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Breaking Spiritual Bondage

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 30, 2022 7:00 am

Breaking Spiritual Bondage

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 30, 2022 7:00 am

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If you been Dr. Tony Evans shows there's only one cause that gain control. Contrary to the will, the word of God.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans on other speaker Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when her day-to-day troubles turn into a trap. We can't escape. We don't just have a problem where in bondage today. Dr. Evans explains how we can break free. As he tells us what happened to the people of Israel in Exodus chapter 2. Let's join one of the great tragedies of law are POWs, prisoners of war. People have gotten caught in the conflict of the battle and have gotten captured by the enemy often detained for an period of time until deliverance comes from God's people are prisoners of war. The battle in the spiritual realm has caught many, and made them In enemy territory being controlled by the enemy's is a painful thing to be if even more painful when the enemy is calling the shots, Israel himself in Egypt in bondage with told in the middle of verse 23 the sons of Israel because of the bond.

They were serrated in enemy territory under an enemy regime and they were tired and tired because the enemy is in control tired because the place you are is not what you want to be.

You see, no exit signs no way to get out was Israel situation you know things are bad when the only option you have is to sigh it says they sighed because of this situation. Trap stock with no way out. We are told by King and evil King with the same team that wanted to murder or kill Moses on the bondage regime, a kingdom he jumps by a king Pharaoh the king of Egypt would not let go. This king had no sympathy for them. He had no concern for them since concern was for his kingdom and his regime and now living in Egypt, have become a burdensome situation if you want to know how bad it got. With told in verse seven the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and given heed to their cry because of their past master, for I am aware of their suffering. Egypt was a place of suffering pain of her anguish of spiritual bondage spiritual bondage is to be trapped in a situation you can't get out of the situation that causes you suffering and say discouragement and despair is not well, at least no legitimate way out.

Another word for this in the Scripture is stronghold stronghold is a specific nuance because it refers to a seven minute gain control like a snake that wraps itself around the mind or the will or the emotions so you feel helpless of the secular non-Christian word for stronghold his addiction addiction. We will we will use that word because the phrase addiction does not bring in the spiritual element addictions could just be from the secular world a bad habit of our sins that gain control themselves around so that there is an entrenched pattern of thinking or contrary to the will, the word of God in the way here in bondage and you don't know how to get like an animal caught in the trap and every time you try to get out. It hurts even bunch, usually in bondage or stronghold you want even how you got wonder how what you want up over here. Israel was in Egypt, miserable and happy with the way out there crying to God till the physical died. It wasn't on the king of Egypt died that they even thought about God and long live the king of Egypt they were looking to solve the problem but you look to the king of Egypt to solve your problem with the same kidding that's got you serrated you are concerned about delivering you tell the king of Egypt that they even got around the understanding that the king make sure been talking to was very much alive. The Bible is clear that Christians can get caught caught the fundamental concern is how I get from where I am where I need to be with told two things when in the play that gave way to bed.

Deliverance verse 23 says when base become the best situation. They cried out their cry for help.

Word cry again. Verse seven says God to keep to bear cry question is what does it mean the cry when all trap and it understands is stuck forever unless somebody else delivers it. That leads to a cry from the hot cute little prayer. The crown is not now I lay me down to sleep. Pray the Lord my soul to keep if I die before I wake pray the Lord my soul to take the crime now. Can't wait to bedtime. Pray that they can take another day this week between friends business to desperate the situation now looking for a single to understand cry out in a person with a perpetual complaint led to believe all summer long all the time so that completely out. Dominic is the chief thing that they are doing. It is the dominating thing it says and they cried out to God and cry out to people living cry out to counseling and cry out this thing was bigger than the Council or preacher, or a sermon. This would only God could fix the situation that only God to fix. However, they did get God until they cried out they didn't get his attention until they were desperate, made the connection between their bondage and their spiritual condition slot because they were not in touch with. They thought the problem was social, and spiritual. That's one of our major problems when you extract, delete, or miss the spiritual connection to your situation that will need the crime.

One of the great successes of the evil one is to disconnect the spiritual from the visible and from the physical once he makes this and you don't see that this issue is spiritual. At its root, although it may be physical image for all your time trying to find secular solution when I get into the spiritual causation and therefore solution to the issue. If you are ever in bondage to anything. It is spiritual. Don't spend all your time with the fruit because you will not get to you will be picking apples off the tree with the disease on the ground and you won't got to call a person is a drug addict, spiritual problem, it just shows up with drugs that troubleshoot it shows an alcohol but if you treated alcohol for week or two but when I did make for a block or two, but because has been traded in for the there is no long-term solution.

They cried out and we only told they cried out in one direction. They cried out to God. Now I want to know what is holding you bondage. If you are in bondage has it driven you to cry out to God not talking about Gil saying grace around the meal and thrown in Lord help me out of this situation situationally feel like you know I mean it's that bad you crying out to God, need release and you are the only one who can get me out of this. Dr. Evans will have more for us and what happens when we cry out to God when he continues this message from his powerful audio compilation coming to the comforter. These 20 lessons cover why God allows painful circumstances to come our way. We cares for us as were going through them. How he uses them to build our strength and devotion, and what we can do to approach him for his help and healing.

It includes bonus material. We won't have time to present on the year and if you contact us right away is yours with our thanks when you make a contribution in support of the ministry of the alternative, and right now will also include a special bonus, a copy of Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting. In it he shows that no matter how negative the realities of life.

