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Rahab: The Deliverance of Faith

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 4, 2021 8:00 am

Rahab: The Deliverance of Faith

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 4, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that too many people believe that what they’ve done in their past has canceled out what God can do in their future. But in this lesson, Dr. Evans tells us a story that demonstrates what a dangerous lie that really is. You’ll also find out why deliverance only results from a certain kind of faith.

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Dr. Tony Evans is our answer foretells who will attend on when we need deliverance because the decision should the decision celebrating.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible College in Dallas Texas and president of the Dodge references to many people believe what they've done on their past is canceled out what God can do in their future, but today he'll tell us a story that demonstrates what a dangerous lie that really is what's joining what it means to me.

Now, this the end of this chapter, we come across most likely for museum in chapter 11 verse 31 of Hebrews 6 in chapter 2 of the book of Joshua we talked about Joshua fitting the battle of Jericho and walking around the wall in Jericho Joshua Jericho went: chapter 2 verse 15 was built into the wall with Joshua chapter 2, which gives us the story summarizing Hebrews 11 these words in chapter 2 of Joshua Michael saying going to the king of Rahab say bring you to draw house for they have come to serve the country. The woman and said to the people who came looking for them came to me know where they were from the gate was being when it was dark peppermint when I do not know pursue them quickly for you may overtake him that she choose the line. She goes on to say verse nine she said to the man giving you this land that the US happens of the land because of you are one of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt, and what you did to the two kings of the rights who are on the other side of Jordan verse 11. These things are hot for the Lord your God, he is the God in heaven above and on to a line with you and your God decision against the culture about Israel, but she wants this going to help with the culture myself with the Lord. Minority minority made the choice they would God know that we go against my own country.

Jericho got a go against the government, have made my decision to sell the Lord if she made this decision to our culture. The Lord nobody would know her name today because she would've been wiped out when Jericho got wiped out but because she made the decision to allow the Lord that meant she would be aligned with the culture we still talk about today and her name is been recorded in the Hall of Fame. So my question is will you aligning yourself with the world. You may go down with the world. If you know the culture you may go down with the culture serious Christian place. When you choose the law of the crowd choose the law to choose the lawn or notoriety.

One of the reality debate committed to Christ himself yourself because every body else to turn them down. The prostitute may decision I'm going to align myself with God. Even though that means I will not be with the culture job with the two are in conflict with the Lord. With every body else with the two are in conflict with your friends and you choose between the groups.

Except since you are looking weird because you only want to stand fall which way do you choose because the decision you will choose the drives the decision you will said she made a decision that nobody else in the culture except her family were going to is the choice we all she says chose God she could. She made a fake choice much around Jericho.

Sometimes on Saturday they blow the trumpets and the walls collapsed that except one piece of the wall converts 15 figures per house was on the wall so all will collapse one piece walls warehouse attached to. She was the one of the reasons why we are not experiencing more deliverance is God is seen not enough piecing Christians who live by site and if you are not living by faith.

You will see will be limited in what you see the supernatural God moving in your midst of one of the most exciting things to see is when you live by faith God responding to your faith because you made your decision up front trusted him in advance and so she not only saved her own life. She sends her family's life. That's why all the men here, your mantra must be. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord, because you want God's covering over your home like you covered Rahab's hopes that would be good enough if that were the industry is a great story, but is not the end of the story Rahab keeps showing up in the Bible should not just Joshua Chuck to system will go and she shows up except Asian she's called prostitute ramp press Randy press read as you know what her past is God going to know what her status so that you can know and I can know your past have to determine your future control tomorrow, so we keep the prostitute what happened to a girl, Rick chapter 6 of Joshua tells us that the walls came down, Rahab and her family were Safe and then it says that she was transported to Israel and now becomes a proselyte like somebody about fit into a Jewish family to all this to the people of God is real. She meets me about salmon when told to verse 51 that Solomon was the Bethlehem city about Israel family man who was the city of Babylon with have the prostitute to which became a real salmon and going through the manage of Jesus Christ was a man who was to name ships throw the baby name baby name Jesse baby name David Jesus Christ so will become not only Israel and become great-grandmother and Scripture ladies in the manage of Jesus Christ know what you know about to tell us why this kind of deliverance only results from a certain kind with so many ways God's faithfulness to me into this ministry over these 40 years, you know, there were times when we just weren't sure we were going to make it.

We got down to our last paycheck for our staff.

