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Demons and Disease

The Verdict / John Munro
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August 24, 2020 11:02 am

Demons and Disease

The Verdict / John Munro

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August 24, 2020 11:02 am

Dr. John H. Munro August 23, 2020 Matthew 8:28-9:8

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Many people of a fascination with the world of the occult world of witchcraft.

We can which was part of scope superstition, fortune-telling, ghosts, vampires, astrology, Satanism seems to be a common feature of many movies and TV programs to deal with the occult to deal with the paranormal.

The deal is aware of with the blackness of the supernatural, the followers of Jesus to make all of this. What is the biblical perspective on the dark world that so many people of the fascination with what was going to learn today of the reality of evil.

Yes, there is evil many of you remember after the attack on the towers in New York city then president.

The president then George Bush was criticized when he said that was an evil act. People today can even deny the reality of evil. What were going to learn that there is evil were going to see the consequences of darkness of demons of disease of evil and of sin. I will also see our magnificent Lord Jesus our magnificent Lord invading that world of darkness and demonstrating his supreme authority over the forces of darkness and the demons and the disease and later in Matthew's gospel over death itself and when the resetting. What a beautiful name so that ask you to open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 8 verse 20 can encourage her to come and bring this book not this verse and this is mine, but bring your Bible now I can see as many of you can days in the future we hope is not the case that when those of us who believe the word of God and preach the word of God are going to be accused of hate speech. You can already see how that is assembling in some ways.

If you believe certain things about the Bible that clearly taught in Scripture is regarded as hate speech and can you imagine yes we can. A few years from nowhere. People who believe the Bible, yes, even the church will be criticized, so let's make sure. Although the Bible has been thrown out of our skills. I would throw a night of many homes I was disregarded in the political world that we the people of God keep true to the Scriptures and so come with your Bible and make sure that what is preached from this pulpit in the classes wherever you are is true to Scripture. Having said that let me read first of all, Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 and will read to the end of the chapter. First of I want to give you a love of Scripture, not just to hear it on Sunday morning, but for you to love your Bible and to know your Bible and to obey it and when you came to the other side of the country of the Gadarenes to demon possessed man met him coming out of the terms so fierce that no one could pass that way and boldly cried out one of you to do with our sore son of God.

Have you come here to torment us before the time, no heart of many pigs was feeding at some distance from them and the demons begged him, saying, if you cast aside send this away into the habit of pigs he said to them, go so they came out and went into the pigs on the whole the whole had rushed down the steep bank into the sea and drowned in the waters that herdsmen flag and going into the city. They told everything, especially one that happened to the demon possessed man in bold all the city came out to meet Jesus when they saw him, they begged him to leave the region is not a fascinating passage of Scripture. Can you can you pictured it in your mind. We want to understand first of all, the reality of the world of demonic darkness and evil when visiting a little Broadway before we think of the particulars here of the reality of the world, a world of darkness, a world of demonic activity, a world of evil.

Yes demons exist, not a figment of Hollywood's but demons are evil spiritual beings.

There are 100% evil is it what are these demons come from well God is the creator of all.

And God created all of the angels demons are angels were going to see their fallen Angels, but all of the angels were created by God to love God, to serve God and to starve the people of God.

Hebrews 1 refers to them as ministering spirits that that angels who are there to help us.

The people of God and that wonderful to know some people think all of us have one Guardian Angel.

Not sure if you support that from Scripture, but certainly there are angels good angels who worship God cry holy holy holy to God and also help us as the people of God, and in particular the watching over the church realize that angels good angels are watching us as we break bread today. Not Satan was created by God as an angel, a beautiful angel, a very powerful angel, a very high angel and Satan wanting to be like God in product pride puffed himself up thought he was better than God, and I tried to, as it were over to God and so God cast him down read about it in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 and when Satan fell when he was cast on many angels fell with him. So, incidentally, be careful in calling someone an angel, because you call your girlfriend an angel.

Just be careful and deadly when people die, we do not become angels as people.

Someone diagnosed with another. That's another angel in heaven. No no no no no when I die when you die, follow Jesus Christ. You don't become an angel.

