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Your Career and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 25, 2021 8:00 am

Your Career and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 25, 2021 8:00 am

Everybody hopes to find their "dream job." But Dr. Tony Evans says that if yours is more like a nightmare, there’s hope! In this lesson, he’ll share how turning your career over to Christ can give you a new vision for your workplace.

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You are going to have joy, something Dr. Tony Evans is when you're working for more than just a paycheck show's because they were celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative.

Everybody hopes to find their dream job. Dr. Evan says if your job is more like a nightmare. There's hope.

Today he shares out turning your career over to Christ can give you a new vision for your workplace.

Let's join him talk about career and your calling your career and your calling your job and your calling career and your calling a problem with so many people and have a job but no Korea they want for money and that's about the only reason they work the one about the money honey they would be staying home. When a person has a calling, the casting when a person understands that work has more involved with it than simply getting a paycheck.

They are able to knock into purpose a lot cleaner.

What is the purpose of a career.

The purpose of a career is to be able to fulfill her tight calling it away that provides resources for whether it's money or skill tools as well as support for it had the best calling possible call to be cheap Angel in charge. God created him and made him the number one Angel all the other angels were to follow his lead for the glory of God and all the purposes of God, the bright and shining 128 talked about his pipes. The fact that he could say by the battle of, you know that's wind up like crazy. Remind them of the job job was to leave me angels and pray and worship of God but of course you know the story, the story of his rebellion decided to break in his own career establish his own company and do his own program. If you get 20 eggs that swelled up at him. Isaiah 14 says five times.

He asserted negative volition that is his will against the will of God, and he says I will be like the most high rebel that would explain his career choice is not really wanted to do a different job like the job he wanted to do the same job a different way. In other words he wanted to do it now for his kingdom and promotion of his glory rather than God's kingdom and God's glory by saying your career choice leaves not out career choice sets up. Don't expect to have the blessing of God on your situation. God established him for the purposes of his kingdom. One of the reasons that many Christians are confused today as it relates to their career or life related to the location if they're in the wrong location so that when a supposedly in the right location only servicing the wrong kingdom and is very easy to be in the right location, but be where the kingdom of God gets no benefit from your being represented well but let me say again, if God has called you to be a doctor you not just supposed to be a doctor you supposedly God's representative in medicine so the medical field sees what God looks like. When God helps people. If you're a business person you not just the business person you God representative in the field of business.

So the business world just to see what God looks like when God cuts a deal and what you perceive that that is where God you you are to kingdom my preoccupation, the kingdom lies the occupation simply means that you ought to say ways The Kingdom of God in That Process. The Spanish May Use That What Was Called Fifth Columnist Fifth Columnist Were Very Interesting.

The Spanish Woodmont Columns As They Assaulted a Particular Country That They Were up against. That Would Look like an Easy Target Because You Can See the Applicable Margin for Columns Using the Fort Collins Coming but That Was His Group Noticed Columnist.

The Fifth Columnist Were People Traded the Group That Was Being Attacked by the Spanish Army and Had Become the Woodwork of the Culture They Became Doctors and Lawyers and Nurses Business Person That Will Train and Manage Almost As the Enemy so That When the Fork Began the March Where It Looked like It Would Be an Easy Victory. The Sabotage Was so Ingrained That When the Enemy Now Came out. The Fight the Weapons Being Unloaded or Destroyed All All Manner of Chaos Because These Folks Have Moved in a Year Earlier, in Order to Be Saboteurs against the What God Has Called You and I to Be an Occupation.

Saboteurs for the Kingdom of God. We Ought to Sabotage the Enemies Attempts to Promote His Kingdom and Promote God's Desire to Embellish His Own. So the Purpose of Your Career.

