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The Key to Prophecy, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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July 5, 2021 8:00 am

The Key to Prophecy, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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July 5, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that looking at God’s prophetic plans for the future can just be some kind of mental exerciseuntil we recognize that we’re much more than just spectators. Join him as he explains why God’s plan for the future of our world is more personal than we realize.

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Just think, you will only get Dr. Tony Evans is God's plan for the future of our world is more personal than we realize, celebrating. This is the alternative hundred 20 author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative. Dr. Evans is looking at God's prophetic plans for the can be just some kind of mental exercise until we realize that our part in the story goes far beyond being mere spectators. Let's join him as he explains want to give you the master key for processing. The key that will unlock all the laws of God's prophetic program be getting into one sentence of the program of the future. Prophecy speaks about what's in the future. We try different rooms that we will go into the master key master key that unlocks the particulars I want to go to the central verse for today. Revelation 19 verse 10 Revelation 19 verse it reads that I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, do not do that. I am a fellow servant and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy for Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. So that the prophetic know that we will is the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the master key prophecy software prophecy talk about the future to make together all the pieces of the puzzle to connect this master key center piece if you will must be understood because of the Jesus the spirit of prophecy. The key to talk you about today relative to the master key which will prophecy to make sense.

First of all, Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of prophecy use the term football you know I'm talking about a football now there are a lot of things are going to a football game got stadiums, you've got uniforms you got helmets you got concession stands. You've got contracts, got parking lots. I go to a football game, but I like to submit to you if there is no football all the other things that you bring around become inconsequential because if the main thing is missing the pieces don't make sense. And baby, ultimately relevant baseball bat glove again. There's another stadium more concessions than the batting helmet, but if there is no baseball all the other things that surround a baseball game becomes nonsensical because the centerpiece of a baseball game history revolves around Jesus Christ. Whether people know not understand that I'm not able to relate to it or not.

If it is history beyond but specifically in history history and send it on this person we want to move now to understanding that Jesus Christ is not only the centerpiece of prophecy is the cause of prophecy words prophecy only exists because of him. God has never been alone because he exists in a community of God's God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit, one being composed of three coequal persons who are one in essence, but distinct personality recalled that the Trinity, God exists in community three intimately connected to one another. There is no disagreement there is no conflict, except when Jesus died on the cross. There is, that is eternal in nature.

Each member of the Trinity promotes the other member so they always hooked up and look at each other. So in love is God with himself and the community that makes up the God that God decided to create beings that would mirror back to him his own image and beings were called Angels and organize them according to a chain of command hierarchy and at the top of the chain was Angel in charge named Lucifer the word means shining. He was the star Angel who was Angel superstar use delete all the other angels in the worship of God to reflect back to God's glory. But according to Isaiah chapter 12 develop a real ego. That's a God complex clarity would be like the most. I don't want to be God anymore.

I want to be God's kingdom. I want to start is no. I want to establish sleep. I want to be like the most about God.

That means you can create anything you doing you know was creature was created because he was leaving the worship of God. But there was something about God that he wanted badly.

He said I will be like you actually it was apparent understand what he wants because your teenager wants independence to get to the point where they don't want you to want to be no false rundown show while living warnings out of all this reading angels worship God will do that and so develop a coup d'tat in rebellion against God in this written value.

The Scripture says one third of all Angels follow him, which will tell you how powerful this being is that all the other angels who God looking to God depend upon God could be tricked by this. The problem with this rebellion have a clue.

Again, this should be to rebel against God need not know about so he is was uncovered together and held the trial and Satan and angels who follow him were found guilty of treason. The sentence was passed and is recorded in Matthew Matthew chapter 25 verse 21 it says that for Satan and his angels so God created a place called hell that would be good judgment against the living God gets more intriguing because in Luke chapter 10 verse 18 Jesus says that when Satan fell from heaven like lightning men are three important things in that statement from Luke 1018, Jesus says, I was what if he was now, that means he existed before the birth going back to beginning personality of Jesus Christ was that I watched I was part of the time I was there such a thing. I was that when Satan fell from heaven like lightning from heaven like lightning because God always changes your name the picture character was originally called the shining one. Now here's the adversary and enemy of God until he gets a mangy when Dr. Evans returns in a moment to continue our message will talk about the parts you and I play in God's prophetic plan stay with us. God is faithful when the world was topsy-turvy all kind of pandemics, God still touch the heart of donors come alongside of us and keep us strong at a time when the world needed spiritual strength.

We were able to maintain and even expand ministry during the pandemic because that's how thankful God. So I am not a doubt about the greatness of God's faithfulness and very grateful for 40 years preceding this kind hand of faith, one lasting hallmark ministry. The alternative is her commitment to offer resources that help listeners like you grow strong in faith, wisdom, and dedication to God's kingdom. And that's why I want to tell you about our current featured resource. Tony's powerful book prayers for victory in spiritual warfare. We are helpless to defeat the devil on her own but God is in it for us and equip us to win every battle along the way. In this book will teach you how to pray your way to victory when Satan attacks you through relationship problems, drug and alcohol struggles, financial hardships, sinful impulses and much more.

