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Claiming Your Legal Rights

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 21, 2022 8:00 am

Claiming Your Legal Rights

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 21, 2022 8:00 am

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Just so's word is his spin Dr. Tony Evans is when that standard becomes our standard God's power becomes our power and right side of his word and the right side of answer. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. When we pray, God has the right to say yes no or weight, but today Dr. Evans explains that we have some rights to, and we often get them all wrong. Let's join them as he begins about what we called kingdom kingdom.

Prayer is the divinely authorized methodology to access heavenly authority for earthly intervention through kingdom prayer we want to draw.

I have been into history eternity into time. Jesus tells a story in Luke 18, he begins by saying in verse one to his followers should always pray and not faint thinkings to quit. Give up throwing the tile it means to let discouragement will you in chapter 17.

The last verse, he answered and said to him, where the body is. There is also the vultures will be gathered where the body is the vultures will be gathered now man ought to always pray and not faint.

What does praying in that family have to do with dead bodies and vultures. When you watch television and you seen somebody Diana In place you seen somebody lose their lives. Vultures gather around death they can smell death and when they smell them they descend upon the deceased carcass of a person of an animal because that is been around they are in the realm of death when there is death. Jesus is you will attract vultures delivery put it in everyday language where there is the absence of God. Demons take up space where there is the absence of God. Vultures commit the demonic realm descends because that's the moral world of the world. Death and so if you living in the realm of death in your personal life you have to go find demons they can sniff it out in our culture. What you see happening in our culture the day of vultures.

The sending up on a docking Society because they can smell it. They can detect it and so where is vultures accumulate so this is becoming very important. He said because you and I live in the realm of death and therefore in the realm of the demonic vultures are to always pray and not faint. Now tells a story to define what he means by pray and throws a concept in this story. That's different than most of our prints. There is a widow in the Bible the window and be offered were the lowest on the social ladder. They were typically poor defenseless and alone we have a widow. She comes to a judge for him to use the law to deliver her from somebody who is attacking her so she goes to this judge told this judge had no regard for God and no regard for me. He didn't care about having heated Cared about money, so this desperate widow comes in the name of the law to a personal suppose uphold the law and say please give me legal protection keep me from the attack that is coming against me by my opponent because she couldn't resolve it herself so she went to the law to rectify her problem. That's the scenario so the judge now says even though I do not feel God and I don't respect man yet because this widow bothers me because this woman is getting on my nerves.

Nagging me that that's the point.

This woman is driving me nuts.

She's going to ruin my reputation and since I care about me and my reputation for the sake he says I am going to give her verse five legal protection that's the story that's the situation. Jesus then enters into the story and said in verse six. Hear what the unrighteous judge said not what the woman said what the unrighteous judge see nothing was he talking to his followers. Y'all better pay attention to that judge you better listen carefully to that judge what what what you want to learn from that judge. Children verse seven and eight now will not, God bring about justice for his elect who cry to him day and night and will delay long over there I tell you that he will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth. Here's a word you want to catch the word legal justice, legal justice, the woman didn't go to the judge and just say help me out. She went to the judge that help me out. According to the law.

She wanted legal protection. She wonders coming like a somebody to a friend she say the law is on my side.

You represent the law, even though you are an unjust judge I will justice even though you know my God you don't like people.

You do like the law so however you feel about me. Look at your logbook because however you feel about me. You are obligated to what the law books is based on the judge being mad. The judge reputation based on the law. The judge gave her legal protection.

Jesus takes the story and then spends unrighteous judge who didn't care about God.

All people concerned about his rep how much do you think God is concerned about his reputation.

If you can nag and enable me into doing the right thing because he's concerned about his reputation.

What do you think about God who has an impeccable reputation and want anybody to mess it up. Let me explain some God is intricately concerned with his reputation.

That's not about is that whatever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God. God's reputation is called his glory is the manifestation of years. So when you pray, pray with God's reputation in mind. In other words give you prissy is a present when you pray, you ask God for something you want to do for you after you make that request.

Tell him what he will get out of it because God exists for his own glory and what God sees what you want for you will also rebound to greater glory for him. He's much more interested in your request because he's concerned about his reputation. So the benefits the more involved he is in your prayer, because he is concerned about his reputation. So the more glory you can get out of it the more he's interested in answering prayer because he is concerned about his reputation and everything is a mess is concerned about justice. He says will not God bring about justice for his elect.

Justice is the right thing will he not do the right thing now, justice has to have a standard you can't have justice, legible standard of right and wrong okay without a standard is just whatever you want to be a standard gives you a measure by which to measure justice. Justice is tied to a law.

This type so if you don't know the law but you can appeal for justice, or if you rebel against the law. You're on the wrong side of justice when you come under the law, then you will the right side of justice. The lady the widow wanted legal protection. She wanted justice.

The judge was not just but the law was God is just and so is his word because his word is his standard when you're on the right side of his word.

You on the right side of answered prayer when you're on the wrong side of his word.

You're on the wrong side of answered prayer. So where you are in relationship to God's standards.

God's law will have a lot to say about whether you hear an answer to your prayer.

Dr. Evans will reveal a second secretive successful prayer when he comes back in a moment with more of this lesson from his current series igniting kingdom.

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Dr. Evans will return the part two of our message right after this. It was my first time meeting Jesus Wednesday after studying theology Tony Evans training center by renowned theologian Dr. Tony Evans.

These online courses feature controlling and exclusive video and audio teaching class and interactive scripture based curriculum you can access online or through the mobile app sign up now Tony Evans training Dr. Evans and exploring the kingdom anytime, anywhere. Tony happens to me and finally got pray for you.

