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The Call to Biblical Manhood, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 6, 2021 8:00 am

The Call to Biblical Manhood, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 6, 2021 8:00 am

Men grow up in a series of hoods - babyhood, boyhood, manhood but making it all the way to biblical manhood takes a certain kind of growth that Dr. Tony Evans will talk about in this lesson. Join him for this look at why our future depends on men finding the strength to be the leaders God called them to be.

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Jesus called them I tried Dr. Tony Evans is our future depends on men finding the strength to be godly leaders. A creative raw celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the men grow up in a series of goods, babyhood, boyhood manhood, making it all the way to Biblical manhood takes a certain kind of growing. Dr. Evans talked about today was joining the struggle manhood today have in every of our lives will fail all mail to become as God have defined five and he gives starting with me but applying to all three that every man needs to understand every male needs to understand him every email needs to expect if you're going to be God's man and experience God's involvement in your world. So about here. First of all say I am not seeking to be cultural. I am not seeking to be convenient and I'm not seeking to win friends.

My job is to tell you what God says and what God thinks you not have anywhere Adam, where, why God created man because he would be the one God will be looking first. Abraham is now the city of Solomon became cultural as you and I are living in today can culture for all three of the same reasons you give them three things verse 19 I have chosen him. I have chosen him. The first thing is to understand you've been drafted. You watch the NFL draft the NBA draft when you draft a player's position one you got all you want to take up you got a purpose for drafting him for the improvement of your team has been created.

The man as a draftee of God because he got a posting want you to fulfill any purpose he wants you to accomplish chosen him in the midst of this decay in the midst of this culture will be a man. I've selected him some of the things God wants to do.

We gave you because he came the first thing every male needs to understand is that you have a divinely orchestrated reason for your manhood. I know the culture wants to give you a whole bunch of reasons for your manhood. But God says, for my manhood manhood manhood something God says and that's why I chose, so if a male is living his life never discovering what God wants out of his life. He is a misguided mail. So he makes up his own rules along the way or he makes up the rule that his passage is what makes up the rules. That is, the media gives him and he finds himself in all kind of parent way is going and working 14 drafted when a man accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Drafted into the purpose of God.

But unfortunately, many men will even go to church don't even know the purpose of God and therefore they live distracted the purposes of culture.

Secondly he says in verse 19, so that okay all the men what you say so that okay other words, I chosen that is what I want to do, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord and to do righteousness and just okay so let me let me clarify a misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding is that is the woman's job to raise the child that may come from a culture doesn't come from Scripture says I command to raise the children and to teach them righteousness and justice. Ephesians 6 also have fathers raise your children in the Bible. It is the job of the man to raise the children not the Scripture says that Charles will give to raise and train and command his children after him.

The reason why we've got chaos with kids is that it can be for autism. Not a lost generation that the product of the most abandoned men who can tell you everything about football and nothing about Scripture meant "just fix. But, to quote a verse ever missed a practice or a game, but to get the kids up to go to church because everything is out of black, but at the same time. They say I want God to God that you can get so bad so that because if we going to fix the culture. He says we can skip the family to fix the culture of the White House and you can control your house and what you teach them righteousness and justice. Righteousness is your vertical standing before God as you walk with God.

That's living to please God setting a spiritual standard in the home that that everybody knows about that that is not vague. This is how we rolled up in here up in as Joshua said to Joshua 2415. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord everybody in your family. I ought to know.

We serve God in this house and his net worth defined guidelines are established by dad by the father. If you are a father you set the righteousness this is right. This is wrong, God said so. He told me to teach you. So therefore, let's review the rules of this house because God has chosen me to set that something is to teach justice, righteousness is obedient walk with God. Justice is your equitable treatment of me is how you deal with people, the wife because daddy had fixed it with the kids so we get generationally gets transferred. Kids don't come out the prejudice to come up with one racist kids don't come up rejecting people because of the colonists give some folks have trained them in and that started in the home, and because we didn't train our kids with Martin Luther King statement, the judge people by the content of the character and not the color of their skin. They pick up all the things that here in the house and the things that in the culture and they replicated. If you can't fix it at home. Don't think you will fix the screen says you are to teach them justice. How to be equitable. How you treat people how to respect people are the people that are people you teach them that that's about to come to the house so if you if you can make the practices if you can talk about fantasy football. You can talk about the status of this team are that you can take time out to have the motion you so you can take time out to that memory versus you certainly can take time out to play with at bedtime and that made me that maybe recording the show and looking at it later because you got to be dad first got be dad and husband first look at that show right now the technology has set it up so I can look at it later because right now I come home from work for my second job. This is what God says this is what God wants.

Far too many men are heading their children.

The ticket praise God for the women tear up the ticket but far too many. I had a ticket to fail. How is that daughter going to know what kind of man she should marry her. She got see from her dad hear from her dad the standard to judge the men in her life that boys know how to treat a woman if he sees you confidential, wife screaming at your wife, that your wife abusing you what is going on. No how to treat her like a lady next dad's job. You say you put a lot on all blame God, not me.

Secondly, of all that's fine says he made man a stronger vessel because you should be able to bear more weight to the nature of the foundation is not pretty.

It is, is how much weight can look you looking at foundation you just want to know if it is cracked.

There's 1/3 key principal Dr. Evans wants to tell us about back to do that in just a moment.

