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The Study of God

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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August 17, 2021 8:00 am

The Study of God

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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August 17, 2021 8:00 am

Most of us had to learn things in school we thought we’d never use in real life. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about a kind of study that’ll not only be useful but life-changing in this lesson on discovering new ways to expand your spiritual understanding.

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Dr. Tony Evans talks about what it takes to expand your understanding of God. Knowing God requires moments alone with celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

Most of us had to learn things in school we thought with ever use in real life will today.

Dr. Evans talks about a kind of study that is not only useful but life-changing as well. Must join him as he explains what it is God like God will all start major perfection in your life in my life that we are able to find everything else currently I am not simply of God. That is simply say there is a God. That's not a very great reference point we be aware of God because it would be hot when you understand that all encompassing being clearly back when I thought about knowing God, you are aware that he got more bad where the nation it's more than a religious experience to know God is to have him rub off on you to enter into relationship with God so that you want a great tragedy that you can charge and be aware of God you can charge about God you cannot feel God, but you can live charged with having someone talk about knowing God. I am talking religious experience on you and become all you who I am and therefore you cannot rub off the fact that you treat your wife and how you raise your kids how you spend your money and how you relate to people. Secondly, study of God is the most authentic person is not only the most meaningful person in life. It is also the most authentic person life in John 17 we have Jesus's high priestly prayer we read these first three verses look briefly at this concept these things Jesus spoke to look up his eyes, he said. Father, glorify thy son that thy son may glorify me if I given him authority over all mankind that all we have given him may give birth rate. He says and is eternal life that no true God and Jesus Christ will have life life is not referring to everlasting life that is not about how long of life.


Eternal life that they know life can never be what I want for you unless that life is God's light being lived out the way you will get life experience in this life and the knowledge of him, that you may know God is light, God, to live life like that's why Jesus said, give you my life because life can never be like it was meant to be lived without the knowledge of many of our lives way using our own brains to figure out how to live life without God dictating you can upgrade our knowledge is limited to live life like life was meant to be lived.

If you want to live life the knowledge of God because is life that you may know him so that you are not in line because you're not sleeping in the knowledge of what your name is not like you can locate life you are who have never yet learned how to we think living is wrapped up in the things we've already mentioned money or educational prestige or power when living is really wrapped up in the knowledge of God, and that's why spreading the Scriptures is so important. Verse 17 sanctify them in by true thy word is true, there is a standard of information that clarifies what life is all about.

That stand comes from the word of God thy word is true.

We have many college graduates in our church who spent 12 years primary patient elementary school junior high school school for you, the people of the masses agrees to document that was to look for 12 to 16 years studying to be what you are intended to be for the rest of your life that we go, you can't do that with one another, and no job really will try to get someone like me so much energy on what God is about one thing happening the knowledge of God.

The knowledge how boring know how exciting between earth and heaven is the knowledge of God is the interrupted knowledge of God was not document in the rep getting an interrupted sleep eight hours you're not conscious of the knowledge of God. We have problems and a distraction from God, all God would do in heaven to quit all the negatives so that you have the interrupted knowledge of God that have been related to the knowledge of God, he won't even let you go to sleep. There is no he will not give you a call and it won't get to sleep. Nothing knowledge and practice before we get by making the priority of the knowledge of God.

Our primary person thoroughly study of God is the most beneficial proceeding like it is not only most meaningful in the most authentic is the most beneficial.

That is, nothing will benefit you more day by day living in the knowledge of God that a number of things I want to say here.

I will turn all the reference them for those want to look at them further. Daniel 1132 says the people who know their God shall be strong and take action say Daniel was caught in Babylon and ungodly nation that was turned over to the people who know God bad situation life think the issues of life. The knowledge of God. The correct response to the life they would people want to correct the correct political order want to change their dates that they want to do good way to God shall be able to take action. God is not something I'm constantly because of the size of our church and exposure God is given the ministry being called on to get in this movement to get in this movement to endorse dispersants to stand with the situation the March on this thing. Think many of them are five of them are not with knowing God Bible say well that's not consistent with the biblical approach to what I have to say that number one they don't want to hear the biblical approach number two will I think I am telling them that their approach is wrong. And number three, not on their agenda. When you know God you can be competent about your approach.

You have to walk: go back and forth and begin the people who know that God can stand at the right take action. But what about the people who don't. Dr. Evans will talk about them in the trouble they tend to get into when he continues this message from his brand-new CD compilation Tony Evans top 40 contains 40 of the most hard-hitting life-changing lessons.

He's taught in his ministry's 40 year history that includes messages on our authority as believers.

The importance of being authentic.

How to discover the beauty and brokenness.

