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The Pattern of Detours

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 15, 2022 8:00 am

The Pattern of Detours

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 15, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Tony Evans says it may be difficult to understand why hard times, that's what God is doing.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans father speaker seen pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative, no matter how it seems our lives always go according to plan. The problem is it's not our plan today. Dr. Evans takes us to Genesis chapter 39 as he talks about how to recognize God's agenda when it differs from ours must join him to ask about them that you should look for if you are not in the place that you had planned to be in there is not a person here today who is not even need to come from a detour headed to a detour because life is full of detours. The first aspect of the detour which would come and introduced his detours always involve test detours involved a test test or trial in the biblical terminology task or trial is in her circumstance, either created or allowed by God in order to develop us in preparation for his purpose for us knows what is in your heart, but the test is designed to reveal it to the Bible says they trick us and so God wants you to really see what deep down inside of you and it comes out with a tense it's coming up on my annual physical review, annual physical review. I'm going to have to take a stress test which means a doctor put me on a treadmill and I've got a lot on the treadmill with all these attachments on my chest did not take my word that I think it's okay not to buy it because I feel like my Hansel cake asked me how I'm doing. Let's put you under some stress on the treadmill and the wall. Metro Ms. O'Connor, an incline and keep inclined until I'm huffing and puffing patella on the sweat perspiring until I can take it no patella flow in the town look at his paper and tell me what circumstances Joseph is in a test because he's now a slave in a situation he never planned to begin, and it is adverse event. No auto stalled into slavery by his own family and is one of chapter 39 said he stayed in Egypt and found the God from the instrument. Life is been bought and sold like property is in a bad situation and says the lines were taking and when we fast-forward to the end of the story. Joseph says God brought me to this place so luscious metal Mrs. when you're going through a test not talking about a task you create, one that God put you in going through a test mistake the hand of man for the hand of God. Don't mistake the hand of God for the handmaid faith people put them in the situation that he set them up in a situation give Michael his brothers were jealous of his brothers Putman. His brother plan to kill his brother sold his brother Dave and his new life.

The people what this plant life, but if you always say what people are doing and you miss what God is doing that you miss the divine purpose of the will allowed to be used by God to move to the next step where God wanted him to be just, this people is not God's sense, but it does not seem even though it's coming to the so don't get mixed up. God uses people even your people and your family to move you to your destiny by creating a detour during a test is being called to the witness.

You know what you do on the witness stand to testify is what you said you believe this is what you said amen to in church. If what you say, praise the Lord to when you were going through anything real test calls into the witness stand and says now testifying to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God because you understand if it's not real, doing a test. Your heart has revealed it wasn't real yet is real because you were dealing with anything, but it is during the test, the trial, when things are gone topsy-turvy.

Joseph had many reasons to believe God has abandoned him and you have those feelings. When you are in a deep pit where is God why God put me here. Why would I get the hips like the gap you want to get like this, but she property where God happens during a test. It seemed like God's phone line is busy going silent.

Remember, the purpose of the test is to develop you some minibus iron shirts I had shirt before we came today or maybe ladies you and your blouse.

You did that to get the wrinkles out you did that to get the wrinkles out the shirt or blouse mapping clean each but have wrinkles in it. You needed to get the wrinkles out. Joseph had some wrinkles. We found out that he was a tattletale on his brothers that he flaunted the code in front of his brought brothers to to show that he was the most love son weeks we saw that he had some wrinkles when a bad kid but he was immature, so God put in a situation the wrinkles out wrinkles on his shirt not your blouse. Could you plan to put on and you want to look good in so what God is, he puts us in test and he allows the ticket us and steam is writhing on the bus if not just plans where it wants to look good when he puts us all. So he allows the file of testing to bring steam out of our lives.

People not being mean and not be in the wrinkles of the good. When he identifies with now Joseph is living a life he didn't plan on his daddy didn't raise in the be a slave. That's what is now at least two to the second room on the detour to destiny of the pattern that God uses his training were told to learn through testing so testing is designed to provide training. Look at verse two the Lord was with Joseph. He became a successful man. He was in the house of his master's master saw the Lord was with him and God, because all that he did to prosper in his hand. Joseph found favor in the sight became his personal servant he put everything he had on the Joseph K still with training the one spiritual training, the Lord was with Joseph as a slave. The Lord was with Joseph in his trial.

The Lord was with Joseph being bought and sold.

The Lord was with him in on the words he didn't let his circumstance compromised his spiritual relationship seeking to get mad. I'm gonna try when actually is the occasion to draw near to God and says the Lord was with him.

