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A Time for New Wine

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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August 23, 2021 8:00 am

A Time for New Wine

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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August 23, 2021 8:00 am

Salvation is a gift, but it comes with a responsibility: to pass along the good news we responded to ourselves. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he helps us explore ways to do that and shows us the amazing blessings in store for us when we faithfully share Christ.

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When God is something something to make something Dr. Tony Evans says that's one way God calls our attention to reality.

We been ignoring like this is celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas and president of the alternative, anyone who's used a computer or smart phone knows that sometimes when a device or app isn't working properly. The best way to get things going again is to start over, turn it off and then turn it back on today. Dr. Evans explains that God can use divine resets in our lives to point us in the right spiritual direction. Let's join him as he kicks off this brand-new series. All of us are familiar with remodeling. Perhaps in your home. You had to remodel a portion of it. I know many years ago we remodeled our kitchen supplies say it was a hot mess. I mean stuff was everywhere broken up up from the floor up.

It was a mess. In fact, because it got so messy we had to move out of our house to stay with one of our kids for a few days because everything you become disrupted.

We all know that the goal of remodeling is to really make something better than when you started. You remodel because something is gotten old or worn or to or broken. If you want it you want to give it new life to make it fresh and new.

But in order for you remodel to take place, a destruction has to occur first because something new is needed. We have been going through a remodel.

We've been going through a divine destruction, divine discipline by disruption. God is seeking to remodel some things the Bible is clear that when it's time for Christ to come back. There will be this disruption worldwide that will introduce the antichrist which will lead to the ultimate return of Christ to remodel the whole earth. In the meantime, God does some smaller remodeling in our lives and in our world through bringing about disruption. Now let me be clear, when God disrupts something, it is because he wants to reset something remodel.

He wants to make something new that's gotten stale old broken up and ineffective. I can only surmise that the scope of this problem that we have all faced personally in our homes with multiple pandemics lets us know how bad the remodeling is needed and so we are beginning a journey today about a reset because your life has been disrupted.

Whether you like it or not, it's been disrupted. You can't do what you used to do. The way you used to do it with the folks he used to do it with because it's been interrupted well I don't know about you but I love the reset right about now.

Now here is the key. When God disrupts something in your life and in our world. It is always an missive without exception to highlight the spiritual over the physical Senate again, what you missed that when God disrupts your life. Your world the physical realm in which we live. He is calling attention to a spiritual reality that we've allowed to get too old, God is become to marginalize his principles have become to ignore for too long so we disrupts things or allows them to be disrupted because he has something to say in Luke chapter 5 Jesus says, called disciples to himself beginning in verse 29.

He has a party lead by Matthew the tax collector has a big reception for Jesus at his house, according to verse 29, and a great crowd shows up. I just want you to know by way of introduction, gives a good mind-body body is a great reception that is a big crowd and he was the light of the politics of the party with Jesus by Matthew so jaded that my apology so Jesus comes to the body as a crowd, but there's an interesting group at the party with told that there were tax collectors and sinners may business will not be approved crowd at the party by the religious elites of the day the Pharisees find out that there is jam going on in Jesus is the and so they began complaining to the disciples while you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners verse 30. That's the problem to me why you got a party going on to where we met the bay was invited.

Tax collectors and sinners. The people that we don't have time for you will eat and drink with them that have to do with fellowship. You will hang out with them so they have a problem with this with the group that's showing up to the party. Jesus answers and tells them that is not those who are well need a position, but those were sick. It's not well focal development sit folks who need help.

I'm not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. He says the reason why Baptist phonics is unmerited. What is this party because my party is design to make a spiritual impact the party to step party. I have a party to make a spiritual impact, I'm not just calling the saints. I'm also after the sinners and so this is a spiritual purpose to it. Even though Donna complained about that sets the scene for the reset God is going to take us on a journey on right now so the religious leaders. The Pharisees in verse 33 the disciples of John, often fast and offer prayers, the disciples of the Pharisees also do the same, but yours eat and drink okay. That is the problem we fast fasting is giving up a craving of the physical for a need in the spiritual quest with passenger and that's what we do we do it the religious leaders. Even John's disciples doing and remember John the Baptist disciples were designed up to get ready for the coming of Jesus. He said, so we do it they do it. We fast in your body will be the spiritual ones. So what they are bringing up is our religious commitment is greater than your religious commitment because we fast we would be a party will be out here praying about.

