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God Do You Really Care? Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 7, 2022 7:00 am

God Do You Really Care? Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 7, 2022 7:00 am

When we're feeling hopeless and out of options, it can start to seem like God has forgotten all about us. But Dr. Tony Evans will take a look at what's really going on, and explain how we can get a clearer look at what the Lord is up to.

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"Ray Stone, Dr. Tony Evans is finding a way back to an abundant life is sometimes a simple as asking God what he wants from us like sides and then I watch you make it. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative, well done is better than well said today. Dr. Evans takes a look at why we sometimes miss out on what God wants to do in our lives when we spend too much time thinking and discussing and not enough time doing was joining as he elaborates John chapter 11 to start this sick John 11 Jesus that we need you so problem tell a lot about your troubles we have in Jesus we will not about somebody verse five and you mumble all you which will from you beyond all that God is you. That was all it was all be all right occurs because God will always think it works this pilgrimage sick problem came with one experience of your dreams of your hopes of your relationships, stop stop loss you have this plan for your life. You have this dream you thought things were going to fall into place, and now not only have they not fall in place is Jesus in verse 23 again after college class is understand that when all I know is true today is the resurrection and the life.

He believes in me will live, even if he dies because he says unless what's is now you know about me, and experience with me will remain on a paper and not a reality but I will become where the stall was lying against the stone simple request removal stone stone gravesites where the body wasn't to install what we are about to enter into today is probably the deepest truth.

I can share with me and if you catch what I'm about to share. It will be potentially the most revolutionary spiritual truth.

You could ever learn for your daily living, particularly when something in your life's we will all say the stall will forward you will not ask for an autopsy report that that is not what the request request of the situation with this information about which he was completely already aware of all let me explain to you explain you reality. Just ask Mexico's you have requested were gone all the lines for one is not when God request makes no sense, no service comes to marriage, mother, and says to give birth to a baby boy across the most because I urge what you just said is not logical when the sun going to be the head of a great nation that logical 30,305 will not while Moscow around all make in the Jordan River seven and on the get rid of that was killing him name and said the prophet… When writing to your situation. Don't makes no logical use to explain what is the supernatural. Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message just a moment with us. When life throws us a curve ball look for something or someone bring us positive distraction. Well, God is forced to Holy Spirit's job to join us, so in the midst of our chaos and confusion can bring life life can give you comfort called find comfort in the television show what they can give you rest. Tony Evans not to find out more and request your copy of hope for the hurting, Tony's latest book hope for the hurting goes hand-in-hand with the message we been hearing today and that's why we created a special bundle that includes the book the entire 20 message collection called coming to the comforter, as well as the optional companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Together these resources give powerful insights into the purpose behind our pain afflictions in the difficult times we all face when we approach the comforter, we can find a help and hope.

We need to carry on and right now would like to offer this package of resources to you as our gift and thanks for your contribution to help support the ongoing work of Dr. Evans at the urban alternative to get the details and make the arrangements. Just go to Tony or if you prefer you can give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night to let one of our team members, assist with your resource request.

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Visit Tony or call 1-800-800-3222 to request the hope for the hurting, and coming to the comforter combo offer that contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson here. Dr. Evans clicks Christ situation must precede site because without it is impossible to please God, God must believe that he is a rewarder of them will diligently seek him precede site. Things will not see them explain all when one is you can become a rabbit. It's like you don't like now because we could see me because you now see, but so by now what only one would know removing the snow feeling yeah you know unless you doing discussing pointer. If you're thinking about what you so they were not human logic and try to figure out no more no more massive stone stone. One, you heard me you always hear me now standing, all Lazarus come for all the calls for a specific person in a specific situation in response to specific exercise by specific people and that's what most people got got a rental.

They got this was a great God trap situates you to be part of the night of the living tried to walk out of that, but it just keeps dragging you back and you are stuck. God wants to make some big marriage is a lot God can take a big marriage and given new life just want to remove the stone.

I want to talk about his removal, stone told you to do and call life for all. You need a resurrection about his trip you tried everything you know to get out of it. Know what you mean of the resurrection, not simply resuscitation. He brings life out of me. Give your closing early in the story Jesus is Lazarus is asleep but it says later on he told him plainly, Lazarus introduced the word sleep when I do say that know what you're talking about. Would've been a confusion when he says sleep cycles body was sleeping. What introduce a word that really leaves me really going really. Jesus uses the word sleep if he wanted to give them a different understanding of their physical calls it. What the disciples pulled away. They had been two of us talk about us being asleep in Christ one when you sleep very much alive number two when you're sleep you're in another state of consciousness than the one you were in when you were awake so your life in a different state of consciousness reason why God will allow a car in your experience you have a resurrection, even using language that you don't want you to begin to look at things through spiritual world that defined your existence. Day by day you want to see the reason why we're not experiencing resurrection with which tied into the physical. So we missed the spiritual so we don't get the resurrection children of your grade if you lost your stomach you'll claustrophobic in the stone that is God.

What do you want me to do. You tell me I will do it even though I don't like you don't understand is logical and doesn't make sense, excise, and then I watch you make it site. It's time Dr. Tony Evans wrapping up a message called God. Do you really care if that's a question you've ever struggled with. Let me encourage you to take advantage of that special package of resources I mentioned a little earlier for limited time when you make a contribution to help keep Tony's messages coming to you and others here on the station will say thanks by sending you all 20 full-length audio messages on CD or digital download from his current audio compilation called coming to the comforter and as an added bonus will also send you one of the first copies of Tony's latest book hope for the hurting, just reach out to us.

While there's still time make a donation and request a special resource bundle you can make the arrangements or by phone 24 seven at 1-800-800-3222. We look forward to saying thank you for your partnership in this ministry by sending you this helpful package of study tools that you can also get the companion study guide and DVD Bible study.

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You contact us once again that's online in or by phone at 1-800-800-3222 you know if you're trying to lighten your load in life. The last thing you want to do is take on something new, something heavy, but next time Dr. Evans says that's exactly what it takes to find the rest your soul is been looking for. I hope you'll join us for that, and until then be looking for opportunities to show kindness to others for the benefit of culture and glory of God the alternative with Dr. Tony. Possible, but in general you should like

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