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The White Throne Judgement, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

The White Throne Judgement, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

It’s common practice for movies and TV series to show previews of coming attractions. Join Dr. Tony Evans as explains how God has done the same for us in the Bible, giving us a taste of what’s coming up between now and eternity. It’s a look at humankind’s longing for a perfect world and what’s kept us from living there so far.

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Dr. Tony Evans says when we stand before God. Our only hope is clean slate. Jesus offers mission celebrating 40 years of faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. 2011 author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative.

Many people think that by becoming Christians. We escape judgment today.

Dr. Evans explains that will all stand before God will just have very different experiences when we get there. Let's join him as he explains, we spoke about 1000 of Christ on earth, fulfilling the destiny of man, that is to have run by righteousness, where Satan will be incarcerated for a thousand years. And Jesus will rule from Jerusalem with a rod of iron for thousand years, and where righteousness will reign with a lion will lay down with the lamb where the children will be able to play in the cobras dam and not be bitten of a thousand years.

We are told in verse seven of Revelation 20 that Satan will be released from his prison at the end of the millennium, Satan will be released and you will come and deceive the nations. Let me explain again. Only believers built into the millennium, but those believers who human bodies are going to procreate millions of people will be born. These millions of people will be born.

Many of them will reject Christ, but they will be able to express it because Jesus will rule with a rod of iron.

He will be the righteous dictate and no rebellion will be allowed in the millennial kingdom so they going to have to stop in there rebellious unbelief keep it to themselves because if they openly defy they will be judged immediately without rod of iron and so happy in the tribulation. God will release Satan in order to allow people who have rejected him to express the rejection they stop. How long they've been born during that thousand year period of time and now they will be free to release it because Satan will enjoy it out of having been released from prison. Satan will not cause it. He will reveal what's already there, which ought to let you know that if an environment people can reject Christ with him to be see her that you don't need the devil to be simple. The devil really doesn't make you do it just frees you up to do it by creating the conditions for and so all of the unbelievers at the end of the millennium will be rallied by Satan for the final battle that balance called in verse eight. Gog and Magog which comes from the field 38 and 39 which deals with the enemies of God to gather them together for more against Jesus Christ, the number of them will be like the sale of the seashore.

Thousands upon thousands of millions upon millions will rebel against Jesus's role now that Satan can be freed to allow them to reveal it they will come and gather and surround the camp of the saints and the beloved city that is Jerusalem instance at the end of the millennium when the rebellion occurs.

Fire comes down from heaven and destroys all the rebels who have joined Satan in this final battle and then according to verse 10 Satan will join the false Prophet and the beast. The Antichrist and he will be tormented day and night forever and ever, and the like. We have now come to the end of history. As you now know the real kingdom is finished and now it's time for the transfer to the eternal state. Heaven and hell. But before the transfer occurs there will be a transfer event that eBay is called the white throne judgment is the last courtroom in history. The darkest moment in time.

John says in verse 11.

A great white throne comes down I saw a great white throne will you see this throne. Something else happens because he says when this king who sits on the throne shows up happen. Please let me give you a word for that the creation in the beginning God created the heavens and earth that the creation God give the creation so God existed prior to the creation in the creation because he had not done creation yet you have been rolling back creation and creation. As you know the universe as you understand it will evaporate, because now when no longer dealing with time now where in the process of transitioning to eternity. Second Peter 310 summarizes this event will be on creation, Peter says, but the day of the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away with the law and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up conflict disintegration.

Unlike anything that the movies could ever show you they try to portray it a try demonstrated in certain movies but that would be the operation of the universe. At the end of the thousand years when he sees the throne. This is a courtroom unlike any you've ever seen.

Jesus Christ is seated on the throne in St. John chapter 5, verse 22 and 27 for not even the father judges anyone, but he has given all judgment to the son.

Verse 27 says, and he gave him God gave Jesus already to execute judgment, because he is the Son of Man courtroom. I saw verse 12 the day the great, the small, standing before the throne.

Verse 13 and the sea gave up the dead which were in and Hades gave up the dead which were in and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds.

No Christian in history is going to be some every unsaved person in history will receive the call and you will show up because you will have been summoned by the king to make sure you show up, God is going to create an glorified eternal body to how your soul that has been in a holding tank on Scrabble in the moment for this Judgment Day. Dr. Evans will have more on what the Bible says about the white throne judgment when he continues, just a moment for so don't miss your chance to get a copy of Tony's current series, prophecy, and our world is a look at God's prophetic plan for our planet focusing on the difference it makes in our lives today along with the 12 full-length CDs were digital downloads included in this two-volume collection will also send you the luxury addition of Dr. Evans book prayers for victory in spiritual warfare pack with principles about productive prayer and real-life examples of how to connect with God you need is power and protection. The most over 100,000 people have been helped by this powerful resource we want to offer that same help to you just make a contribution toward Tony's ministry and will send you the CDs and books is our thank you gift.

Just go to Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222 were a friendly resource team members are standing by 24 seven to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222.

I repeat that contact information for you after part two of today's message Pierce Dr. Evans Christian's. It's not saints what all the New Testament at this event. Only non-believers of God is going to call them from the sea is called in from the gray and they will receive an glorified eternal body. It says all will be called all will show up whether small or great.

The superstars will show up.

