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Praying and Waiting for God's Timing, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 20, 2020 8:00 am

Praying and Waiting for God's Timing, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 20, 2020 8:00 am

you order something online, you typically get to choose how fast you want it delivered. But Dr. Tony Evans says that when you pray, that isnt the case. Learn how to wait for Gods perfect timing when you join us in this lesson.

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One. Establish what he has already decreased. God knows the answer to our prayers before we pray for Dr. Tony Evans says prayer is about in forming God, but rather about forming us. There is no God has already declared this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative when you order something online, you often get to choose how fast you want it delivered today. Dr. Evans explains why that isn't the case. When we pray, let's join him as he talks about how to wait for God's perfect timing. All of us live in houses that have been wired for electricity so that we enjoy the privileges of being blessed through the appliances we use the lights return often on through the heat, the stove or the refrigerator freezer or the mirroring of all the things that electricity provides the power for us to do few of us could conceive life without electricity because we know electricity gives us power, but that's how long that electricity provides leave the point of contact. The provision is electricity. But the point of contact is necessary to get what electricity is then off there must be a point of contact between you and God.

Me and God. In order to experience his power and supernatural provision must be a point of contact.

God has provided what his will has decreased but without a point of contact. You don't experience what the provision is if you if you don't turn on the light switch is not a power problem is not a provision problem. If the contact problem is you not making contact with the provision so you not experiencing the benefits of the bowel that many people today believe in God's power, but not seeing God's provision because they don't understand his place of contact with not making contact and so we think there is no power, we think that there is no provision when the reality is there is no contact at the point of contact between your need and God's provision is prayer. Prayer is the one thing God has established to make contact with what he has already decreed where there is no prior there is no contact and where there is no contact. You do not get what God has already declared you have notices will for many people. Prayer is like the national anthem before football game against it started, but has absolutely nothing to do with what's happening on the field and why prayer is your point of contact. You have to understand what God decreed when he made me when God made believe he gave three words that would ever control how he would interact with history. He said them. In other words, God says I'm going to do what I do in the physical visible realm from my visible spiritual realm and I'm going to do it through men and the way and make contact with me is through prayer. So all the Bible you will see were prayer and some photo fashion. When men make contact with God and God then ask.

Said another way, is the mechanism God has decreed that is absolutely necessary for him to release what he intends, does not make God do what he had planned to do, but what it does is release God do what you decreed to do in Isaiah chapter 65 verse 24 you want to turn me up.

But God says before you call I will answer before you call I will answer. In other words, Sir mid-May is just waiting on the call, God decreed his will for you already decreed what is going to do any of the created is like somebody putting in your bank but telling you, you must withdraw it sitting there, but it could sit there for the rest of your life. If there is no call from God has decreed beginning from the beginning he has decreed the totality of your life and all that he plans to do and it's already been decreed before you call, but the assumption is that you will call when you call that switching of the Cree event dispenses if it is with in his well so let's get this straight. Prayer makes the decree and the will of God doesn't make it happen just grabs it because it is already been decreed to happen.

Maybe you must have DirecTV and all you have DirecTV.

That means you ever receive a box that receive a box does not create the programming the programming is established on the multiplicity of channels that are available through DirecTV per se, but doesn't make the program but what it does when you turn it on is something you cannot see and put it on the screen so you now can see created by grabs it when it is turned on so that now you can see a picture of what you have to pay for and that has been provided through this life.

DirecTV depends on an order to show you something on your screen.

Prayer mechanism that grab something out of the invisible realm so you can see it in the visible realm. So God is the pre-Christian the sum total of your life what you will do and what he will do and when he plans to do it, but it's what the condition and the condition is prayer.

So without understanding and mine as a with the understanding that your job is to distribute what God makes to happen from the end of the most spiritual to the physical when Jesus prayed we was seeking feedback about the people with fish and barley those he prayed. All of a sudden Moby Dick of land on the beach and he gets his disciples to distribute it.

When God answers you become.

The notion point for his supernatural activity. You are the point of contact switch with prayer standing. Let's go to the base story and the life of Elijah start off by reading two verses chapter 17 verse one first Kings in the test by who was of the seventh of Gilead said they had the Lord God of Israel lives, before will stand. Surely there shall be neither dew nor rain these years except by my word. So Elijah tells I have is not Lorraine chapter 18 verse one and now it happened after many days, that the word of the Lord came to Elijah in the third DSA go show yourself and 1/2 and I will send rain on the face of the earth, so I'm chapter 17 verse one says is not going in chapter 18 verse one says is getting ready to rain and chapter 17 verse one). In chapter 18 verse one God says all statements were made by the same person. Let me explain why this writing thing is there in the first place didn't make this yesterday and doing a lot of the chapter 11 says 13 to 17 this is what God said God worship idols will now happen. So when writing shows another God's ongoing no longer bless your craps on the Lord bless your planting.

I'm no longer going to bless you for bearing and this if you go God. But if you turn away from other gods in heaven and I will rain again all I do is pray based on something God had said years are linked to Moses so reaches back to what God had already said and by the leading of God applies it many years later to the situation we find them in and what we got all the soap and bursting 17 to 19 were once tied to God's word. Said another way, if you know God's word you don't know because God's word must be the basis for the foundation of your request written a lot many of us play so generally, Lord blessed me, Lord help me which means you said absolutely nothing you been so vague is because you don't have a point of contact that you know about that you can point to in Scripture that becomes the basis of your request so you don't even know what that something God is interested in doing some vague general request that you say around grace. Bless this food to my body in Jesus name, amen.