Understanding God's timing and much more. Right now we are offering you volumes one and two of this four volume collection is our gift when you come alongside Tony's ministry and help see us through the summer with a generous contribution. Please visit Tony While the special offer is still available. Make your donation and letter sent you all 20 lessons in Tony Evans top 40 volumes one and two, along with his booklet on what's almost a lost art in today's church. Fasting you discover why it's such an effective way to get rid of some of the burdens and baggage we carry through life making arrangements to get the special double resource package before time runs out you can do that today. Had Tony or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222, I'll repeat our contact information later on after part two of today's lesson coming up right after this coming November church of Jesus Christ traveling Tony Evans as he retraces the life and human journey of the greatest being to ever walk this earth over here in Capernaum place where Jesus did most of his miracles is in this place demonstrated truly his son of God traveled the streets and synagogues that Jesus wants, and physical locations were some of the most powerful events recorded in the Bible took place like that much of what we read about in Galilee have the right journey with Jesus in theaters November 15, 16th and 17th. Dr. Tony locations showtimes with what we don't know God, because we don't know God right now Also give life .6 $0.01-$0.03 passes that you all know and love. God is our refuge and our strength very present help in the time of trouble. Therefore we will not be yours should be changed, though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar all though the mountains quake at place, God will take straight they will be secure knowledge of God, knowing that the knowledge of God gives wisdom in life. What Ephesians chapter 1 verse 17 six that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him with five earthly application with the ability to understand what God wants to know where you live with truth and show 11 spiritual perspective earthly application with location of truth for life God gives you. Proverbs chapter 9 this way the law and the beginning of the knowledge and it gives you wisdom says that God will show you why you have books that will have common measures we will have the knowledge that we have the knowledge of God.

Chapter 1 verses two and three says that the knowledge of God to give you a well life, grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, saying that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and excellence, knowledge, God will give you grace God will give you peace of God, a great life. Life life life well ordered life's little knowledge of God love you become more aware about him but as he rubbed you to give you grace. Please all of life knowing that God is love life will give you the development Colossians chapter 1 verses nine.

For this reason also since the day we heard of it. We have not ceased to pray for you and that you may be billed with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual so that you may want to please respect bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God's knowledge of God here will produce spiritual life will change the way you walk walk differently life differently because you have been knowledge of God because of the knowledge of God. Knowledge of his wealth will transform the life that one always reflect the character of the trio, which is why Christ secondly is always born when you stop and people want to bite out of you like people want to be like you because you're the person for the purposes of God's final study of God is the most challenging person is first of all, the most meaningful. Secondly, of all the most authentic thoroughly of all the most beneficial earthly and most importantly, most challenging reverses the rock your socks. Romans 11 versus 33, 36, all of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God, how unsearchable are his judgments unpatentable on his way for who has known the mind of the Lord who became his counselor was given to him that it might be paid back forth from him and through him and show him all things to him be glory forever. Amen. You want to challenge God is first of all, a challenge because verse 33 says it'll never have anything to make it an challenge because you never learn.

Secondly, of all to know someone demand that they reveal themselves to us and grant us the privilege of God to reveal himself to the knowledge of God.

God, not God because he has made himself to be known and why is not available to be no way made himself available to be no intimately. God can be no intimately never be known exhaustively. Also, if you go to know God is a challenge, because it must be your priority.

Deuteronomy 429 says that you must search for God with all with all the knowledge God is my command day. Why have God not made it easy to know how serious you are just when you get up and work out just is that we need that extra 15 C is a challenge because it's a priority. When we start.

First of all, you must start with the desired Moses in Exodus 3313.

He said show me thy way that I might David said of the deer pants after the water brooks, so pants my soul left of the old God. Psalm 42 Paul says in Philippians chapter 3 that I may know him. Jesus said blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. Matthew five all of us an assignment God only feed hungry people. If you're not hungry brutally.*You say, but I want to be hungry, but I'm not hungry how I get hungry if I don't want to be hungry, hang around and not hungry but going to the house with all knowledge on the project must start with an appetite, you can't enter into the knowledge of God and accept his son Jesus Christ. Unless you are a Christian unless the public faith in Christ. You can never get to the knowledge of God can only be on the awareness of information is not a Christian, you never receive Jesus Christ as your only Savior is the only one who depending want to give you never know God. Once you are a Christian man is going to require time, you never get to know anybody without the Scripture, six. Be still and know that I'm still knowing God required moments alone.

Dr. Tony Evans, pointing out that we can't know God. If we don't spend time with him but just learning about God doesn't matter if we are willing to turn that knowledge into a relationship with him. Once we do that, that's when we can experience with the Bible calls peace that passes understanding, literally. Explain how you can find that piece today. Visit Tony follow the link that says Jesus check out his video and download the free follow-up resources.

Those few moments can change your life and don't forget today's message is part of our four volume audio compilation Tony Evans top 40 and volumes one and two of this brand-new collection are yours is or thank you gift when you help support Tony's work with your contribution.

Get details before time runs out it Tony where you can also find a huge selection of life-changing resources and sign up for his free weekly email devotional again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 two. Many Christians build their lives around what people say about the Bible instead of what the Bible says about people tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain why that such a dangerous temptation as he talks about the real authority kingdom, Christians. I hope you'll be back with the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness.

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