I had given up food now in the month of January every year I trust is a fast we call the solemn assembly bulimic talk about that motive. You understand this passage. Did you know that there was only one required fast in the Bible. Leviticus chapter 16 verses 29 and 31. That was the only required fast. It was no required fast in the Bible, but that one young couple, the day of atonement in order for the people to get right with God to have their sins address was this one guy asked required every other fast in the Bible was voluntary not demand and those fast happened on a voluntary basis because there was a great crisis great grief a great deed that you needed the additional presence of God to invade, but those were never required.

Only one was required to some people get the idea that God commanded fast.

The only one that was to deal with the guilt of sin. Everything else was I need God's involvement in my unique set of circumstances where I did the supernatural to invade because I got it crisis because my got grief because I got paints them in a situation I Will be varying from people to people circumstances. The circumstances of individuals.

Individuals what the Pharisees had done was make fasting a requirement. They took a command and turned it into a requirement with a big requirement they made they made a requirement to do twice a week when you read Luke chapter 18 verses 10 through 12. The Pharisee is praying in the temple, and he says I thank you.

I'm not like this tax collector.

This publican, and he says because I try and I fast twice a week. What makes me acceptable better than this guy will be a look at my religious activity I fast twice a week that was commended by the lightweight, but what the religious leaders had done is taken a biblical principle and staff. With human additions. That's religion religion religion is where you pull on made additions to God's requirement to make you feel more acceptable to God. Dr. Evans will unpack the concept for us when he comes back in a moment to continue this lesson from his brand-new series divine reset. This powerful 10 part collection explores the reason we experience divine disruption, destruction and discipline from God and how you can use that knowledge to initiate a life-changing reset breaking loose from habits and hangups you thought you'd be stuck with forever.

Right now we are offering all 10 full-length messages in the divine reset series on CD and digital download is our gift support the ministry of the urban alternative, along with the complete audio package will send you Tony's insightful booklet winning your spiritual battles. This quick read will offer you hope as it helps you identify areas of spiritual weakness and prepares you to stand firm against the devil's attacks on your life.

Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 to make the arrangements. I repeat that information later on in the meantime stay with us.

Dr. Evans will come back with more of today's message right after this coming to theaters this November church of where it is that the birth of Jesus Christ travel with Dr. Tony Evans as he retraces the life and human journey of the greatest being to ever walk this earth over here in Capernaum place where Jesus did most of his miracles is in this place that he demonstrated he truly is the son of God traveled the streets and synagogues think Jesus wanted, and physical locations were some of the most powerful events recorded in the Bible took place is like that much of what we read about in Galilee heaven right here journey with Jesus in theaters November 15, 16th and 17th. Dr. Tony Tony location showtimes.

What was create requirements. Some of us were raised in churches like that. That gave us a mountain of requirements didn't come from God or maybe a principal came from God, but they kept adding stuff to it so that it was no longer of God. It was a man, but because God's name was attached to it. It sounded legitimate and so they made religion a big deal centered in this case in fasting, you know you can put on a Superman suit, but that don't mean you can fly, you can put on Jesus looks and carry your Bible and sing your praise songs. But that does not mean you are in sync with the Lord and many people think because they carry out the religious performance praying, fasting, and the like, and what happens is like the Pharisees, you can be grouped into ritual at the expense of her relationship reset it again. You can be grouped, I can be duped into a ritual doing the spiritual looking thing to get brownie points with God when I have not pursued a relationship with him and I get so content with the ritual that it actually cancels the relationship, but the ritual looks so real it looks real. When you go to church looks real. When you read about in books, real is like those apples that you find on the account of many hotels when you go sign and I went one time to hotel and had Appleseed not bear good to be. I picked it up and bit into a wax sample look like a wax that would look like a real Apple looks so real and it was so fake okay what happens with religion is you can make it feels so real and it cannot be right because it's been spat with man made additions that have nothing to do with spiritual relationship and that is why there's so much condemnation in the Bible about doing the external when nothing is happening on the internal MR chapter 7 verses 6 to 8.

