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Jesus the Christ

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 21, 2021 7:00 am

Jesus the Christ

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 21, 2021 7:00 am

Jesus’ death on the cross brought us redemption. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains that other facets of his ministry brought us relationship and moreand they’re all described by the word Christ.

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Dr. Tony explained why regarding Jesus was proffered in re-showing all what is life really 40 years of faithful. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans mother speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative Jesus death on the cross brought us redemption today.

Dr. Evans explains that other facets of his ministry. Broadus relationship and more and they're all described by the word Christ. Let's join him as he explains my name is Anthony Tyrone evidence that's the name my parents gave me most people know my name is Tony Evans if I hear that name Tony Evans.

I'm going to turn and respond because Tony Evans is my personal identity.

Dr. is a title and pastor is a role or responsibility Jesus's human name was Jesus meaning. Save your or deliver. So when Jesus's name was referenced. It was a reference to one fold.

It was and is to rescue or deliver people out of something predominantly sin, but he also spent his three years of ministry, delivering people out of circumstances.

What was trouble or disease or demonic oppression. He was in rescuing business which was consistent with his name of a title in the his name is Lord Lord Jesus gives the title to the name Jesus. Our focus today is on Christ. Now that's not his last name that is his role or office name.

The word Christ is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word for Messiah. That's why it says in verse 41 of John one. We have found the Messiah, which is translated Christ. So when you hear the word Christ which is spoken of over 500 times in the New Testament, you are literally hearing the Old Testament word Messiah.

Now the word Messiah from which we get our Greek word translated in English as Christ meant anointed one. That's what Messiah me that's what Christ means it means anointed one. When Andrew says we have found the Messiah is talking about something they were looking for when you say you found something that implies when looking for the whole Old Testament is written in anticipation of the one, two, called the Messiah it was called the messianic you can understand the Old Testament and the Old Testament will never make full sense. Unless you understand the messianic hope that is the anticipation of Messiah generation after generation after generation after generation was looking forward to this problems person that God would send would have the anointing to fulfill the purposes of God for not only his people Israel, but for the whole world, and that person would be the Messiah, which is translated Christ in Luke chapter 24 when Jesus is on the Emmaus Road and he walks beside people do not recognize who is it is on the road within the verses 25 to 27. They didn't recognize him and he tried to explain, did not the Christ have to suffer these things and he took the Old Testament.

It said and explained about himself from the whole Old Testament so the whole Old Testament while not using Jesus's name anticipates Jesus as person from Genesis 315 that the woman would have a C because no man would be involved. Whenever you talk about the birth of a child talking about the seed of a man, but since no man would be involved because of the virgin birth. He speaks about the seed of a woman so the Messiah would come through the seed of the woman God will set up a whole system of sacrifices in anticipation of the coming of Messiah, he would set up a whole festival regime in anticipation of the coming of Messiah would make certain promises to Israel to the whole world that would be filled by the reign of Messiah. And so you would see prayers in the Bible. Looking forward to the coming of Messiah, you would see sermons in the Bible how justice would rain at the coming of Messiah. Everything was in anticipation of this one wants to, who would be the messianic hope the Messiah, whose name means in Greek Christ.

So when he says we have found him saying we have found all that the Old Testament anticipated all that the Old Testament prophesied and that was the coming of the anointed one now in the Bible to receive an anointing was to be elected to an office so think of the anointing as being like an election so look at it if they're being developed to fulfill an office salt in the Old Testament Messiah, anointed one split in three categories. There were three classifications of people that were anointed.

The first classification of an anointed person in the Old Testament, which has to do with the meaning of the word Messiah was the prophet, the prophet was a person who spoke for God you would always hear the prophet safe, thus saith the Lord. Not only did they speak for God, but they not only foretold, they also foretold they foretold the future so they would predict the nature they would say what God said they would declare things that had not happened yet on our behalf of God to the people. That was until they were anointed to be prophet. The second category of anointing was the priest. Now, the priest would get anointed. There was a whole line of priest.

