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Sharing the Good News

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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August 20, 2021 8:00 am

Sharing the Good News

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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August 20, 2021 8:00 am

Salvation is a gift, but it comes with a responsibility: to pass along the good news we responded to ourselves. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he helps us explore ways to do that and shows us the amazing blessings in store for us when we faithfully share Christ.

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Dr. Tony Evans is God expects more from each of us than just our own spiritual growth is also concerned that we will somebody else celebrating 40 years of faithful. This is the alternative Dr. Tony have authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

There's never a shortage of bad new. We confided pretty much anywhere we look at TV and radio to the Internet and social media, or even just in the concerns of our friends and family today.

Dr. Evans reminds us that in the midst of anxieties there's always some really good news and a lot of reasons we should be sharing it with others. Let's join as he explains, if you will. Children become call lights of Jesus Christů Just like Bay doesn't represent Jesus Christ overnight. They must grow takes but takes time because what takes is development of the child must be child must have social relationships. They must learn to think they must develop their proper emotional live. That is a baby to be, but they must have comprehensive creative called church family whereby Christians grow in context, whereby they are to develop into these look alike to Jesus Christ.

So God is not set aside until you become and I become an adult Christian and by that we simply mean that adult agent, but don't action. That is, we are responsible believers in Jesus Christ, we have learned and habit out the character of Christ in the world. That's discipleship. That's what God is one thing you should simply because you growing.

Not only is concerned, but it is also concerned that we influence the growth of somebody else will do is look in your own house. There are people there to be disciple disciple is why why disciple you children so we all have well where this can naturally take discipleship has everything to do with your spiritual growth. I want to do this in a context of a story so that we could get a feel for an Old Testament story in the same time that the principal found second Kings chapter 7 provide just what we need them into the city of Samaria. The people were literally starving to death. Secondly, they allow the Syrians the Armenians to Israel and provide Terry punishment to problems and problems without it. Israel at that time there was a prophet named Eli shop, who had been discipled by his spiritual father Eli job. It was a spiritual leader of Israel at that time, calling the people back to God.

God told Elijah that he had punishment people and now he was going to redeem them. That's where we when we open up verse three now that will remember his name at the entrance gate and they said to one another. Why do we sit here until we die if we say we will the city in the city, and we shall die. And if we sit here we die. Also now therefore, let us go to the camp on the Armenians. If we show shown by most of all appreciate that you understand that these were all leopards are testament. The Bible describes every kind of leprosy is like cancer when you get experience leopards take the risk, but God supernaturally intervene. Verse six because the Army on the Armenians Syrians to hear the sound of chariots and the sound of horses, even the sound of a great army so they said to one another, behold, the king of Israel as hard against us became the king of the Egyptians to come upon us, and fled in the twilight and left there for their donkeys. Even the camp just as it was, and fled for their life. God intervene.

The people were dying city. The lepers were dying outside of the city. There was no but God remind you now just passes that enough said. By nature children of wrath, but God in spite of God inspired a nation, but God in spite of on but God and according mercy seat.the day of God and if you happen today because God intervene if you pass you understood about it because naturally sought condition came down supernaturally provided salvation that will be no heaven will be able to say we debated. We will be because of his grace, not by works of writers. This was with God is not going to the camp because God intervened and when you get to go to God. It will be by grace will be because he great tragedy of the that they don't know how they are attaining them to hell. God provided a way to salvage well let's see what mercy when the birds came to the outskirts of the camp. They entered one. And ate and drank.

Remember this dog cat silver and gold and closing and without a return and carried from there. Also, and when out with him no time enjoying God's intervention based God, look at this say we got more law and get some bread and butter but God and in the building so the banquet the money that I want to start wrapping stop and put it away and come back later. The claimant leader. Not great, there's not everything of introduction.

Then they said to one we are not doing right this day a day of good news, but we are keeping silent. It is we are not doing right. They say it's not where all goodness for now city stop where claimant all all and not just not right for you and your family doing away now. It's not right it's not right, enjoying the grace of God and having their lives to start by saying that the camp has been right is not right and other people not have the same opportunity. That's not right. It's not right for you. Something about without it's not right now, right to the conclusion it wasn't right.

Three things number one.

Referring back to verse eight that winning the 110 more naked you went to another tenant family make you went to another text them or make you every time they went to it that was so much stuff that all and on about. That was so much blessed. There was so much divided the bench.

I mean there was so much good stuff that they would lose by sharing somebody brothers and sisters God go take a lesson from you if you share with somebody you the Bible says about all we can ask Gloria now.