If he is but the second thing is God's word up in his face hold God to his word. Psalm 138 verse two God is exalted his word above his name. You do have people in your life and you say what you said when you tell a person what you say it is that you held them hostage to what they say why got good news for you God's character can backup anything that came out of his mouth but he invites you to flow his word back at you can literally go to God said what you said and I'm holding you to your word because he is faithful that promised the Scripture said so when you are praying regularly for God's glory based on the justice of his word he gives a staggering promise.

His promise is that he will not delay long over them and he will bring about justice quickly quickly that if unexpected out of no way where did that come from last minute because I don't particularly like this. But God loves to do things at the last really often leave answered prayer blanks until the last second and so there's no? About where this came from. That leads to a second lady turned back a few pages to chapter 13 verse 10 and he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath and there was a woman over 18 years, any sickness caused by a spirit she was bent double and could not straighten up at she had to do what many of us do settle well I guess I been bent raise bent my mama was bent, I got a bit life, so I'll just take my business to church and at least I can clap bent. Everyone bent towards business had become a licensed anybody and he was looking straighten up over maybe it's an addiction is a situation minutes, but you can straighten up you in church. She was in church when she bent over, okay. What happened what when she saw her he called her over and said to her, woman, you are freed from your sickness, he laid his hands on her, and all his work quickly, immediately she was made erect again and began glorify God and men. There you tell me 18 years was fixed in a minute. Estimate means by being addressed quickly, but one addressed, and what the preacher was concerned it was a touching Jesus.

Jesus called her what she came to Jesus and the church.

Second thing which came to Jesus she got a touch from Jesus and when she got a touch from Jesus.

She stood up straight all of the sudden 18 years was overridden day because when God wills it don't take that long. When God knows immediately. Supernaturally take about when you come to church.

Look for Jesus, not the past.

When you come the church look for Jesus not apply. You want humans adjacent because only he can straighten folk up and shook up follow up from the follow-up for ATA. Don't but is not a medical condition is that Satan has her over for 18 showed up medically, but it wasn't because medically it was because spiritually pastor her medical condition say one reason that we can shape things that are wrong in our lives if we haven't figured out what the real causes of fix it. The budget people can fix it. The counselors can fix it and we bent over with this problem that we can't shake even though we go to church, not realizing it was caused by the devil By the devil can only be cured spiritually. So we look for everything but the supernatural and the spiritual fix what the goals, and trust me, if the devil calls it. Only Jesus can fix it. I got a alcohol problem. You may not have an alcohol problem. What you may have is alcohol being infused by the devil creating a stronghold that you call an addiction. That's the difference between an addiction is strong and addiction means that I am being held hostage by a certain Stronghold is I am held hostage by a certain habit that is now on the satanic influence and control of stronghold is where the spiritual enters into the faith where the vulture to send them lands on the problem. When a demon to send them lands on the issue. The issue has now become a spiritual stronghold that cannot be fixed by normal activity, it can be fixed by sermon. It can be fixed by singing it can be fixed by professional that they don't know how to get to the infection of the vulture that's demonic. They can solve the problem that you perceive is the real girl he says now. The reason we can free the slaves is pushing the daughter of Abraham, the head of the officials went legal. She shouldn't be healed on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is in the low keep the Sabbath holy Jesus is all but she's the daughter of Abraham. He won up because Abraham trumps Moses the Mosaic law had legislation but the Abraham covenant and promise you got a right to be delivered.

You got a right to overcome this. To tell the devil not control you anymore.

If you are right to tell Satan method would you give you 50 gifts want to give you okay will be no more than Christ Abraham to complement my son or daughter Reggie so you have no right to me so long that we believe he has rights to us. We talk about in a knot but the devil. The devil is doing. I could just get rid of the devil you given the devil to what you are assigned daughter of Abraham, and that means you got a right to be free right to be victorious. You got a right to be. You don't have to sell what people say circumstances what situations they Abraham J.

Christ Jesus you got a right to stop talking. But Jesus section Jesus, but they but Jesus, when you bring Abraham in God didn't like about 18 and a day because that's how good it is when you come so you keep right you keep trusting you say I'm not Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with a great closing story about the power of persistent prayer for so don't forget you can get all 12 lessons from Tony's two-volume audio series igniting kingdom prayer there.

Yours is or thank you gift when you make a donation to help keep this listener supported teaching coming your way each day make the arrangements today by calling 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony you can sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional and browse their huge collection of helpful books and other biblical resources. That's Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans believes there is a desperate need to reclaim civility in our culture today in light of that, he encourages each of us to find ways to demonstrate kindness to each person we encounter throughout the course of our day are acts of kindness change the atmosphere of our communities for good and for God will tomorrow. Having access to God's power is one thing.

Putting it to work in our lives is another. Be sure to join Dr. Evans says he helps us discover how to utilize our spiritual authority right now, though he's back with a final story for us is all she's a widow living way out of the boat docks. She was on the last she would Lord said, Lord, you said in your word that you would meet all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. And so, based on your word and I will praise you when you answer on go tell everybody that you my you my way make you my supply based on your word. I believe you will feed me.

She had a neighbor next door.

He was all in the old man was an atheist and always made fun of it came back open window and he said I will show that old woman something. There is no God.

Salome went to the store and bought a couple of bags of graded at the old woman. No, not all on the side. The lady came to the door so the groceries said thank you Jesus thank you Jesus all came from around is that I told you there was no God but Jesus didn't get that for you… For you and I don't believe in God, we already know what happened to the alternative rock you made possible by the generous contributions from listeners like

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