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The Nature of the Battle

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Nature of the Battle

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 5, 2022 8:00 am

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Don Dr. Tony Evans. His victory comes when believers realize who's doing the real fighting will actually this is the alternative with Dr. Tony. Other author, speaker, seen pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative Dr. Evan says the success or failure you experience in this world is determined by what goes on in a different world. Let's join him as he explains there is no battle that you could conceive that can match that could compete with the battle that you and I are engaged in going to be discussing every area of your life and every individual in your life.

There is not one boy one girl one man or woman who can extricate themselves from the battle of the ages.

Spiritual warfare is no place to run.

No place there is no foxhole but you can get in to that will alleviate you from the repercussions of this battle. The battle like none you've ever thought about conceive dog heard or interface with the worst battle in human history and its peanuts next to the battle that we will be discussing this battle called spiritual warfare. Many of you know what it's all about. Even though you may not know that it's a warfare because you are one of the casualties. Perhaps you are an emotional casualty of this war, discouragement, depression, and downtrodden nests, perhaps a sense of even split personality has by this war really about the benefit in our marriages by divorce conflict. Being bruised and battered as children growing up in insensitive homes. You thought it was simply a problem of a bad mom and a bad dad not the problem of abandoned war and you and I are in the midst of that warfare affects us morally affects our ability to control our passions, or to yield to those passions. Many of us did not know about our financial situation is directly related to losing the warfare. We just thought it was related to the credit cards when it is intricately tied to a battle that is raging beyond the scope of what you naturally think of this battle affects us in our relationships, our friends, coworkers, no matter where you are and where you try, you are recipient of the battle of the ages battle. I simply call spiritual warfare. First of all, let me clarify the essence of this let me state this more. It's all about what you must understand understand is that this battle is cool and it's hot and it's the spiritual is not first physical in his 1st that you understand and I understand and relate to it on a spiritual level to the degree that we can make sense of it and be prepared for the mission will help spiritual law that conflict in the angelic realm that is being waged in the context of the billable reset again when I use the term spiritual okay I am referring to conflict occurring in the angelic realm that is being flushed out out in the very simple program. The way the call is something you can't sleep you are fighting in the context of an battle that involves being taking it out on you and you can see much. You can see the call. This battle is something you can see because we are told in verse 12. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood rollers and powers of this again spiritual forces of wickedness. A places to put it another way, you in a battle fighting beings we can see we can see Paul the apostle said, you make a grand mistake. If you think people are your problem is that while not against flesh and blood. That means people as bad as people mimic conduits of another battle.

What is not living up to Mickey successfully got people calling people to be the people that they all about submitting situations in the change people not doing right. Maybe not understanding that the people who are not doing right by us goodbye well beyond the control of a person that they can control and tell you I understand that what through people to rake the wrong thing. The people but what happens to people through you made two people upon us all something much grandiose than they is a whole spiritual battle. Now let me try to make sense of this because today I want to set a foundation say this again physical calls are provoked by something spiritual that has nothing that your five senses partake of being that is not generated and influenced by bad which your five senses partake of which may going to fight the six cents something that goes beyond the use of analogy and the obvious use of your physical well-being. Daniel chapter 4, 26 states that is what takes place on earth. Everything takes place on earth was precipitated by something that took place in heaven so that I can tell you I now can address the spiritual cause, the physical effect open this series will save you some because you'll stop spending money on solutions that don't start with a spiritual solution. I'll save you some time to spend time on man-made solutions. With the spirit realm and get back to take care of the physical realm.

Perhaps this series will save you because the starting fires with the wrong people you will start first with the wrong spirit world had done to the people doing wrong to you when we understand that this is virtually provoked. It affects our worldview. That worldview has to do with the land by which you perceive reality once worldview has to do with the convictions that determine what you believe your world do you mean how you look at life. Now the only real worldview is a naturalistic worldview materialistic it sometime call in today in America.

