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The Dominion of a Man, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 9, 2021 8:00 am

The Dominion of a Man, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 9, 2021 8:00 am

Dominion is a word you don’t hear a lot in everyday conversation, but it’s the name of an often-misunderstood biblical concept Dr. Tony Evans is here to tell us about. Join him for this look at the mission God gave to men and the resources He provides to carry it out.

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This is not God.

Dr. Tony Evans says the Lord has a mission in mind. He gave men partners to help them carry it out and not maximizing what God has given to the woman what God can do through him because he is not using the help of the dog provide celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative dominion is a word you don't hear a lot in everyday conversation with us the name of an often misunderstood biblical concept. Dr. Evans tells us about today when he takes us to Genesis chapter 2. Let's join if you are to buy. If you have a set of checkers and you look closely you will see each checker has a crown on it and that is because each checker is meant to become the king's checker is designed to reach the point where they are crown because once a checker is crown its domain sprints it now doesn't just have to go one jump after another. It can sweep down the whole board because it's been crowned and its dominion is expanded, but we all know all checkers don't become kings. It all depends on the moves that they make many checkers find themselves on the side. Never having been crowned, not because they didn't have a crown they just never made the moves to get crown God has declared that every man is a crown on every man has been done and redeemed by God.

As the stabilizer and the foundation for history and for the culture God gave Adam a divine identity, God gave them his name God gave him a divine nature. God gave them a divine assignment God gave him a divine calling. God gave him his divine presence in the God God gave him a divine word didn't give it even gave Adam and God gave them his divine authority.

God did all of that before there was in the because in God's economy before he would dare bring a woman into the sphere of Adam's life. He had to make sure Adam was responsible to him because the definition of a man's responsibility under God when alliance belts out of Aurora could be heard for almost 5 miles.

That's 88 football field 283 basketball courts lined up one next to another and the lion is going to let you know this is my domain don't mess with his setting is staked down. This is my domain.

When God created the human race.

He created the human race to in history. From his vantage point in eternity. It's called in theology.

The dominion company. The agreement that he made with mankind to understand what the mail role is juxtaposition the female role.

You have to understand the dominion confidence because that's key to understanding what you are about individually what marriage is about and what purpose is about all lined up in this one agreement that God made with history through mankind.

In Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 we read then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle of the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created. God bless them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and little over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth. Three words establish the covenant that them rule that means dominion to rule over is to exercise dominion. He says I want to create men and I want to create men. Mankind in my image images Amira, when you went to the restroom and when you look in the mirror you saw a reflection of yourself.

You looked at your image. God says I want to have look-alikes images image bearers on earth who reflects us.

Let us, the Trinity, in heaven, so God created man to Pharaoh from the invisible realm what God is like in the visible realm, God created mankind so that Earth would get a reflection of heaven through mankind. He said the way I'm going to do that if I'm going to create a manual man and a female made because it says he made them male and female, but he called both man so that's we do we save mankind with about males and females under the title of man or mankind. So God created mankind male and female in order that they would Mira happening, history and eternity in time.

So that's why God did. God is a spirit so that was to be a visible mirroring of his spiritual nature. That's why God breathed into man the breath of life, so that man would have the spirit of God operating in this physical body so that he could manage the physical world, from the spiritual reality of God.

That is the human assignment.

That is why God made you be an us John chapter 8 verses 3 to 6 says, what is man that thou art mindful of him, you have crowned him with glory. Having made a little lower than the angels, his own dad has been crowned as God's epic part of creation in order to Mira Hume in history.

Psalm 115 verse 16 says that the heavens belong to God, but earth belongs to man in Psalm chapter 82 verse six it says that our managerial responsibility over creation is so awesome God even calls mankind, little gods call you little gods could not given you managerial and don't get the wrong you know the fate the earth is the Lord of the fullness thereof the world and all they that dwell in it to let go get this wrong. You are my manage your job is to manage my world based on the instructions from an island so that is the job of the human race, but because God turned it over to me and gave man freedom he allows us to mess it up. If we choose to because with in the creation process God granted freedom. That's why he gave Adam the option of choosing so we have freedom to mess up God's purposes. We also have the freedom to get back in it so that we can get things alive correctly. So even though that was the mandate. The dominion mandate to rule on God's behalf in history. God did not create men and woman at the same time. It says he created Adam first, and the reason he created Adam first was that he was supposed to be the foundation he was to be a stabilizing force on which everything else. The God made would be built so God created the man did all this will demand and demand instructions and put them in here it is the garden of the place of the light. The word the place of the life we say a word about getting them the band because it is the woman yet get them later than a minute late is not here yet because God knew that he didn't want a woman coming into a messed up Manseau.

He held off on the woman coming to get the man straight. And that's always God's process and as always I headache because God to get ministry women are in trouble so he created the man first, and he put them in the garden. The garden was the place of God's abiding presence in other words, the man was to establish his identity in God's presence by man up about males. The mail was to establish his identity in God's presence, the God.

That's why says the Lord God, the Lord God because that's God's presence so he was everywhere he went, like a pinball machine in the garden he's bumping in the God we have a generational bid want to visit God visit them on Sunday.

As long as he leave them alone Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday but they'll give them a visit to the important concepts he was Adam was to live in the garden that is living in God's presence. All of his operation was to be tied to his connection with God because everything else would be tied to the absence or the presence of that connection so everywhere he went all day long. The Bible says he walked with God during the cool of the day's work. He he he and God hung out together. It was a dynamic relationship, not an event. What going to church. No limiting church that is living in God's reality so that was Adam's responsibility for there is Eve now God says in verse 18 then the Lord God said it is not good for man to be alone I will make him a helper suitable for him are excellent. Get this right.