I'm glad you don't become an angel because in a sense, was greater than angels. We are sons of God were part of the family of God. So we don't become angels now think of angels, God created all of them.

Some of them are cast-iron with Satan so that are two basic classes of angels.

There are fallen angels, demons, and that are on following angels so there are the angels who are perfect who continue to worship God who continued to serve God there. There is our guardian angels there there to help us with the Gospels of them coming close to Jesus and ministering to him not of the fallen angels that are two classes of them so on fallen Angels, fallen Angels and the class of fallen angels that are two divisions there are some of the fallen angels who are imprisoned in our spiritual prison time in your Bible to second Peter chapter 2.

This is fascinating isn't it.

Second Peter.

Peter wrote two epistles, Peter. One of the apostles, the disciples of Jesus and then second Peter chapter 2 verse four we read this but if God did not spare angels when they send referring to Satan for newscast that incidentally can take off your mask if you want or keep it on, but you can take it off if you would like to do so. But if God did not spare angels when they send, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness, to be kept on till the judgment. So here are some angels there thrown night of heaven there cast-iron.

Don't you find this fascinating. And there cast into hell and their chains are committed to change of gloomy darkness, to be On till the day of judgment you some of the Angels of their Jude over a few pages.

Little epistle of Jude just before Revelation another Scripture, Jude verse six, just one chapter enjoyment verse six and if the angels who did not stay within the on position of authority for that we referring to their angels who did not keep to the position that God had for them and so the cast-iron but left their proper dwelling, he has In eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day. Reviling this so some of the fallen angels who fell with Satan. Some of them out in a spiritual prison prison of gloomy darkness there In chains and they are waiting the final judgment was a final judgment.

Matthew chapter 25. Let's read it member in Revelation 20.

Satan is going to be cast into the eternal fire. We read Matthew chapter 25 verse 41 is a separation of the sheep and the goats. When Christ returns, then he will say to those on these laughed.

The goats depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. So how is prepared for double the devil and his angels would also in this separation of the final judgment.

Those unbelievers are also going to be cast into hell Jesus is reminding us that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels so some angels fallen Angels imprisoned in this gloomy darkness, but what about the fallen angels who are not barns, not all of the fallen angels were put into the present of gloomy darkness the angels which are not presently the following angels which are not presently in that judgment on the demons were reading about here in the New Testament. They are an active in invisible enemy. They are Satan's army to realize that Satan is a huge army don't know how to break it is none of us know how it is what it is absolutely huge.

Satan is not all not present God is on my presence.

Satan is not omnipresent. Satan is limited is very powerful is very devious is very intelligent and he is 100% evil and in order to carry out his evil purposes is all of these demons fallen angels, created by God but now doing Satan's bidding.

Understand and the notice verse 29 that these demon possessed man ask a curious thing to Jesus.

Verse 29. One of you to do with us. Oh son of God.

They recognize who Jesus is. Have you come here to torment us before the time look when he gives this account of this particular chapter 8 refers to the demons, not wanting to go into the abyss. Humans understand that out at some point they're going to be cast into hell itself under Satan, Jesus the son of God.

You come here to torment us before the time Satan wanted understand this, my brothers and sisters. Satan and his demons hates the sinless son of God, Satan and his demons hates the gospel that are totally opposed to God to the people of God to goodness to purity to holiness to the church of Jesus Christ you're a follower of Jesus Christ you know that the more serious you take your faith, the closer you desire to follow Jesus Christ, the more convinced that you're going to commit your life to Jesus Christ and live for Christ. You will sadly experience the forces of the enemy against you. Don't be surprised. There is an active in invisible enemy against us whereby Calvin chores do you think as we proclaim the gospel as we seek to exalt Christ as we seek to preach this book and to bring children and students and adults.

The saving faith in Jesus Christ and to nurture them and their faith. Do you think that Satan and his demons just stand by course, not the attack, the very Church of Jesus Christ. Remember Jesus says I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. But hell itself is prevailing against the church and Satan and his demons actively promote evil wickedness never been tempted course, promote saving and crime and lies in idolatry, immorality, drawings and cults and wickedness and rebellion are sometimes described in Scripture as unclean spirits, evil spirits polluted spirits. They hate God.

