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The Detours of Perspective

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

The Detours of Perspective

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

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The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD

You may be making well so Dr. Tony Evans is even when Satan throws the first time God delivered the knockout God is put into the equation comes out of it.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative just because two people are looking at the same painting doesn't mean they're both seeing the same picture perspective makes all the difference that Dr. Evans will tell us how the right perspective can get us through anything.

Let's join them while waiting for God to do something you waiting for the old folks say your change to come.

You waiting for that thing. Maybe you in a situation like even as a Christian you say I didn't sign up for this.

I did sign up to still be single. I didn't sign up to be walked out on the remaining of the single parent. I didn't sign up for this miserable relationship.

I didn't sign up to be stuck in this job box. I didn't sign up for this, and when is this thing going to happen, but I'm believing God for asking God for calling on God for desiring God for when do I arrive it might just well obviously that question is going to be different for every person. All I want you to know is that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. You have one, but let me say this as you meander through the detours what your destiny that is your divine design for your brain is doing his greatest glory and the advancement of his kingdom as you maneuver your way there, the thing that will keep you going is having the right perspective and that's what I want to conclude the series with I want to make sure that you are looking at the right thing the right way. That's perspective. Perspective is how you perceive or view something like the boy who lost his contact lens that he was looking for 30 minutes he couldn't find it in the grass.

He told his mother. His mother looked for five minutes and found it said mom I could you find it so quickly.

She said you were looking for your contact lenses.

I will look at $450. Your perspective affects what you wind up seeing so it is important that you have the right perspective, particularly when you're on a detour when you're not in the spot you're not in the sweet spot, yet not in that place where you know this is where God is assigned you to be your inner feel like you're in a faraway place. One of the things I don't relish doing.

I don't look forward to doing is walking on the treadmill walking on the treadmill walking fast, sweating, hard, going nowhere. I'm not covering any territory you do it to you know it's a hard-working burn some calories but it's boring and so whenever you find me on the treadmill as I'm sure with many of you. You are walking on the treadmill while watching television. In fact, in every workout place you go to today the TV is built into the treadmill because I know everybody feels the same way I do. And so they have televisions in order to shift your focus while you work to get you looking at something different than the anguish you feeling at the moment.

One of the things you know is when you are focusing on something on television while agonizing on the treadmill why it doesn't remove the effort in enables you to bear with better because something else has grabbed your attention and have your focus as you maneuver to your destiny. I want to share with you what will allow you to go up the inclines and declines the positives and negatives that you will face on your way out.

Arriving at the place God has for you and will have to do with your focus. There is a secret to your spiritual success in arriving at your destiny's not really a secret. We talked about it but I want to focus in on it. Let me show you Joseph's secret Nazi verse is chapter 50 verse 20. As for you, you met evil against me, but God meant it for good. In order to bring about this present result to preserve many people alive you meant it for evil God meant it for good to bring me stay with me if you will look back at chapter 39 track with me. Here is what you will read chapter 39 verse two says the Lord was with Joseph. Chapter 39 verse three says how the Lord calls all that he did to prosper in his hand, chapter 39 verse five says the Lord bless the Egyptians house on account of Joseph. Chapter 39 verse 21 Jones was imprisoned, says the Lord was with Joseph. Chapter 39 verse 23 says, because the Lord was with him. Chapter 41, Chapter 41 verse 16 says Joseph answered Farrell saying it's not me. God will give Ferrell a favorable answer in verse 28 it says it is as I have spoken the Pharaoh God has shown Pharaoh what he is about to do. Verse 32 says now as for the repeating of the dream, the federal plight.

It means that the matter is determined by God and God will quickly bring it about the sacred Joseph arriving at his destiny if he refused to leave God out of the equation. No matter what the circumstance was it gets put in a bit.

God is within it gets turned over the slave. God is with him. He gets put in God is willing to put in jail. God is with every time we see Joseph in a different situation. Whether it's good or bad, we see God.

God will control when you go where you wind up in spite of the detours that you have to go through to get some of you may be thinking the devil has way where he wants me well so does God because the devil is not the only one in this equation is that you were able but God meant it for good catch.

The order evil. God good let go that order again gave all God good when you search the Scripture.

Here's how it plays out when it shows up. And God is put in the equation. Good comes out of it.

So what the data do is you gotta bring able and God so you don't get good because the patent got out of the little digging deep gambling control, but that will take able and bring God in the middle God turns it all into the equation. All through the Bible joked I'll be able, but when he submitted himself… Flip it and made a good the paper 103-5000 J is the master that you got a baby and that we got the God of the money can get smack dab in the middle. Dr. Evans will illustrate that point with a series of if then statements when he returns in a moment go away if you're like most Christians, there are people in your life you know you may not know Jesus really wanted to do something about that feeling equipment to share your faith effectively. In other words, maybe if you knew more you can do more. That's with the Tony Evans training center comes in. It's an online Bible's with classes that will take you deeper into the most important important concepts of things start with our free introductory course on evangelism to move on the subjects like spiritual warfare, marriage, building maturing in the faith, and many more. Content is challenging through it at your own pace. Anytime your online is also lots of custom content from Tony and an online forum where you can get your specific questions answered no to Tony and follow the link to the Tony Evans training center. It's like having a seminary on your smart phone know the message were listening to today as part of Dr. Evans nine part series exploring how the past to our destiny is oftentimes unexpected and unpredictable. Through the lessons contained in Joseph detours to destiny you learn how to make the most of the unexpected twists you face in life as God prepares you for a future you never imagined would like to send you a copy of this complete series on CD or instantly downloadable MP3s as our thank you gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry.

