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Spiritual Covering and Spiritual Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 4, 2022 7:00 am

Spiritual Covering and Spiritual Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 4, 2022 7:00 am

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You know how man over your house. Dr. Tony Evans shows in the family and all of life have to remember where our spiritual covering comes from sea level to Jesus Christ. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans father speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative connecting with the incredible power is given requires a clear understanding of who we are and who we aren't. Dr. Evans discusses both today as he takes us to first Corinthians 11 for a look at our spiritual covering.

God said, let that you were created to rule our world not have world rule us. Satan knows that if you going to cancel our capacity to rule. He's got additional and create confusion, dissension and division. What kind of guy he can control he got Adam to move out of his lane to move out of her lane. They both moved out of godly and they lost their ability to rule the world. Instead of them enjoying the blessing that God had promised. They were now living under the curse and the very thing that was to be a blessing was now occurs to them all… Tie to what the New Testament calls the mystery of lawlessness. This mystery is the section that Satan brings about when he can create disorder leading to loss of blessing and loss of spiritual authority. You and I were created to rule out worlds under God's hand not and don't start no this is gonna be a problem. So let me start with Paul's final word in verse 16. If one is inclined to be contentious. The runabout assay wasn't popular now, and Paul knew what it was about the same as them causing controversy.

So he says if one is inclined to be contentious about what I have just said, which is what I'm getting ready to say. He said we have no other practice. This is the way it is know I have the churches of God. In other words, Sam.

I'm not trying to mimic what they doing out there in the world. I'm not trying to mimic what they're saying out there in the broader society. If you would be contentious. There is no other rule but this one because of course he's speaking inspirational link under the hand of God. He sets forth his thesis in verse three, but I want you to understand.

In other words, pay attention to business that Christ is the head of every man.

The man is the head of a woman. God is the head of Christ, the government loud enough.

I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man. The man is the head of a woman and God is the hand of Christ to think about it would not want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man and the man is the hand of a woman and God is the hand of Christ.

Two doses to this church that was in chaos.

If you have read the book of first Corinthians, you know, the chapter after chapter's problem after problem.

Everything was out of order. Everything was in disarray. There was division in the church and in that context, he lays out a theology that is clinical to you ruling your world. I call this spiritual covering and spiritual authority. Verse seven. For a man ought not to have his head covered, covering which is headship since he is the image and glory of God but the woman is the glory of the main please notice what he says.

He said the man of the image and glory of God. He says the woman is the glory of the men notice he didn't say that the woman loses her image in when you get married you don't lose your image. The image belongs to male and female Genesis chapter 1 he says will glory changes with glory glory is the mixup look good. Advertise to highlight something it says the man is the glory of God. The job of the mail is to demonstrate how magnificent a creature of God to make from dirt because Adam was made from dirt and dust thrown together the glory of a man what it should show how many levels of the creature, God commanded from a man that's why she forgiven you because he viewed her as she was fashioned. Your job is to display God's job is to display you save my Lord says she's mother look at you and say my Lord says you may give him a blood she make you look good in everybody. McDonald because everybody's in line. That's what it says so you women have the same image, no less an ontological being less endowed with with God's presence, but you want to come underneath his authority.

Regardless of the document level but in him regardless of the fact he got a greater degree than him regardless of the fact that you're smarter than he is. If an 18 wheeler pulls up to a yield sign and a Volkswagen is coming down the highway 18 will again say because I'm bigger and more condo. I'm just all drive anyway. They must give the right-of-way to the slalom vehicle, even though they have a bigger vehicle because that's what the rules states you may have many more education you may carry more, though you may have more to offer in terms of ability. But God has given him the right away. Therefore you must yield as long as he's not you outside of the divine design animation can say movement Paul says that there is an order that would have limitations though if the mental are like the Rabobank she probably know she should rob the bank of the bricks agreed along God's law. Thou shall not steal because the law of the land that that's a crime that breaks the law. In other words, if a man told his wife to steal. He loses his authority. That's authority loss because he's acting outside his lane. He has no right to make that the main torment does not have absolute authority over woman he only has authority as it agrees with Lordship as it agrees with him coming on his Lord not worth that long. He's not violating a divine mandate for the word of God. Yet he makes the point that men and women are not independent of each other that they need one another that they are mutually dependent upon one another.

He says in verse 11 m a woman independent of the mammal. The mammoth appendix on the woman. The reason remember events that God gave the woman was because the man needed help in exporting washing dishes, cooking and cleaning and wipe the noses that is using her different skills in my brain to add what God left out in us, he said, let the woman have the longer hair that the man have the shorter hair.

