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Treasures from Trials, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 17, 2022 7:00 am

Treasures from Trials, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 17, 2022 7:00 am

Some people will tell you that the Christian life is all smiles and sunshine and good times. Dr. Tony Evans will explain why, even though that's not true, there's treasure in our trials.

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What is to be made to Dr. Tony Evans says sometimes that doesn't happen until our lives are turned upside down so Saul, this is the alternative Dr. Tony have another speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative Christian life is all smiles and sunshine.

Good times will today. Dr. Evans explains why even though that's not true.

There is treasure to be found in our trials was joined him as he explores our relationship with God, the comforter.

Paul continues this theme of affliction and comfort. He makes a statement in verse seven of second grade begins chapter 4 the just this statement is enough to blow your mind. He says in verse seven. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels vessels mean the clay pot is referring to our bodies because our bodies are made from dirt because the earthen vessels in biblical days in earthen vessel would be a clay jar or clay pot.

But in that clay pot or clay jar. You might put something very valuable insight. I'm sure many of us in our homes have expensive things and she containments you might have rings and something that's inexpensive. So in that inexpensive container you are comparing me something of a vast treasure well or that has substantive or significant value. She says but we have this treasure in earthen vessels inside of you. Your body and inside of my body that's the vessel is a treasure what is the treasure waste told you in verse six he says for God, who said light shall shine out of the darkness, is the one who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ inside of you is the knowledge of God and by knowledge, he means the experience of God, not merely information or data about God inside of you. There is a treasure that is of immense value and inside of you is the knowledge of God that you experience in the face of Christ, there is this trimming. If you could go and walk up to God and talk to him face-to-face. Have him talk back to you God and you could wrap with him would not be a treasure that that would be something up and asked value says this earthly vessel your human body is a treasure, consisting of the knowledge of God, that you get to unwrap you get to unwrap this treasure he said in the face of Christ to put another way, the closer you get to Christ the more of God to experience that. That's what in the face of Christ, staring him in the eyes. The closer you get to Christ the more of God the knowledge of God. The experience of that knowledge is yours to turn them in Colossians chapter 2 verse three says that in Christ is hidden all the treasures of knowledge. Christ is all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Verse nine of that same chapter. Colossians 29 says that in Christ is to be in bodily form words.

Christ is God only with Scannell so if you want to unwrap God, he says, look at Christ unwrap Christ you get all the wisdom and knowledge because all of that is in Christ. Christ is wisdom and knowledge and the more Christ you get the will of God you experience if you want more God draw near to Jesus, you draw near to Jesus, you get the experience of God.

When you get the experience of God, you get wisdom and knowledge. Life is to be lived life is to be experienced them is that this will and knowledge into a company that earthen vessel expensive than putting something cheap and you cheap one on the cheek.

I know what inflation you get just about what about subadult so you wait all that and neither am I on our best day with dignified interest dignified.

Got I had done dignified dirt got designed to close dignified dirt driving a call living in a nice house design and the treasure is. That's my guy because that's making you think you put in everyday language.

You all know the trash or we have this treasure this spectacular possession and it is inside of us and it is earthly vessel clay job that we look at the face of Christ. Like Moses said on the mountain. Show me your glory. Let me see your face God. He wanted to experience God you cannot always measure the value of something by what you see in fact, you usually cannot make it Clampett Street and we didn't know who Jed Clampett was with just a hillbilly hillbilly from the hills of Tennessee.

