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Enoch: The Walk of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 13, 2021 8:00 am

Enoch: The Walk of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 13, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that Christianity isn’t just something you believe, it’s something you aresomething that’s expressed in every aspect of your life. Join him as he explains why the further we move in that direction, the clearer our vision becomes.

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What God says is those steps gets greater. Our vision in which you live celebrating faithfulness.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans authors speaker senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban Dr. Evans says Christianity isn't just something you believe it's something you are something that is expressed in every aspect of your life will paint a picture of that today as he talks to us about the life of Enoch, let's join him about is what it means to be notes were required when a couple was getting all because I would be two people sitting behind the steering wheel, she would be very close to him.

You also know the distance indicator. They weren't perhaps on the same page as well that God uses to explain to me what it is to walk by Bruce chapter 11 verse five and six Bob was taken out so that he would not be found because God took him out the witness that before being taken up he was pleasing to God, impossible to please him, for he who comes to God must believe that he is a rewarder of them who seek saw the writer writing the New Testament Christians reaches back to the book of Genesis introduces us to a man with four verses written about him. In Genesis in Genesis chapter 5 and we can see why was pleasing to God, because Genesis 5 verses 21 to 24 says live 65 years and became the father of walk with God.

300 years after he became the father of and had other sons and daughter so all they were 365 years walk with God and he was not for God took so here it rose to please God. Genesis tells us why. Please God please God, because he walked with God. So the way you play as God is to walk with God, and it takes to please God by walking with God because you're dealing with the God that you do not see. And you're dealing with things about God that all so in order to please God. You must want God to walk with God.

I'm going join me, but what God is requiring God is requiring us to walk with that is to find out where it is going to enjoy it with things he had to track what was going and going home with God is to walk with God in the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament the word walked in Genesis is translated by the Greek word please. Because God is pleased when we walk with you now is what it means to walk with God. The New Testament phrase is walk in the spirit.

The New Testament phrase to the concept of walking with God promises if you walk in the spirit about walk with God wants this for 300. So this was a wall over an extended period of time. Step-by-step word to walk with God is to bring God to bail on the steps you take in your life. It means God is part of your decision-making. As part of your thought processes. As part of your calendar. As part of your schedule as part of your relationship.

Every step you take every move makes every meandering you do everything you involved with is attached to it, and you are writing your self with I tell you I walked in the rain.

I am explaining to you via VM in which I walked, I walked in a wet environment because I walk in the rain. That was the atmosphere to walk in the spirit to walk with God is to walk in an atmosphere that God is controlling the environment of God is not controlling the environment. Your movement except on Sunday that everything the spirit and everything God it's not walking with God. That is including God in all the steps of life. All the decisions of life and all the perspective of life. Peanut walked with God now walking assume something if you are a walker and you walk with someone walk with whoever it is you walk with probably somebody you like. You probably don't want was somebody you don't like because you're not in harmony with so would be an uncomfortable walk because there is no relationship endlessly free says can walk together except they be in agreement number words is hard to walk would folk you're in conflict with so walk with God involved agreeing with him agreeing with God like you to hang out together because you're not on the same page are not walking with each other like on two different sides of the street so to walk with God means God agree with cool you off. I agree with way: let me stroll with you if you would agreeing with God. You cannot at the same time be walking with souls and agreement with God because he is Spirit and you all relating to him spiritually walking in the spirit you are including him on all aspects of your life.

Now, not a stranger that you occasionally go out with somebody that you go on a daily walk with you walking with him as a continuous way of life means that there is an agreement and a short spiritual perspective. To do this he says in verse six that comes to God must first believe that he is is hard to walk with somebody and you're not sure that there is an assumption with walking with God that the God you walking with his dad to be walked with. If you do not believe that you walking with somebody you do not see like air. You don't see air, but nobody downstairs is not visible reality. If you're not sure he is, then you're not sure he can be walked with a lot of Christian owners today they believe about God without believing in him that is, they don't take seriously the existence of the God of the Bible not let me explain something about believing that he is must believe what's this that he is that different than believing that it is because what you must believe about God is that he is personal and therefore knowable. We got people believe God is the force we got people believe God is the concept of a meandering in material reality God's about the city that's a he is a very relational being God does not know what it is to be by himself is never been alone, but as God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit. These three are 11 God, composed of three coequal persons who are distinctive personality get one in essence he's never been by himself because God has never been alone. I know what it is to be lonely.

The below so is to relationship, not that excited about religion. So what religion who don't want a relationship is not the him that he thought about. So you must believe that God was asking you to walk with him really wants to work with you because he wants a relationship with you. It just does not want a visit from you is not after visitation rights is not the full custody he wants to walk with you. You must believe that is that if this is a personal thing. It is a relational thing that he wants to absorb the whole of your life. Every step you take walking relationally. Unless you are looking at God's right relational lands and only looking at God through a religious lands that you will be satisfied with that. You won't be looking for a relationship.

The things that will take your spiritual life.

My spiritual life and our churches spiritual life, to a whole another level. Walking relationally with the God who is personal and relational bondage. Dr. Evans will bring us more of what it takes to walk by faith when he continues our message in just a moment. First were excited to let you know that Tony is offered a brand-new book and companion Bible study that goes hand-in-hand with the material he's been talking about today. It's called kingdom heroes like the heroes of the faith messages we been hearing this book and Bible study focused on two very powerful words by faith, you'll discover how otherwise ordinary people. People like you and me could become the best-known characters in the Bible. They took God at his word and believe what he said was true. So what is it take to live a life of faith today where we live, what we say to a culture that insisted seeing is believing.