They hate the gospel. They hate the lights of God and they love darkness.

Jesus said my love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil and Satan and his demons.

Their acts are always evil and they are relentless using that word carefully. They relentless enemy turn with me to Ephesians chapter 6 just for a moment where Paul describes the spiritual warfare. If you're wondering if what I'm saying is true. Read and study Ephesians chapter 6 from verse 10 of the street a couple of verses from verse 10 of Ephesians 6, where Paul describes not only the spiritual warfare. But the wonderful armor that we have that armor of God.

Finally, says Paul, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

You need to be strong to resist the enemy is the point put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

The devil is there to knock you down with the devil is there to discourage or to attack you to destroy your family to destroy the church destroy the Christian witness that you have as you serve God.

I can guarantee that Satan and his army of trying to mess it up as best as they can but send strong young armor of God, you can resist the enemy, but be aware of the schemes of the devil. Verse 12 for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood our enemies not one another from the church we fight one another.

That's not the point is, no real resolutions flesh and blood, but against the rulers is a description of the in visible army of demons against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places thing you said, I don't see the problem is there is an invisible wicked army against the people of God.

I think back to a passage Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciples in verse 18 W.

Let's go over to the other side of the going over to the other side. As a result last week. There is this tremendous storm, and that the disciples are afraid Jesus sends a majestic price and size.

Peace be still and is a great, the disciples they working amends this, but even the wind and the sea obey him. But why did you go to the other side of one of the disciples I would say you survived that star and all were doing is is meeting these crazy man who refilled demons and the people tell us they don't want because I was a wasted trip note was by the way, when Jesus says let's go over to the other side will visible to the oversight was on the other side. Verse 28 the country of the gatherings Jesus and his disciples not out in Gentile territory in the wonderful to know that when Jesus comes it comes not just Israel.

Yes, first Israel but God's love embraces the whole world and embraces the Gadarenes and embraces men who have given themselves over to demons and having survived the storm saving I get into a star.

When they reached the land of the gatherings while reception we received two demon possessed man meet Jesus and his disciples with the coming of Jesus to Arthur is an increased activity of demonic of demons is not surprising these men we read live in the tombs imagine that is your home in the tombs there aggressive their antisocial and their violence. Mark says that they were cutting themselves. That is our self-destruction in the demonic world hating themselves and hating others.

Verse 28 is a commode of the tombs there were so fierce that no one could pass that way there violent man.

Their painful men knowing you get past them. These are strong violent anti-social men with people like that today.

This nurse assigned a result of self-hatred, self-hatred, self-destruction, self-loathing, suicide, I've met people who said the company can themselves in a matter self-hatred some cases people actually cutting themselves. These men are antisocial.

They live alone among the tombs, the place of death live in a very dark place there possessed by demons to want to go the way of sin is what happens today many people are living lonely, isolated lives, not just because of Corbett. 19 but because of the lifestyle. People understand alienation sometimes from yourself but also from others. I almost guarantee that every single person here today has a problem the relationship and the life may be your own family. Maybe you are divorced may be a problem relating to your father and maybe you've got a child that you can't speak with maybe a brother or sister that you haven't spoken to for a long time may be a business partner that you follow that with you can't speak with that person. Maybe you a best friend that you had 10 years ago that that relationship is antigen.

You can't even speak the person. This is a result of sin was sin does.

It alienates us from another anger sulfate people retreat into themselves they could drink drink take two drugs take to immorality and end up in depression.

Sin alienates us from others, resulting in arguments, accusations, assaults, violent strife, divorce, hate, violence characterizes our world is in the speak to police officer speak the social worker open your eyes and you see the results of sin and did you notice that there is nothing that the gatherings can do for these two men approached the man the man rejects them. Your problem of sin.

These it will not demon possessed.

Know you're probably not your problem is I don't understand it.

However, it surfaces in your life is too big for you.

You cannot deal with sin by yourself. You try to remedy it. You try to clean up your life you trying to get rid of some bad habits you have a problem with drinking you stop drinking. I can guarantee there's other problems there as well.

This is what sin does is what darkness dies, it destroys us. The tears us apart to tears out relationships apart. This is the world of darkness of demonic activity sin and evil is interesting. I find this interesting.

