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Your Giftedness and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 19, 2021 8:00 am

Your Giftedness and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 19, 2021 8:00 am

The Bible says that every believer is spiritually gifted but identifying those gifts and figuring out how to use them can be a challenge. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains how what makes you special can make you effective.

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Question one of the know that Dr. Tony Evans says you can fulfill your calling you figure out your gift, gift, and lead with call it, is to show up in the marketplace celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony have authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative, the Bible tells us. Every believer is spiritually gifted at identifying those gifts and figuring out how to use them is another story. Today Dr. Evans explains how what makes you special can make you effective. Let's join us and calling Kristin equip you with to fulfill the principle which is called Christian men.

So now what that goal.

What the equipment necessary to book calling what God has called you a way God never calls that which is equally you can do before will be El Centro Pass and a few others, but Ephesians is central passage is a human ability. All people are born with whether there is also not all people ability or talent to benefit mankind in general.

You have to be a Christian to be talented and talented non-Christian things that some atheist who are talented in science or mathematics or building, or in philanthropy, so you have a Christian to be talented because of the talent is different than that ability given by God to believers, as opposed to mankind in general. That is just so people for the expansion of his it's called a spiritual gift because that's what the Holy Spirit is used by the Holy Spirit to accomplish God's spiritual presence. Therefore, if you are not in tune with the Holy Spirit, then it may be unclear what the spirit of giving you if you're not using it spiritually, then there won't be any its use what Satan did with the fall of man must take the gifts that God had intended to use for the propagation of the kingdom and what Satan did as he stole talents of man and he uses them to promote hell all Satan bringing men and women want to thing that you may have used including if you only use it for yourself sleeping stated into the kingdom of God. We will paint gifts that we may not even know what gifts we make the balance non-Christian worldview and will you develop those talents to make money will go to school will get an MBA will do all this will go seminar the workshop we will develop that to generally be beneficial to all. Not recognizing it spiritual implication that talent really is that God wants us to think about what you said is a gift. So it never has any spirituality to it and we just bought Jesus Christ.

People want to know you call talent. He called in on some level softening from your gift is to service the kingdom which means that when you discover your gift when you merge it with your calling is to show up in the marketplace of the kingdom of the teacher you my strength of the charge to your teaching ministry, but it may also be your career in public school, but your career in the public school. The public school God's kingdom did not get that in something you don't like to do something, you will have the ability to do about God calling you to something outside of who you are because your spiritual DNA already had God wants to use your experiences.

Good, bad and ugly for your calling. This lead to further verse 11 the case of apostles prompted some evangelists, and some of past teachers.

This is the leadership in the church for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ gifts ought to empower the church and the church's job is to infiltrate the kingdom on behalf of Christ gifts to him what the church okay if you use your gift to make money. That's okay, but it is not actually have the gift money.

It functions as a gift when it is used where the people of God the saints for the work assignments is to equip the saints to work evidently not discovered yet that there is a job of service.

Many Christians have the church sing to me preach to me, counseled me, encourage me giving money from the dickens on the benefit of the work will each understand God do all the work of service. That's why we require every member that is good because there is a God want you to do the job the charge and asked you your ship to get local orientation wants this so you try calling through the use of your get into a ministry and not just job. Some of us have the idea that God did not call me if you say you been called not been called in the traditional use of the word ministry professional church ministry.

Some of you will call to be doctors called to be lawyers called to be business people were called to be teachers look all that is the burning passion God is giving you and equip yet because you're not using the bill of anybody in the chart you haven't history out of the marketplace so he says his building up of the body of Christ on how we got to a man and woman for the fullness of Christ.

He says that the real work of service, and believe it is God's whole point somewhere you it's not just about you. You are not an only child and that's why we often say if you are called decide Christian and not a conduit Christian, then you are blocking your own blessing because of God. One won't work to if you want to be blessed but don't have a lot of be a blessing that what you've done is cut short your blessing because you want to be a blessing and not a vessel, you only concerned about what God is going to do for you to show your purpose so you can find your purpose and be more selfish with watching the show you your gift every now will never come back. This kingdom will not bless his church only be used for you to be well for you have another sermon on your calling in your career. He wants to be a football team player playing different positions, but they all on the same play different roles going in the same election for the same goal line moving together 12 of the whole chapel just and it says every member of the body is critical to use the human body is where the ear went with the seating be at the hearing be God placed each member in the body is all well for common some of the most important parts will be upfront, public well known name is critical and you'll get more natural calling.

This you will be in Rome some 12 hours straight. When you find God showing you your gift.

Don't think you'll sell more than you want to think you missed the big stuff you found God bless you. You can do something on the phone can do remember is the greatest gift the Lord given the Lord, take a blessed be the name of the Lord, don't get the big you are here for the common good benefit group.

You just want will Dr. Evans will have more force in just a moment about finding the right balance of how we see ourselves in light of the giftedness God has blessed us with first so I like to let you know that you can get a copy of this entire current audio series as well as a companion book that perfectly complements the material we been learning called for a purpose to volume 12, message audio collection on CD and digital download and Tony's book discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you. It doesn't matter what other people of told you that you can or can't do. It doesn't matter whether you feel you have anything worthwhile to contribute. What matters is God's purpose for putting you on this planet and nothing can stand in the way of that. If you're ready for a limited time were able to offer this package to you is our gift when you come alongside the ministry and make a contribution to help continue Tony's work here on the year we depend completely on your support to keep this program going. This is one way we can show our appreciation for your faithfulness.