The somebodies will show up show up millions and billions of people because this is the accumulation of all Beyonc all of history, they will come and meet the judge when they come to meet the judge says that all books and a book will it says on their deeds done during that time when they were alive and that will be a personal review with each one before God will record their deeds in the face of a perfect same says this is not the great white throne, so the standard of judgment at this location is not your neighbor. The standard of judgment is not the folk you lived with playing with with the standard of judgment is the judge's like the man went fishing boat tipped over. He fell in. The warning was beginning to drown the stranger came alongside his boat and picked him up and put them in the boat and save three or four years later, this man would say that a crime had to go to court when the judge came in, he noticed it was the man who saved the man looked up and said I'm sure glad to see you ma'am on the bed says when I saw you last. I was just saving but right now I am the judge right now before you die in MBA grace.

He is receiving on this occasion, he is your judge and you can mix the two.

This is another nature and devastating in its repercussions. Every person will get the opportunity to make the case and that will be a perfect record of every thought, word and deed done. People argue that some doing courts today what you have brought me here from you, but I've never read from right, but I've never stolen from anybody what you know that when you're in bed and bring you back what you didn't do that much of what you did, you can use what you didn't do the cancel out what you become what you will be judged for what you did will stand before God. What you did. That was good not cancel out what you did. That was bad middle of a comet record from the judge's perspective, the purpose of judgment is to determine your eternal destiny. If you judgment your eternal death that he is already been determined.

The purpose of this judgment is only to determine the degree of judgment, not judgment.

You have already been found guilty by being only those who have rejected God, but the sentence marries you go to court you found guilty for something, some go to death row go to life imprisonment.

Something like the present without different levels of the judgment of incarceration is not an equal opportunity judgment. The Bible says that if you people to stumble 18 six judgment is going to be great if you mess up you what you messed up up about you abuse that the folk you created a list of condemnation will be magnified.

Matthew 1238 to 40 says some will receive greater condemnation more help to pay the others. Luke 12 verse 47, 48, says that some will be equipped with lashes will be with lashes so like the levels of heaven, but it is a summary term for this judgment that the unrighteous will be a part. He says that they will open the books and every one each one actually will stand before God. But that's not what you because that's not the purpose of the book. The purpose of the book has nothing to do with your eternal destiny. The purpose of those books is to decide judgment, not one verse 15 name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

So we got in the book books the book and names and go to hell. The name is not in that book that's different. These daily how much help you get is why you are mad because your names not if your name is not the books tell you the level of health talk about this book with the names and created he said when he said in the Bible says that Satan was passed down to the whole human race so everybody was born in sin and shaped in iniquity, all sin, because we all carry the Adamic nature that includes sin, which is why you want to teach people how to sin not to teach kids how to be selfish not to teach them how to live.

It's built in and transferred from parent to child and from Adam to the human race. Born in sin, but the Bible says Jesus died for the sins of the world be on the foundation of the Lord before Jesus into a count take into account the original sin of Adam, because Romans chapter 5 verse 18 says all but in Christ all, let me explain. When God initiated creation of every man woman girl was written in the book of life. Every person why because first John 228 not only God, not so even before Jesus got to the cross.

The cross so that even the mind of God would cover damage transferred to the human rights Center original sin was covered by God in his mind before it was created because God knew Adam would sin God covered the human race, and that is why when a woman comes to me or a man family who had lost that baby in a childbirth situation where the baby didn't live or the baby was young, and asked me where is my child, I can with tell them your baby is in heaven because of Christ has already judge the use of the parents transferred to them. If that's the case why does anyone because while the Christ covers original sin. It does not cover personal sin where rejection of Christ is involved in other words, Original Sin saving you from Adam's condemnation, but sin gets covered when you accept Christ so Original Sin is covered. Therefore, babies are covered until the age of accountability. Once the age of accountability when you can understand that you are assuming that you have sinned and you have the capacity to respond.

Once you hit that age of accountability, which varies from person to person, based on where they live, what they been exposed to what you hit that age of accountability Christ has made you savable but you must accept him to be safe from your personal sin so you can't blame your spiritual condition. Jesus, that your spiritual condition have to do with your personal decision to respond or reject the good news Dr. Tony Evans talking about what will happen on the day when non-Christians stand before the white throne of judgment. If you're ready to respond today to the good news of the gospel begin living a full everlasting life with God through Jesus Christ go to Tony right now and follow the link that says Jesus there. Tony will tell you what it means to be a Christian walk you through everything you need to know to start your brand-new life. It's the most important decision you can ever make and we encourage you to do it today Tony is also the place to take advantage of that special double offer. I mentioned earlier, it includes Tony's current two-volume series, prophecy, and our world a 12 lesson collection focusing on terms that everyone in the church years, but may not fully understand subjects like the rapture, the tribulation and the white throne judgment. We been learning about today and when you support Tony's ministry with a financial contribution will send this complete collection of messages to US or thank you gift along with the luxury addition of his powerful book. Prayers for victory in spiritual warfare. This is the last week for the special double offer so don't miss out. Visit Tony and make the arrangements today.

That's Tony or gets them in person help from our resource team by calling 1-800-800-3222 day or night.

That's 1-800-800-3222 everybody from cartoonists to moviemakers, even our friends on Facebook is an idea of what Judgment Day will look like tomorrow. Dr. Evans will continue our examination on what the Bible says people can expect to face the great white throne. Be sure to join us, the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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