Demons know who Jesus is. Verse 29 of the side to describe Jesus.

What have you to do with you with us all, son of God, come to torment us here before the time God incarnate, comes to restore and comes right to your home time and determine go away go away.

I don't want I don't want to.

The greatest problem of sin is not what it does for yourself drastic, although that is the greatest problem of Satan is not what it does to others.

Devastating. Although that is the greatest problem of sin is your alienated from God.

It is a spiritual problem.

Yes your Satan impacts yourself. Yes, it impacts others but your greatest problem is that your alienated from God. Your sin tremendous clouds between you and God.

And these demon possessed man want nothing to do with Jesus and did you know this is a herdsman go back and tell the gatherings what happened. Using the gatherings would say this is wonderful always wondered about these terrible man and the demons have gone. I love them wonderful with what was learned more about Jesus. That's what the Samaritans did when Jesus said when the woman said to the Samaritans. Come see Amanda told me all things every day that is not this the Christ, the whole time submitted come to Christ to learn about him not here. What other Gadarenes concern about concern about the pigs.

The whole hand takes when time to see when it comes to it, their lifestyle, their livelihood is more important to them than the salvation then the transformation was Jesus right. I've seen that as a witness to people that life isn't absolute mess, but they will not bother they need to Jesus Christ because when it comes to their lifestyle, their livelihood, their friendships are more important than following this is the reality of the world of demonic darkness and evil notice of Lord Jesus has authority over the humans. Jesus calms and brings spiritual deliverance with Jesus.

The kingdom of God has come how wonderful the kingdom of heaven is now invading the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of Satan and Jesus casting out these demons is demonstrating that the kingdom of God is greater than the kingdom of darkness is not good to be on the right side.

Matthew 12 verse 28. The key verse if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you kingdom of God has come is true some communist boomers. The kingdom of God with King Jesus is invading the kingdom of darkness and the light of the kingdom of God is the spelling the darkness of the kingdom of Satan. Jesus specializes in seemingly hopeless that yours heals a leper. He charms the see these narrowcasting demons items man and circumstances of all overwhelming hopelessness and despair and gloom. What is Jesus during his bringing peace is bringing deliverance is bringing healing is bringing life itself, but you think you're so you wish this hopeless crap you've gone so deep into the darkness. Perhaps you've resisted the spirit of God for so long and you've gone and I lifestyle and an attitude in the thought process that is taking you further and further away from Jesus Christ and you have not bowed the knee to Christ. You're living your on life. Can I tell you, no situation is too difficult because Jesus is the son of God.

These men recognize that he can do what no one else can do unclean spirits dwelling in unclean man living in unclean terms entered unclean plates.

These demons are so fierce that they can destroy anyone in their way, and the end up ice destroying the pigs of the demons, not Jesus because the pigs the stampede dine. The same bank at the drying of the Sea of Galilee. The demons hatred of God extends to hatred of God's creation is it why did they demons enter the pigs and when asking a question. I don't know Matthew doesn't tell us this is a strange thing. It is a strange thing.

I don't know why this happened.

You can speculate, but I do know this from Scripture.

Also for my own experience that evil is often senseless and irrational. Sometimes someone will say about someone else will. They wouldn't be so stupid as to do such and such that a smart person. Yes they are smart person under Verizon Jesus Christ they wouldn't do such and such, but is the true work of your life that you have done stupid, even irrational, foolish things when you been involved in sin. Sin suddenly as we continue down that pathway.

It impacts how we think, is talking to someone who's doing sin was things are destroying themselves, talking to drug addicts is a deed you get really happiness with his lifestyle, not eidolon is a terrible lifestyle. Well, why don't you stop. Well, I really can't.

Why did you decide what I really can't explain that sin makes you do foolish and irrational things. Here is a man whose happily married to beautiful Christian godly woman that something very stupid and he does something very sinful, believes that beautiful godly woman and has an affair with some other woman and would you look at the other woman that he has chosen, and you look at her and you look as beautiful why things like what you thinking about when if you're going to leave your wife, why would you choose, she seems an ugly person, even externally, you can see the hardness in her and just downright ugly person inside that would destroy your marriage you done what's happened. Sin makes us do stupid, irrational things is very good to keep your eyes on Christ and sin. Nevermind you've said this before, recently. Sin never ever ends well. Yes, you get temporary pleasure as it seems very silly throwing of the moment young man but sin. When you choose that path. It never ends well the way of the transgressor is hard and it always leads you done done done very, pigs are destroyed as they come.