We can even call it scientific worldview, worldview, naturalistic, materialistic, scientific, that simply says that man by his reason can figure out how the world works and so if you can put in a test to look at it that way and it manifests itself becomes a hot Assistance when you reduce it to a place that said begin work on it that's all you need is naturalism or materialism of all scientific orientation that have led to agnosticism and atheism. That is, you don't need God to have a test to naturalistic worldview and the tragedy is that many of us as Christians have been lowered into this world that we know not the other worldview. We just don't live by the other worldview and when I talk about worldview. What you say in my thought about what you're thinking How your living because you determine the worldview by present behavior by persons talk I can say all day long.

I believe in God but my walk doesn't want like I believe in God.

I don't really believe in.I just know the right theological terminology used. To make everybody else think that I believe in God you worldview is always determined by your foot never bite your tongue on the other side is the spiritual worldview, spiritual worldview says that there is a row that sits outside of this realm like some of the TV show says another dimension world that this world reflects, but that is not applicable what this world is now most people believe in some form of spiritual worldview. You know a person believes this worldview when I pick up a newspaper and turn to the horoscope section. What they're looking for is something outside of this world something of the stars out there that will make some spiritual principles that will govern the decision-making today. People reflect a spiritual worldview. When I go to the local palm reader to get somebody to look at the call and come up with a spiritual way of determining how they going to be blessed with regular merit going to meet next week or even to get in touch with the dead of an attempt to get beyond the obvious physical environment in which we live and make a contact out there and beyond the reach out to some twilight zone sort of place and make contact with the other world. The problem with the spiritual worldview that you can have a spiritual disconnect with the wrong spirit until your spiritual worldview.

The natural look to be with not sufficient because the government and to really request to tell you who y'all off when you came from and to be the answer to the first cause.

What got all the start of the naturalistic scientific worldview is limited science today is beginning to realize that scientific test to solve the mall crisis of the day they don't keep teenagers from killing each other. They don't deal with this in visible part of man that has to be addressed why because this world is tied to another world that you can't see Dr. Evans will come back shortly with more insights about the spiritual battle were involved in the first I want to let you know that today's lesson is the first two, volume 12, message collection from Tony called spiritual warfare.

In it you learn how to tell when the problems you're facing are just problems, but spiritual battles. You can't possibly win without using God's tools and strategies as you learn to do that you start seeing yourself turn from a victim into a victor. We want to help you start fighting the right battles with the right weapons so we're offering a copy of the complete spiritual warfare series on CD or instantly downloadable MP3s as a thank you gift, you make a donation to help keep Tony's teaching on the station. The alternative is a 100% listener supported broadcast so we depend completely on you to stay on the year visit Tony to make your donation and let us know where we can send this powerful collection of messages. That's Tony or call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 never closes, so there's no need to wait again that's 1-800-800-3222.

Dr. Evans will be back right after this also husbands and wives. The source of our authority as believers. Understanding the concept of grace.

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It's like having a seminary on your smart phone or device. Start today Tony which you essentially spiritual spiritual call. The relationship between your emotions on this emotion called anger and the spiritual walk just by clipping back one page to chapter 4 verses 25, 26 therefore may also speak truth, each one of you with your neighbor, but we are members of one another. Be angry, and yet do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger, why, and do not give the devil an opportunity.

Please note, if you make the correlation between the uncontrolled got an opportunity granted the devil to take over a compartment of your life.

Many of us are suffering today because the unresolved anger that never got dealt with yesterday and we just think well you did me wrong when really Satan has gotten a hold of my motions and destroy our ability to function because the spiritual opportunity that was granted by the many about something getting out family live with anything at all the way back to Adam and Eve, you know, the first family was something about the devil but the Bible even regulates the devil to the sexual relationship between a husband and wife. He says in first Corinthians chapter 7 verse five stop depriving one another except by agreement for time that you may devote yourselves to prayer and come together again.

Let Satan you become your lack of self-control. He talked about the fact that when a husband and wife don't have a dynamic physical life. The devil is looking at that as an opportunity to come in and to bring about moral deterioration in the family gets down to the wrong everyday aspects of life. It affects the charge. Paul told Timothy.

