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The Scope of the Battle, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 13, 2022 8:00 am

The Scope of the Battle, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 13, 2022 8:00 am

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Knowledge of Dr. Tony Evans is many Christians seem to have a split personality and only one of them trust the Lord say that one.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. A lot of people believe that Satan is not real, he's just in your mind today. Dr. Evans explains that the devil is real in your mind is a dangerous place to let him roam about. Let's join him as he explains second brilliance.

Chapter 10 verse three about this in the last we do not walk according to the flesh/follow up on some of the burdens they strongholds Shui on this going watch this speculation being raised up against the knowledge of God and we are taking captive to obedience to Christ are not actually become my pledge, this source of spiritual battles find their root in your mind stops and you know because I have to do. Chapter 10 said with speculation. Verse five the knowledge of God. Verse five and taking every thought captive speculations come from the mind where knowledge rooted in the mind when thoughts come from the mind is all in. So you could get relief from your POW status by how when you been born again by happen to learn to differently Satan's thinking that we are not thinking about the world rather than God's thinking about the world and sets up an online online.

Accordingly, all transcendence, or as some burdens translated all whole sets of mind and see all that well, now send me a proposal telling responses and we are destroying speculations and every lofty thing that's key friends every lofty thing lofty thing a lot is a petition.

What is block information crossing over to the other side wants to blot the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God on Sunday petition is not a problem you had the problem you had a nice long night assignment for the protection and the knowledge of God sets up the knowledge of God say we wanted to know if you take God's word and the tree of life was meant to be there. I want you to take an x-ray.

We have the knowledge of God on Sunday morning prayer the Lord praised Jesus. I know God is true, but the person probably really ship would say that one is the knowledge of God, for God's protection direction of this petition called called look at it from the ninth: James 18 double mindedness is called double mindedness.

What you have to minds not want to say what you have to do what you have the Christian mind the secular mind to write up a petition God… That's all he needs to save my mind that's all he needs a committed committed not to have you given space to raise the lofty thing. The knowledge of God through all the luck in bringing you out of your prisoner of war status and some of us have been printed so long we will know how to live if they set us free. Some of us have been trapped in the sin or rebellion so long that we don't even think there is a way out.

This camp is no illustration before we look at our solution should illustration. Matthew 16 people should illustration of a double my Matthew chapter 16 Jesus has raised the question and say that I am about 16 and Simon Peter answered and said, thou art the Christ, the son of the living God. Got the right on. I'm not ashamed to tell it some of the living God save you take my stand with you.

Jesus complements member 70 Simon son of John, my father didn't happen this stand will take you a couple of minutes later when I talk about next month, next week or next year. Couple of minutes later. Look what happened. Verse 21, but from that time of Christ begin to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem to suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day we tell them about his suffering, death and resurrection and side and began to rebuild him. So you got off just to start with that now now now what you talk about okay just talking the talk.

I don't know what you're talking about God.

No way no how.

Nobody will kill you know, don't take your life.

God shall not go. I said no do not know you not see that I got my son not cause me no… God forbid. Look at Jesus's response to the schizophrenic St. turn to Peter and said verse 23 and me say that they get behind me. Once I get a lot son of the living God, and you are now now giving what God says thinking. I'm talking like not representing concern was concerned. Right now you have taken and taken such a close side with actual name right now say if they don't agree with God thoughts won't think they are wrong thinking as God was thought because Jesus had God to you and I couldn't be say Jesus Christ understood this and that's why verse 24, which is the come after me. I am so probably not go south me when you are thinking and thinking conflicts double line – and you cannot function between thinking and not thinking that God's thinking way superimposed thinking. Thinking of ever greater because when we want thinking in God's thinking, petition, attention, and the mind of Christ exiled the mind of Christ takes all controls. The mind control you want different because you think different, because you begin a trial show and I like the one language. It says in check and take every thought captive is more language captive you much reason in your mind every time you think something that is against the revealed will of God.

You must grant that thought taken hostage, would you think if you really POW here today in your personal life, family and some aspect of our churches ministry when you live the same address is best to ease this, become more complex than this and I think that's what we have a problem because we make the heart of God makes all the event difficult problems on on the estimated problem trite. But what I want to say that many of these problems we face are not near as difficult as we make because we have a godless mindset about godless month at the difference between a person God delivers in 24 hours and God delivers over 24 years.

Different spots with you. The difference is physiological.

The mind mind that the voice couple mind thinking didn't change and become the thinking didn't change the action didn't change the mind of the Scriptures. Just a moment.

Dr. Evans will come back with more on differential spiritual mindset can make now your wanting to dig deeper into the important subject. He's presenting today, I encourage you to check out the complete two-volume 12 message series is called spiritual warfare, and in it he learned the toughest problems you face are often created by spiritual issues that demand spiritual solutions. Dr. Evans offers an effective plan of attack and shines a revealing light on the devils tricks and tactics, allowing you to become equipped for winning victories on spiritual battlefield that can affect your marriage, finances, and even emotions and addictions.