Why as an illustration that she is to add to what he lacks on the hidden long adding to his short one why something about spiritual covering and spiritual authority. Verse 10,001. Therefore, the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head because of the angel who says as long as headship is there, and the visible recognition of headship, why because of the angel so that means angels have submitted with this, the devil is an angel's name was Lucifer, guess what Lucifer did.

He broke the order God created him to be the Archangel. He says I don't want to be on the meat God anymore. I want to be equal to God. I want to be like the most cash. I don't want to have the answer to him. I want everybody to answer me.

I'm the man I want to run my own show. The mystery of lawlessness would tell him said he deceived himself mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all.

This evening himself. He written down when he howled off from God. He was charged when Angel rebelled from God.

He got cars and all the angels that rebelled with cars because they rebelled against the non-order they were placed on planet Earth as a holding cell until it was time for their eternal destruction, God created man but not the divine order, which allowed the angel called Lucifer, now Satan come into the garden and turn their blessing into a diverse and other words that got cars because of an angel.

Satan and angel came in handy because they would be paying an employment payment, payment, pregnancy, pain in the ground.

Pain in the career that's cousin angel got involved in their minds. Angels are very involved with your life that are involved with your career is the bad angels are called demons. They are very involved all the city is no because once they see no that reminds them of their rebellion.

They take down rebellion into your lack of water and creating want to ask you what we had different personalities, not just different personalities when you met with the order got reversed and he was able to enter into its paternal different personality in the chaos and confusion and call you to move the rule of no children move the rule of your career because the angel said and took authority members know your mom is and how you mom and if your mom amended that she was wrong and he was wrong to attack the Scripture says in their chapter 3 verse 12 says and the whole nation of Israel was wrong because the men got passive and the woman took over the rulership and judgment because everybody was out of order and chaos. Because of the angels, but the flipside is also true. Just as bad angels can turn your garden into wilderness, and you lose your role. The good angels can turn your wellness back into a garden if they just have a three verse 10 says that the angels are waiting to get their instruction and they look to how the charge is operating. And when God's people operating correctly.

That is a signal to the Angels to respond to what God wants done on earth so every Christian is assigned a personal angels angel with your name on the sign to you by God to look after your well-being. For your protection, your provisions and your guidance. He is on assignment to you the charge as an angel and is on assignment to chart to look after our provision, protection and guidance as long as when operating in order when we call on God. If God sees all the okay angel to operate on your behalf so that you can rule your world so I modified angels in particular breaks because they don't see the order that grants them the permission to enter your world so you can enroll in the chaos go away if is not at all the angels will that's what got the first group cast on operating Outlook more from Dr. Evans on the advantages of keeping things in order.

When he returned shortly to continue this message from his marriage. Matter series. It's a 14 lesson look at God's blueprint for marriages and families and will help you understand and get serious about the role God's design for you as a husband or wife leading to a godly marriage.

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Visit Tony to make your resource request, intonation, or if it's more convenient. Call us at 1-800-800-3222 were team members are ready to assist with your resource request. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222, or attorney will come back with more of today's lesson right after this. Alaska is a land where ancient glaciers drop size chunks of ice and see where Chris space for spawning salmon with the last green canopy of trees is offset by distance know we now and where the word majestic is hardly enough to describe what you see nowhere else in North America is the scenery so spectacular in God's creative wonders. So, for if it comes turn here with Tony Evans on an unforgettable urban alternative Alaskan you'll discover powerful scriptural truths from Dr. Evans another gifted instructor experience meaningful times of and enjoy inspirational musical talented musician. There's plenty of time for rest and relaxation luxurious accommodations and incredible, all while surrounded by the breathtaking creation that is Alaska to find out more about the urban alternative Alaskan visit Tony Gavin' today that's Tony have Jesus told within one of the John that he was on the tree. Jesus only wanted a tree that you believe in Jesus. Jesus told you because you believe like to father Jacob and I saw you sit in on the tree and paid attention to my word, you will listen to me for individual single thing you will see heaven open and you'll see Alanna come down from heaven and you see angels going up and down. This latter bringing what God wants from heaven to benefit you on earth you will see angels common up and down the ladder we are climbing Jacob's ladder that refers to any common up-and-down bringing what God wants from heaven because things are in order. Jacob got to see the Angels and got to see what God had in mind when he got back in line with God everything to do with the reason why when I get my prayers answered is because the Angels don't see the necessary for the respond. They have aligned in order to respond. So you get your will back you get your power back into print back you can get the blessing of Genesis 1, the right wing world back every time I talked to a couple, one thing will come through inextricably clear one or both out of Elaine's she tried to be him. He's trying to be her or they try to be nobody and out of Elaine's when you getting Elaine's doctrinal personalities, background history, and all the stuff is bringing confusion to your world shout powerful discovering is operating underneath your head is first written. 714 says that even an unbeliever on non-Christian wants to stay with a Christian pauses stay because of being in your house provides a covering once they leave your house. They leave the bond provision, protection and guidance and it blesses your children because of illustration, as Rahab remember what the spies said when we come this hotel will collapse. Whatever body you bring in your house will be covered because of your relationship to God and your relationship with Israel. You bring them into your house.

