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Living a Life that Lasts, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 27, 2020 8:00 am

Living a Life that Lasts, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 27, 2020 8:00 am

People are living longer these days, but how do we make those extra months and years matter? Join Dr. Tony Evans as he tells us the answer in this look at the subject of significance.

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Experience is so committed that when Dr. Tony Evans is getting an extra helping of the Lord comes from changing our focus. This is the alternative offer speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the people are living longer.

But how do we make those extra months and years matter. Dr. Evans will tell us how we can as he tackled the subject of significance today.

Let's join him. We can now shop shop makes a request in second Kings chapter 2 verse nine when Eli shall do for you before I am taken from a double portion of your spirit be on me I want I want spiritual experience now to make a long story short, if you read the book of second miracle.

He says you will understand me when I am taken from you show being so for you, but if it shall not be so somewhat got a double portion.

It would be the time about what he saw or did not tell if you save me a double portion. If you don't see me when I'm thinking you won't get the double portion because of your spiritual insight will determine what you receive. If you then you spiritual so you won't spiritual life.

Saying things from God's perspective, saying the spiritual spiritual once you say something is what you see is what you say you do not see all the rest to be seen unless you can look beyond the physical to seek God's point of view that is the whole nature of spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is to look at things spiritually. First, we first and if all you see on the five senses. You know, before you get a double portion that you got this back and see now Elijah the mantle is the transference of the above responsibility we see in chapter 2 double portion between 19 and in chapter 2 verses nine and that is between those two plans of the Scriptures that that is put in place to move away from where they to where he makes the request. Request gets responded to and the new word for the process that took place is called discipleship. In other words, he had to learn to look at things from God's perspective. So to Eli off for the mentally Elijah chapter 2 verses 1 to 9 show with which Eli took Elisha to prepare you for the of Elijah getting things mixed up as one of the came about when the Lord was about to take up Elijah by wind in that Eli went to Eli Gill gal Elijah said to Elisha stay here please send me as far as Bethel says stay here.

Don't don't come any further, but Elisha said as the Lord will not leave you. So they went down to stand here and go with you now in chapter 19 for you walking and going on a trip down one to test the level of this commitment. Are you just for the name of the press recognition of the real thing. Do you want? The folks at our church advanced degrees beyond high school. We have most of the folks going to college. Many have gone to got on the Masters. A few have gotten their doctorates. Did you do with but the real most didn't quit because they were shooting for that they were willing to pay the price to get for the benefits that would occur when they get to make more money with a bachelors degree. Maybe make more money with a Masters degree make more money with the doctor degree position one bit… I want you to get their homework with just because it was a lot of classwork because the degree unfortunately his children.

The great, the garden spiritually.

They don't want to graduate to the next spiritual and so they get when attending God diploma but the one double portion benefit one see what people do in the spiritual realm is they want to audit the Christian life. You know what auditing the class is class means the information, but not the work.

See you on the class because it would work and what reading assignments you want to class but you want the information you want the information that comes from us. We are many people come to church because I want to audit the Christian life. They want information from the pulpit. They want the information from the Bible. They want to be able to quote verses and save it with the church. But what they don't want all the home assignments they don't want the responsibility. They don't want the commitment they don't want the dedication they don't want, but they want to be able to say I went to class so they want to audit the Christian life. Let me explain something.

Salvation is free to do anything for salvation. It comes because you trust Jesus Christ as your Savior, but experiencing God's reality and history has a price… Want to give a double portion the full cocaine use. You don't want to give you all your money in your physical well wasted passion will take your life savings and blowing up in a moment because that's a waste portion God waste his glory want to waste the supernatural. So he wants to give it the focal wanted and do not believe just because it's inconvenient. So he says he said no I'm not. Verse five the sons of the prophets where Jericho approached Elijah and said nobody will take away your master from you today. Yes I know you said you sent me and he said, as the Lord and as you believe you. So the two of them will you keep asking me all you going away just because I'm committed to your old journal. What's interesting is when you talk to Bethel Jericho majority in each one of those places say what each one of those places spiritual experience that these were not just names of places. These were names of experiences Gill gal. The Bible says God removed the reproach of Egypt from his people you see them going to Think what we miss Egypt. We had meeting in Egypt that will remove the reproach of Egypt spiritual you still looking back at everyone you got reality you got to let Egypt go you can't be wishing to be back there and experience what you are one of the reasons we don't see the supernatural is still to this world we still bear the Dr. Evans will explore more of the discipleship process when he comes back in a moment to read about this final message in a series on Elijah first so I wanted to let you know that today's the last day to take advantage of our current special offer that includes all six full-length messages in this powerful collection both on CD and as instant digital downloads along with the DVD Bible study get the goes along with them.