If It Is Your Calling and I'll Do with What If Your Career Right Now Is Not Your Calling a Moment but Your Career, Which Is More Than a Job Is to Closely Online Itself to Your Calling so That It Is Your Calling Also Plots Your Calling Because It Supplements Your Calling Nehemiah Was the Cupbearer for the King Whole Book of Nehemiah Is about the Cupbearer Flicking That May Not Sound like a Big Job That the Big Job Cupbearer with the Chief Administrative Assistant to the King. So He's an Executive Assistant. Okay, Now Cupbearer Was Used As One of His Jobs Was the Case of I Was the Poison the King He Had to Sit the Wind First of Anybody Went down.

He Would Effort God Serious Job but Had Administrative Responsibilities to Now He Is Working for an Ungodly King but Everybody Is Not to Be a Full-Time Christian Service Work of the Christian. Somehow We Have People of the Church and I Think It Will Be Heaven. I Met the Church Discover People Work at the Church.

You Cannot Fill the Kingdom of Everybody Working in Church That We Need People in Professional Christian Service and Speak but God Wants People in Every Aspect of His Kingdom Still Be Alive after the Cupbearer Flicking to Get the Message. Nehemiah Chapter 1 Wall of the City of Jerusalem Is Bloodroot Lumps Have Been Burned with Fire. In Other Words, the City Is Going to Pop up. That's with Me the Confidence That You Will Bring with Them and He Wet the Bible Six God Gave Him a Bird, a Passion for the Problem but God Not Only Gave Them a Passion He Had a Job That Was Able to Address It If He Were Flicking the Play out near My One Says and He Said Lord You Are in Charge You. You Know This Mass Where I Am Willing to Use My Job to Reverse This Situation. I Just Need You to Open up the Opportunity with the Government. The Government to Get the Job Done a Number of Months Passed, the King Looked at It One Day Late Anything Wrong with the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost Moment Is Where the Center Ask You the Question That You Need to Get the Kingdom Work Done You and Say Can I Help You Is Not a Problem, My Family, My People Everything Is Torn down and I Need Some Help so I Tell You What I Give You a Leave of Absence While You Go Back and One You Oversee the Rebuilding of the City. Not Only Will I Give You a Leave of Absence to Pay While You Go on Top of That I Am Going to Create an Assistance Program and You Know the Reason Why Is Because the Bible Says That God Lays Well of the Install until the Righteous Are Ready to Handle. God Told Israel to Build the Tabernacle about the Pullback Would Be but a Way Out Of Dodge Egypt. God Told Me You Pick up All the Joy You Get Your Hands on Me That Little Bible Condemns Us Because This Is Often the Unrighteous 16 Have More Knowledge of How to Work the System Than the Righteous. They Know How to Work the System for Ungodliness, but We Don't Know How to Tweak the System to Promote the Kingdom of God and so You Find the Walls Are Rebuilt and 52 Days and Read the Book of Nehemiah and He Has This Tremendous Revival That Breaks out in the City Gone Bad Because He Uses His Job in Politics to Maneuver the System and Dr. Adventures. There's a Modern-Day Lesson for Us to Learn from the Work. Nehemiah Did Share That with Us When He Returns Just a Moment First.

So I like to Let You Know That You Can Get a Copy of Tony's Current Audio Series Called for a Purpose to Volume 12, Message Audio Collection on CD and Digital Download As Well As His Helpful Companion Book Discover Your Destiny like God Use You like He Made You.

It Doesn't Matter What Other People Told You That You Can or Can't Do. It Doesn't Matter Whether You Feel like You Have Anything Worthwhile to Contribute. What Matters Is God's Purpose for Putting You on This Planet and Nothing Can Stand in the Way of That. If You're Ready for A Few More Days Were Able to Offer This Package to You As Our Gift When You Come Alongside the Ministry and Make a Contribution to Help Continue Tony's Work. You're on the Air. We Depend Completely on Your Support to Keep This Program Going.