You bring them underneath your cup, and therefore protection provision and guidance so couldn't be that your world is never shaken up because you're out of alignment.

Maybe if you dishonoring your husband illegitimately. In other words, you have no no basis you just disrespecting him what you just did was cancel God on your behalf. Men are you not operating underneath God properly canceling God not only for you, for the benefit you because once you name Jesus Christ Lord must call the shots you don't get to call them anymore. Except as you reflect him in the shot you call the problem in this church will say this related to the women speaking out. It was obviously an issue in chapter 14 when they had to tell the women to be silent so they were exercising an unauthorized manner that were taken over in the sense he tells them about praying and prophesying. They were doing this publicly, they were praying silently in the people can prophesy silently speaking for the work that is good news here that means one with the gift of prophecy until it was publicly use women were publicly used in the church because he he said that when they pray or prophesy.

So they were praying or they work declaring something God wanted the church to hear why because gifts are not gender-based certain offices woman can't be a pastor but you can have the gift of teaching. She can be a pastor because she can have the gift of prophecy snowboards she can have gifts of the church you occupy every office are clearly what office the office the final authority will the elders of the pastoral office of the church. What they were doing what they want operating without being under authority.

They were just doing it because they were gifted to do it, but they were not doing it in order says not want to be a recognition that you are doing what you do under authority that recognition must happen in one of two way shipments happen with a veil.

Therefore, if you will call the police. The congregation imprints that would be something covering you that indicated I am underneath. I've gotten my hands permission to do this or to give this prophecy because your actual him was made only the symbol when the actual thing is that like the like. Jesus going to the Lord something for we the ticker symbols telecoms when he comes, will take the symbol of the book occasionally to someone you have a whole so the times when we have ladies reading the Bible publicly.

We've asked her husband or one of the leaders from the church to come up with for the clarinet doing it under authority and they don't need a symbol if there is no one best primitive assembly God wanted publicly declare that you want operating underneath God's authority is to be a visual inspiration.

This is not independently doing this and live this is no small thing because it has to do with whether God authorizes you to rule your world out of alignment with God to help out of alignment means I can work for you know Wheeler storms, wicker umbrellas don't know a number on the cover you stop the storm. It just changes how the storm affects you stop it from rain. I tell you come to Jesus and be no rain. I'm just saying you'll control the reins effect on you because you will be operating underneath the covering you'll be covering your career you will be covering your finances will be covering your family still recovering your kids you will be operating underneath the covering. The covering the world. Maybe wet around you, but you're walking through the rain draft schedule operating underneath the authorized cover.

May God allow us individually as family, that the church become underneath his covering, so that we can. Our world is Dr. 2011 talking about the changes we can experience in life. When we acknowledge the fact that God has us covered our message today was called spiritual covering in spiritual authority, and if you'd like to add it to your home or church library.

Remember it's available as part of Tony's current series marriage matters is full of practical things you can do to take your marriage more seriously build love and respect, communicate more effectively overcome problems you thought were unbeatable and much more. As I mentioned earlier for a limited time were making a special package available that includes all 14 messages in this two-volume collection along with the three booklet bundle that includes for married men only for married women only and the companion work that ties them together marriage matters. You can get them always are sanctioned as our gift when you help keep Tony's teaching on this station by visiting Tony Avenue and start toward and making a contribution in support of the ministry again. Get the details at 20 of stock or or call us at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is open 20 4/7 a call anytime of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222 or again online at Tony the start or money troubles are often high on the list of things that can cause conflict for husbands and wives on Monday. Dr. Evans will take a look at how to break out of death and develop a godly reproach to money management sure to join us, the alternative with Dr. Tony advances brought to you fighting made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like

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