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It's Tony or call us day or night at 1-800-800-3222 or one of our resource team members is waiting to help you all have that information for you again later on after part two of today's lesson and this connect the dots draw lines from one number to another and before you know what the picture.

She didn't even know was there.

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Tony today and connect with Tony Evans training center where you can explore the kingdom anytime, anywhere will change be the same person you were into your life become some Jericho Jericho now. Apple at the walls of Jericho went to walk around that one. On the last and on the last day that was gray that was gray walls fall down first actual call us do what God said want to experience the super natural double portion God so committed that we are still willing to do it because you learn to see Jordan when you cross a crossover Jordan different face what you and I called all the one that thinks that he's developing him through these experiences called father through his relationships with his biological father is a spiritual documentary. Next discipleship that the church is supposed to be about not just having church you have tried to not have the supernatural and not have a double portion this morning preaching is taken to a new level when I was a kid I started out playing marbles are not as good at it. Learn to be good at haply mobile everyday circle line in a circle. It was it was fun. I love me some marbles until I discovered when I discovered football. I kiss marbles good.

I kiss marbles goodbye because while marbles was fun. I discovered this whole world out there of football that I fell in love with it and now marbles take a second shift second seat because I have fallen too much in love with football seen too many of us will still plan marbles would God wants to show us a whole new level of a whole new realm.

So now when I cross over the Jordan.

As they were going verse 11 along the hall and horses which separated the two. Elijah went up to heaven. Elisha and cried out some Israel and his horsemen shot no will of his own closing. He also took up the mantle job that you and return and stood by banks of the Jordan he took the mantle job that fell from the said there is no end when he also had struck the water and he lives across the Asia was whisked away as he was transferred his mental fellow and now Elisha has a question where is the Lord God, but it was no God still mantle the Jordan River on open because while Elijah was gone was still here when God calls me to leave this place and will you ask God behind me.

The next generation is which will make a market only this one mark in the world become manifested and this was because you have access to closing.

Shed before to be shared again as we want to go to the next level individually as families and of the church to the man was on his honeymoon and he was riding on a foggy day to their first night together get a passing truck as he passed the truck even see the oncoming band head on collision and flip the call over and over into the ditch was knocked unconscious. He came to a few minutes later and saw his brand-new bright gushing with blotches gushing. He knew she would bleed out and I didn't get help shortly, but there was nothing around nobody around until he saw through his windshield and little science office of Dr. Bill Jones. How fortunate could be that there was an office right. The doctor's office to pick up his beloved stumbled up the hill and came to the door he knocked on the door. An old man came to the door. He said what can I do for you son say she is, which he said, I'm so sorry I'm practicing after practice for years was the young man said Mr. you have to choices. You can save her, and do what you do or take them, but that tells me that's what makes me think that when I saw him leaving America. When I saw supernatural this anymore name not the real thing will Christians God bring about the in front of even if you've never given a thought to God in the past.

It's not too late to start building your spiritual legacy and a life that lasts forever. If not you can do that today. Just log on to Tony and click on the link that simply says Jesus there. Tony will tell you all about what it means to be a Christian walk you through everything you need to know to start your brand-new life and just reminder. Be sure to request your copy of the teaching collection.

Tony wrapped up today is powerful Elijah series includes a lot of additional material and a companion DVD Bible study kit to get more out of every message as I mentioned, we are offering these powerful resources along with instantly downloadable audio versions of each message is our thank you gift for your contribution, provided we hear from you today so make a point of visiting us right away. Tony to make the arrangements before time runs out.

Again, that's Tony or reach out toward 24-hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 in the classic Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy discovers she had already been given everything she needed to solve her problems. Dr. Evans thinks it's about time Christians learn the same thing. So, tomorrow he'll begin a series called Jesus child with a look at what it takes to be over, I hope you'll join us for the alternative with Dr. Tony have made possible by the generous fusions of listeners

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