Get your own copy of spiritual warfare on CD or digital download is our gift. Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution will say thanks by sending it your way again that's Tony or call one 800 832, 22, where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock to help with your request that information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this thing about serving an infinite God is that no matter how much you know there's always more to learn so brand-new the Scripture or an experienced ministry professional. There's something for you with Tony Evans training online courses covering core concepts working at your own pace and schedule dig deep and historical context of the book uncover the key teach and learn how to apply them in real situations. There's lots of exclusive content from Dr. Evans to keep you interested and motivated an online form where you can ask questions and answers can collaborate with other students. The more you learn, the more you want to try Tony Evans training discovered in time, anywhere. Chapter 1 first couple of passages in James like James casino play red came to know David not to make you feel good like Christianity is in-your-face, possible facing a difficult in your life and reverse it but let him ask in faith without doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind K back-and-forth format, not Batman expect that he will receive anything from the Lord being a double minded man unstable in all of his weight on double minded double minded means you have a point, and the bond viewpoint try and operate simultaneously double minded man.

You got what everybody thinks it would not think you try to get a table that was you think and what God said.

You're trying to mix-and-match the two of you are double minded man, and he says in verse seven that not Batman expect to receive anything from the Lord. So you waste time.

If you go to mix-and-match God's way with yours. That's double minded. Now turn to James chapter 4 verse eight God you have.

I'm interested in you sinners, and hot, you double minded. Remember in chapter 1 double people won't get any help from God so you thing this thing that's dividing your thought and God's thoughts. You must now provide a hot one. If you have the picture double mindedness. You not only have to address the symptoms you have to address the cost and the root cause is never what you are doing it again. A drug problem, no you don't.

You have a drug symptom problem know you have a moment, symptom problem know you don't you have alcohol symptom depression symptom set by the grace of God which is not helping you find all the things you're going, but you must also but just before you pick it up again.

I say well, but how you doing well. Bible is practical, so would James he tell you, in verse nine and on and you will be turning the morning and your joy to gloom.

In the presence of the Lord and he will exalt you miss interpreted verse be people when you thought about Raven be somebody from status in society, he thought about exalting you about your problem. You see, exalting you about that which is keeping you down. She thought that serrated best to say what God wants to do is you choose person read the Bible to look at me nonstop on all law what does that mean that means when you start looking at your sin as God looks at it that God gives you still think it's a joke you still think it's funny you think it's Not on mass job in the private God made the trip out inside. Not a problem is sin, not a bad habit of God, no, not that we won't get the help on the basic standard. Psalm 3418 the Lord and contrite in spirit, 117 on a broken spirit and contrite, 66, two broken in spirit, God, God broken up, God know when you mess when you say no no no no no no not only God said, change, when God sees you low grades picking up God's goodness picking you up is God doing what you could never do for themselves and that's what you say with me. It means you must begin to use God and his word like a slick new where pre-and post-call warfare. Knowing about all that but I notice God has such a high view of his word that if you ever learn to pray his word back to him. He can ignore your discussion to read.

We got no polite frame Lord blessed me today if I go to school but never go to work today on the highway at the joke nothing this prayer is general pray of the general lances more likely you about the evil in my heart I come to you about this lust and I got a problem with that. I've been doing.

I can adjust the dates that is fun to your Holiness, but here's what your word said that would save on bricks blessed me today man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Prayer general prayer became a God.God, the sledgehammer of God's truth and God's will and God back to God is like a sledgehammer doing well one time and nothing happened twice and now with the word of God. The foundation wall. Dr. Tony Evans with advice on bringing God's power to bear on the spiritual strongholds in your life. Now there's someone you know who needs the information Dr. Evans has been presenting contact us for details on his current series spiritual warfare and extensive two-volume collection containing 12 full-length lessons, including plenty of material we won't have time to present on the air. As I mentioned earlier is yours with our thanks when you make a donation to help keep Tony's teaching on the station just visit Tony to get the details and make the arrangements. That's where you can also find out about streaming the popular film journey with Jesus in journey with Jesus. Dr. Evans travels to Israel along with his adult children Crystal Priscilla and Anthony Evans to experience firsthand the places Jesus walked taught and ministered while on earth. More than just a captivating travelogue.

The Evans family discusses the biblical and historical significance of each stop along the way and what it means for us today for a limited time you can stream journey with Jesus right into your own home plan on making it a part of your preparation for Easter this year. Find out more about the film or the spiritual warfare audio collection when you visit Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222, and one of our helpful team members will assist with your resource request. Again, that's Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222.

Oddly, even people who always wear their seatbelts and the car will rush into spiritual battle without proper protection. Find out how to avoid that dangerous mistake joined Dr. Evans here tomorrow. The alternative with Dr. Tony have brought you fighting made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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