And This Is One Way We Can Show Our Appreciation for Your Faithfulness. Contact Us Today for More Information on Called for a Purpose and Discover Your Destiny All the Details Are Waiting for You Online. Had Tony or Call Us at 1-800-800-3222 Let One of Our Team Members Help You All Have Those Contact Details for You Again after Part Two of Today's Message and This Every Man Wants to Make a Difference to Influence Others to Impact the World around Him and Tony Evans Has Written a Powerful and Personable Finger Minimizing the Long-Awaited Follow-Up to Tony's Previous Bestseller, King Madden with over 400,000 Copies Sold Shows You How to Take the Next Step on Your Journey to Intentionally Live As a Man of Influence Right Now. Get Kingdom Minimizing or at your favorite Christian bookstore today. Together we rise God is able to turn things around on your jobs when you become a kingdom work rather than somebody just going to make money. Money is important, can't live without money. But the Bible says in Deuteronomy 818 that God gives.

Well, not just so you can be wealthy. He gives well it gives well to expand this program, not just so you can have more money in your pocket. One other thing I will point out that is the perspective with which you should approach your career and I can find a better example that Daniel Daniel Daniel is one of the great Christians of the Bible is not been introduced to brother Daniel.

You need to read Daniel sometime.

He is one of the great great man. He shows up in a pagan land named Babylon of the teenage teenager and they have selected certain teams to work for the king but I gotta get a pagan eyes first so they changed the names given the name the pagan gods they sent him to wake educational system. The thought of evolution, not creation it up, they Babylonian eyes make baby dolls them and all the Babylonian thought on the Babylonian logic on the Babylonian thinking they secularize these young men were born in Israel they came to him in chapter 1 of the book of Daniel, and I told him that they wanted to eat meat sacrificed to idols birthday Daniel that he would not find himself the King's choice food with the wind which you drive, so he sought permission from the commander of the officials that he might not found himself minutes to think one of commitment he would not eat meat offered to idols to some of us think it will go out drinking with the boys and a girl we can get a if we don't play politics. We can get here that is illegitimate politics that we have to compound to the unrighteousness of the system in order to climb the corporate ladder and that is boldfaced lack of trust. If you gotta become a lack of center to make among the sinners that you're saying your God is not sovereign over the sentence. If you gotta become a light to make it witness them is that you are indicting God is not being sovereign over the sentence so Daniel had commitment to spiritually say he saw permission from the commander that he might not defile himself.

This was a man sent on Michael do some came up with something better. Always will pray to God for wisdom to not just not the sum of the doing, but give you some better give you a new idea, but a new idea and his idea is better than the idea that the sentence came up with his idea was that idea and doing better in the sinners.

Verse 17 says athletes for you.

God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature with Daniel even understood all kind of dreams so it says verse 20 and as for every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king consulted them he found them times better than all the magicians, the Congress and what it is now found them times better.

God honored so the first thing is commitment but not the common goals open to a wall, commitment to get the balls and comes up with. You will be surprise at the idea that God will give you when it comes out of the home of commitment. Another thing you need to know about Daniel is his generosity because he was kingdom minded. He was only looking for himself in chapter 2, verse 46 says the king Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face and homage to Daniel the government paying homage to the Christian giving orders to present to him offering and fragrant incense and the king answered Daniel essential to your God is the God of God and Lord of kings and repeal of mysteries that you have been able to reveal this ministry.

Then the king promoted Daniel all we got a center promoting a Christian. Everything went sentence will promote Christians when they love the green PC just to make things better for him to get the many gifts he makes a ruler over the whole problem and achieve perfect over all the wise men of Babylon. The corporate fees, cover not because he is black dot to play and he didn't stop being a Christian to do it and you may request.

I like this that he appoint Shadrach me shack and go over the station Babylon and was the Kingsport I hope will make it will when you are in God's will. Nobody can have a blog to God's will was all about helping me shack should have been to go help them appear before but I will be the only Christians get more recognition on the credit to somebody else take my place.