Contact us today for more information on called for a purpose and discover your destiny all the details are waiting for you or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members help you, I'll have those contact details for you again after part two of today's message and this God has great plans for you that you reprimand to your remand of influence strength and grace. Are you ready to live up to your highest potential. Dr. Evans brand-new book kingdom and rising a follow-up to his breath looking man, which sold over 400,000 copies challenge is to sharpen their spiritual and relational skills to intentionally live with an influencer mindset kingdom and rising today for yourself or someone you love. During the journey of men rising up from impact culture visit from you all for your members online retail kingdom in right with the two extremes. What Moses said he thought he could deliver no hotel Egyptians one by one, but then after 40 of the well that if he was humble, marking one next thing I'm nobody nothing. Let me tell you about yourself like you value yourself, then God is going to have to shake you think so willing to write down you are just not God nor you indispensable.

He said you want to do this with the result that you no longer children, tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, by the mid back, rather than the Finkelstein is very important because what is your chance so that you have the right biblical and spiritual foundation. So when you type this place by simple people who have simple trip you up when you try to turn your career into ministry to become a teacher taught the evolutionary theory, but if you been grounded in history by the teachers can teach you the worldview will get trip out there in the ISD or whatever part of the kingdom of God is called concern. We are bonded together to become one and is all public safety reversed the pink speak the truth in love two things true and not words we minister caring for people. We don't just minister fax we minister faxed in the context of relationship truth in love all aspects under him with the head, even Christ. Growing up in the price of the church with Danny out into the world to represent the kingdom are 16. The results of your use of spiritual gifts from whom the whole body, the church being held together by that which every joint supplies joint the middle of the block every joint supply. Most churches 10% of people do 90% of the work between muscle work… In the pink with a bird that but when everybody does what they gifted to do it says the whole body is working properly. I walked down the street. I stuck my tongue. My talk, but only not know my talk with her is because as a signal sent from the nerves that are tied to the muscles in my toe that sends a signal up to my brain and my brain is told by my told my mouth no, we are ranked exhibit J based on the signal from my towel and to be so not come to get away with sin because it by that which every joint and that's what he called me Julie 7000 miles and not serving is what you get this you will not serving you will never find you because not only gets a moving target. You can't sit something solidly when you show me how things are. God said not when you served and I will show you 25 what God that's my it is one. You will discover like it you will have the ability to do it. Some people I found out that abilities that they didn't know why because they were never stirred to sit and rest, as they set rest rest.

The other problem gives is that they apply to Merrill Lynch applied only the stuff the traditional church stuff and ex-wife of your ministry here so Broadus might include tutoring and fathering and mothering and and education in all men often become the kingdom is broad between the ball every thing that you use to have dominion over the earth. You get to go in slightly different directions so as not now will think it's a very broad that whatever deposit we come to the closures. According to the working of each individual part, I want to work not sloppy working left over working not shucking and jiving working proper working.

If you are employed, you want your employees to work properly. Simply stick please please please excellently allow pastors who live on sat night specials. They prepare some of the Saturday night and the cover themselves. They say what the Holy Spirit gave your word that way) give a word in the word know you you properly working you want excellence about your calling. You want to be the best in your field. You can be individual part, causes the growth of the body because you want excellence because God is worthy, you know, it's a great gift that he didn't have to give you the privilege to make money using it. If you get your career just like wow, look at this gap and look at this phrase for the building up of itself in love. Using a body of a stranger and he says when a body is working right. It builds itself up.

Many of you do not notice, but many of you have already had cancer don't notice what you've already had cancer, cancer is basically renegade sales cancel ourselves. They don't want to go along with the programming side, let me split off and won't think what would be if you would leave your body to do it, but not it was the do it all in your body. Renegade sounds one company so they reproduce and you got a lot renegade sounded never to be by every duplicate in a go but I would be okay if they would stay still but no, not all they want to investigate the signs and shut down many of us have already had kids that is sounds that decided we will do all because the system was strong enough and alive enough to build systems that I might not. Sounds we got a full open-air thing. Getting white blood cells raise all that independence out and destroy it before you have a new, healthy body. You wouldn't believe using the gifts on the power of the spirit of God UNC stop itself gifted you have been supremely gifted for the purpose of God for his calling and if you are willing to serve your calling and build up the body with the gift God will show it. Dr. Tony Evans encouraging you to take what God is given and put it to work. Part of his powerful series called for a purpose that sounds like something you'd like to do but you don't know where to start. Dr. Evans would love to introduce you to the Lord.

Just visit Tony have and start organ, follow the link that says Jesus there. 20 will share how to accept God's life-changing offer. What it means to have a real relationship with Christ and how to be 100% sure about your eternal future drug by Tony heaven' to find out more.

And while you're there, don't forget to ask about that limited time offer.

I mentioned earlier, you can get all 12 full-length messages in the powerful called for a purpose collection is our gift to you.

Just visit Tony have in stock or make a contribution in support of this ministry and will send the audio series to you on CD and digital download along with a special bonus of Tony's popular and life-changing book discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you our way of saying thank you all the details are waiting for you online. Had Tony Evans' that's Tony have or call her 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 again 1-800-800-3222. Worship is designed to be something we give to God tomorrow. Dr. Evans explains how we receive from it.

To be sure to join us, the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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