He says these people do all this external stuff, but they are far from me that not even close to me. They go to church. They wave their hands in the air like they just don't care.

But they are far from me then not in relationship with me. Many Christians today are being duped by religion in the name of God without experiencing the reality of God and God has to dismantle lust and know what it is not easy to mess what I religion no yelling going to church for a while and I'm closing the doors for a while. I'm changing the paradigm of my collection you would like you used to do it because I got too much religion and I don't have big enough relationship status disruption is designed for us to relook at some things to read things personally and collectively so that we don't just have a form of godliness some years ago across my lawn. There were folks walking across the lawn when there was no path path, but they wanted a path to walk along and when you walk on the same path long enough, you will create a path where there is no path to other folk will follow you think it's now it was never meant to be a path but you been used to it so long that you've worn out the grass and look like you got to stop that because they were creating something that the loan was never meant to facilitate you know that we've done in American Christianity. We've created something God never had he never hadn't known that all religious order would replace our spiritual intimacy in our spiritual relationship so that's the problem.

So Jesus now has to help a brother out.

Got to get help about Mary's going get people watch this he says in verse 34 Jesus said to them, you cannot make the attendance of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them. Can you ask the question, but the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them. Then they will fast in those days.

He says when the bridegroom is there. You don't fast Jesus is the bridegroom. Why, because this church is the bride so he's preparing the disciples to start the church. The church is called the bride of Christ.

So Jesus is the bridegroom so he says you don't fast the attendants don't fast when the bridegroom is the bridegroom to get ready for what get ready for wedding. Let's talk about this. I have done hundreds of weddings literally hundreds of weddings in almost 50 years. Bridget, I am now never never ever never been to a fruitless way.

I have never been to a wedding without somebody without something to drink because writing is a party, a wedding is a celebration when the groomsmen with the bridegroom. I go to I go and I pray with them that laugh and joke in five minutes slapping each other on the back party because this is the attendance.

The groomsmen partying why because they're excited about the bridegroom excited about the bridegroom that is only one time. You would find his way you one party at a wedding. If you disagree with the person. The man was Mary. You know you not to say I'm so miserable at this when I go by no fluke. Is he married probably wouldn't show up right now you he says a celebration.

You do not fast.

You do not pass that a celebration that makes no sense to go to a wedding and I have a wedding cake.

I can't vouch for how all the food tasted all the weddings I went to talk about. It was there because it's a party. He says the bridegroom is here, so there's no need to fast the words you don't fast when you're celebrating 20 sync with celebrated and was celebrating with these Republican senators were celebrating Jesus invited them minutes so we do have Dr. Tony Evans proclaiming that Jesus had come to do something new, not merely to patch up the old if you're ready to experience the freedom of having your past wide clean in your future made new Tony's back right now with some encouragement for you. He knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Guess what God is going let you go to heaven will credit he will credit to your account the righteousness of Christ. Because God is credited to Jesus Christ, you are sent so your credit score can be 100 if you go to Jesus Christ for salvation right now and how do you do that Tony would be happy to explain it to you. Just visit Tony and follow the link that says Jesus. He has a short powerful video that explains what real Christianity is about, along with some free follow-up resources chickened out today and discover the amazing difference it can make in your life. Will today's lesson is the first in a powerful new series called divine reset. It contains 10 messages focusing on how God can use seemingly chaotic conditions in order to help us turn our hearts and minds toward what really matters.

As I mentioned earlier, this collection is yours when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station along with it. You get the winning your spiritual battles booklet I told you about to put it off. Visit us to get all the details you can make your contribution and your request online. Again, that's 2011' or call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 like one of our team members help you.

That's 1-800-800-3222 potholes and a roadway can be concealed for a season or two with a temporary patch or they can be eliminated altogether with the full depth roadway replacement tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain that when it comes to failures and imperfections in our spiritual path, God wants us to choose his lasting full replacement method rather than a quick but short-lived repair job. I hope you'll join us. The alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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