A little closer to Jed Clampett and discovered what he discovered that it is a treasure that treasure is all well. He was shooting raccoons off whatever you wish you got to come up from the hillbilly buddy about a hillbilly because you don't always see all that is unless you get beneath the package you get beneath the external that's why the Bible says don't look back now on all the people who don't seem to measure up to your human standards because you you might just submit an angel, where you might just submit the divine messenger that God put in rags, just to see whether you will be prideful says we have a treasure the knowledge of God in the face of Christ and is located in an vessel like pearls and moisture. You may not like oyster put you better not throw away that that'll Institute quick or they plan to quit because that that thing you might think you're slimy might be holding something on tremendous every believer. Every Christian's treasure this point still be on maybe coming up, no, but if you are Christian you have the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

That's what he said you have now. Why has he put expensive and now you cheap package in the first sentence so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from. He says that this experience of the knowledge of God. This treasure that God is providing a place in every believer has been so situated in you that it cannot be manifested by your power, it must be the reflection of God's power. It's not who you will you know it's not anything knowledge of God, you, you getting your pride is thinking more of yourself and you want to think is Jesus praying Lauren, I hope you harvest from the intellectuals who think they can figure it out independently of God.

The moment you move independently of God. That means you're moving dependency upon you and when you move from dependency on God to dependency on you, you're missing the treasure that stated this, but you and I have something very expensive inside of us, the living God who want you to experience his reality. So that's where we started.

Hold on that point because because everything takes off from this you are very expensive. On the inside because of the treasure you have not because you are now formal lot of folks suffer from self-esteem, they think only of themselves. As you know what you carry. If you know what my goal is to make give you self-esteem self-esteem. I might just be help you get more pride. I want to give you God esteem which will give you the right, self-esteem, you will not think more highly of yourself and I won't. Then we ought to think what I give you esteem is what you walk around with you if you are a believer with the living knowledge of God that becomes manifested in the face of Christ. That is what you have, that's what you walk around with that give you what you might consider the bad news we are afflicted in every way.

Verse nine persecuted, struck down verse 10, always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, women also good when you become a person. Verse seven.

I feel better already. I'm somebody got walking around with blood in my veins that walk around with a treasure. That's very expensive.

I walk around with the living got so good. I feel so bad. You tell me life is persecuted, struck down, see verse seven is Shelton verse, verse 89 Nintendo is what you just did get quiet since yet but we will get to the shouting versus Dr. Evans continues her message just a moment. Stay with us can be painful life. It comes with unique challenges and difficulties in prisons that leave you lost in drowning in their wing. It can be a financial disaster health issue a relationship that turned sour careers can feel more like doing time in living your life is about 24 23 to sickness or accident.

Dr. Tony Evans understands firsthand with this type of compound pain feels like he knows what it is to face one tragedy after another until you begin to trend the next day, simply because you don't know that means it may bring. After losing seven close family members, including his precious wife standing just two years he doesn't write or speak from a theological position of platitudes on pain from the heart in his new book for the hurting, Dr. Evans gives you practical spiritual principles to help you face pain and hurt. Well, based on the life of Paul. He shows he is love and happiness. On the other side of it all. If you will learn how to walk. Peace and joy Tony to find out more and request your copy of hope for the hurting celebration of the release of this brand-new book from Dr. Evans would like to send one of the first copies to you as our gift in return for your donation toward keeping this ministry, coming your way each day and for a limited time, along with Tony's hope for the hurting book will also include all 20 messages 10 on CD and tennis digital downloads from the new audio compilation you're listening to today called coming to the comforter. This collection offers a healthy perspective on the pain and trials.

We all go through and can help you find the strength you need to hold on during tough times, allowing you to discover the healing and wholeness. God has in store for you request a special package of resources right away. Tony or you can even get the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, go to Tony for all the details or let one of our resource team members help you by phone, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 right now. Dr. Evans picks up with part two of today's message just shuts persecuted on caring about the dying of Jesus verse in the verse 10 so that Jesus also may be manifested in our body. The body is the experience is through the death if you don't get to experience looking for problems, creating problems, talk about sitting here talking about carrying the dying of Jesus was.

