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The History of the Battle, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 6, 2022 8:00 am

The History of the Battle, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 6, 2022 8:00 am

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So you can make it on your Dr. Tony Evans is the idea that were self-sufficient and morally independent is very old and very dangerous when lots of the self back is thinking this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative.

Satan has been keeping the world bound up in sin very long time. Dr. Evans is God has a plan to untie all the knots and today he explains the important role you play in the process. Let's join them in a perpetual state of spiritual conflict is the basis of pain and suffering because the dimension the spiritual realm happily around flesh and blood, but not around so your pain number six not in the room and because Christians have been Written around think people are. The only problem 12 point see what a freebie film know you going to the movie house glasses. The portal you going Marianne, if you take the glasses off you. You couldn't see very much but if you put these glasses on the screen because of the 3D imaging became clear, and you saw what was really going word of God is to figure out what's really going on in your life. My life family my family this church. Every church in which we live in a battle that outside of time and space as we know it that determines what happened.

It is simply a spiritual many many years ago God created me call angels. He created himself that they were created spirit being in God's spirit. When God himself. You always bring himself to a bright light, bright light of glory with always tied the light become applicable, God being at some imaginable that Sean and so when you read about all you see like become what God wants off material character in the creation of the material being that we call angels.

That was one in particular was Lucifer, or signing one when God's selfless little creature that he was going to create in order to worship him and him him let me create a masterpiece going to be okay angels and beautiful angel want to create a masterpiece and was signing one introduced to Hilda 28 and verse 14 one.

All of them because of what God told him with a holy mountain becomes important. Verse 13 the name of this mountain that had a garden surrounding it the name of it was worth 13 million from another place, even the Bible the garden of Eden was when the right garden of Eden in the Bible in Genesis chapters. The first three chapters is a duplicate of the garden of Eden before Adam came.

You that believe that important because we got to find out that not every duplicate evening happen in order for the conflict believed in coming connection is being walked verse 14. In the midst of the stones of fire. That is God's way past the middle absence of God is high-ranking team tells us you were blameless all the way.

When God created, God created them.

No no no fall created. Nothing was wrong with you know this magnificent creation, along with all manner of beauty.

Verse 13 goes into every life would because God is very high on rubies and diamonds and lace them with Brigance and all.

What a sight.

He was that is according to verse 15 until unrighteousness was found in you. First problem perfectly created being, with unrighteousness being found not the problem. Problem is created perfectly in the God and God created a perfect being a perfect being, bad like a contradiction perfection but something long and all God to create being that with perfect that could become perfect God would have to re-create himself in on God to create a perfect meeting that could never become perfect it would have to re-create himself God re-create himself God will one God created a perfect God balls apartment buildings election shows up what relate to choice, not by their created this so what God and all the angels and what he put in Adam was the show choice because God could not re-create himself. One thing God. These women would not give you make between that you cannot read duplicate himself God given the right choice. That is starving by choice, not simply by mandate gobbled the time because God wanted worship by willingness not worshiped by mandate only unrighteousness was found in Fitzgerald now I will go today detail but just so you know the basis of it so I can make up a very important point here.

Just so you know the basis of it.

You are entirely violent for 16 says and use that why cast down from the mountain. What made you 717 your hot because of your beauty by reason Satan you bad boy yelled looking God saw Jody Critchley Metz and well saw the question why God is pretty by myself with all of its glory, beauty and power in all of this grandiose mass probably will begin to walk with God. They wouldn't be stents, they would not look at me I'm sure it will. How do you know what we get things… I will I will I will I will I will. It was a choice of his will, meaning God grant you the ability to make a choice chosen to rebel against God word pretty.

May God be more than a little loose was in some pretty solid lunch has come along so well so that only God, you can make it on your own. That's why the Bible says people who think like that, children of the 25th because you're what God has done like common sense: you can't.

That's when you forget the Lord your God will give you power to make this well that's one of the greatest of all the Bible think you are who you are and when you become the self that is the thinking of them. Dr. Evans will come back with more on the history of the battle in just a moment.