At first the chapter 4 verse one he says. Watch out for doctrines of demons that will trace the church and a person is being led down the defeat in the spiritual welfare because everything the teachers teaching doctrine. Just because somebody quotes the Bible does make him okay. Sometimes people say amen the stop is not even in the Bible simply because the person saying it. The Bible right now you and I are in the midst of a wall and the head of this call, the Prince of the power of the another word grave and the stuff every compartment that you live in, and nowhere to run.

When you find out you want to know where to run but you better learn how to fight convincingly when you survive.

So the key essence is simply this is your ability to control and influence the spiritual realm that will determine three or defeat in the physical realm. It is your ability to control or influence the spiritual realm that will determine record in the physical realm.

If you and you are to be the deal with the spiritual realm control or when the corral and somewhat Satan's job Satan's job is to get you cannot take the spiritual realm seriously because the victim died on the spiritual realm only place where solution lines while it's cold from the absence of the battle spiritual to the location of the battle. Verse 12 said verse 12 said that was raging in a certain place is called in heavenly places. In heavenly places in the Bible and spoken about three levels, one atmosphere at The place where you and I live a place of oxygen where we breathe when we fly airplanes off the atmospheric Event that embellishes this or removed from the list. Have until it's your heaven. That is where the stars exist. That's called the second heaven is also where the Angels reside, angels are called stars.

Stars at night. That is to remind you of something, but just starts God made stars because he created spiritual beings whose name was dollars what God it was great spiritual being angels spiritual stars and gave you a reality. To remind you of them. But when we think*pickup spiritual*angels sauce with pickup spiritual stars, you know, what you're up against a bright starry night stars all over the place and that is precisely what we face will replace the stars of heaven or the angel of God will be hell to take place in heavenly places. The heaven of the throne room of God where God's law offices of Ephesians chapter 1 verse three Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing where in the heavenly places that his verse is to think of God the father, them heavenly places, but not as well since then it says your blessings in heavenly places that you and I will and we need blessing when the war and the blessing that we made the window with the father of the war and the blessings that we made eye with the father. Happily, places you don't know how to get the heavenly places you don't know how to get to the black things. The gap when the wall replace are in heavenly places everything in heavenly places everything and happily play the learn to take a trip to happen. That's where the accident is that women never find me stand and stick with me stay with me because as you see as we go through this. You are seated with him like you gotta pull out a roadmap waking up to when not trying to find out where to go.

You already because all heavenly place. Dr. Tony Evans giving you a new perspective on the spiritual battle around you, and he'll come back in just a moment with a couple of final thoughts for today, but first I want to let you know that for a limited time, the popular film journey with Jesus, starring Dr. Evans, Crystal Priscilla and Anthony Evans is available to stream online in journey with Jesus. You will travel the streets fields and synagogues were Jesus walked and visit the locations were some of the most powerful events recorded in the Bible took place previously shown nationwide, but only in theaters.

You can now bring this extraordinary experience right into your living room. Find out more about streaming journey with Jesus, said Tony and while you're there we should look into getting a copy of Tony's current teaching series called spiritual warfare. A set of 12 messages that will help you readjust your spiritual armor. It contains today's message as well as a lot of material we won't have time to present on the year. As I mentioned earlier, it's yours. With our thanks when you make a donation toward Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony for details or call us at 1-800-800-3222 again that's 1-800-800-3222 or go online to Tony Satan's done his best to turn the earth into a garbage dump of sin, but Dr. Evans says God has a plan to undo all that next time talk about the important role you play in the process right now though he's back with a final challenge to wrap up today's program to save the church like life is too much for me going around spiritual warfare bouquet go around talking to the devil I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus devil don't go anywhere you know nothing about the word, not like my type I rebuke you in the name of this. So what can handle that well.

But the Bible said June when Michael the angel came up against Satan, Michael wouldn't even fight Satan 1012 style. Michael said to in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ this week how strong you.

You can say, but I know that I have the ability I don't have the ability because I know you because I trust you because you can't do you talk to them when I could never do thing about my own and then you'll begin to see the log string.

The law in dealing with the devil in the alternative, with Dr. Tony, have you made possible by the generous contributions from listeners like

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