Stay with his was holding the pain of the past break you down on the ground better than what's behind Tony Evans brand-new long-awaited sequel to kingdom kingdom. Many rising gives you the power to lift the ashes of life's claims immunity family minimize gain access to the rise of position as Liza powers man Levi's. Find out also makes a great gift for brother, husband, son, uncle Pastor and as we were learning the future of our families and our society depends on men stepping up to their God-given responsibility as leaders but that takes power and perseverance in kingdom and rising. Dr. Evans addresses the cultural consequences of male passivity and shatters stereotypes pending a real-life picture of manhood. At its best teaching men to keep promises instead of secrets rebuild lives and not just engines to follow Jesus more closely than the stock market or favorite sports team, and right now we want you to have a copy as our gift. Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution toward Tony's ministry and will say thanks by sending the book your way, along with all 12 full-length audio lessons in this current series kingdom and rising and if you're interested in digging even deeper or to help you share this material with your family or small group. Be sure to check out the companion kingdom and rising Bible study again that's Tony Avenue and or call one 800 832, 22, where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock. I'll have that information for you again after part two of today's lesson. Here's Tony. So the first thing is, there is a purpose. There is a destiny for man.

There is a responsibility of discipline and discipleship for man in the third. At the end of verse 19 he says, so that the main thing so that this is our second so that the first so that so that you could get your purpose second so that is so that God would now bring your purpose.

One is for you to know what the other is for him to bring he said so that I may bring upon Abraham what I have promised to him what he promised Abraham was this what this menu, he says, verse 18. Since Abraham will surely become a great and mighty nation and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed know you did.

He says guess, bring Abraham I will make him a great nation. I will make him a mighty nation. In fact, through him. Everybody else will be minimal. Through him all the nations of the earth will be blessed. So let me tell all the minis it's okay to want to be great effect you sinning if you don't want to be great greatness is in the beginning of man. The 12 disciples came to Jesus one day and a simple will be the greatest in the kingdom argued Bible to be great and Jesus then answered them in interesting ways since if you want to be great. Don't want to be great if you want to be great just have to go about it the right way to God is not against greatness as long as that greatness is on the and out of relationship with him one submit one when men want women build want. The problem is they don't want to win God's way that one when their way. We want to win way is okay to be great Abraham a great and mighty nation free. That is the God's will bring the fight to get it God's name on circumstances when I'm in relationship with him submit his authority.

Prioritizing responsibilities to those were in my scope of influence is something else. In chapter 17 chapter 17, fulfilling the scope of influence. It says in verse 26 in the very same day Abraham was circumcising his son all the men of this household who were born in his house or bought with money from a foreigner were circumcised with only 2K if any man in the what you may think when you show a real man.

One of the crown that I see somebody taking a stand on the God of another cultural God want you to be a man of influence want you to be great.

You know when a lie and he really wants to make a statement that will can be heard from say I will miss being here this is my territory open up in here and I want to serve no miles away is my space. I will miss Jesus call the lion of the tribe of Judah. He knows how to draw. This is my space is not because it's been given to me by Almighty God already has time to raw. To be great under God, for God to betterment of everybody authority and responsibility. You think of Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, somebody complained you think of focal a great when they played.

You'll just want to just pass through the you want to make whatever Mark God has for you on the world that he gives you ladies. Your job is to make it easy for him to do work against his will challenge it as long as it is ungodly will encourage them to be all that God has created them to be using all that God has given you so we can become what God expects of him to become Jesse Owens, 1936 is a hostile environment environment Germany Sarris, Hitler and the Germans were concerned because that's how they look on him. The black race so we can come out here and watch the monkey in every direction that Jesse always looks. There were crowds of people who were against but he decided to roll. He served notice on German you got the deal with me you don't like me don't think much you hate me your against may come from another kingdom come from the United States of America will represent that kingdom in this chaos, and it demonstrated in the kingdom of Germany the greatness of the kingdom that he was wrong because he represented that kingdom in this chaos will belong to another round to the kingdom of God. You represent the king okay and you may be living in a chaotic world but your job will notice on your writer is that you need. Dr. Tony Evans will come back in a moment with a final illustration about the call to biblical manhood finish up this message from his current teaching series kingdom men rising this 12 lesson collection offers practical, clear directions for men who want to make a difference for the Lord and as I mentioned earlier, we are offering a special package that includes all these lessons on CD and digital download as well as a copy of Tony's brand-new book by the same name kingdom and rising. Remember, they're all yours is our thank you gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry. This special double offer won't be around for long, and we don't want you to miss out. So make the arrangements today by calling our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night. That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit. Tony ever and start or were you can also sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that stony Avenue and start over.

The connecting men with the leadership power God has given us requires a clear understanding of who we are and who we aren't. Join us next time. When Dr. Evans will talk about both right now though he's back with this final illustration was Thomas and the movie is called the matrix, Thomas Anderson, a.k.a. Neo Neo is a computer programmer part time computer but through a series of circumstance gets swept away to a computer-generated reality called the matrix he runs into amendment's says no we've been waiting for you. He says that the wall between the people inside on in the machines and we have been looking for a conquering hero.

We have been waiting for you because you are he says no I have the blue pill. If you eat this blue pill, you'll wake up in your bed tomorrow and this will only be a dream. But in this Neo, I gotta if you take this red pill you will enter into a life you never thought possible. If you take this red pill you will have countless that never saw the class to which pill you won't want to leave you and go back to your plan all manhood you get this thing done that you become the person you were created to be waiting on you be up but is not what you take out all you go back to your plain ordinary job you live your plain ordinary wife, a red and take this red five, that you did not did not state that you did not know that you want to see some maybe I will be God's God will become the man around and be the man that God created me to be the celebrating 40 years of generous contributions of listeners like you

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