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The History of the Battle, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

The History of the Battle, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

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226 is better to have little in the aligned with God damn mind should be at odds with his plan. God created us shall nevertheless demonstrate to the great glory. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative.

The history of mankind is a history played with pride, power struggles and treachery. Dr. Evan says it's a reflection of the spiritual warfare that's been going on behind the scenes from long before humans took the stage right now. He's your to chronicle the events that have played a role in spiritual warfare and explain what that means for us today. Let's join all God's angels spirit being in God's spirit drink bring himself to a bright light, bright light, but I like because of being is imaginable that she consult with all you see like time to particular loops or signing one song actually and well. The question why, will show ribbon bow against God with pride a plan of rebellion if you will in heaven and God not willing to share his glory, Satan and his calls were from because God will not have authority in his presence, and they were cast to a place called and got besides just want to happen to create your own place called hell showing strength to you, you will see you as that will demonstrate God is not to be trifled with. God create some angels units that ability and strength will experience the creature will trust trust.strike and so trust me. So trust me. I am talking with David David in Psalm chapter 8 beginning with verse three describing if he looks up and overwhelmed with the thought of God when I consider the happen but I think of the mood of the stage which not have been question, what is man that thou art my Bible say God God and his glory is the six make camp to rule have put in God, no nothing in God's way and God said all run down and do some gentrification and working side and the birds not going to be leaving there were no birds, with birds casing. Stop moving all burst forth because God was your house will and will see all of the questionable water shall inspire you when the serpent comes up to the woman and God's Satan wants his plan back and back and guess what you and I are in the process of doing that God taken from Satan.

That's why so when we read the Bible because they were involved.

The choice of the week may that's why you before me, the Bible.

First Peter 112 says and angels appearing down trying to stay may be able to follow with all of angels called demons. God parallel the exact situation with man that he had with Lucifer was created a perfect being with choice, Adam was created a perfect B choice of all the trees in the God you may freely one of the tree in the mitzvah God may not eat, lest you die.

Why because I had to give you what I gave Satan in order for the battle would be even steep Adams Homestead was called Victor the 28th of Lucifer's Homestead was called to oversee all God's creation. God man oversee all of God's human creation. Just one thing after another.walk with God in the cool of the day God.

Dr. Evans will come back with more of our history lesson on spiritual warfare and just a moment if you're finding today's message intriguing and want to get a look at the whole picture.

I encourage you to check out the complete two-volume 12 message series that today's lesson is drawn from its called spiritual warfare, and in it, you'll not only learned about the nature and history of spiritual battles but also how, through God, you have all the power you need to stand firm against any attack the enemy cannot against your marriage health career or finances virtually any area of your life. You can get your own copy of spiritual warfare on CD or digital download is our gift. Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution and will say thanks by sending it your way again that's Tony or call one 800 832, 22, where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock have that information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this year, like most Christians, there are going your life. You know you may not know Jesus do something about that feeling. Share your faith effectively. In other words you more. That's with Tony Evans training center comes in.

It's an online Bibles with classes that will take you deeper into the most important concepts of things start with our free introductory course on the Angeles and move on to subjects like spiritual warfare, marriage maturing anymore content is challenging through it at your own pace. Anytime your online is also lots of custom content from Tony online for your specific questions answered no to Tony and follow the link to the Tony training center. It's like having a seminary on your smart phone. Bible says that the classification of angels following there will be two classifications of men save them and say electrical what I'm telling you is what you're experiencing has to do was have nothing to do and that is God wanting to demonstrate now I know I know you have a question for question was why can't fully answer God is great evincing a good right God.

No, not God in heaven no mistake most people make most people say when they say God's sake, created in the same sentence with God's God was showing some great you better. I am so great squash, but I am so hungry that I can take a less and by the way you like them. I like to believe his name of the life of the young shepherd boy named David story said he didn't know how to use all the fancy equipment that he couldn't even where the battle dog Serio 66 God takes the last to embarrass the greater so what Paul said.

Look at yourself. Not many wines, not many noble, most of us don't have much to brag about God have taken the nothings of this world effectively know what I'm doing in the city boy with nothing to show but God reached down in the keyword grace password down there down there when he taught school makes the great Babylon that's why angelic conflict. The keyword is grace go to the game with another team coming to the would be boring and it would be like we need to see some resisting in order to appreciate God for think I could squash you will be no fun sweet shop so that he gets more glory, Satan's spurned grace. Some theologians believe they will offer the opportunity for salvation private history and rejected, but at least they spurned the grace the Big Creek chilliness God is going to show them the glory of his grace. When people yield to it.

God allowed sin, although he doesn't call sin in Isaiah 45, seven, just as a composer of music may include discords in a song in order to create an overall God of the loud discord he allows sin, that grace may be greater that God wants to show with hatred of sin. She must show with justice he wants all of us to see this angelic conflict that he is a holy perfect God and he does charge sin. He wants us to see is with them. Ephesians 310 says that God does what he does, so that the manifold with the may be made known to angels and savings break config nothings and overcome something also wants to demonstrate his power. You don't know how oppositional is not what God wanted Pharaoh same principle of the paper Pharaoh you know just to show you some before I can okay let you see what I am destroying you will like. I want you to feel. So,,,, between the rats and have a lot of Gothic demonstrate to you my people see what women live by grace.

God not only did that anyone to demonstrate the key here is the key that love can only be expressed grace in order to simultaneously satisfy demand that love can only be expressed grace in order to simultaneously address of the map, don't you think God can't skip sin. Yet God loves you. So if you can't skip sin, and yet he loved me. How can he found a spot justice that monthly was sin and also satisfy blood he must have a plan of grace and so in grace. God is provided salvation for people, which means that you can justly deal with his holiness bottle thing Tom expressing his love and that of the manifold wisdom of God.

God wanted to demonstrate that there is no life or meaning apart from him when you walk out on God to how bad things are when you walk God you walk down some people get mad now.

Like his words all will be left to be nothing.

She left me worse. Your life is because there is no life or meaning apart from him, and finally God wanted to secure service out of love, not God didn't want people serving him just because he created them and he was going to jump on is why he gave Adam the tree you love me enough to trust me enough to obey me or do you want to find your own way so below God created us to show that the lesser demonstrate to the greater glory Dr. Tony Evan encouraging you to trust God's power and presence, and do your part for the kingdom of God. If you'd like to get a full-length copy of today's message is called the history of the battle and is just one installment in Tony series on spiritual warfare collection you find yourself going too often for hope and encouragement during your own personal battles.

Don't forget this powerful 12 lesson series is yours is our thank you gift when you make a contribution to support Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony to get the details and make the arrangements and that's where you can also find out about streaming the popular film journey with Jesus in journey with Jesus. Dr. Evans travels to Israel, along with Crystal Priscilla and Anthony Evans to experience firsthand the places Jesus walked taught and ministered while on earth. More than just a captivating travelogue. The Evans family discusses the biblical and historical significance of each stop along the way and what it means for us today for a limited time you can stream journey with Jesus right into your own home plan on making it part of your preparation for Easter this year. Find out more about the film or the spiritual warfare audio collection when you visit Tony or call us at one 800 832, 22, and one of our helpful team members will assist with your resource request. Again, that's Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222 well as we've learned Satan's problems began when he decided to rebel against God. So how did we get roped into the comp. How do we survive. Find out when you join us tomorrow. The alternative with Dr. Tony Evan made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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