Steve Garnet bank demonstration of evil on the result of evil because the wages of sin is that their magnificent Lord directly confronts the demons and evil and that he is victorious. John writes in first John three verse 18 – eight that the son of God appeared destroy the works of the devil. Why did Jesus come to our one answer is he came to destroy the works of the devil. We bind ourselves can never destroy the works of the devil. We ourselves can never be victorious by ourselves, our Lord Jesus is the only one who can liberate us from our desperate situation and reconcile us to God, to ourselves and then to others at the cross. The cross of Christ what happened. Lord Jesus triumphed over dad darkness and Satan. Paul writes in Colossians 215 that the Lord disarmed the rulers and the authorities and put them to open shame by triumphing over then that was the victory of the resurrection demonstrating the Lord Jesus had gone into the darkness had gone had taken on the devil and his demons and rises victorious and therefore he has all authority to deliver you quote from the kingdom of darkness and to deliver you as Paul says in Colossians 1 into the kingdom of his beloved son. Everyone here today as I got in the kingdom of darkness are in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ is and how can I be transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of lights, the only one who can do it.

Jesus Christ is the reconciler is only one who can defeat sin is only one is will see them and who can forgive sins intersect or call darkness into his marvelous light for followers of Jesus and the wonderful deliver the light whenever the case of the darkness you celebrate the victory of Christ that he has authority over the demons himself very quickly, Lord Jesus is authority not only over the demons he is authority over disease verse one of Matthew nine and getting into the boat. He crossed over and came to his own city that's Capernaum. Some of you been to Capernaum McChord Israel Rose was a Capernaum right on the CM Charlie magnificent little spot, and although Jesus is not from Capernaum. Others kind of his headquarters in the subscribe to disease on city getting into the boat. He crossed over and Cantonese on city and all some people brought to him a paralytic lying on the bed and when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, take heart, my son, your sins are forgiven and bowled some of the scribes said to themselves. This man is blaspheming Jesus knowing their thoughts said why do you think evil in your hearts, for which is easier to say, your sins are forgiven up to say rise and walk, but that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on to forgive sins. He then said to the paralytic rise, pick up your bed and go home and you rose and went home. When the card saw it, they were afraid and they glorified God's good given what such authority to man authority over demons from authority over disease and later is going to demonstrate his authority over death itself is a man who was paralyzed brought to Jesus is finalized, is unable to fulfill his sickle I potentially can come to Jesus by himself, wonderful thing happened to this paralyzed man friends of his, bring him to Jesus to Capernaum to Jesus is on city you have your friends or family that bring you to Jesus you greatly blessed. I grew up in a home where my mom and dad in a sense brought me to Jesus.

Many of you are similar don't reside resent some friend or family member who tries to bring you to Jesus is a sin is a destructive force in our life and it paralyzes us. This man was paralyzes a picture again of what sin does the greatest thing that you can do to anyone in your family, friends, is to introduce them to Jesus. There many of you do that later in the fall.

In fact, in a couple of weeks. Supervisor by one of our pastors and asked them to preach present-was preaching next weekend to boot is going to give a challenge of the importance of communicating the gospel to our very neighbors is a wonderful thing to do isn't it to introduce someone to Jesus. Realize that there's many people here in Charlotte don't know about Jesus Christ and as you do that, there are always obstacles you find there is easy sometimes this man, this paralyzed the coyotes preventing them from bringing him to Jesus. Martel's is about to open the roof and Lord have done.

Matthew doesn't give us that that detail, but the card. The house is full in this critic sailors that finally sees just waiting to find fault but in spite of all of the obstacles. These friends are determined to bring the man to Jesus. Faith in action.

