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Why Men Need Each Other, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 28, 2021 8:00 am

Why Men Need Each Other, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 28, 2021 8:00 am

If you were interested in flying a plane or performing surgery, you’d go to flight school or medical school. But where do men go to learn to be godly men? That's Dr. Evans' subject for this lesson as he talks about why men need the church.

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The church is in New Orleans and Dr. Tony Evans is becoming that kind of leader means becoming a better follower celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative.

Many churches suffer from a lack of male leadership. Even male attendance, but today Dr. Evans talked about how men need each other, explains why what they learned during worship time should change what they do at dinner time.

Let's join today weekend by misinformation definition by abuse, misuse by media frenzy that has given false definitions of man, that no man could ever master except on television and in the movies. So many web prone to violence thought all the forms of abuse, whether physical or emotional, or sexual or whatever in the name of manhood culture needs men. Families need men father's generation. 40% Mount America of all children without a father in the home.

The social implications of data in terms of our prison population. The cost of crime. Social deterioration is all around us. So it's clear that we need them in the home, but it is also clear that we need them in the church that men are critical in God's kingdom plan when Satan wanted to make his move. He would always get rid of the males in Pharaoh's Egypt, Pharaoh said kill all the males so we can get to this Moses Harry kill all the male children so we can get to the so-called King of the Jews, get rid of the men or the men to be in order to stifle the culture and what I share today I'm in no way seeking to reduce underestimate undermine under appreciate the critical essential necessary important and potent role that women play in God's economy and in God's kingdom, but neither do I want a nude.

The strategic and critical and unique role that men have been called the play in God's kingdom either. Paul wrote his son in the ministry. Timothy, who was the use of contemporary nomenclature.

The senior pastor at Ephesus Bible Fellowship. Paul establishes the church he positions Timothy there as the pastor and he makes an overarching statement in first Timothy, that is to govern everything else that he does. He says in chapter 3 verses 14 and 15. I am writing these things to you hoping to come to you before long, but in case I am delayed I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the poor and the support of the truth Paul writes this young pastor and he said I would like you to tell you how the church is supposed to work.

I don't want to go downtown to get your instructions, I don't want to go to the marketplace to get your instructions about what you wrote to the various clubs to get you instruction, I am writing you to tell you how the church of the living God is supposed to function.

So you want to get your instructions on the church from the word of God which is the ground and pillar of the truth. One of the things you see in this is what Paul is alluding to these mammoth pillows and Ephesus that what the holdup structures. He says the church is the ground and pillar of the truth.

It it's supposed to hold up the truth no matter what the culture say no matter what's popular, no matter what the in thing to do, no matter what is politically correct, no matter what is popular around town all consequential to the truth and the job of the church is the holdup the truth not satisfy the culture. The job of the church is the holdup God standard not make everybody feel good or not make you popular necessarily in so we had this issue of men, and it is addressed here and other places. But we would use this as our popular reference point to speak the truth about men in general, but specifically men in the church. One thing is clear in Scripture when men relinquish their roles. They have opened the door for the devil. When men relinquish their roles. They open the door for the devil. Isaiah chapter 3 verse 12 says that the nation of Israel was in trouble because essential women rule you men had succumbed. They become neutered. Become passive because nature abhors a vacuum. And so the lack of leadership brought women to the forefront so that they became the dominant leadership of the culture and he says to them, and therefore your nation is in trouble, not because women were insignificant or insufficient or not important because minute relinquish their roles such as the case in the church. The role of the church is to call men to their biblical roles as men to be reminded of God's definition. What is what a man is supposed to be a weatherman seek to become the job of the church of course is to instruct everybody but particularly men. There's little reason for that. What we are calling for what Paul is calling for what the word of God is calling for is for men to reclaim their divinely ordained roles not just any role, not the societal roadmap is recyclable.

The church is to reason for men of their divinely ordained roles.

He says in chapter 2 verse eight. Therefore, I want to pray in every place, lifting up holy hands without wrath and dissension.

