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Walking in the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 29, 2021 7:00 am

Walking in the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 29, 2021 7:00 am

Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about what happens when God energizes us to live life by his power, including a look at why getting closer to the spirit moves us farther from the chaos we've been living in.

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If you will be a very Dr. Tony Evans says we don't turn into healthy believers by changing from the outside in. God wants to do it a different way from the power to move?

Celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative. God wants to energizes to live life by his power, and today Dr. Evans tells us how we can get closer to God's Holy Spirit, which naturally moves us farther from any chaos we been living in.

Let's join him as he explains Cemetery among you will discover the living people who work there.

People who take care of the grounds.

These are the people operating among the real facilitating that even though they very much are alive. Unfortunately today, many Christians who are alive are living in spiritual cemeteries.

They are living among the dead, they are finding it difficult to get out of the graveyard of the circumstance's not that they want to be there. They recognize that they shouldn't be there just gotten so used to being there that the thought is maybe there's no hope ever to be released from this environment of death the mind of the spirit is the basis for walking in the spirit walking in the spirit of the basis for life says if we walk in the spirit we will live and not die, but it we will experience the life the abundant life that Jesus came to offer.

Conversely, says walking according to the flesh is death.

That is, it is your ability to experience the life that Jesus promised he says even though you are a Christian.

It is possible to walk according to the flesh, and therefore be a dead man walking. If you're walking according to the flesh, let me just moving living and functioning. It's just that you're doing it in the graveyard so the fundamental principle of maximizing and enjoying and benefiting from the eternal life that abides in the blink of is whether you're walking by the spirit or walking by the flesh. He says in chapter 5 verse 16 but I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh it down the sidewalk by the spirit and you won't have the desires of the flesh is not the spirit, and you won't have to obey the desires of the flesh, the flash is your body that has been contaminated by Santa. What Paul called in Romans seven the body of this debt, verse 18.

But if you are not by the spirit you are not under the law. If you live under the law. That is trying to follow rules, you will be a very happy Christian not because there's something wrong with the rules that God will let me that goodwill, but he sang the problem is that God is still upset don't you face the temptation of touching the wall actually got you more excited to disobey. Why, because the Bible says one sees the role sin is stirred up like the sweet dust started up trying to clean up. Says if this dominates you under this school last rate. Why because the spirit provides the power to move forward? Because God is going to keep the law for you and through you. So you have to make yourself. Keep it in able to keep it because of a higher law, the higher laws called the law of the Spirit in Romans chapter 8 that is the supernatural engaging that God brings to bear in your life to deal with what the flesh cannot deal with my job some years ago was to clean the top they came out with this product. I remember the name of it all I remember is it says it works. You don't have to give me some and let me try to do it works.

You don't use it around the ring in the top and let us not acceptable while you wipe it in the thinking was to fix now Slidell. What I was using previously not human effort to get cleaned using such a problem, flesh and spirit, I'm going to bed. I'm really do better just walking by the spirit doesn't suck it up so they could be righteousness, peace and joy when the last time God supernaturally delivered you from some that you could deliver yourself from, but if you could fix it. How do you know it was God could many non-Christian do what you did will be better like you should operate under all that is on the fishing meaning of life because all that's will do is make a sense get the more determined to do better the more you just start up the problem the more determined you twice as much hard work.

I'm going to do today all start I think you don't do it you will be think about. He says in chapter 5. Now the deeds of the flesh are evident now with contrast that with verse 22 but the fruit of the spirit is he now contrast how you know when you're walking in the flesh walking in the spirit. He says this is not something you have to guess that is not something you have to wonder about this is something you have right next and evidence of the flesh are three categories sexual superstitious and social. Please notice the flesh flesh expresses itself so you know you are being controlled by the flesh is because this is what the flesh produces so you go down the list and find out where you immorality, impurity, sensuality, that's not enough, given that idolatry. Anything that takes place regarding Allied sorcery enmities, strife, jealousy, outburst of anger, disputes, dissensions fractures, always fussing the custom envy between jealousy and envy and jealousy is not feeling bad about the progress of another being is interrupting their progress emptying takes jealousy to the next level goodness. I don't care what your father was a drunk did not think that this deed of the flesh, carousing, and things like these, and I want you, that such people do not inherit the kingdom of God never misunderstood freight say such people to enter the kingdom of God. He says that people don't inherit the kingdom to inherit is different than the Internet all you have to do the kingdom of God is to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior to inherit. It means to enjoy its benefits. What happened is if you know a lot of people, the flesh, you don't get to enjoy the benefit of being the king you may be, but you're not enjoying being the benefits of the kingdom are not accruing to you. You sing about a happen is you will have to sing about joy.

You know how to sing about a polyp you have to sing about authority that you don't have to. You have not, even though you may be it.

So look at your life, you must have to do that and look at ways in which you living in the flesh. If you mean all the time on real top fussing all the time because of all the time if you got a bad attitude all the time. I don't think even if the person will be blameless on the mom and grandma Melinda, Greg, Randy, this is gotten absolutely nothing to do with this is the D/C and one reason we don't like progress is complete all on-site now say is circumspect, which dwell in you that's causing this, we have to take ownership no way around taking ownership. Could you gotta say what God says about.