Get we don't need to let them define how things are going to work out for us because there is help and hope even in the midst of our hurt to request your copy of the special resource bundle. Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and if you're looking to go even deeper into the subject or want to present this material to your small group. Check out obtaining the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, this is a limited time offers so visit us right or call 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night. Let one of our team members, assist with your resource request that's 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message right after this.

Alaska is a land where ancient glaciers drop size chunks of ice and see where this space for spawning salmon were the last green canopy of trees is offset by distance know we now and where the word majestic is hardly enough to describe what you see nowhere else in North America is the scenery so spectacular in God's creative wonders.

So, for if it comes journey here with Tony Evans on an unforgettable urban alternative Alaskan you will discover powerful scriptural truths from Dr. Evans another gifted instructor experience meaningful times of worship and enjoy inspirational musical talented musician.

There's plenty of time for rest and relaxation luxurious accommodations and incredible, all while surrounded by the breathtaking creation that is Alaska to find out more about the urban alternative Alaskan visit Tony Gavin' today. That's Tony, you have thing that happened. We told God remembered his covenant can't get the word remember the belief he forgot. I did say that is not the concept of the word. Remember it's the concept of the word remembering is God revisited to God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will make you a great nation and I'm going to deliver you to the land of promise.

This lets us know about their cry gone. Remember the word that I got connected with God's word God wants is now remembered.

If competent because they remembered it was a nonstop McCains covenant when the king said now and they remembered God's competent and we remember God's covenant. Remember God why there's one thing you can hold God hostage with and this is where most is that while God problem you can because if you do that, the people, the nations will say about you.

You have the ability to get amount but you have the ability to get through will be an embarrassment.

You will not Your promise God you can do that in the Bible says and when Moses teaching Moses was the word now God is God like a real risky to go up to God and say you can't do that you can do that is like real risky unless God wants to be held hostage. See, God likes it when we hold them hostage to his word it gets excited when you will have to do is the only life you got to do is be himself since he remember his covenant. Remember, but if you are thinking saying you won't think of his company, you will think of his promise will think of his work.

Just think of your situation and the secular solutions you but always pop think about and you will have a partition in the mind make you get a couple in a couple of a problem. They will fight over problem and it will get mad and I talk for days and weeks and months and some of you believe this battle is not working have not been able to test this may be a spiritual conflict with the return to what God solution is to this problem but Satan can you talk about the same thing for years with no spiritual progress. God remembered his covenant which was based on his word what Washington's great performances I think was when he played bit hurricane, who had been imprisoned in bondage. This time studying law books he wanted to see how the law works in a situation to read his biography came to visit him in jail and sent word to do something to let this prisoner free. Although in jail he learned the law on which he could not get free serrated but you could do all the information gathering, but it happened by chance. I picked up a book about dreams released it will simply say you know you and set you free. God saw 25 notice says I see a situation now remembered me in first place. Chapter 3 verse one now summarizing now has to do with temporality has to do with what was special about they called on God and God remembered his company saw Moses was pastoring. Remember when was written there were no chapter divisions moving from chapter to chapter 3, we just got a living story when I got to set up that would not become so sure this is only ground in Israel between will know what God says seven the legends of my people become aware of this suffering from the Egyptians and bring to a land flowing with milk and honey productive to give them the place and the Jebusites has come to me what I have seen the oppression which was the son that you want when it went well to create the beautiful thing about God here and you and coming to the crime and we cry out, based on his word when it comes down Dr. Tony Evans biblical counsel on the first steps to freeing yourself from the grip of spiritual bondage back in just a moment with the final illustration for the day.

First, today's lesson is part of that special resource offer. I mentioned earlier, the 20 message teaching compilation coming to the comforter, along with Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting, there's even a companion Bible study guide and DVD to help you dig deeper and understanding God's hope and peace in times of trouble to get all the details just visit Tony Avenue make a contribution to the ministry to say thank you by sending these powerful resources your way again that's Tony or by phone 24 seven at 1-800-800-3222. Throughout history, there are certain things that haven't changed one of those is that people still need the Lord today as much as ever. Dr. Evans believes when we share kindness with one another were doing both a good thing and a godly thing that can help point those around us to God's kingdom, we encourage you to look for opportunities to be his ambassador through your deliberate acts of kindness each day.

When wedded bliss falls short of happily ever after.

The results can range from disappointment to divorce will next time Dr. Evans will take a look at marriage matters. From a biblical perspective. Right now though his back with this closing thought been stuck in steps like like a scary situation you suspended between flow not you get risk is elevated freight height. You know you get stuck in the elevator is claustrophobic too little shell and then on top. You don't know what's going now scream and generally help you when you caught in an elevator you came here banging on the door if his full fidelity on modern elevated on now Bill with phones or alarm signals to connect you either to the fire department was some maintenance entity with in the structure itself designed to give back particular cry and to respond you scream in the fire department. Maybe not, but if you will pick up the prescribed when you stuck and elevate they will dispatch your deliverance to your entrapped situation. I want to challenge all of us rather than complain in the stockroom crying out to God for deliverance for the bondage that you tired of being in low if you like really, because I'm sure God to send some of us do not tight enough yet. If you would like really tie you really wanted my will I be hearing from you a lot more than I because you will leave that I your solution to the alternative with Dr. Tony a rock you might made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like you

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