We always talk about males because of the word men and because of the fact he contrasted with women in verse nine, the first thing that men ought to be doing is leaving out in prayer, the church leader says what I want what I want is I want and then he says in chapter 2 verse eight in every place to pray most of the time in church when it comes to printmaking that women becomes the sports that is men becomes the prayer because optimism will choose content on court higher than contact with heaven. The problem is that the court will solve real-life problems. It'll just give you a momentary distraction from the NBA finals and all he says I want men to take the lead. I want men to step out in front. I want men to play in every place. Now what is the deal here in the churches, in the church, the household of faith. The purpose of prayer is to give earthly permission for heavenly interference is to give permission to intersect itself in history and he says I want men to draw up and down the earth, and every place what I want this to be the law because women are not to be part of it.

He said likewise women excluding them. But he starts out with men because God always starts out with men is not popular but the goal is not to be politically correct. God says the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

When chaos erupted in the garden of Eden where you always starts with starts with men because you have been divinely ordained to lead you stop believing you have been called to that position that you may be a bad one.

That is the call because I want men in every place to call down cabin so that interferes with this reality.

Men are not leaving in prior to marriage is a flaw in the church death of the floor though the flaw in much of what heaven wants to do in history can't be done because certain things are only done by prayer things Because of God, and he doesn't think God is not due until they are called down it says Elijah prayed that it might not rain and it did not rain. In other words, was affected because his prayer shut down cabin that is as he prayed again that it would lay an exhaust flow off the says Elijah at the end of James five was not a superhuman hero, he wasn't Superman panel Capt. Marvel because it was a man like nature like it was no ordinary man who knew how to bring heaven down to earth. Dr. Evans will have more to say about men calling down heaven when he continues her message just a moment but first I'm excited to tell you about his brand-new book kingdom men rising. It empowers men to be strong and courageous, loving leaders at home, at work in their church and in the community you learn how to reject societies warped image of manhood and replace it with the biblical blueprint God had in mind when he created you.

What becomes of the next generation of men depends on what happens with this one. That's why we want you to receive the kingdom men rising book is or thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station as a bonus will also send you all 12 messages in the kingdom men rising series on CD and digital download this limited time offer runs out in a couple more days, so be sure to get in touch with us right away to get the details and make the arrangements. You can do that and while you're there, get a copy of the kingdom men rising Bible study so you can dig even deeper on your own and share this important biblical insight with others, again that's Tony ever and start or or reach out to our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222. I repeat that information for you right after part two of today's lesson here is Dr. Evans, prayed through says we pray in the position in travail, a woman in labor pain is just a passing.

Now I lay me down to sleep. Pray the Lord my soul to this was calling heaven down to about one minute every place I want this to be the norm that men in every place.

Pray also for the day at the church our church.

This church men say to the ladies you stay home and go to Connie to call down heaven on our situation. I have it on our financial problems. Anita called out all the protection of children's theater drawdown habit in every place. Men call down heaven and intercede on behalf of the church is to equip men called into prayer is also called in the past that is shepherding as you know what Mr. you are a shepherd, your pastor of a family man. He asked whether family has been called to pastor limit immature hustlers or pastoral role in every reason for you in the first Corinthians chapter 14 first read this chapter 14. This is what he says in verse 34 women to keep silent in the churches will talk about that moment for they are not permitted to speak but to subject themselves just as the law also says it may be desired to learn anything, let them pass their husband for it is improper for women to speak in church okay right this so don't shoot the messenger, but I'm going to explain it as we go along. He says I have a question so the ones in the Bible studies who are the ones listening to learn who are the ones reading the tax to the ones living in the devotions that typically got the remote life is gone and my name on his name will past that and said status am the same to my genogram is that means it the answer is going to find you have all the answers and that that's why a man comes the church comes to church to find out what God has to say, so we can start back to his family around the dinner table. That's why comes in the Bible that aim would send his wife and family.