After that there was no money to pay anyone. I remember us having a special prayer time and ask God and then out of nowhere Dona's heart was touched they wrote us a note said God placed it on my heart to send you this gift was able to sustain us a while longer until we were able to build. I praise God for 40 years of his fame on us. One of the goals of this ministry has always been to provide the tools and resources to help listeners like you dig deeper in the subject matter. Dr. Evans presents these daily broadcasts and right now I want to tell you about Tony's book that goes hand-in-hand with the message we been hearing today is called kingdom heroes and it's a look at the Bible's faith Hall of Fame full of ordinary people who did extraordinary things by taking God at his word. This new book from Dr. Evans teaches us that spiritual reality is about much more than we can see or touch, and that by believing God. There's nothing he can't do through us to help you dig deeper into this important subject. We are offering the book its companion Bible study workbook and the complete two volume 13 message audio series is our gift to anyone who will come alongside Tony's ministry and make a contribution to help continue this important work. We rely completely on your support to keep this program on the air and this is one way we can show our appreciation for your faithfulness.

Get all the details and make your request online.

Had Tony or give us a call at one 800 832, 22 before the special offer runs out. I'll repeat that information for you later in the program. Dr. Evans will come back with the second part of today's lesson right after this coming to theaters this November hearing place where Lazarus rings from the place where it was to which Tony Evans brings the New Testament Gospels to line visits to locations of Jesus earthly ministry connecting them to their significance. Humankind today I relationships I guess what Jesus is taking things November 16 and 17th travel with Dr. Tony Evans life changing eye-opening journey with Jesus. Find showtimes and learn more Tony James work beginning in chapter 2 verse 21, talking about Abraham and his words. He had what God says to demonstrate the power of his example as he concludes again when she received another way, once this use by faith alone should justify by works, so his logical concept is called location. Explain the difference just what Paul talks about in Romans chapter 3 Romans chapter 4 is where you trust Jesus Christ as your sin bearer and you trust him for the forgiveness of sins and you believe in him to give you the gift of eternal life. That's justification by faith, free of charge by grace through faith application apart from works. You cannot earn relationship with God. You must trust Christ and he gives you forgiveness and gives you eternal life, justification by works. When you accept Christ take you just change about it. When God brings happen to you justification not from works is demonstrated by function, she was put God's children are living uncovered. You may have trusted but not too many of us will never have until we get the application by works which to respond to you in history to respond to you in the here and now, not just in the suite by you. I want to buy Jesus Christ and I'm going to make my choices. That means I'm so lonely against the crowds and deal with have on earth. If you want to see God see something that is telling the truth when you can't see the results you'll see him work, you'll see that you in history so the message of God can work on your today in spite of yesterday if you will choose that functions in our community and I called him a junkyard specialist goes a junkyard's office been thrown away stuff is junk. You have a college up takes it back to his garage reconfigures. It turns it into a contemporary art piece and insulted for $5000 until I can take Joan consistent Nelson and when he is able to work with it right turn it into something that I don't know what junk you have to bring the dog today, but if you bring your junkyard jump.he knows how to think and turn you into a masterpiece can do something with your life to turn it around.

I don't know about you yesterday. All I know is something about your today and he can reversal tomorrow by letting you see work in history. If you'll accept the Savior and then choose him as Lord in the choices of everybody wants. What I okay okay I got crushed 100. I got a wrinkled $100 bill anybody's the one you know why used a $100 bill even though it's crushed, it has not lost its value is still stepped on the hundred dollar bill and squat down the bill dirty under my dirty shoes so it was already wrinkled.

It was already crushed but made a dirty 100 anybody's the one you want to know it was clashed, even though it was stepped on, have lost this now. You still have the value to go one step further. Let me know what you want from the flow up will still be reserve it will still you because you to be Christ you you all you know about you all, God made me God wants you to know that no matter how you will show the crown jewel is now one. Dr. Evans will come back with a great story about how the problems trying to barriers and why did being steppingstones to deliverance. The first will be wrapping up Tony's heroes of the faith series later this week. As I mentioned earlier, you can get the full-length version of all 13 lessons in this two-volume series CD or digital download along with Tony's brand-new book in Bible study guide kingdom heroes there.

Yours is or thank you gift when you make a donation to help us continue this ministry to the world desperately in need of the good news of Jesus Christ. So call us right away at 1-800-800-3222 our resource Center never closes. So don't wait again 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony to make the arrangements while you're there, be sure to sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again. It's Tony Most of the time. Faith makes no earthly sense, but tomorrow Dr. Evans will explain why that's the point, as he talks about the kind of trust in God. They can bring supernatural power to bear on our earthly problems right now though he's back with an encouraging story to wrap up today's lesson dog one day.

Well, it was a deep well and the only new hope for the dog falling.

He thought he would give the dog a burial started put dirt in the well put dirt in the well put dirt in the well described as he put the dirt in the well they will use well anymore so he just filled it up with dirt wind and the well got Phil would dirt the dog walked off. She used the dirt as a steppingstone to use the dirt in the dirt wind up being the steppingstone to bring them out of the well. I don't care how much trash in your yesterday if you let the grace of God, step on top of that he can bring a better person than you ever knew you could be Rahab the harlot tells you tells me God can reverse that thing if he can get you to choose the alternative, Tony celebrating 40 years of generous contribution. Listeners like you

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