you following Jesus rather than Mohammed or Buddha or someone else. My answer is, I'm going to follow the person who came from heaven to live the sinless life, died for my sins was betting and rose again and went back to heaven and is coming for me that's the person I'm going to follow his or anyone else who could compare with guides absolutely no we follow the one who conquers the and is victorious over disease and over dad there is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like I very quickly. Jesus certainly is victorious over blindness and the demons.

First of all, the enemy of blindness. Verse 27, as Jesus passed on from there to blind men followed him, crying aloud, have mercy on us, son of David when he entered the house, the blind men came to him. And Jesus said to them, do you believe that I'm able to do this, they sent to him. Yes, Lord, you got to be astonished that the faith you then he touched their eyes to the tenderness of the good Shepherd. He touched the horizon saying according to your faith be it done to your and their eyes were opened and Jesus sternly warned them see that no one knows about it, but they went away and spread his fame through all that this the enemy of blindness. These two blind men, presumably friends were determined to be cured and they cried.

I figure seated in verse 27.

What did the cryonics. They cried out for mercy. They don't demand that they say well you know you all want Jesus to heal us. Know that's another approach at all, have mercy on us and then they call Jesus son of David. That's her Matthew begins his gospel, Matthew one verse one the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ's the sound of David, the son of Abraham son of David, the messianic term is the Christ is David's greater son David was Israel's greatest king admired as a tremendous cane, but neither comes one who is the son of David, and you can do what King David could not do that is no kind in the Old Testament of any blind person receiving the site astonishing the faith of the man is and it is said verse 27.

They followed him think blind you follow the person answers but they went into the house there determined and Jesus simply touches the rise and their eyes opened some hundred and 46 verse eight, the Lord opens the eyes of the blind, and is true. Isaiah prophesied that when the Messiah comes. Isaiah 29 verse 18 the blind shall see out of the gloom and darkness. These men what are generally dependent on the mercy of God and had great faith and that eyes were open so well. I got pretty good sites about your spiritual site.

Paul talks in certain things for of other anime blinding our minds avail so that we do not see the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ that there is a spiritual blindness. We see that we we talk to people about the Lord Jesus and the just unguided is not an intellectual problem. There may be very, very smart. The problem is not the brain.

The problem is that heart. They are deceived there spiritually blind was going to remove the veil from their hearts are powerful apologetics. They can be helpful, but it is the word of God. That's why preach the Bible. It removes the veil from their hearts.

Paul says the God of this world.

Everything from second-grade things. Voters blinded their minds on the unbelievers to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of God. Christ is the image of God. Have you seen that. Have you seen the light of the gospel of the glory of God of Christ is the image of God. Paul says for what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus sake, for God, who said let light shine out of darkness, hi Sean, in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ for the spiritual blindness was going to produce the light, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul says we proclaim Christ, holding up Christ. There is none like him. Do you see them victorious over disease victorious over dad Torres over blindness spiritual blindness enemy doesn't want you to see. Look at Christ return to Christ and you'll save you the enemy of blindness. The enemy of demons. Verse 23 and that there were going away. Behold the demon the press man who was mute was brought to him when the demon had been cast out man spoke the cards marveled, saying, never was anything like this seen in Israel but the Pharisees said he can't say demons by the Prince of the some people are never satisfied is always a criticized. I mean the man couldn't speak. He starts making use of the that this is through the Prince of humans, we saw the Pharisees at work last week man is demon oppressed is brought to Jesus. Jesus cast out demons in man speaks. This is unique because it never seen this touched change by the Lord Jesus to know that we have an enemy who seeks oppressors. Satan and his demons. Oppressors discourage us. What do they do they try to silence us from declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ. Satan wants you mute we have before us the challenge of BLI bringing the gospel to our neighbors and their friends and are our streets to tell people about Jesus enemy doesn't want you light that he wants you to be a mute Christian doesn't want you to speak doesn't want you to declare the wonder of our Lord Jesus Christ and have you noticed I find this enemy does everything he can to stop you from telling people about Jesus was fear the question of rejection.

This is an appropriate my coming across to strong these people do want to hear and we end up being mute with the problem like a faith you tell people about trust Jesus with this. Don't be fearful there is this person that a bit intimidating more intimidating than Christ, but tries to turn victorious over disease and that will help you will give you all the help you need. As you trust him. Don't be fearful if you been touched and changed by Jesus, others about wonderful examples of faith was faith. Faith is the outstretched hand accepting Jesus love and forgiveness and faith is touching the fringe of his garment. Faith is placing our seemingly impossible situations of spiritual blindness in the hands of Jesus.

Faith is abandoning all prospects of helping ourselves are being how by others. Yes, faith is the only way to receive the blessing of God without faith it is impossible to please. Again I challenge is it in the beginning. Are you living a life of faith is that true in your life. Listen to the words of the blind men.

Verse 29.