Watch this while his life was going south slave now, but it says the Lord was with him with a sponge full of water and then you have pressure pressure to post bond will come out because it will when you feel the pressure, God comes out maybe discussing the comes out comes out for complaining that comes on will be Amanda comes out bitterness that comes out why events which will follow you when you saw the sponge to soak it is what comes when you put on the pressure. The pressure on the 12th, God before you hit the trial to come out of you when you try one allotment God in the case for God, now that I'm in closeness along the way. Joseph was with spiritual relationship as his priority and God was with him. This is going south slave, but he gives you the key here is the key to making it during the season of trial and says he became a successful man because the Lord was with not because of who he knew the company's contacts because of the notoriety, not the company name the company's bank account is successful man because listening to the Lord, you know what contacts you have what you think you have the rib that it was a success because the Lord was with him noticed by the way, since it first was with him. Verse three the Lord because all they did the prosper.

Verse five the Lord blessed the Egyptians house on his accounts because the Lord nothing. With the punish verse 23, because the Lord was with him. Did you get the point. Notice the word of the Lord was with him LORB when you see in the Bible LORH as opposed to L smile will be exposed to different Hebrew words LOV is the word Jehovah Yahweh. That is the self revealing God.

That's the God who reveals himself to you in the situations in life see a lot of us know God without knowing Jehovah Jehovah is when God reveals himself to you is that the law was with Joseph that was already lectureship will copy what religion they have a relationship. And the Lord was with him and the Lord made him a success.

So there must be the spiritual relationship that you particularly when life has gone like a diligent and the Lord blessed him as a slave.

God had much bigger plans in mind for Joseph. Dr. Evans will tell us about them when he returns in a moment. Stay with us. The thing about serving an infinite God is that no matter how much you know there's always more to learn. So, with your brand-new descriptor or an experienced ministry professional. There's something for you with Tony Evans training online courses covering core concepts working at your own pace and schedule will dig deep and historical context of the book uncover the key teach and learn how to apply them in real situations. There's lots of exclusive content from Dr. Evans to keep you interested and motivated, and an online form where you can ask questions and answers and collaborate with other students. The more you learn, the more you want to try Tony Evans training world discovered time anywhere you can find out more about the Tony Evans training center when you visit Tony Evans.or an answer. You can also learn how to get a copy of today's message is part of Dr. Evans nine part series exploring how the Pastore destiny can be unexpected and unpredictable in Joseph detours to destiny you learn how to make the most of the unexpected twists you face in life as God prepares you for the future. You never imagine would like to send you a copy of this complete series on CD or instantly downloadable MP3s as our thank you gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry.

The alternative is 100% listener supported broadcast so we depend completely on you to stay on the air. Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 to make the arrangements and request your copy of the detours to destiny audio series. I'll repeat that contact information after part two of today's lesson.

Here's Tony. Joseph is now in command and path of house K but what Joseph L come in command in all age, all nations yet got a job as makes him second in command so I can get some experience in leadership dealing with skills that need to be when I don't know all to give you you better take with you right way once this is working for non-Christian is a pagan not believer non-Christian company as most of you on pornography non-Christians non-Christian bosses non-Christian corporations non-Christians says about Jews verse five the Lord bless Egyptians house on the counter Joseph. That's the Lord's blessing was upon already in the house and let me do everything.

In other words, the Christian was the best employee the same about the Christian non-Christians the Lord would mean it sounds because the questions were in the field. So let me ask you what you witness like at work.

If you are accused of being a Christian on the job would be enough to convict you.

Would you be found innocent of all charges because you cost like you talk like to run around like to get drunk like there's nothing unique about you steal my self.then became the best employee should be the one time employee because it is with you non-Christian company non-Christian occupation span among the crowd because of your integrity because of your mistakes because of your morale and teach you stand out you are different than all the soap God giving him experience in a non-Christian for what God is going to do in his life. He's preparing a lie like this because of the verse three.

Not his master saw that the Lord was with but that's a pagan man man go see the Lord is with only two ways word and deed that if he was a witness with his mouth when he backed it up with his feet even talk about Jesus and turning sloppy work to do good work and skip the fact that his faith was the basis of how he worked.