First though the message we been listening to today is from Tony series on spiritual warfare in these lessons you see life's problems for what they are symptoms of the invisible spiritual battle going on around us.

You learn ways to work through those problems using God's tools, tactics, and power. It doesn't matter whether the everyday challenges we all face or the more serious attacks that show up in the form of substance abuse strongholds, sexual or emotional problems or relational issues.

Once you get your own copy of the messages in the spiritual warfare series is our gift. Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution that will say thanks by sending all 12 full-length lessons your way again that's Tony or call one 800 832, 22, where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock to assist with your request. I'll have that contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this lasting friends that incredible you won't want to join Tony on a journey through this display of paradise from the majestic mountain peaks to the forest green steaming with landline class. You'll hear life-changing teaching from Dr. Evans and their gifted teachers began our podcast 6 to 13 filling uplinks to reserve your spot Tony Evans tried all three well, there just read all God will share his glory would not want a plan of rebellion if you will, and have angels them, million million million one Revelation chapter 12 or 71 of them don't God anymore applied a mess you up because I regret that persuade them and not willing to share his glory. Verse 17 says cast to the ground. What ground. I therefore think others will ground you were Satan and his calls were from heaven because God will not have authority in his presence, and they were cast to a place called and so to speak, because of your rebellion because you wanted to be like create up I will remove well.

You sentence. Matthew 2541.

He will say left. Apart from the first one and 2012, which have been prepared for the devil and giving you total was 24 rebellion against God. Verse six, next to the last book about Bible June 6 and angels who did not keep their own domain, but a bad problem about worshiping God Any total bond documents for the judgment of that great God does not play with his glory. God does not play with the old 60s with the big stop. Who do you think you are God play with his glory and your rebel against God. And when God pleases.

That's exactly why Paul think of the Bible are convincing strongly because like they lead others with its.besides just checking what happened. Create your own place called hell, showing strength to do you see experience as that will demonstrate God is not to be trifled with inter-made Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning God created us and garbage in garbage is all mashed together.

We know that could be separated from the land become with me, including your life.

All shop all night, a place become all God. The point is that God had been an God beside the two create something called time between the past. Living three times now, the messenger teaching in high school and college, I would like to say that this event and don't want to know about this recently but about the issue is that is you go see that's where this long time. If long time before the garbage garbage dump is about 10,000 you go using biblical chronology of whispering watches out there been limited. The planet Earth planet becomes… Satan is garbage them. God did not want to do for him, but wanted to royally what God decided was that God will word all water, and God's web.I think most people think God is to be like no we could let there be light become hell have made so God says that water show Jewels in this looking at this reaction jumped up 30 God to you when I laid the foundation.

If you have an understanding measurement and you know what goes on in all its bases on what cornerstone when the morning. The angels sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. So come back to this dark place, they rejoiced because God was now going to build something God create some angels.

That strength will experience the creature will trust that will not strike and so you know what Dr. Tony reaffirming the less is more God is in the equation. If you like to get a full-length copy of this message. Check with us for details on the lesson called the history of the battle. Better yet, you can get. It is a part of Tony's two-volume series on spiritual warfare collection. You'll find yourself going too often for hope and encouragement and instruction during your own personal battles. Don't forget this powerful 12 lesson series on CD or digital download is yours is or thank you gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry. As always, you can reach out to our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 to get the details. That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us and while you're there, be sure to discover how to stream the popular film journey with Jesus show last year in theaters around the nation journey with Jesus brings the New Testament Gospels to life as Dr. Evans and his adult children visit the locations of Jesus earthly ministry connecting them to their significance for all of us today. Plan on making this film part of your special reflection for Easter this year. For information on how to take advantage of the journey with Jesus limited time streaming opportunity visit Tony today, the history of mankind is a history played with pride, power struggles and treachery. Dr. Evan says is a reflection of the spiritual warfare that's been going on behind the scenes from long before humans took the stage, be sure to join us tomorrow as he continues his look at history of the battle. The alternatives with Dr. Tony Roth utilizing made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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