How can we learn to trust God when our fears and feelings tell us not to find the answers by getting for yourself a copy of Tony's two volume 13 message audio collection heroes of the faith on CD and digital download, and his brand-new book and Bible study kingdom heroes for a limited time were offering this entire three resource package as our gift to you in appreciation for your generous contribution to help support Tony's ministry here on the station just visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222. Make your contribution and let us send you the heroes of the faith, and kingdom heroes book and Bible study package as our thank you gift. Again that's Tony or call us day or night at 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will be back with more of today's lesson right after this Dr. Tony to Israel as granting the motion picture so that I was now see color. The atmospheric environment. All the excitement and learning what the Bible describes. Now you can have vaccine experience along with Tony in a new motion picture coming to theaters in November.

Journey with Jesus.

A lot of people want to go to Israel.

It is an expensive trip. We did not want those people did not experience that we had traveled with Tony. I think explorers will fight where the most powerful events in the Bible to not just helping you understand what they mean and how they can change your life this to be a biblical experience not really excite to journey with Jesus in Tanner's November 15 16 Tony for location. Sometimes, to learn more. Jesus is not physically God is a spirit by nature reminds me of the story of the teacher who was an atheist and she asked her to the class. You see, the trees can suggest using flowers could suggest she start to see the sons can suggest that you said you see God said no. She said that he must not exist except intravascular question suggest do you see your mind.

She said no. Is that what you must not have more we believe in many things we do not see. You must believe that God is, and it's a he person you must believe if you walk with God for success is that he is a rewarder of them will diligently seek him. You must believe that he is really and he is a rewarder person and respond to things that God wants me to walk with him and that journey that is going to respond to my blade in my walk with him.

One of the road when not see God that we believe him. We don't believe there is a response from him. We must believe that there is a response that we want to get from him. We all walking with him, seeking to be pleasing to him that he is going to join us and he is going to walk with us. Now you decide what you're going to believe it because every body, the evolutionist believes in something that he cannot prove with an abolitionist and something that they can prove that lowlife to create and sustain the world you can prove that somebody's not intelligent enough not to name God not only creates but sustains that which could never sustain itself. Given the law of entropy science teaching the echelon the floor if you want to walk with God to want to walk with God to want to walk with.I expect God to walk with me that he is the rewarder. The success of those who seek him number people want what you if you want to walk with him but he's not to be insulted and walk with you when you don't want somebody who don't want to be with. So there is this issue designed to walk with God, which is walking in the spirit which is bringing God to bear on all of life that's walking with God. It is where you are God's environment seeking to please him in every aspect step-by-step thought by thought decision by decision in your life which explains what Paul means when he says, pray without ceasing, because if you walk and when you walk with somebody talk about this. You don't want to read you walk with somebody is to not have to bear the burden of walking by yourself, so they create a positive distraction. Even if you common up the hill so God says in the hills like the movements of life. I want to talk about everything printed on six Back to my childhood without health your him you have engaged him. You have made him a part of the operational reality on a personal level of aspect every aspect of your life. He's become the environment of us. Firstly, walking with God.

If you go walk with God stay with me here means you will often be walking against the culture. Okay, I know you heard me, but I'm not sure you like walking with God will often leave you will walk out of step with the culture because you're listening to a different drum beat. The new testament talks about in another place. The next to the last book in the New Testament to Julie which only has one chapter in verses 14 and 15 says these words. It was also about these men that in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, behold, the Lord came with many thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of their ungodly deeds which they had done in an ungodly way of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against. So now Drew picks up on this matter from the book of Genesis. All Joe says in the seventh generation from just tell you everything think the Hebrews as its aim at the seventh generation from Adam what he want to know if he meant the seventh generation from because there were two inmates in Adams family in Genesis chapter 4 verse 17, it talks about the cemetery, the son of Cain, who had a city named after him. Joe, I'm not talking about I'm talking about Cain's baby boy I thought about sass generation of the father is that I don't want you to get confused and have the same name but not share the same nature son obtain a city named applicant. After him, so he was right, but the seventh generation from Adam. What no man it was known by God walk with God and was not is fully want to know your name and have notoriety named named success name that you can have God knowing you, Dr. Tony Evans with an important question we need to answer about our own relationship with God and what you been listening to today as part of Tony's current series called heroes of the faith. As I mentioned a bit earlier were making this two-volume 13 message collection available to you on CD and digital download along with his brand-new book in Bible study guide kingdom heroes.

They are our gift to you. When you help us keep Tony's teaching on this station with your kind donation.

Just visit Tony to get your copy of this powerful package, you'll find a link with all the details right on the homepage and while you're there, take a moment and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our friendly team members assist you.

Our resource center is open 24 seven so call anytime again that's 1-800-800-3222. If you want to walk with God.

You gotta be willing to go where he goes tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will tell us about a man who did exactly that and how the resulting relationship changed his life right now that will wrap up with a quick shout out the Tony received commemorating 40 years of God's faithfulness to the ministry here is Dr. Ed Young is my privilege to say a word of congratulations for 40 years of service to none other than my brother and my friend Dr. Tony haven't. He rightly divides the word of truth. They by day and weekend by weekend, not only to his church, but really he's a spokesman for Christ around the world.

Tony, one of ministry. What a blessing you been to countless millions of people in these 40 years, and I'll tell you a secret that best is yet to be congratulations. I'm thrilled to be your brother and I'm thrilled to just follow in your wake as you make a wide swath for the kingdom of God throughout this world. God bless you and your terrific friend. The alternative is finding alternative celebrating Thanksgiving generous contributions of listeners

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