This line of priest would be anointed for the purpose of standing as a mediator between God and men, men because men are sinful could not go directly to God and God because he was only would not mix up with the sinfulness of man. So God created all anointed mediator, somebody would stand between him and the people, for the purpose of sacrificing for the forgiveness of sins, so that God could have fellowship with the people and bring blessing upon the people by means of this mediator called a priest, not among the priest that was the chief priest called the high priest.

He would go into the holy of holies once a year offer sacrifices for the nation of Israel so that God could bring blessing on the people and they would not be judged for their sins that priesthood was unwilling to well. The third category of anointing was the king. The king was anointed for his civil responsibility of ruling over the nation.

So we went through an official anointing ceremony to say you are elected under God to rule over the nation. And so it's one of those, fulfilled a messianic role as human beings, but when Messiah would come this Messiah would fulfill all three roles in his one person he would be anointed as a prophet he would be anointed as priest and he would be anointed as King. That's why at his baptism. Matthew 316 heaven opened up.

He was anointed by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. And that launched him into his fivefold ministry of being prophet, priest and king that every time you hear the name Christ. You must think the name Messiah. And every time you hear the name Christ and now you're thinking, word Messiah, you must now think the word anointed one, and every time you hear the word Christ now that you're thinking of Messiah.

And now that you know that means anointed one.

You are to remember he's anointed prophet, priest and king. He has all three anointing is fulfilled in one person. So when you were Christ will think of Jesus's last name. Think of Jesus is three elected offices that he possesses all three offices. So now let's walk through the three offices of Messiah whose name is translated Christ to see how those three operate with him number one. He is anointed as prophet. He is a spokesperson for God and he is a proclaimer of the future.

Well now, if Jesus is anointed Messiah as prophet.

That means that he speaks as God speaks now.

Why is that important what all the other prophet said, saith the Lord, when Jesus comes on the scene, he says, I say unto you, all the other prophets were simply articulated what God told them to tell them when Jesus spoke he spoke with the authority of God. But why wouldn't John 11 says in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. So John 1733 could speak with that kind of authority is that it was actually God doing the talking in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus Christ in his prophetic word is the final word on any subject matter. You pick the subject and whatever Jesus has to say about the subject is the final word on the subject okay because it is God's word authoritatively on the subject. The problem today is Jesus who has been anointed as Messiah, which means translated Christ, which means he is the anointed one is not allowed to be the last word on every subject he's the last word on your definition of being a woman is your last word on your definition of being a man is your last word on the definition of when life begins, the last word on the definition of marriage. The last word on the definition of government. The devil last word on the definition of justice. These last word on the definition of righteousness. The last word on subject matter. You bring up.

He is a prophetic statement of God which means you'll save a lot of time and frustration in your life when you asked the question up front what does Jesus say, rather than putting him in the debate with what your friend say your neighbor save the television said what everybody else has to say.

He is the voice of God because he's been anointed as prophet Dr. Evans will tell us more about how Jesus is been anointed and what that means for us in our daily lives.

When he comes back in a moment. First, though longtime listeners to this broadcast know that Tony is hosted a number of teaching trips to the holy land throughout the years. Whether or not you've traveled Israel with him in the past we have a wonderful opportunity for you to bring home much of the engaging spiritual perspective. Dr. Evans has been able to share from the actual locations where Jesus walked. Our team members have documented his tours and others photos tocsin insights are beautifully presented in a large high-quality photo book called experiencing Israel 20's current teaching series is all about developing personal intimacy with Jesus as you get to know his names and their meanings in this book will help you grow closer to him as you see and learn about the places the Lord visited during his time on earth for a limited time remaking both resources experiencing Israel and the comprehensive 11 part audio series encountering Jesus names available to you as our gift when you make a contribution toward Tony's ministry to get all the details just visit Tony or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 again that's Tony or call 1-800-800-3222, where resource team members are standing by to help you around the clock will get back to our teaching time right after this had some adventure to your family time and impart spiritual truths to your kids with a library of books from Dr. Tony Evans specifically geared toward children written for children only help you teach your kids for five depend on the Lord and spark joy in their hearts for him, all the while enjoying time together as a family. You'll find Scripture to memorize internal problems and practical applications for the whole family can put into practice.