According to your so the words of Jesus to the blind men invest 29 according to your faith be it done to you the words to the woman with average of blood. Verse 22.

Your faith has saved you the limits of Jesus by quickly for lessons on faith. Number one. Faith receives Christ's salvation is so this is what begins as we returned to faith not asking you in your own power to change your life to be a nicer person. I'm sure you could be a nicer person that's on the gospel.

The gospel is not personal reformation of behavior is a radical change as you reach out and faith in Christ, who then changes you who forgives you the Lord Jesus loves you dies for you rose again. He can be trusted. Of course he can be trusted. I'm saying to reach out to the Savior touch the fringe of his you see Christ rechecked believe in the Lord Jesus Christ that say will be safe.

Secondly, faith is dynamic is not passive nothing while I received Jesus as my Savior know I just live my life as I as I once I've done that. I prayed that prayer.

That's no this faith.

Faith is passive is dynamic of this examples where the woman reaches out and touches the hem of his garment. Faith in action comes to Jesus and tell Jesus of his needs. He humbles himself before Jesus and then leaves Jesus to his home. The ruler is placing his faith, not religion, not in the synagogue, not in the fact that he's a big shot in the community. He realizes that there's nothing he can do is placing himself Charlie in the hands of Jesus the Christ the son to blind astonishing way they follow Jesus to come to the house they see Jesus. I was a way for the invitation, as it were, the just go in mercy on son of David faith demon oppressed man is brought to Jesus. Paul talks in Romans one about the regions of faith, you pigeons brothers and sisters I'm asking you each day to faith in Christ, we are facing today was going on in your life was what such fear was that situation I concerns or or what was that these thoughts that we queue up at 230 in the morning I calls why what what what is that you're doing anything of of of these my life is just wonderful, wonderful asked the Lord that will continue. Place your faith in each day. The just shall live live by faith, not just when you come to Christ. But each day to live a life of faith is they faith is dynamic, then it will grow and will be strengthened. You'll see God at work trying your faith in Christ and act on that faith. Faith without works is that the number that faith of the living, dynamic faith. Third, faith accepts God's timing is difficult for us difficult for me not being the most patient person.

Faith accepts the timing of God, this woman waited 12 years for medical July men were probably born dead.

I don't know about the new tub long at this demon had oppressed and we don't know but we struggled only sometimes with God's timing.

We want God to act on our timetable don't way if it is it were presented. Your your your timeframe to God and think about this is this is what I want you to not only how you interact. But when you interact under that, of course, as God claim the promises of God being God's waiting room does not mean that that God has forgotten your Lord Jesus knew that woman all of his life who I went in healer before I can on so the question but I know in his perfect timing.

He healed except God's timing in your life. Keep trusting God. Faith accepts God's timing. Lastly, faith always looks to the object when I'm talking about faith.

I'm not talking about faith and faith. This is not some inspirational, motivational talk, the use of faith in yourself during your own dream possibility thinking all of that kind of nonsense.

Absolutely not. This is faith in God. It's faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible. It's always the object of our faith is not so much the extent of our faith. It's where our faith is placed. That is, faith is not the cause of our salvation, but the means through which we are saved. Strictly speaking, is not my faith that saves me a disk Christ who saves me the means he uses his faith. Faith is the outstretched arm. Faith is touching the hem of his garment. Faith is coming at kneeling before crying since I got this situation is impossible. Help me faith which pleases God. Faith is object is the Lord Jesus custom.

Don't hide in the shadows as God for medical in your life. No situation is too difficult for Jesus assortment see an untamable demoniac, a 12-year-old incurable disease, a 12-year-old girl who died to blind man, a man who is demon possessed, touch them change our Lord Jesus is victorious over disease over over blindness over our enemy over death itself, and if you put your trust in Jesus Christ.

There is no need to fear. Mark puts it this way.

Do not fear only belief.

Simple message. Yes, we follow that do not fear only belief and when you do that here in the song were going to present all is well. Belief that all is well. You could be in the middle of the storm. You could be dealing with the most excruciating situation in your life seems absolutely horrific and you can see all is well, because my trust is in my Lord Jesus place you returned is a pretty touch them. You bring these problems to Christ through belief and reaffirm your faith in court and say I will not give me that give me that reassurance that you love me you are with father God we know you're pleased with faith as we read and see our Lord Jesus Christ that strengthens our faith that deepens our love for the Savior. So we look at him rather than the difficult circumstances and will look up to you rather than to the problems we thank you that as we trust you all is well. Pray for each person here, somewhat like the ruler is aware, somewhat like the name was so identified with the blind man somewhat oppressed by the enemy, whoever we are father we need some have never yet trusted him. Maybe put their trust in Christ and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for such a magnificent Savior. Father, we thank you. Look forward to that day when we show we cup see him in all of his beauty and glory.

Meantime, we know that all is well. We thank you. His name

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