It was word and deed talk about you all day and nothing done but it didn't get stuff done early Jesus just working for paycheck was working for person and the law was with him as the Lord with you in your career. Bosses wife is what his job was not his destiny can see a lot of us have made our jobs on destiny. See this job really was… A few minutes to get ready, fire, five job. If you owe him second in command job will be severely supportive. I as get a pink slip. So your job is not your destiny, your job may just be preparation for your destiny. Learn skills and is used for his kingdom. Make your job all in a better chance maybe you got little educational because his job was not his destiny but his relationship with God, which was going to determine his destiny was with him on his job.

God cares more about the development of the dream then the realization of the dream sees a dreamer's got the gift of having dreams and interpreting dreams he's dream and most of us a dream. As most of us have dreams. But God cares more about the development of the dreamer and the experience with the dream. Why, because when he gives you whatever dream he has for you. He wants to know that your shoulders can bear the weight of opportunity because if you get to a place that fills the dream, but you can bear the weight of your character to handle the dream that you hold you have a dream collapse.

He wants to develop person before he gives you the purpose and the deed to is designed to develop that fact. Detours have other detours. The D2 have the deed to not finish with the detours it spiritual skill development, and they still have the third part of the pattern of detours temptation. There was a test that was training. And now this temptation. Temptation is solicitation to do evil, temptation is not sin. The Bible says that the spirit of God. Matthew for the Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Yet the Bible says Jesus was without sin. So being tempted is not equal to 70 setting is yielding to the temptation not the temptation we all face temptations. That's not a sentence. The yielding that mixes something about temptation and temptation and testing all simultaneous events. In other words, if the same event being both at the same time.

While God is not possible. Satan is trying to deceive us and is about the same thing. That's why sometimes you caught between his Seca because of the same event, the spirit of God, Jesus, to become the sum of the spirit of God set in their mind being sent for the same business as God is God when it was really because the thing with the saving to get car dealerships to make sure you start your comments. Slam the door because no opposition will do the same thing because temptations and testing for development, not always. At the very same time, so long as Joseph Gallant anyone. He's been solicited for sexual relationship. Verse 10 says and she came to him day after day, so should not believe him alone and have no place you can go because he works there and the temptation will not go away because we live in the world today where in addition to our natural/we have everything appealing to hear.

It's a sexual thing, but it could be anything that wants to hold you hostage in real you win. Joseph knew that everything is been placed under his hands and he knew that could be jeopardized. He says, how then could I do this great evil and sin against God. Here it is. We all need to learn this principle. The reason we send boys because we love God bless what you know God is growing is that your hatred for sin is increasing and how bad you feel you've disappointed God allows us to become extended no cost to choose the most enticing thing.

Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the final story about a misguided turtle lesson she can teachers about finding our destiny.

But first we should look into getting a copy of Tony's current teaching series Joseph detours to destiny a set of nine messages that will help you understand that even when you feel like your life is stalled or gone completely off the rails. God still has a plan for you can take you where you need to go. It contains today's message as well as plenty of material we won't have time to present on the air. As I mentioned earlier, it's yours. With our thanks when you make a donation toward Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony for the details or call us at 1-800-800-3222. Again, 1-800-800-3222, or online at Tony Avenue and start all the Dr. Evans believes there's a desperate need to reclaim civility in our culture today and he encourages each of us to find ways to demonstrate kindness to everyone we encountered through the course of our day are acts of kindness change the atmosphere of our communities for good and for God. When we done something wrong. The right thing to do is apologize. But when we've done something right. Like confessing our allegiance to Christ, Dr. Evan says it's a different story.

Next time he'll explain what it means to be an unapologetic Christian loyal to Christ even when it cuts across the grain of our culture right now, though he's back with his final illustration story of the loggerhead tunnel is a huge count was once seen this… Total female was getting ready to burst, so she climbed up into the onto the sand dune in order to give birth, but after she gave birth to her little babies. She became disoriented and was not walking back toward the water that would be the Netflix.

The walk back to what she was going for that I will display some of the rangers came and they put they put shackles on the too big… They put shackles on the legs of the turtle and flip it on its back. The turtle back to the water to mount the turtle have been turned upside down because was flipped on its back and I don't know what the total was thinking, but would you flip me over my back and put you in shape because you're going the wrong way.

We gotta detour you.

We gotta take you back to the war because you don't know where you are. You think you are right but you going well because you've been disoriented by you and the circumstances that you get you back. We gotta pull you against your will.

And when I got back to the question why she went to the place you on the base and sometimes gone a long way to write like this will make the first aspect of the D2.

Nobody escapes this wants to be in God's will and experience God destiny in adverse circumstances that God created the alternative rock you made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like you

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