But most importantly you have a way to spend an intentional time with your kids having fun and enjoying each other by learning chemical truth together explore Dr. Evans line of kids books today and start them on the path to discovering what it really means to live faithfully for Jesus not only is Jesus anointed as prophet since Christ is the Greek for Messiah and Messiah means anointed and that the balls to Christ. He is also been anointed as first Timothy chapter 2 verse five says that there is one mediator between God and man.

That is the man Christ Jesus. He is the in between person who grabbed his God and grab some man and hooks the two up, he is our priest according to Hebrews chapter 2 verses 17 and 19. Jesus Christ is our perfect priest. He stands between us and God, to hook us up together. Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me.

You can't skip Jesus and get to God. Jesus says I am the root mechanism. I am the mediator between sinful men and a perfect holy God sinful man can go up to God. God is pure, you can't mix it up with but the one who bought our sins, Jesus Christ brings the two together.

He is our priest. But not only is he our priest begins high.

Hebrews chapter 4 verses 14 to 16 says that we have a high priest who can be touched with our infirmities, who can be touched with our weakness and was thrown can bring mercy and grace in time of difficulty. So you not only have a priest you have the chief priest in charge if we understood the priesthood of Jesus Christ, we wouldn't be all wiped out by the circumstances of life because we would understand that somebody between us and God who can get us to God because he can feel it in a way that the father can tell the third area of anointing is that of King King David was anointed, he was the rule over Israel. He was the government or the head of the government. The Bible says that the government shall rest on his shoulders. The Bible calls Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of lords.

Revelation chapter 11 verse 15 says that the kingdoms of the world come under the kingship of Christ. Ephesians chapter 1 verse 10 says that God's philosophy of history is that all things will come under the rulership of Jesus Christ. So let's review. Let's roll it back. Let's do a rewind Christ means of Messiah or Messiah is translated Christ Messiah means anointed one. He's anointed one in three categories. He's profit. He's priest and he's king. What if he's profit that means he's the last word. If he sprays it means he is your connecting point with God the father if he is King. It means that he is rolling over you now with each one of those titles. Profit priest and king comes anointing the unknowing team has to do with his official designation in that area over your life. So if there is rejection of Christ you have just rejected the unknowing team so you not only lose fellowship with the person of Christ you lose the ability to benefit from the anointing of Christ. Everybody goes around talk about the anointing the anointing the anointing what you only experience the anointing profit priest and king. When those are allowed to operate in your life so Jesus Christ is the anointed one in three areas. So that raises the question. I'm glad you ask how does this profit priest king Christ work for me I don't I get this anointed one to anoint me so that his presence his word is authority is connecting me between earth and heaven is a priest is rolling and overruling in my life and circumstances work for me. Let me quote one of my favorite verses. Galatians 220 I am crucified with Christ with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I it's Christ who lives in me and the life which I now live. I live by faith in the son of God, not to me and gave himself for me. There are many verses like that in the New Testament where the word Christ is used, but now that you have an understanding that Christ's is from Messiah and Messiah is from anointing. Let me recall the verse I am crucified with the anointing of the last night I it is the anointing or the anointed one that lives in me. So the life which I now live. I live by faith in this anointed one me and gave himself for me. Because remember, stay with me now.

Christ means Messiah means anointed means profit priest and K.

So to have Christ is to have an elected officer operating inside of you go back. I am crucified with Christ. Let me tell you why. Paul even says that Paul is dealing with the racial issue a racial issue in the church has become very Jewish is segregated himself and the Gentiles.

Beginning in Galatians 2, verse 11 policies the segregation take place, and he stands before Peter really tells people what you just did with that other race is evil because God is spoken about race and you only 250 of the fix it if you start with the anointing Jesus says what you just did was evil, and what you just did was wrong, in fact. I don't think you know you because what you just did what you put your Jewish heritage in front of your Christian commitment and where will you if it trumps being a Christian, then, is how to water.