Don't worry about sharing with somebody God in the camp all to yourself. Christians know your weight of glory God has blessed you. Would you expect the first motivation with abundant blessings that have been abundantly blessed. That was Dr. Evans will explain why. For some it's difficult to overflow comes back in a moment with more this message because sharing the good news is part of a brand-new collection. We put together called Tony Evans top 4040 of his most powerful sermons over the last 40 years. Right now, volumes one and two of this four volume collection or yours is her way of saying thanks when you make a donation to help keep this listener supported broadcast coming your way. As a bonus will also send you Tony's popular booklet on fasting. It explains our saying no to your physical appetite can sharpen your spiritual one. Creating a hunger for God that the Lord is only too happy to satisfy this combo offer is only available through today so make the arrangements now and will get this great pair of resources on their way to our resource center is open around the clock to help you. Just call 1-800-800-3222 day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us or you can browse through our huge collection of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional.

I'll repeat our contact information after part two of today's lesson and this coming November Church of Jesus Christ traveling with Dr. Tony Evans as he retraces the life and human journey of the greatest being to ever walk this earth over here in Capernaum place where Jesus most of his miracles is in this place, demonstrated his son of God traveled the streets and synagogues that Jesus walked and physical locations were some of the most powerful events were important in the Bible's life that much of what happened right journey with Jesus in theaters November 15, 16th and 17th. Dr. Tony Tony patient showtimes occurred to me one reason we don't witness one of the reasons we not quick to share the multiply is because we don't have any so many Christians are living by the skin of their own, hot impacts of life.

If your life is full to me. Many Christians multiply themselves much that such a rat flow sharing that God is doing in writing to be around the Christian because of the charge, the program of the reality of God came to. Sometimes we let the things of this life, so burdens down with work priorities. Whatever, but there's no that's why you can never let anything suck you from your spiritual life. Nothing is nothing more important to you, sink than a dynamic spiritual life because then you have overflow. The second reason that they had to go and share it was because of the peril that awaited everybody else safe formula about this free food free clothes free dumping is the height of selfishness to be on your way to heaven and not care what anybody else makes is the height of selfishness do not also know that your mother and your father.

This is Christmas. Praise God now, and did not know what happens to people about Christ is I'm not sure I believe in hell, I'm not so sure. You should pick a chance to run certain things about everything else don't belong.

Already my life is a mess. You can recover from that job, from that, that's bad, but wake up and get recover from the loving God loving God will force you to choose him loving God send people how lets you choose to be wise God Americans die of starvation is slow. They were starving so no terrible class this starvation with the tragic love people that wind up going to hell and have a little bit of that. Have a miserable married job and help miserable health and health and health related say nothing right. Finally, they understood that there would be a time of reckoning. If they didn't open up the inverse.

They said if we wait until morning punishment will overtake effectively whentheyfindoutthatweandwetrackdownandgetus.WeonlyfoundoutwhatPaulsaysnothingreally.AndstepfiveistheloveofChristconstrainsusandthereforewepersuadementoJesusChrist.ForweshallallstandbeforethejudgmentseatofChristchild.Igotbackandtrytotakesotheycommutedtoomuch.Youarepeopleintoobadasituationwebettersaysomethingtheydid.Thegoodnewsofverse16isthepeoplewentoutandplunderedthecampoftheArmy.TheyallgotDr.TonyEvanswillcomebackwithaclosingthoughtjustamomentbutfirstaquickreminderthatyoucangetthefull-lengthversionoftoday'slessonisapartofTonyEvanstop40collectionofhisbestandmostpowerfulmessagesofalltime.Remember,volumesoneandtwoofthisfourvolumecollectionoryoursrightnowwithourthanksforyourdonationtotheurbanalternative.WedependcompletelyontheprayersandgiftsherfriendslikeyoutokeepTony'steachingonthestationasaspecialbonuswillsendittoyoualongwithTony'sfastingbookletItoldyouaboutearlier.Againthat'sTonyEvans.orgoryoucancallusat1-800-800-3222orsomeoneonourresourceteamisalwaysavailabletoassistyou.That's1-800-800-3222.Thegoalofremodelingistomakeawornandtired.Placefreshandnew.ButonMondayDr.Evansayssomedistractionneedstohappenbeforearemodelcanoccurinthesameistrueinourspirituallives.Joinusnextweekforthebeginningofabrand-newseriestitleddivinereset.RightnowthoughTony'sbackwiththisclosingthoughtfortodaysomebodyhasdescribedthegospelasonebeggartellinganotherbeggarwherethefundsGodhasentrustedenoughinwhatPaulcallstheearthandbesttheprivilegeofbeingambassadorsforChristinEnglandrightacrossthestreetfromwheremywifeandIwerestayingwiththeAmericanlocatedinthebuildingwiththepoweroftheUSgovernmentononesquareblockeverythingIneededfromanAmericanstandpointwasinsidebecausewhenitspokeitspokeonbehalfofthegovernment.TheBiblesaysthatyouwouldnotofJesusChrist.WhenpeoplejustheardfromGodonhisbehalf.Canwebeambassadorswithamouthfulofmansuchavoidance.ThealternativewithDr.Tonycelebrating40yearsoffaithfulness,thankstothegenerouscontributionsoflistenerslikeyou

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