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Right now, here's Dr. Evans with more of our message. 1018 says that I was there when Satan like no bail to somewhere involving 28 and Isaiah 14. When told that Satan was bloated to a place called so when you open up your Bible in Genesis chapter 11 you reading in the beginning God created some Bible as a gift from God.

When you Genesis chapter 1, three, and was without this was upon the face of the deep is tolerable without avoidance pronounced and means garbage dump waste. Remember God to separate the water from the main land mix will is not a pretty place become garbage dump because garbage Satan and his angels were kicked out of heaven.

And they will put an accent including online and the committee of three make a decision decision to me something called time and send them to Beth sentence of the hell that we prepare for them. Why don't we do something. Why don't we Trinity create a creature creature to angels demonstrate how really good.

We all by taking a creature describing what we can do with last when lessons committed to them. We can do with more when more than against us. Why don't we create not only create man create man and in the God that Satan has created in the place we kicked into the holding cell: Earth fix this place up. We say, let there be lights of the darkness disappears. We create a son, and of those of the light by day, and swallow lights by night. Separate the flannel we create something we create a mobile called the God and will be inferior to angels. Some person three Drake what is man that thou art mindful of him. He is a little lower than the angels. That is constitutionally in.

He came flat he can turn into invisible he can make something he does not have the intellect man mankind to defeat this enemy before we execute his sentence and help strengthen there is no battle between God and the devil.

You cannot have a battle between an omniscient presence being in a creature like that out of the fight between Tony Evans and Mike Tyson. That was one last long because I know competition can't be a fight between God and the devil and lasting years and years and years as Scripture says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers were positive in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6. So the battle is really between men and angels.

The problem is we are in. The angels so God tells Adam you will be to give you my word got deleted.him with my work because you know you are a lesser creature so you you cannot just not worth the time to get the job. Three has shown nothing slick is slick get to a bad word of God for the preferences of their emotions for the preferences of their desires, and so they abandoned the word when they abandoned the word defeats them to the devil because man was created to God but God and the reason that God is, he says do this because I said that I would walk through the lesser creature that introduces the history what we call the angelic conflict. The conflict between men and angels remember fell become an angel. Satan came to kill Abel because God prophesied in Genesis 3 verse 15 the woman was going to have a C. The woman was going to have a baby that this baby would destroy the head of the serpent, Satan not to get his keep this from being a mission to cut off the seed so that this predicted child never gets a chance to live.

Tony stimulates came to kill Abel not knowing that it would give birth to Seth Wegman would call back on the name of the Lord. He then called angels and filtrate men who have relations with women producing the race in Genesis chapter 6, but that's when God goes and finds no consent to this and I'm going to let it rain for 40 days, all over again. Satan then goes and finds a man named Ron and Ron in Genesis 9 and 10 the world together in rebellion against God Babel God then comes in and confuses that communication devices so they can no longer talk to one another to go and find the man named Abraham and said this thing all over again when he starts all over again. The people get caught up in Egypt when the people get caught up in Egypt right now in control, but that's when God gets Moses and he prepares Moses to tell my people go, and so this is moving against the sea. Satan is using the seed God because God has determined he would do it through to make a long story short, we come to the end of the Old Testament.

Yes, silent. Before the beginning of Matthew the beginning of the New Testament. The New Testament again.

The New Testament begins with a genealogy the most boring parts of the Bible got some of the ones I got to do with the price of tomatoes genealogy. If you started genealogy usually some weird stuff going on in the genealogy God's people and bring in bidders like Ruben came and got it even get a prostitute in on this to make sure that the sadism tampered with by the time you get to Matthew chapter 1 verse 16 it says, was married to Marek Jesus was born because it is not that saying come through the line of David.

But it couldn't have been so Joseph was legally in the line but not likely in the line you got to go to when I talked about the genealogy of who was so Joseph married James's got the legal line from Joseph and Mary and so he qualifies to be okay.

In other words all through history. No man he could depend on. Because every man was became a man, became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and other words he was fulfilling his promise because Jesus Christ is the cause of my prophecy and fulfillment of the word of God, you are living the story you don't understand that it is just like you were born to live and to have a family event.

You don't get it much more dynamic and much more critical of the scheme that is taking place in the unfolding story: this story of Jesus as the centerpiece of prophecy prophecy exist. All of the fulfillment of Jesus Christ in his Dr. Tony first part of the lesson he calls the key to prophecy part two free tomorrow but in the meantime, don't forget about that special offer. I mentioned earlier as a way of saying thanks for your contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on this station will send you all 12 full-length messages in his current two-volume sermon series prophecy in our world, along with his book prayers for victory in spiritual warfare you get the keepsake addition of this hundred thousand copy bestseller with a special binding good looks and feels like leather but only if we hear from you before the special offer runs out making arrangements by calling our resource request line. They are knighted, 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us online at Tony than stock or a lot of people think biblical prophecy is a complicated subject. Dr. Evan says it doesn't have to be.

Got the right key to unlock it. Bill explained that tomorrow I hope to be with the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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