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Abraham: The Pilgrimage of Faith, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 20, 2021 8:00 am

Abraham: The Pilgrimage of Faith, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 20, 2021 8:00 am

Following God’s direction may take us into unfamiliar territory. But Dr. Tony Evans explains how important it is to keep something familiar in our sight, no matter how much the scenery around us may change. Join him for this special look at keeping our eyes on eternity as we navigate our way through life.

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700 Tony Evans about keeping our eyes on eternity as we navigate our way through life.

If you only perspective you will be okay celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony ever offers speaker senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban following God's direction. They take us into unfamiliar territory.

But today Dr. Evans talks about keeping something familiar insight, no matter how much the scenery around us may change. Let's join him for us in Genesis chapter 12 chapter 13 when God told him I want you to believe you're sitting in your community, your house and your people and I want you to go to a place that I'm not going tell you about going all he knew was God told him to leave with out knowing where God was speaking to move away from family and friends and the things he grew up with the context of paganism.

Joshua 24 two he was raised in a family violence God says something for you to do. I got a plan for you.

Abraham but you gotta leave you and stay with me if you want to see where I want you to go to show you where I'm taking you leave when you are. You cannot have me, you cannot have me you cannot have me. So you got only you got me nowhere. I'm thinking you even one based on a promise unless you leave me all you will never discover what God has for you in the new so the question is one whom you when you are not because he will never: this with the world. James four. So the first thing you need to know is that your life will require leaving of worldliness, desires and actions that are in conflict with God. Secondly, your life of faith from the superstar of faith will involve a leaving in the living notice this verse, not by faith he lived see that as an alien in the land of promise in a foreign land dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob fellow heirs of the same promise while he laughed and many live what it says you live in the land of promise as a violent and an alien women women at once his neck. He laughed. He left the counties paganism. He is now in the land God is promising him the guy God promised land but the land that is now in and living in his living as an alien in the middle of the good news is that in the passivity of the promise without actually getting the promise that if you said what God will do even though you haven't yet, what God will do.

That means you closer than you think.

See some of us are in God's waiting room and is probably no discipline in the Christian life, no discipline been waiting. God how long this will take when you will come through for me, take two steps forward, three steps back, look like you get ready so you flip or make anything work out and I don't get in the vicinity but yet it taken ownership of this thing yet. I remember one time I was on the plane coming into the city and the pilot said there is bad weather around the city and so we going to have to enter a holding copy in space because there is a well-known system moving in and we can land so I was in the vicinity of the way I want to go without being able to trouble you at a red light that will change in your life in the waiting room of the doctor's office and the doctor and the nurse may not commence how long is this going to be in a holding pattern and got the land of the play although you are in the vicinity of Sidon which one you want to know when displaying the land we walk by faith, so I don't have signed him up in him a holding pen I can see down to cloud when is this thing on land for God answer my prayer.

Deliver me. Whatever it is that he is destined for make his to hear this, God is always doing two things at one time related to your life and mine.

Two things he's preparing the promise for you and he's preparing you for the promise you will know all over the promise point over the part that's not you got Natalie if you can control that you have a control over the person Abraham needed some development, and God will not about to give them a miracle without a development. He was not about to give him destiny until he came to his senses, but that's good news and hope you and me when we have not learned that laughing until we get the message out and feel in the neighborhood of the problem until the land because we grow reason to want to leave the world and want to live in God's presence and move quickly in obedience so you can get what you give it because you're ready for because God to give you a destiny that will cause you to forget the problem by one regular blessing God. If you do it for me this if you get me out of this Vista. If you help me Vista. I'll serve you for the rest of my have delivered you you a good way to win back your life because God knows you are not fully committed yet. So the promise. The Bible says that you and I are foreigners and aliens here once is now God does not want you to be too attached to somebody been there but they don't dinner for you to see he was in does not permit location.

God is moving the displaced display displaced displaced displaced. See if you will walk by faith you have family loafers.

Could you GottaBeMobile you got a beef God can get weirdly lonely out smoothly dove this and thus turn to talk about Joseph P2 is indefinitely. He never met him simply because he would settle down A little offkilter when I go to hotel on the bottom. A bank can pick stuff up and put in the hotel drawers organize the pickup we can put the toothpaste whole lineup and all that do over the suitcase get what I need is it and the reason I do that is because they know how. I'm passing through. So I don't get too comfortable, because I know I'm not staying God says if I'm going to take you to your inheritance.

I'm gotta develop you for your inheritance and when I developed your inheritance. Keep your shoes on, like, thing you do some stuff, taking through some things that will be some mountains.

It will be some balance but they're all designed to develop.

You I got my piece on you, take care of, I just gotta get you right some of also working on 50 years of things that should be installed in three years, but we can pitch our tent and built a house that we will move out until God does not have flexibility with our last chance we can grow it was like he wants to grow us because were not available for him to do his thing. But it says by faith Abraham was willing to live as an alien to live as a foreigner, not become too attached.

Looking for God to change your scenario. Dr. Evans will be back in a moment with more of these walk through this spiritual Hall of Fame part of his current series heroes of the faith. But before he returns. I want to tell you about a brand-new book that he's just written, going hand-in-hand with today's message. It's called kingdom heroes in it, you'll learn that spiritual reality is about much more than we can see or touch and you'll see how much can be overcome and accomplished when you act as though God is telling the truth.