Now this paralytic but was his greatest needs. Physical restoration no is greatest need was forgiveness of sins. His spiritual condition was far more important than his physical healing and is Jesus speaks of Jesus almost ignores the fact that the minus paralyzed. Did you notice the investor people bring a paralytic was lying on the bed is more of a straight shot at is not your your king-size bed at home just a mat and when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic while you your you're in pretty bad shape. I can do something for you voices… Take heart, my son have cottages the points man is discouraged. For some reason, take heart, my son, your sins are forgiven easy forgiveness of your sin, not your health know you well know, your happiness, the forgiveness of your sin is your greatest needs in the greatest gift that I have ever received is the forgiveness of Meissen.

Jolson is against God is with the darkness of sin and is only God who has the authority to forgive all sins.

And so Jesus says here are six that you may know that the Son of Man, this is a royal town marking Jesus is the messianic King who ushers in the kingdom of God.

The Son of Man is he is referring to Daniel chapter 7, that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on to forgive sin.

The king has come, God himself. He has come to and he is the only one who has authority to forgive your sins verse six he has present tense. He has now Everhart will have the authority to forgive sins reminded us this morning that these Jesus saves his people from their sins and as he says that there is that in this conflict with the Pharisees is blaspheming only God has the authority to forgive sins or rights.

Jesus is claiming to do what only God can do is to forgive sins and the paralytic is healed and forgiven. Euro rises and goes home. The proof of his forgiveness of sin is demonstrated by getting up and going home.

The invisible spiritual transformation that is forgiveness of sins is demonstrated by the visible healing.

This life of this paralytic man can imagine a man whose paralyzes need to go through rehab getting his muscles and told know a major delay transformation. The man is totally healed. He gets up, picks up his bad Agosto, simple as that, to the medical of a changed life is far greater than*the miracle of this man's forgiveness of sins is much more important than the medical of the coming of the storm and forgiveness leads to transformational life as he went home he told his friends about Jesus should overlords easier to say is a question is easier to say, your sins are forgiven, or to say rise up and walk well is is that both before Jesus brings us to the Lord's table before Jesus could grant forgiveness. He knew he had to die as a sacrifice for that man sin on the cross speaking these words of forgiveness verse to take heart, my son, your sins are forgiven. Jesus must've tasted of the agony of the cross to when you is God to blot out your transgressions, you're asking that your transgressions your sin. Sins will be obliterated by the blood of Jesus and asking God to wash you declines you are asking that the filth of your sin, your many sins will overwhelm Jesus like a flood. This is the cost of forgiveness listen to Paul in Ephesians 1 verse seven in him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, but for this Paul say in the cautions one ready refer to it a little bit.

Cautions one verse 13.

Listen to it. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins Roseburg to internalize balls as it was when you were weak it was when you're helpless at the right time Christ died for the ungodly and Romans five the cross of Christ is the only place where you can receive forgiveness of your sin. My sins be forgiven through trusting Jesus Christ as the one who paid the price for all of my sins. All of my darkness. All of my evil.

Only God can do that forgiveness of sin is the prerogative of God is his speciality.

Matthew was telling us the king is, and has authority in his teaching.

He has authority over leprosy is authority over disease. These authority even over the creation and he's the only one who is the power and the authority to forgive your sins the days you break bread is what when you hear to break, take that bread take that cup with your child when you to hear the words of Jesus to conduct strong, courageous, my son, my daughter, your sins, Africa.

Think of the one all of your sins forgiven and when God forgives your sins. He never brings them back you offended someone and they say you forgiven you in that unit to later they kind of remind you about about that God never does that when God and his grace through the blood of Jesus Christ forgives your sins.

He guarantees he will never ever bring them back before you the Scripture says your sins and your iniquities.

I will remember no more. And if that is the case, why do you go back to them. The devil wants you to go back to them to unravel in them. Dogs gone some hundred and three years sins, but separated as far as the east is from the west immeasurable is applying an infinite distance. Mica says that he is class sins in the depths of the sea, wonderful pictures to describe the magnificent unique forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ give his words.

My son my daughter since forgiven father, we thank you for the magnificent Savior came to seek and to save the lost. As we prepare our hearts to break bread your faith be strengthened. May we have a spirit of humble repentance to Christ the magnificent Christ who loved us and gave himself for us his precious name

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