20 without good reason that that was an inconceivable goal. I feel I go on the day that wasn't incomplete because the study as well. As pastor spiritual leader, but his job was to transfer everything to talk about because God gives me a sermon for Sunday so you can use it for Monday, not just so you can wait for next week think something station and he says the men are supposed to do that she should be able to ask because you are the shepherd of your house that your managing that you are holding that responsibility. That's why said the believer. Chapter 3 verse five the first of the government is not know how to manage his own household. How we take care of the church of God. In other words, before you make a man a leader you doing in his little church before you appoint him in a leadership role in his big church, the PK managed people actually manage 500 people so you have a shepherding role of spiritual leadership role. The charges to facilitate that that to grow that now he makes it clear verse 11 must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.

I do not allow woman to teach or exercise authority over man, but to remain quiet and it's quiet.

He says it is not acceptable whenever it means it's unacceptable suggesting that women shouldn't sing suggesting that men should Turn to the neighbor and say something that we stop he's talking about the exercise of authority talking about the use of gifts gifts in the Bible are not gender-based number words, God gives gifts to every member of his body. He can give a woman the gift of teaching you to give Amanda get to deduct the gift is talking about an office role for backache more directly verse 1H is a trustworthy statement. If any man aspired to the office and oversee the Greek word for man.

There is not. Mankind is the word for mail goes down. He said that they could be deaconesses.

He said that later on, but he says in terms of an overseer.

He says they should not be able to exercise that authority. Now why he's talking about teaching connected to authority not using the gift model role first 13 Adam was first created and believe he said the creation principal monoculture principal desecration principle is gonna do with what it was like back then verse one flight right. He says this is a creation principal and that is how creation was altered God on creation.

He made male and female he gave them both the role of domain. But when he worked and how he worked it out, according to an first and then why did he create the man first he created the man used because it was not superior to the woman to function as a team, but the team has a leader first written 11 been over this verse first three before the applicant again what I want you to understand verse 311 that Christ is the head of every man, man is the head of a woman and God is the head of Christ. So this principle operates in the Trinity, God is the antichrist Christ is the head of every man. The man is the head of a woman.

The issue is given the porch headship. There is a God flows in history any flows based on hardship logs through Christ.

Christ is all over. Every man here is where the first problem is because many Christian men don't have Christ over them.

They want to a submission that they refuse the model that says my wife won't submit to me that she see you submitting to so she can see what submission to look like think Jason submission you're requiring because Christ is over.

Every man that's why you it's probably the first wanted to find out what Christ expects of you because you submitted to give up already you the chance to find out what Christ expects of you as a man, so that you can submit the Michigan submission. The choosing.

Dr. Tony happened on the important responsibilities God has placed on man. More about that in just a moment. Don't go away as a follower of Christ are created and called now more than ever before. Most men don't get that they don't understand. Instead, they choose to follow the world's definition for how to not God's wind up wasting their lives on that never lasts his powerful sequel to the bestseller kingdom Tony have a kingdom minimize calls meant to break free of to take a stand more than just insist you have been called to rise up and influence those around at home in your communities as kingdom. We must point to the king and his kingdom in order to challenge and change our culture for good Discover how when you get the much-anticipated sequel to kingdom kingdom minimize and learn the art of intentional impact submission of a man's Mark is repealed does man's legacy is much more than leaving a man behind, how will you use your God put in the work experience in life today find out for Tony.

Don't forget if you contact us right away.

This powerful book is yours is or think you get when you make a contribution toward the ministry of the urban alternative and will send it along with Tony's 12 lessons CD series, also called kingdom and rising a separate Bible study is available as well. Yours before time runs out by calling 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony have and start or you can check out our huge library of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional that's Tony Avenue and start all the if you're interested in flying a plane or performing surgery.

You go to flight school or medical school. But where do men go to learn to be godly man Dr. Evan subject tomorrow.

I hope you be with us, the alternative with Dr. Tony have since brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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