We want you to be one of the first to receive a copy of this new kingdom heroes book as our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on this station along with it will send you a companion Bible study workbook and all 13 messages in Tony's heroes of the faith series as a bonus, you can get them on CD or digital download, whichever is more convenient for your needs. But this limited time offer won't last long, so get in touch with us today to get the details and make the arrangements. You can do that that's Tony and dot org or reach out to our resource Center at one 800 832, 22, any time of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222. I'll repeat that information for you right after part two of today's lesson and this coming to theaters this November were at the church of where it is that the birth of Jesus Christ traveling with Dr. Tony and he retraces the life and human journey greatest being who ever walked this are we here in Capernaum place where Jesus did most of his miracles is in this place that he demonstrated he truly is the son of God traveled the streets fields in synagogues where Jesus will visit the location of the most powerful recorded in the Bible place is highly likely that much of what we read about ministry in Galilee have the right journey with Jesus theaters November 15, 16th and 17th with Dr. Tony. Tony showtimes and then the third one is a look first for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. While if you miss everything else. Don't miss this because it will change everything for the rest of your life.

He left the world he no longer associated with that which left God out in the arena of the promise but staying fluid because he had to grow in that situation because before God gives you.


He always goes with development after having provided deliverance source deliverance development best and then it says the way he survived the way he would not was where he looked while he was living on earth while he was waiting for the promise that was going to come on earth.

Name your son born out of his way while you wait for this is says he kept his eyes on heaven for a city whose builder and architect was God the city wants this going to happen yet people have a lot here but what happened. He was looking at having because here's the secret. If you live you live better on earth if you start looking at all you will be looking through band glasses because you will be living like this is all there is and this is not all there is in fact this is so small. Please says I want you to happen while living on earth. That's why the Bible says in first John to this world is passing away on this world to type think that's why things get boring because this world is passing away is one of drug etiquette. Gotta get more. That's what Satan offers boy he always ups the dosage because he knows the thing is passing away. So we got up the dosage to keep you going and craving glasses. This world is passing away.

So don't hinge your whole life on this wagon is passing away and guess what we passing away. So, since this is temporary and eternally change the temporary movement when your perspective will be ruined on earth, but if you are heavenly minded.

Colossians chapter 3 seeking the things that about if you have a heavenly perspective, you will be writing and you'll be okay.

It has to do with your perspective that needs to be a shift in your perspective board play baseball ball up, swung and missed. He threw it up again and that your real good, bad, swung and missed the greatest better than swung and missed the compare would you use one more time. This again is some kind of picture, he shifted his perspective is shipped in a perspective that you wake up in the morning thinking eternally that is thinking God's perspective, the spiritual worldview. This is not a big how you live. This is how he lived by thinking happen while functioning in history.

Anthony suffered severely with with asthma going up to get that for me. I was asthmatic suffer pretty bad in my young years. We had a pediatrician named Dr. Denny's with the Lord now Christian Dr. Dr. Denny was very wise man would pull out the drawer and put on a lollipop give it to Anthony to be struggling trying to breathe and sucking a lot of time trying to both the really thought a lot about laptops.

We should, and so so P struggling struggling but he sucking a lot of stuff a lot of while he was focused on the document he would come around with an epinephrine shot given the legal pump body second so all of a sudden he feels is painful sting of the campaign, he thought, I bought into a place of deliverance like his phone. What is important to place the pain so his father was a contributing element to look into the same brought into a place already and we, his father was hurt and he remembered something to remember to remember something he remembered something delightful coming when place it change the pain, but it changes perspective on the pain my pain when a ship is so all and all all over again when he built an altar to replace so it was a new situation built himself a larger place in the middle of waiting is your may now charge the spiritual perspective drawings you your confidence about going to have is and is rocksolid is one of Abraham's altars. Maybe it's time to think about the foundation underneath your faith here is Dr. Evans with a thought about that. You're not a Christian because religious or because you go to church because you believe in God, your Christian because you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal sin bearer being religious.

Doing good works. That's nice but it's not sufficient when God demands perfection. Second Corinthians 521 says he who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. So what God is said is he placed your sin on the cross on the Christ and then judge Christ for your sin if you will go to Christ. He will take Christ righteousness which is perfect and he will credited to your account so you will stand before God never sent my because your sin was because you gotta send this credit on your account with you will receive Jesus Christ right now if you will invite him into your life believing that he died for you and roles for you personally.

He will credit your account with perfection because it already credited your sin on the Jesus Christ. So go to Christ right now and get this free gift of salvation that is offering all who come to him for. Find out more about what it means to be a real Christian visit and follow the link that says Jesus you'll get a straightforward explanation from Tony and some free resources to get you started off right again that's Tony Avenue and start or end. While you're there, don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of that resource package I mentioned earlier, all 13 messages from both volumes of Tony's current audio series heroes of the faith, along with his brand-new book and Bible study kingdom heroes there yours without thanks when you make a donation to help keep this listener supported program coming your way. Just visit Tony to make the arrangements or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 where team members are standing by to assist with your request. That's 1-800-800-3222, or Some of us it takes all the faith we can muster to trust God to do something unlikely. So what happens when the answer we need from the Lord is downright impossible will find out tomorrow. Right now though Dr. Evans is back with a final story for today. My name is Dorothy and she was taken from a little place called Kansas. She found herself in a foreign location with the wicked witch that wanted to destroy her life scenarios show no she said I want all which said if you follow the yellow robe as a person in the room's will get you a different perspective of about their's but she had to follow the yellow brick road sure messed up people to the messed up line scan would be a small group of monkeys that there was no no no show no leave you when you came from because you God says if you only if you want to get you all take me buying the alternative reading years thanks to the generous contributions of listeners

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