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Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 7, 2021 7:00 am

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 7, 2021 7:00 am

God gives to us out of love, hoping we'll respond the same way. But that's not always how it works out. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about how we ought to relate with our God who provides. It's a special look at focusing on the giver instead of the gift.

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You never know until God is ready to reveal it.

Dr. Tony evidences that delay can help us focus more on God thing. She gives us the blessed celebrating faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Copeland Bible Fellowship Texas and president of the God gives to us out of love.

Open will respond the same way, but that's not always how it works much joy Dr. Evans as he talks about how we are to relate with our God who provides no more referenced. The Lord will provide the Lord will provide the name is holy because he is addressing a situation in life that one living. Even if you like it was in God Elohim created the life he does have the power to make life but when he uses this phrase job.

On the other compound means that we will look at something is going on in somebody's life and circumstance that God wants to use to unveil the book between a rock and a hard place.

I talked about the story, not God, but focusing on being caught in a Catch-22 reviewing in terms of the name of God that see how it relates to you getting to know God's name in the situations of life. Please notice the problem is. Remember, God reveals his name personally in life circumstances. Verse one of chapter 22 of Genesis says now it came about these things that God Abraham.

Abraham said here is your son, your only son you love, Isaac and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I will tell you that Abraham asked Abraham in the most saving way.

I want you to know what you worship me and as is the custom of the day. I want to sacrifice and the sacrifice will be your son, your only begotten son, whom you love to put it another way, you Abraham I want you to give me the thing you love most the thing you're most excited about the thing that was a dream come true for you. I will. I want you to give it back to me. Abraham this is a test. This test for a moment, because remember God's name comes in the simile that's German for situation in life. This was a theological test because God told him to make up your son Isaac, a great nation. I give a teenager when this takes place. Isaac is not very Isaac has no children. Yet God killing what you say you will make a great nation, you can make a great nation out of children so God doesn't make sense to do what his word had already promised you know God's one thing you do now contradicts what you did that make sense contradicts the family contradicts Sarah what God now so lost her mother's baby boy's dad and you will no mention of Sarah. This is a family crisis, social crisis think killing those to me, God said, make me look like a lost number of excerpts it's a crisis and perhaps is an emotional crisis feel about giving up the thing you love most and waited and was the basis for your tomorrow proportions that had ended.

In other words, this is a test that doesn't make sense and seems anybody ever been in one of those good news in advance when you go through things and it makes us why me, why, why now it doesn't make sense she's get ready to let you see something about him that you had never seen before to experience something from him that you never experienced before. Because this is not only a problem. This is the problem with the contradiction between the plaintiff… Makes is going through a crisis.

What a test. When showings between the blasting and the blast saw what was the blessing it went along miracle pregnancy. She supposed intervention they got to what means more to you the blessing of the blast because you also say that it trumps the blessed goes up to the mountain for seven see the word but I don't think we can you have a lamb saline makes us think it's probable he says God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering God put them in the situation that only he could fix. Abraham convicts us to consult this.

This is not something within his human for God to do this himself. He, behold, there was a ram caught in the thicket verse 13 bottle that is a mighty quiet ram that only makes noise at the right time. Do you know your answer could be sitting right next to you but you never know until God is ready to reveal it. Your solution may be right next to thicket.

Because God is not ready to reveal it, not on the other side to create a right the name of the place. Verse 14 Jehovah Gyro the place. The Lord will first three roles early in the morning and saddled PO baby immediately delay obedience becomes immediate disobedience of God and you think about it, meditate on it. Considering all get around to it does nothing for to you have not on what he is saying she can accept delay obedience and obedience is complete.

God halfway to the trip journey, even if they like me about give me credit get dressed please give me credit for seven adoptees to get upset see what is the radiance obedience when he saw that he would not withhold give you a long time are you willing to trust God with what you want to release the mouse and don't want to let go and everybody has a nice everybody has that thing that you want more than life itself and all that mattered all to him that I am loving Isaac to love God and love God and loving God, loving God.not just singing all three prayers, one of the reasons that some of us do not know the name Jehovah is God's way for you what he said even though you may not understand how it's going to work out how it's going to happen. I had to be placed when God said no. Then the solution show up was right next be writing some God would give you a what you complete your sacrifice displaying single Christian, but you must give your single God that may be in your life. The desire for a mate may be so completely as a single literally have the Presley want you to you yet the money. God give you all God's I want to know that you to go with what I give you what you have nothing I want you to put my career I don't understand how to make it work out what you think Dr. Evans will come back with a look at the connection between Abraham's son and God son when he returns in a moment to continue this message from his brand-new audio collection the best of Tony Evans 2021. It contains 20 was most hard-hitting, life-changing lessons of the past year, including messages on drawing closer to God what to do, what it feels like he's holding out on you how to make your Christianity count and finding freedom from anxiety. It makes the kind of Christmas gift that can literally change your life and were offering the collection right now is our gift to anyone who comes alongside Tony's ministry with a year and contribution and as a special bonus when you make that donation will also include an additional popular resource. There's three to choose from and you can make your selection and receive them with our thanks when you visit Tony, but this is a limited time end-of-the-year offers. So make the arrangements right away. Again, that's Tony or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 of repeat that contact information for you after part two of today's lesson here is Dr. Evans. You will Jehovah Gyro six provides nothing to ask to see that he was because he responds to think when you see Gyro show up when you have this in town. What happens when we read he got back. I think it says the type plus give this type. What does he give him it says the Lord called him from heaven, and said, I have sworn, declares the Lord Jehovah because you have done this thing that I saw you doing and have not withheld your son, only son rural they bless you and multiply you, which is on the seashore and you'll see the game blast because you have obeyed my UA seen nothing yet think you can, but because it will back everything else and everything else God all you know when the soul blessing everybody showing up in church looking blessing and blessing the blessing of spring 22 in verse 14 against a brand called the name of the place. The Lord will provide. This day in the amount of Jehovah in the middle of the Lord will be provided called the place Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide where he provides he says is provided in the amount of provide anywhere provide annual place in real time when there was a specific location is the amount what you get when you in spite of my pain. I'm going to worship when the mountain not just doing some good Christian God is making it worse when bosses want us to do something that may have sacrificed for overtime work long come in on Saturday what you company. Evaluation time comes they notice you, John, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees the person is not condemning Jesus and then Jesus makes the statement, unbelieving Jews saw and was glad he is from God which Jesus was crucified, Mount Calvary hundred feet away from John the president. So what will come.

Dr. Tony Evans with the message and how the Lord can provide everything we need in any situation will come back in just a moment encouraged by connecting urban alternative online around here want to ask you to give your very best year-end gift to help keep that encouragement coming your way and going nuts with others as well. Your financial support is vital to helping meet year-end challenge amount to ensure this outreach remain strong. So that more people like you can continue to be encouraged by God's word please visit Tony gift today. That's Tony Evans.

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