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God Do You Really Care? Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 6, 2022 7:00 am

God Do You Really Care? Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 6, 2022 7:00 am

It's easy to see the hand of God in our life when things are sailing along nicely. But Dr. Tony Evans will point out that when we’re trapped by seemingly hopeless problems or pain, even sincere Christians begin to wonder if God really cares.

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Plan life will not only is Dr. Tony Evans is when your prospects in life don't seem to have a poll because God doesn't care if God lets this so that you can see God. Only God. This is the alternative, Tony Gavin, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when were feeling hopeless and out of option. We can start to seem like God has forgotten all about us today. Dr. Evans takes a look at what's really going on and how we can get a clearer look at what the Lord is up to.

Let's join him.

When a culture perceives that the referee has made a misstep called a wrong play warning, a key plank of the opposition's mother passed over a touchdown more yardage again.

He throws out a red flag signaling that the referee needs a look at this again. Obviously you have made a mistake that allows we want to throw a red flag out of look like a call that right when I because if he if he really knew what was going a warning when the cold if you really knew how this was going to affect me.

It wouldn't allow that to happen.

If you really knew I was going to have to go through in dealing with this No God somehow you missed John chapter 11 to sisters throw a red flag The same thing using the same language, which means they had a discussion in a family meeting and they agree Martha verse 21 said Jesus baby my brother would not reverse 32 Mary Kay where Jesus was. So I am saying M law.

If you my brother would not now suggesting is Jesus. This is because if you want to here, we wouldn't be we wouldn't be dealing with sickness, the loss of a loved one with emotional pain that we're going throw sawmill when you were supposed to be, we wouldn't be requested on the floor regarding whether God really care what God was not there when you need it most of these two systems were Jesus you let us know the basis of their complaint, why were they complaining about this let down by the Savior and, what is okay to be for real.

Given permission.

Not sure of the cultural and act like it's all good all the time. That's a lot in line story behind this. You can read the whole chapter later on, but the story behind this is that this is sick. Mom and Larry in the first verses of John 11 sent word to Jesus. That said, we need you.

So the first thing you need to know is they started with the right thing. They took their problem which alerted charge to tell a lot about your troubles.

What a friend we have in Jesus told us to take Jesus so we problem to you, but we have a special relationship that is sick so somebody open you not in the church when I thought about somebody somebody who has no relationship with you some love. Last verse five now Jesus love mom and her sister, no family to help us you mama's were we do the right thing and you are about problem which you told us to do all this for the glory of God the son of God, maybe five word from you, told you that is going beyond is all is all that God is glorified. The miracle week. You will lose all be all right occurs because Lazarus love and relationship with God's word always bad. They get works with this pilgrimage sick now with my problems came with white stuff where things get well since you where you want anybody who's experience death of your dreams of your hopes of your relationships, stop stop loss you had this plan for your life. You have this dream you thought things were going to fall into place and that not only have they not fall in place is that yes it works because Jesus is the art to say have gone from bad to worse to the verse 15 reporting. This is and I'm glad I was all know you do that if you not to be that if you tell me happy.

I called you I needed you. I wanted you.

You where you're glad you will not when it got worse and worse because verse 18 says now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about 2 miles to get which you would know where the personalities of these two sisters comes up in verse 20 Moffat. Therefore, when she heard that Jesus was coming becoming all right like Moffat. Therefore, when she heard that Jesus was coming, but Mary stayed at the house. Mama's comment regarding asking questions when you go by yourself that I'm talking to the different approaches that people take payments when they're disappointed with God. Some come the church to get answers.

Some stay home says Mary stayed even though she knew Jesus was, too much pain too much anguish too much for the face. Her God had disappointed disappointed with life.