Tag read much of his day and you see in a moment while that affects the supernatural is because it is to something God has said it, remember God is years before Elijah and we used it but it was a book to Elijah situation and that all things in Scripture that are applicable to you also know you know that you are seeking a miracle for the actual necklace. He rain on because you don't know how to live know how to link what I'm asking for what God has declared so is by referencing something God has previously declared will find out what happens next with Dr. Evans continues this message from his current series. Elijah this six CD collection focuses on the lessons were able to learn from one of the Bible's greatest prophets about waiting for God's provision understanding is perfect timing. Living a life that matters. Overcoming fear and discouragement strengthening our faith and commitment, and so much more.

Get a copy of this powerful message series and the in-depth DVD Bible study kit that goes along with it. We're offering them both for a limited time is our gift when you support Tony's ministry with the contribution and were even making digital downloads available immediately so you can begin digging deep into these lessons right away, so don't miss out. Visit us make your donation and receive your copies of the Elijah series digitally on CD and with the DVD Bible study kit again. That's Tony or call us. They are night at one 800 832, 22, and one of our resource team members will help you.

Tony will come back with more of today's message right after this.

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It's like having a seminary on your smart phone play going to say something in James chapter 5, beginning with verse 16 sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed.

The effectual prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

Watch this John was a man with a nature like ours and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, so we think things and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again, and this poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.

Stay with me.

God is not God's reign of three is between when he said no rain because of their idolatry and when it rains so what's this that Shay what only came when the idolatry was addressed and as long as I was idolatry.

God would not know rain to rain so we have people come to church all the time looking for that blessing don't want to be with Bob and God and so they wonder why it will rain you so you can share with an idol is anything you get you on your own independently of God. You become an but I want to know something else and says he pray that it would not rain, and that he pray God is not gourmet. God didn't say so already said it pray about, because what God has decreed needs a point of contact before it is delivered.

God did create rain start and stop rain until Elijah made a prim. In other words he was. The rain when he prayed.

Lorraine when he pray. So God's decree no light on some second. So God is to create exciting things for your life as well and is there to make the proper time.

When the point of contact is made so you have something God is holding onto. But then frame-relay said, because he is not yet seen the point of contact because even though God declared it didn't happen until he called for and he gives you the secret of prayer that produces the supernatural. James said the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

So we only know that Elijah prayed also know how Elijah prayed the actual fervent prayer of a righteous man abandoned lot and James is writing the New Testament Christians. James is writing to you in, but he uses the Old Testament say to explain the New Testament Christians open to delivering to open up to deliver the will of God, which is varying from person-to-person in its application so that if you understand effectual (as illustrated by James in the life of Elijah, you and I cannot have an opening and closing. No rain. We can just like Elijah affected and then I'll tell you how you know why because Jane says that Elijah was all like nature as us one Superman, Batman, Spider-Man will ask me some superhero just really want you to know you have nothing on you was flesh and blood just like you.

But what he said was an effectual fervent righteous prayer and that was the plan that close open so if you day looking for a miracle that will happen shot heaven, that is, bring this history based on the will of God's word. You must be a factual righteous prayer questions when they look like right verse 21 it says I am the sound of the rule of the heavy Elijah says I hear from the men in the process to follow. There is no storm yet, not even a cloud in the sky but Elijah will come your God will determine what you get you close to God.

You won't hear the will of God. One of our problems is we want to hear from God not keeping our distance from God. No, you could hear the will of God and timing of God's will see what the word of God said 11 but the flow is no applicable to me right now.

What spiritual distance is really additional communication with God not ritual communication with God. Ritual communication is not printed. I'm supposed to disgrace once} I'm going to bed and fall asleep in the middle (only know what I said why don't I think of the same thing on family life ritual prayer no, that's mostly relational prayer because I have made God not only God, no I don't.

I have drawn close to him so his Holy Spirit is able to speak to my human spirit about the application of the Scripture which is written in the word so the Scripture said it's gonna rain rain, something because he was in the proximity that Ahab didn't have and so we could pick up things that other folks pick up because of his proximity to the law.

What made his proximity. So close that Elijah was a righteous man.

He lived his life to please the Lord, you can sound of God's will and live a lifestyle that makes him sad that makes him unhappy that is not seeking to please if you can hear his voice and began a long distance relationship you want to experience supernatural power and the proximity must be close, it cannot be far away, so you can hear the sounds of the particular application of Scripture.

Your personal experience in a moment I'll tell you about what's coming up in part two of this lesson by Dr. Tony Gavin stay with us first, so be sure to get in touch with us and request his current teaching series Elijah as I mentioned earlier, you can get the CDs, digital downloads, and the companion DVD Bible study kit including exclusive content from Tony as her. Thank you gift for your contribution, but don't forget this offer is only available for a few more days, so make a point of visiting us to make the arrangements. Again, that's Tony or call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 what tomorrow. Dr. Evans will build on what he shared with us today and tell us how to take our prayers to the next level level. That's much more effective but much less comfortable right now though he's met briefly with this important word Bible lesson like the one we just brought you and go on with your day like nothing happened, or you can take an honest look into your heart and ask what does God want me to do with this. If you're already a Christian when you got the word of God the Holy Spirit inside to help you find the answer.

But if you're not the first step before anything else is to take the Lord up on his offer to forgive every mistake in your past, no matter how many or how bad and to make you knew from the inside out. That can happen for you today when you admit you can't be perfect on your own and asked Jesus Christ to become Lord of your life.

I put together a video that explains how it works. To see it.

Just go to my website Tony and click on the Jesus like I picked out some free follow-up as well.

I hope you will check them out. The alternative Dr. Tony is made possible by the generous fusion listeners

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