You are very secure, because God has you only God can remove only God can remove when a young lady being harassed by her balls. Her boss was harassing her and he was very ungodly man. He was pressuring her because of her Christian values and everything she can me she was just all she said I can't take any more.

I love the job I want to work. But I can't work for this man but I don't about the trip.

I don't want to go to new job am so confused I don't know what the groups handle Lord we did that we did all we could do that was anything she could do. She went back she just kept working hard to weeks later, her bosses balls called her into the office and said I just fired your balls yesterday and I didn't like his work and if you would like something I will like to give you his position Pliocene with the commitment. So he was generous. He understood the kingdom we can try to get me to go to worship this form God is the illegal this Nebuchadnezzar God. They said God is able to protect us. But even if he doesn't. So even if he doesn't we will not bow to your system. We will service your system. We were caught in the system. We would you do the best that we can for your system but your system will never become.

That is what God is looking for the marketplace today likens it to Daniel because Nebuchadnezzar is the notion of God. Babylon is the whole country has been overrun by the Medes and the Persians.

Daniel is doing fine.

In other words, Daniel had outlasted the government of other nations and when new nations of come in they Daniel, why do they keep Daniel. It says Daniel distinguished himself.

Verse three among the commissioners and satraps because he possessed an extraordinary spirit of the king plan to appoint the entire king. But what does that say about Daniel.

He was X. No sloppy work. You know going to work lady don't even early because I don't feel like working today on a regular basis. No calling in sick when he was well. He says he distinguished himself. He rose to the top the best workers in any organization who are kingdom minded Christians because they working for higher standard. They do the best possible work.

Given whatever the gifts that God has given them because they serve the Lord do sloppy work. Talk about.

I'm tired they serve the Lord and so they get the best of the best of the best because they want to applaud the applause of somebody really want to say that Christian could you look at the work that they do and it is an embarrassment to God.

He was diligent he was committed. He was excellent and it says they could find verse five, no ground of accusation against was August steal from the company, they will miss it was just to try to find what he was doing wrong with the companies that they couldn't find a man you don't want his faith says no we don't disguise his faithfulness getting there.

And guess what is faith guided by the Christian you distinguish one moment the company to get the pink slip is the real pink slip. She just going to the lions. Please be getting up by life. But the Bible says God was with him in the lions den and the folks got him fired wind up in the den and he got re-promoted because God doesn't miss a lick. We've all seen radiance radiance will take over your little mounds going it will take over your you know what radiance. Because they're busy serving the Queen and serve the Queen guesthouse by serving one another, and as they begin to serve the Queen by serving one another, the mounds proliferates when Christians serve the king and serving one another, the kingdom proliferates the kingdom sprints. But when Christians do not serve the king in the marketplace and serve the people of God the kingdom stay small and it doesn't expand. It doesn't grow. It doesn't demonstrate all the God can do.

If you are going to have joy and meaning in your work is gotta be connected to something bigger and that is the kingdom of God and the glory of God. And if you've not yet figured out what God's got to do with it and I would have thought was love got to do with. Nothing was God got to do with it.

Everything when you make that connection and God sees Gloria. I just Gloria, let me do some of I noted with Dr. Tony ever with advice on connecting your career with your calling just one message from his powerful series called for a purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, you can get all 12 full-length lessons in this powerful two-volume collection as her gift. Just visit Tony, you haven't start or make a contribution in support of this ministry and will send the audio series to you on CD and digital download along with a special bonus of Tony's popular life-changing book discover your destiny. Let God use you like you made you our way of saying thank you all the details are waiting for you that's Tony ever and start OR a or color 24 hour resource request center at 1-800-800-3222. Again, 1-800-800-3222. Discovering God's destiny for your life will bring you more satisfaction than you can imagine, but it also cost you something tomorrow. Dr. Evans will talk about the price we ought to be eager to pay in order to find and fulfill our calling. I hope to be back with us for the alternative with Dr. Tony ever brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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