Adam is not looking for woman because God said is not good for Adam to be alone and say that at a concert where she had before Adam realized he was alone.

God determines he was alone and said I'm going to get a make helper a helper suitable for him. Once this God is already given them a job you not get my help until he got a job. He gave his presence and then he decided okay now going to give you a helper who is suitable because you are alone. There's a deeper meaning to that word helper Dr. Evans will tell us about it when he continues her message just a moment. Stay with us as a follower of Christ created and called now more than ever before. Most men don't get that they don't understand.

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Here's Tony is, deep in here. Let's talk a little Hebrew. The Hebrew word helper suitable is pronounced easier cutting ties pronounced in Hebrew, easier means help connect domains a corresponding counterpart.

So this is a corresponding counterpart to do because you are alone feelings alone sizes alone but alone regarding what God says I'm going to make them male and female Genesis I just read and move that them role, so the reason why God is going to create a female in a few moments is not merely so that Adam can have a companion. It is so we can get to Adam. The job I want you to produce in Salt Lake so substantive, so gargantuan with that you can't do it all by yourself alone so I'm going to bring somebody alongside of you who corresponds to you who's going to enable you to expand your domain, you further than you could ever do it on your own.

So a man who is not maximizing what God has given to the woman had limited what God can do through him because he's not using the help the dog provide that the job of the help is to expand the role in the context of companionship. Let's get this straight. If we have a lot of singles here so that explains Adam didn't need Eve to become complete because we mix up being single and being alone overnight same thing. If you are a single light.

Adam is right now like he will be before she's introduced Adam. You are supposed to be a complete single marriage should be a bonus not a necessity. You are to be completed and mailed right now in my and I have two keys to please this key unlocks the door. This key unlocks the door, they will unlock the same door lock two separate doors, but I don't need this key to unlock the door that this key has been designed to unlock this key is not incomplete because I think with this key Penske is not incomplete because of not what this key cause they are corresponding to one another that boat made of metal and that both keys but then not the same.

However, right now I have a key ring support this key on the ring and I put this key on the ring. Now the kids are to gather this key is no longer alone. It is now attached by a ring to another key VX attachment to the key does not take away the completeness of the individual to the individual key is still absolutely complete but because there they can now do more to gather. Then they could do apply without losing the uniqueness of the indentations and protrusions so it's okay to one arraignment. As long as you understand that the ring doesn't solve a problem is supposedly to complete single get together not happen single and half a single Macon 11 Barry know it is the uniqueness of the two that just hanging out. Now in company with each other to accomplish a greater thing that anyone could do on its own.

So what I'm saying I am saying that happiness is not God's primary goal for marriage. Once you make happiness. The primary goal when you're not happy anymore. You want to say maybe because happiness was the goal. Happiness is the fruit not the root of the goal was let them rule and if I could ever get them to roll underneath me in relationship to me under the authority me probably relating to one another copy will be a problem because they will be the result of fulfilling the purpose for the arrangement. I set up in the first place.

So he's now establishing what they ought to be about. They are to be about operating under his rule. So now God brings out all the ends he brings about to see what the man would call in the man names all the cattle verse 20 naming in the Bible is a big deal because naming in the Bible has to do with claiming authority over that which you name so is not just giving a word it is to omit to name it is to own their 1.2 million species of Venice, 1.2 million underneath them all, sub species to Adam's name and all family got a big job is a brilliant man. Forgive all these names all these creatures that that God is bringing before him what God has equipped him for his calling, and God is not going to bring you what he knows you not able to handle. So if you want to be a man of God can bring things to so that you can lay hold of it they claim to it every time you coming on Sunday and use them for communion, particularly the mentors, and even not been created yet. You stand before God, you take communion, you should be setting up a week usually send God for this week. I'm going to start my day with you.

I'm going to bring you in on everything related to my day. I'm going to make time to make the product up my date so that you can all to me so that I can see what you have for me so I can give name torts and ownership of it to increase your domain in industry and then every day you're bringing God to bear in every aspect of your life, not visiting them on Sunday. You are living with him and therefore experiencing kingdom. Dr. Tony Evans will have more force on the idea of dominion on Monday continues this lesson from his current teaching series kingdom men rising and he'll come back in just a moment to share an important truth from God's word. The first, a quick reminder about that special offer. I mentioned earlier, if you help us continue this broadcast by making a donation to the ministry will say thanks by sending you all 12 messages in Tony's current series kingdom men rising along with his powerful new book by the same name. This is a limited time offer so don't put it off. Just reach out to our resource Center at one 800 832, 22 team members are standing by around-the-clock to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony and if you've never taken the step of starting a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It starts by realizing none of us is perfect enough to qualify for heaven on her own but that's not the end of the story hears Dr. Evans to explain why he who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.

Guess what does the let you go to heaven on credit.

He will credit to your account the righteousness of Christ. Because God is credited to Jesus Christ, you are sent so your credit score can be 100 if you go to Jesus Christ for salvation right now. How do you do that Tony would be happy to explain it to you. Just visit Tony and click on the link that says Jesus. He has a short powerful video that explains what real Christianity is all about, along with some free follow-up resources. Check it out today and discover the amazing difference it can make in your life when your car is out of alignment. Your wheels are actually pointing in slightly different directions. Eventually your tires will either wear out or go flat on Monday. Dr. Evans will talk about why so many marriages have the same problem men should be doing about. I hope you be back in the alternative, with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the Irvine alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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