Let me when you are seeking to unwrap the treasure of the experiential knowledge of God by looking at the face of Christ. God allows stances in your life to Jesus. That's why carrying about what you physically die… Because you're reading this, talking about the problems in a problems when you are seeking to experience God to kill something in you but to kill something in you throat your identification with J you are sick in God's God, for God's end stop is going wrong in your life. I know this will feel good, but is gone. Chris God wants you to carry about the something what is he trying to kill something that is getting in the way of you coming into the experiential knowledge of God, that you only get in the face of Jesus Christ. So if stop is going to be right you want to draw an arrow to Jesus not brother from Jesus, you are not married to Christ, not brother from Christ. Because God is unwrap some trash trying to reveal something about this special thing you have inside of you that still unwrap to some degree. No, I'm connecting with Jesus while I'm going through this. What he actually tells you because he says you will be of good in every way that you will be crashed if what you body is not destroying you like you thought it was going to be a delusional mind and lost it. Yet you are not perplexed. You don't know what the world has gone on so long. You still have hope in the middle of this thing is persecuted today is not right that should be treat me like this.

But God shows up in some way and you are not taken says it will be persecuted, but not forsaken. You will be struck down, but you will you will see Jesus place limitations on how far this thing goes until he tells what he's trying to kill the peanut roasted peanut seen anybody get excited about the shell of nice-looking shell that Mitt Romney's Michelle you know what treasure is not just did not want to not now. I'm glad the knot was encased in a shell all excited about the skin squiggly this for me to get to do some damage to the shell little bit practice I got in school events split open to be made to the shell is getting in the way of the treasure in the trash. If it is not the child not allow it to keep me from you if you want your humanity will allow things to come into your life that may not be inconvenienced. Get out the way so we can get to the treasure map can be made manifest.

He said so the life of Christ. Verse 10 can be made manifest can show that's why this thing and if you are pursuing him. That's why this thing if you really want to know him from the present. Just being able to present struggling and wanting. He says between verse seven and the end of verse 10 eight and has no other way to get you can't skip your blog created when God allows it or brings it. You can skip negative experiences are designed to give us a share of a new level of experience with God you look for Jesus. I hope everybody here is reading the Bible goal is read to the Bible in a year. We want all of you read whatever started yet is not too late to start right where you are just slowly catch up okay but the secret to reading the Bible and read the Old Testament remotely stored in the secret. Look for Jesus sake. Jesus says in Luke 24 the Old Testament speaks of me always keep our focus on Jesus disconnect Jesus was because the knowledge of God. The treasure comes to looking at the face of Jesus is the Jesus factor that unveils the knowledge of God and it's never unveiled anymore. Then, when life is not working piggy banks.

We used to hang dropping coins and in the top and slit in the top that when you wanted to get your money back because the treasure is in the vessel within the treasure of the vessel to turn everything upside down and shake frustrated. What was that one coming out right. You should get on with some piggy banks that was so designed that when they got full you had a break. God has placed in you and me vassals.

He wants to be made fast come out so sometimes you have to flip and shake Thomas around and shake and sometimes break in all that he might be made fast. His reality might be exposed and that's when he becomes real to you and not just a sermon or song or anything. Dr. 2011 talking about the upside of down times message called treasures from trials if you'd like to get a full-length copy of this lesson is included as a part of the comprehensive 20 part series I mentioned earlier coming to the comforter available with 10 messages on CD and the remaining is digital downloads the complete collection is yours with our thanks when you make a contribution to help keep Tony's ministry coming to this station and other outlets around the world and for a limited time, along with the coming to the comforter series will also send you Tony's newest book hope for the hurting, as always. The details are waiting for you where you can browse through our huge library of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional and if you want to explore this topic even further. Check out the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide again. It's Tony or let one of our friendly resource team members assist you with your request at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 is present. Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give Dr. Evans believes were in a time when kindness is a gift that our society can't afford not to give take the time to show kindness to those you meet every day and in the name of Jesus.

Look for opportunities to demonstrate kindness to someone who needs a touch from God will help make our world a better place. When you display the love of God through your acts of kindness tomorrow. More from Dr. Evans on how God takes us through trials instead of around them including the choice we need to make in order to see the purpose in our pain.

I hope to be back with the alternatives with Dr. Tony have you fighting made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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