He says I am crucified with Christ that speaks of his you okay when I get to the office I get a morning cup of coffee. It comes when it's poured black when the coffee gets to me from the time it's been poured.

It has cream and sugar. It comes out black but by the time it believes where it came out and gets to me. It has been transformed. What was now black has now become brown and what was in my view battle has now become sweet because that was a staring which occurred and that's starring intermingled black coffee with white cream and the white sugar, which means I still have coffee I don't have it, like it started with different look at a different taste because eight and has occurred. Now the thing about this union is that I now own cream coffee.

I cannot now on sugar. The coffee because the union between the cream and the sugar and the coffee changed the nature of the coffee without getting read of the coffee.

What Paul is saying is, now that you have a union with Christ.

You are still whole you are created to be. But you've been started. You been. Start with the person of Christ the life of Christ and the transforming presence of you been anointed with cream and you been anointed which which means that you still you, but you are to be tasting different and looking different because of the view that has occurred.

So it says I have been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless, I'm not lost my personality. I'm not lost my identity not lost my racial orientation. He says job crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless I live I'm still being made, but are being me.

In this mixture I'm still coughing but I been changed because I've been union with Jesus Christ. He says nevertheless I live but that is not it's Christ who lives in me.

So I given Christ permission to let his unknowing team all through Dr. Tony Evan wrapping up the second lesson is illuminating series on the many names of Jesus. Now if you'd like to explore the full-length version of today's message including content we couldn't fit into our broadcast time get in touch with us for details on the message titled Jesus the Christ. Better yet, get it is a part of Tony's current audio series encountering Jesus names on either CD or downloadable MP3s.

It's available right now is our gift and appreciation for your donation toward Tony's ministry and as an added bonus will even include his beautiful coffee table stylebook experiencing Israel. This high quality hardback is filled with stunning photos and insightful commentary makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member visit Tony Evan start org today to get all the details before time runs out on the special double offer again as Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222, a resource center is open 24 seven that's 1-800-800-3222 one. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment right after this quick shout out to celebrate the urban alternatives 40th anniversary hey Dr. Evans, OS Hawkins and Johnny Jack Graham here just thanking God for you and your 40 years of ministry we been in the city together with Dr. Evans in his wonderful church all these years. 30 year plus for me and you 25 years and we just seen God do incredible things in your life, not only in this community where you are loved and appreciated by through the urban alternatives in the ministry of your church around the world.

I love you I respect you. I thank God for you, Dr. Kelly Evans and Tony, let me just add that today is Jack and I sit here just wish you happy 40th anniversary of ministry is a subset of King David. You lead your people with the integrity of your heart and the skillful use of your hands just want you know your love and appreciate.

Sometimes there's a difference between what we believe and what we admit to believing next time Dr. Evans will explain why that can be a dangerous distinction both during our life and after it, you won't want to miss it right now though his back to close our message for today staff jump jump as well and they take their legs and they go as high as they could go to jump over the bar and they make it to approximately 8 feet high and you do good if you could jump 8 feet high, but then their poll jumpers all jump is wrong with a long pole they stick the pole in the box the probands and then the poll propels them now pull jumper goals 18 now both of them are trying to do the same thing they trying to get over the bar, but one is doing it with their own human effort, and all I can do is a free, but the other is leaning on something else to propel them then they could ever go on himself. You may be able to get so far on your own without God. When you get the anointing when you get the pole propelling you. You'll find out that you can handle things you didn't think you can handle. You can live people you think you can know you can be kind you would normally be me. You can control yourself when you would normally lose it. You could be pure when you would normally be immobile, you can still identify yourself fully what created the not what some secular world tells you you now when you get propel by the anointing working through you will find your ability to go about them beyond what you have a plot you could do as a human being because his name is Christ and Christ as the Messiah, the Messiah means anointed and anointed is prophecy anointed praise and anointing as to accept the you already have the alternative Tony Evans is celebrating 40 years of think things generous contributions of listeners like you

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