You disappointed with failure. You disappointed with circumstances you disappointed the singlehood you disappointed with marriage you disappointed with Korea you disappointed with how your children wound up, you are simply just appointed God would've just been. I pray I called with the church. I did what I thought I was supposed to do if you would've just been I would be what happens when we finally do what God wants us to find out of the moment when Dr. Evans continues this message from his brand-new compilation coming to the comforter. These 20 lessons cover why God allows painful circumstances to come our way and we cares for us as were going through them. How he uses them to build our strength and devotion, and what we can do to approach him for his help and healing includes bonus material. We won't have time to present on the year and if you contact us right away. It's yours with our thanks when you make a contribution in support of the ministry of the alternative. Right now will also include a special bonus, a copy of Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting. In it he shows that no matter how negative the realities of life that we don't need to let them define how things are going to work out for us because there's hope, and hope even in the midst of our hurt to request your copy of the special resource bundle. Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and if you're looking to go even deeper into the subject or want to present this material to your small group. Check out obtaining the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, this is a limited time offers so visit us right away Tony Avenue or call 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night, and let one of our team members, assist with your resource request that's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message right after this. Alaska is a land where ancient glaciers drop size chunks of ice and see where this space for spawning salmon were the last green canopy of trees is offset by distance, no email, and where the word majestic is hardly enough to describe what you see nowhere else in North America is the scenery so spectacular in God's creative wonders. So if it comes journey here on an unforgettable urban alternative Alaskan you will discover powerful scriptural truths from Dr. Evans and other gifted instructor experience meaningful times of worship and enjoy inspirational musical talented musician. There's plenty of time for rest and relaxation luxurious accommodations and incredible, all while surrounded by the breathtaking creation that is Alaska to find out more about the urban alternative Alaskan visit Tony today.

That's Tony up wants to go.

She wants to go.

She is the logical mind. She said she statement that has implications next few moments. Now first wanted to know what you ask of God, God will give you that if you do you think now I am in a whole bunch talking that one something die situation. Jesus what he will. Jesus in verse 23 again mom understand that one will all true day. Jesus drove says I am the resurrection and the life. He believes in me will live, even if he dies because he says unless what's is now you know about me into an experience with me will remain on a paper and not a reality show belief. I wish it was true about God and true about Christ never turned her personal situation for somebody with me when you live is communication with Revelation will give you specific application of relation picture she wanted on the location from the J himself. I relation with children having personal location because you will not believe the revelation you just so we ask or do you believe this, do you believe that the book of life.

Having a doctor now is functioning based on the medical bill medical everything you you needed to be personified in a purse that don't.

If the expert having something personal to your situation. So about him to lead her to experience him what's my point.

God in your life and things get sick any worse all for the express purpose of letting you witness a resurrection.

God is so that you could see what only God can do, because only God could rate with the introduction. She says 27 I believe that women are emotional setting here.

There's a lot going. Mary particularly weeping and the people with her. Are we meeting in verse 31 the Jews are seeking to consolidate our she's sleeping she's cried. We've already seen my brother would not die. All come and see feeling Mary Poppins. The Bible says we do not have a high priest who is not touched with the beautiful thing about Jesus that Jesus knows how you feel. He knows what it is to lose a loved one who knows what it is to be rejected. He knows what it is for birds that have math that have holes, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. He knows what is to be hungry. She knows what it is to be thirsty. He knows how you and he seems your peers and cries, watches what she does, that we don't when he's crying. If he never allow his P's to with God's plan, which not emotional moments of life. The plan should he choose a crime because we got a situation what God brings you know that name because they can't hold back the T's. And Jesus will ground with Hebrews warfare. But what he will is allow the plan. Dr. Tony heaven talking today about how God can bring the life out of our dead situations. If the resurrection you been waiting for his been a long time coming. Let me suggest you get in touch with us and ask about getting a copy of today's message to review again. God, do you really care copies are available on CD or digital download or contact us for details on that special resource offer. I mentioned earlier, the 20 message teaching compilation coming to the comforter, along with Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting, remember you can also request the companion Bible study DVD and study guide to get even more out of the book to get the details and make the arrangements. Just visit Tony heaven' make a contribution to the ministry to say thank you by sending these powerful resources your way again that's Tony heaven' or by phone anytime 24 seven at 1-800-800-3222 well done is better than well said tomorrow. Dr. Evans will take a look at why we sometimes miss out on what God wants to do in our lives spent too much time thinking and discussing and not enough time doing I hope you'll join us for the alternative with Dr. Tony Evan made possible by the generous contribution like

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