So whatever your issue is you gotta say is millions me as we stand in need of prayer. If flesh because unless you discover what God says about it, you would much spirit. Contrast the spirit watches them notice anything about the difference between verse 19 University 22 but word is plural, the word is singular, but it's the fruits of the spirit and nine things that we could be the deeds of the flesh like buckshot all around. Why, because all of these become disconnected, disjointed and independent so one minute you got this from the minute you got that when things are random when the hose takes all you got one from three produce and why, because now I die because the sauce Dr. Evans will have more force on the difference between deeds improved when he continues this message from his latest audio collection the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21.

It contains 20 of his most hard-hitting life-changing lessons of the past year, including messages on how to get closer to God, finding freedom from worry and anxiety. How to make your Christianity count and more we are offering the collection as our gift to anyone who comes alongside Tony's ministry with year-end contribution and as a special bonus will include an additional popular resource for you. Factors three to choose from. You can make your selection and receive them with our thanks when you visit Tony with this limited time year-end offer will only be around for a few more days, so I encourage you to make the arrangements right away. Again, you can do or call our resource Center at one 800 832, 22, I'll repeat that information for you after part two of today's lesson here is Dr. Evans's place before of the spirit is what you do right activities the work. This is what you do. Fruit is not what you do fruit does not make itself three things about one fruit is always visible. You've never seen in the tech so you know when you see an apple and orange repair but it's recognizable. In other words, fruit always bears the character of the tree of which it is a part of what country companies oranges orange trees on repairs.

The fruit reflects the nature of the tree fruit is also beneficial. In other words, somebody else wants to pick up anything itself that is… Rotten when fruit is on itself so small that somebody else can bite for the benefit of another. Please see there because they are self generated and you wind up eating you like that right grown to become greatly grown to become happily that were but you got the brunt grown to become orangey. They simply let the tree do its thing and the tree produces becomes a natural growth. I took that particular tree fruit tree to produce fruit just plant a fruit tree and fruit is one sing a fish out of water flopping this week in length and jumping without a warning out of where it's supposed to get somewhere but I can always try because it is not environment it was made to be interested in doing. But where, why, because I will be fishing in a non-morning anyone created and is going because that's not flopping the do better and get not doing it right is to be spirit when notice what you have love what you used to have hate joy instability when you use them in a confusion piece. How many women used to be functional. The patient's stuff you run out of that you find out you have this don't have to be mean all the time. Goodness you seek the help and not mess.

The undependable becomes dependable mass control rather out of control's price was 24. Crucify the flesh with its passions and desires. Why because you have a total righteous inside by the Spirit.

Come to conclusion the claimant by the spirit of novel. I think if you say you come the life of the spirit of God's Spirit of God dwells in the spirit. This also by the spirit not here with me spirit but not sure on the outside because of the spirit involves determining the subject deciding to respond like that point and calling on God the Holy Spirit, to the decision based on the discovery when you are now walking down the spirit and the natural takes over. Or to put it another way, you can start using manual transmission of automatic mom and explain how to work because of something you will try this some electronics you decide know you and your flesh who have heard this contract. It was okay is limited. I'm going to determine now what ever I faced an issue in my life when my circumstances to identify God's view on the matter.

To make the decision to respond as Christ respond to that view and call on God the Holy Spirit to empower the decision I'm going to start operating the limited evidence of the work when you first start out as to be like a baby learning to walk.

When babies think wrongful management to stand up these get wobbly and falls back that becomes very mechanical at first like a real mechanical. At first person it will be a smooth flow because you're not used to walking see me crawling Christian but now is going to get up today with charges start walking. I'm living in the spirit unsay start walking by the spirit and scope. You will first tell you if you get back a while you will get used to it and when you do this, you get a lot further on you think you used to get on your knees, you will discover that that will give you the ability for the flesh to the longer you gonna let you get tired of trying to sermon today and only provoked time to try how to try you tried everything to drive 12 steps and 24 steps you tried tried this is not the folk would not count a truck, did you not read what what if you try and you are willing to walk in the spirit that is only by the spirits point of view, not by the human point of view because you want to see the supernatural and not trying to make this one is for you for the boss was not ready yet three years from now when you decide to walk in the spirit after you discovered that on your best day.

All he could do was camouflage God will take you back to the same word description I can change his mathematical change. If you ready to change just Dr. Tony Evans wrapping up today's message called walking in the spirit and will be back in just a moment.

Uncertainty seems everywhere you turn the states until it is now my hopeful story transforming high asking for your year and challenge of going out to the curb and alternate your generous support when sharing healing my listeners all over the while continue to be encouraged by God's word to the Irvine alternative broadcasts please visit Tony and worked against Tony if you'd like to get a full-length copy of today's message reviewing your owner to pass along to a friend including content. We didn't have time to present on the year. Just contact us for details on the title walking in the spirit.

Better yet, get this message as a part of Tony's popular audio compilation the best of Tony ever and 2021. Don't forget we put all 20 lessons in this giant collection and a special package that includes an additional resource of your choosing between the instructive children's book made by God or the powerful kingdom men rising devotional or Tony's latest book kingdom race theology. This special resource bundle is yours is our thank you gift when you help support Tony's work with your urine contribution get all the details before time runs out it Tony you can also find many other great life-changing resources for yourself or as gifts for the people you care about. Again that's Tony you have or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222. That's 1-800-800-3222 analyze can be pretty bitter sometimes. So who wouldn't want to sweeten things up by finding a way to heal the hurts in our lives – Dr. Evan subject tomorrow I hope to be back with the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the Irvine alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions listeners like you

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