The alternative is 100% listener supported broadcast so we depend completely on you to stay on the air. Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 to make the arrangements and request your copy of the detours to destiny audio series. I'll repeat that contact information after part two of today's lesson. Here's Tony tolerance sat and saw the lights on the part of the development of no but in a place where concentrated sleep because right unjustly denied the feeling that met the insult of the Israelites was sold to the Israelites because it was in a bed caused by jealous brothers because of his father's day by day in jail did it. What in that debate the end of the beta and the cupbearer were in the same jail that made it into being the same jail diligently. And what the been in Liz's pot" because this would like to pick them up from his brothers like you because of the cold was wearing, but because it is now in jail with the barrel and the beta have a dream I need an interpreter be in the right place with the right at the right time with the drain, but he wouldn't back down if he had been put there by being charged with bopping so late in the been so brothers were jealous of the father made him about what jail then when the drain in jail named Joseph who interprets drain drain that the cupbearer could tell Roe about Joseph.

Joseph was in jail with the cupbearer. But Joseph was in jail with their God was put in prison unjustly because he was in this house and let the part of the body is because the Israelites sold them so because they bought it from his brothers and his brothers because his brothers were jealous and you haven't called, and sensitive father. So now the drain now says Joseph to pay the cupbearer. Joseph interprets the dream Pharaoh now makes him second in charge of agent when you have a political degree may have background not even Egyptian same rights and will drain because the cut that I remember him to give his life because he was in jail but he was supposedly only because Farrell brought him because his brother so the life of the father made a get somebody to come up and asked Joseph to go get some food that you but wait a minute from payment and active treatment, Robinson made second and shot Megan's drinking, no drink of the cupbearer remembered me because I dream is a place of the cupbearer that might put me to put me like soulmate like soulmate was because of me for because the no old because it but when they will God burst his papal the Jewish nation in the land of agent nation from 12 problems because it shows up second in command when it all started when the toady never asked for.what it will not be able one mass after another mass.

One situation another situation and still bring you to your destiny today to not be satisfied.

You say, but pasta push down complacency to beach and have a beach ball and try to push a beach ball down the further you push it down the more you propel it when you push away. Now, when the baby popped up fiscal part way up because of what you're pushing it into becomes a springboard for word really wants to go with the enemy is doing to submerge God let you lose will come up, and you will have a statement that will bring you God's glory and that will advance God's kingdom in your life. So here's what you do what you first of all to not give up on God to not give up.

The tendency is when you down to give up one God, the worse it is the harder you run to the more miserable and is the more aggressive you go after him, praise him, worshiping him in the sunshine. But if installment outside. I want you to make your praise happen to praise him and I want to run dawn in the dark. I know you looking for blessings looking for destiny, and rightly so you the secret is Joseph secretly know when God is good to any of this. It took him 13 years after being put away as a slave before he even gets the Pharaoh.

It takes 22 total years before he connects with his brothers again. So this is a 22 ESI in his life.

It took Moses 40 years before God could get away one of them to take him to his destiny. It all and 20 before God to get to the place where God would fulfill his promise to him. Jesus before God launch them in the public ministry.

So just because you got a year until a bit because you've got a little time is not working out like you like it just now that when you what we want is a microwave God when God is love… He wants to slough that thing and he wants to let that thing bubbling said and sent off until it spooked through and through until the transformation occurs fully in your life.

So I went to the left. Destiny is a God I'm going to give you everything I'm going to overdose on you overdose on you, God, I'm getting ready to get on your nerves go where you to death. Not that I can wear you to death. But if I could I would because that's what I would do. I'm a dog you, God, go after you. I'm going to I'm going to as the as David said as the deer pants after the water broke I will.

After you all got uncovered after you. I am going to not let you go like Jacob. I'm not going let you go until you bless me let you go. You show me what you have to meet, you will get me. I want you to give it all because we been alive long enough to know this world can only give you so much and what did you trust take. Here's how you know. Here's how you know that God is working on your behalf it will be because there's no challenges.

It will be because nothing is wrong, you will know that God is working on your behalf because every time it looks like you going down you bounce back every time it looks like you will lose some turns. That means, but…… What is it going… Good people but God people, but John said I did. It will… To bring me to this place. So he's moving down a chain you add destination that he has planned three keeps bouncing back to Dr. Evans will come back and with the final illustration about what it really means to bounce back. The detour the first were getting close to the end of Tony's current series Joseph detours to destiny.

And there's more material in this collection and we've had time to bring you on the air, so don't miss your chance to get the full-length versions of all nine messages on CD or instantly downloadable MP3s. As I mentioned earlier, this audio collection is yours with our thanks when you make a donation toward Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony Avenue and start order for the details or call us at 1-800-800-3222 again that's 1-800-800-3222 or online that Tony Dr. Evans believes there's a desperate need to reclaim civility in our culture today and he encourages each of us to find ways to demonstrate kindness to everyone we encounter the course of our day are acts of kindness change the atmosphere of our communities for good and for God will coming up tomorrow when you order something online, you typically get to choose how fast you want it delivered. While Dr. Evans will explain why that isn't the case. When we pray, as he talks about how to wait for God's perfect timing. Right now though he's back with today's closing illustration I was a boy growing up in Baltimore. The father bought me a blue punching back. I love that blue punching bag and no matter what I did to it. It kept coming back. I'd hit it before the band bounce back to I go for Banff who bounce back. I go go go go mousepad being one, to the wall, the ceiling in the Québec Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam, no matter what I did to it. It kept coming back. The really Coming back is there was a weight at the bottom that was heavier than the area at the top. So no matter what I did to it down.

Then determine where things wound up going to use Bam and you will go, but if you're the right foundation, that someone else may go Bam go go on the right foundation. In fact the devil make medical bone bone bone bone bone that may be alternative with Dr. Tony brought you made possible by the generous contributions from listeners like

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