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Rapture of the Church

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 9, 2021 7:00 am

Rapture of the Church

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 9, 2021 7:00 am

How and when it’ll happen have been matters of debate since the beginning, but all Christians agree Jesus is coming back for his church. When he does, Dr. Tony Evans says that things are going to change starting with us. Join him as he talks about what those changes will be like and when we might expect them to happen.

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Dr. Tony Evans talks about how our bodies will change when we meet Jesus in heaven decay will be celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans mother speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative. How and when it'll happen in matters of debate since the beginning but Jesus is coming back for his church when he does things are going to change starting with us, let's try Dr. Evans as he digs deep into Scripture to help us understand the rapture of the church first step before all explanation for this event called the catching up on the rapture. In verse 13 informed about those that sleep is a promise to come back and wait for Jesus to come back some of the ones Christians come back will return to miss out on the rapture of the reason is because of the rapture is to inform them about what you will see you because the kingdom of heaven prescriptions 15 verse 50, and I would like you are now because your makeup, flesh and blood. The reason why this rapture is important to you before all hell breaks loose on earth is going to come to retrieve his people before the wrap breaks loose. Verse 16 S. with Michelle rapture, Jesus is going to happen and Jesus told John chapter 11 called the great going to come to come to collect the trump of God is going to come for the whole group. Things will happen at the same time in Christ will proceed proceed to living rise first. He talks about people in verse 14 who fall asleep in Jesus because dying dying as Christians, falling asleep in Jesus. So the assumption is that you have accepted Christ as true when you die you will fall asleep in Jesus.

The picture here is mother rocking the baby until the baby falls asleep because of that rocking a lot of times a frustrated baby baby cry and the mother is rocking the baby baby baby frustrated and so is rocking the ghostly okay so he's what got us for many of us, he left this life become very uncomfortable requirement to cancel the chronic at the aneurysm. We cried active with whatever it is is causing his pain and he will let us cry so hard because were so uncomfortable that we begin soon, I rather you take me because when we get to the point with this life recedes and the like to come becomes bigger then we ready to go to sleep for some of us already ghostly sleep yet, but if we're not ready. And God is ready, he allows the discomfort get worse until we are ready so she says the dead in Christ will rise first are online and remain shall be caught up rapture to get them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Okay please notice where we meeting the Lord would not be on earth because of my time in the coming home another sequence in this chain of events will be going through when he comes back with us.

By the way, I will get to have MSI so much you Understand you are going to be living in two places, not one we talked about going to heaven when we die.

Yeah that's true but that's just one about two locations because we going to be moving back and forth from heaven to earth.

It is a two locations. So you need anybody that can go in both places you need to be able to play offense and defense. You need to be have a workable side of the ball to Bill if you need to be a lot of hangout up there and beats and chilled you got so a lot of times will be spent on so he says we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. All right turn prescriptions 15 first ribbons.

15 and let's look at this test will be close. Verse 51 behold, I tell you a mystery mystery of something not revealed in the Old Testament that is explained in rebuilding the New Testament had no idea about this in the Old Testament, but now he said let me tell you something they did know about your mystery. We will not all sleep number Jesus Christ come back the next five minutes that we all so when not going to sleep, but we all will be changed, so I going to go through offices like emerging from that will be a metal or a change in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye upon him about the twinkle twinkle is faster than the blink blink is opening and closing twinkle is a shift in the eye.

It takes 115 of the second twinkle that is shipped back to Leblanc is approximately 1/15 of the second you will be changed that quickly.

It will be an instantaneous change will be casual development. It'll be okay and if, in the twinkling of an eye. It says in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump of the trouble sounds that will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed from this passion will put on imperishable.

This portal will put on immortality. Every thing wrong with you will change will go through great lengths to change you ladies put on makeup by close your stitching weeks is all about to change is all about improving the look backflow to improve the look is when God bring about the change after the rapture. This racial machine takes the pain right it's not all the things that are wrong will be reversed on a new center close a new humanity that will be in questionable it cannot be tampered with. It could not recall it could not decay it will be a glorified body okay, but you know what will be like John says in first John chapter 3 verses two and three. He says when we see him at the rapture we will be like you, we will be like okay so if I will be like him and I need to know what he's like, what I'll be like when I like him and that's where Dr. Evans will pick up when he returns to continue this message just a moment before he does know I want to let you know the lesson your hearing today is one of Tony's most requested messages of the year and if you make a donation to help us keep his teaching coming your way will send you the full length version of today's lesson along with 19 others on CD or digital download where calling this collection the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, and it's our way of saying thanks for your investment in us which enables us to continue investing in you and for a limited time to those who donate and request the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, we have a special deal at your request will also include up to three additional resources from Tony, ranging from a popular devotional for men new and timely book covering a biblical look at race and even a book just for kids called made by God. You can get the details on these optional bonuses when you visit Tony or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 we are friendly and knowledgeable team members standing by to assist with your resource request 24 seven. Once again that's Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222, I'll repeat that information for you after part two of today's message here is Dr. Evans when Jesus will with a glorified body three days after the crucifixion when he stepped out.

He was the same person who died was another person. This Jesus whom you seem safe is coming back again so you will become somebody other than you must first remember if you are so intrigued about so you will be then so no sin, no sickness, no disease, you will be the perfect you. You were created to be.

As an adult I know I don't because that's how God created Adam as the perfect age which I'm guessing is 33 Jesus of the standard will be like him, you will be the perfect age to age with all laws of you okay glorified humanity because Jesus was, we must only glorify but let's discuss this glorified body.

When Jesus rose from the he was the Emmaus Rd. in Luke 24 with the two disciples and he broke bread with him and then says disappear so that will be the ability to come and go see and see because we shall be like when two disciples on the Emmaus road and went to meet with the other disciple, the Scripture says, the door was closed, but he walked through it so we will be encumbered by matter, which explains why Jesus could step on the cloud when he rose from the bed because he was no longer limited by time and space and matter gravity could not hold him anymore. What goes up must come down if you but if you ever glorified body gravity no longer which is why you will be able to move up between heaven and earth in your new body.

When Jesus met with the disciples with your glorified body will be able to eat without gaining weight because you will never exist in nonpublic humanity. You will never be safe, you can enjoy so this is a whole different route coming return of Christ rapture imperishable must put on immortality.

Twinkling of an will be some great new bodies to meet their souls redeem souls.

Souls will enter into the new body for the glorified existence transformation story of this will follow the way of the country and had never been to a modern bank before this lived out there in the boondocks and find it inside to go to town to see all the new thing that was happening and they came to a bank never seen a bank building before the bank building was a huge vault. We didn't know what it was but he noticed something he had his wife and son with him. His wife was looking at some the other things we were standing in the sun, and he noticed something he notices all old lady walk into a split second later he saw this young beautiful woman, told her son Boyko Mitchell mama will be a change but you sure is the next calendar before God answers his program for Israel he's going to remove all sounds before the two recall this people and slowly alone in by saying in verse 18 we will be with the Lord.

Comfort one another with these words, the magnets to something that have billings.

It's close to the magnet magnet. This something that I suck into the back when Jesus Christ comes back. His glory will the dead in Christ.

Those who have the spirit of Christ in them. They will be stuck up in their new bodies to connect with their souls for their new glorified existence. So why should any of this. Number one, you should feel comfort to know when you're dead you should feel just a little bit better that when you didn't really happen.because you've never been more alive than you are. That second because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord you feel better and less fearful about knowing that the thing you fear most things will never experience a little bit better about the uncertainty and fear that comes with secondly to make you want to witness so that you have loved ones will want to share the gospel to make sure not great yet not Martin family and friends that you love and care about the rapture see in the rapture with you and not to hell break loose on earth and the tribulation. First John chapter 3 verse two and three says that this hope purifies himself. He says when you know is good news affect how we met on affect how we live.

If the president said I'm coming to you how to get there.

Just be ready when a call knowing that he is coming should make you try to keep the house clean window comfortably shows up house clean and make you say he wants me to be ready whenever he comes back, not straight is not about dealing with dealing with God that when we are going the wrong way by the statement says it causes you to purify this Dr. Tony Evans with a look at the rapture of the church back with a closing story in just a moment before he does want to let you know that we've had to edit today's presentation for time.

If you'd like to hear the complete message so you can get it as a part of our current year-end series the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, as I mentioned earlier, all 20 messages in this collection are a gift to you. When you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station and for a limited time.

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Dr. Evans will come back with today's closing illustration or just a moment.

So stay with us this year's been another tough one challenge is 2020 still remain as we get ready to step into the new year. We are excited about the opportunities before us to reach even more people messages of hope in life from God's word. You're here and help meet our challenge help do exactly that. Tony today. That's Tony The alternative is a listener supported ministry and we thank God for your generous support and partnership help keep this important outreach going driven assisted spiritual temptation and opposition can't be avoided, but they can be overcome tomorrow will show us how to do that right now though his back with his closing story for today. Marvin was a prankster in college.

Discuss always creating stuff like that.

He just create all I wake up one morning and nobody is in the Army.

Nobody I'm get a little nervous because the day before we adjust the rapture and how the dead in Christ will be ready waking up so I know we all went to sleep except Marvin, you don't count so going and some you know about, but my point is you don't want this, you will be left behind. Having play church behind having been religious. If you here today and you don't know for certain that your sins have been forgiven and that you have received the gift of life you got two things that can happen.

You could die or the rapture could occur even one bad news for you so you I would run to the cross where God opens up his hands and says whosoever will let them come and drink from the water of life freely is eternal life to every man, every woman, every young person who comes across as a sin recognizing they need a Savior and trusting Christ this barracks for the forgiveness of the gift of eternal life no matter those already saved.

God never blesses you with a new house, another new call walk close better job bank account.

All that's fine. But if you give you anything else you have already. The alternative Dr. Tony Evans celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, generous contributions of listeners like you

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