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The Call to Biblical Manhood, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 5, 2021 8:00 am

The Call to Biblical Manhood, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 5, 2021 8:00 am

Who decides what it means to be a real man? Too often, we leave that job to the people who write action movies or TV shows. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explores what the biblical model of manhood really looks like.

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No claim against Dr. Tony Evans explains why child raising isn't just a woman's job while we got it daddy can be celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative who decides what it means to be a real man. Too often we leave that job to the people to write scripts for action movies or TV shows.

Let's try Dr. Evans as he explores the biblical model of manhood Amanda, a major university asked his class to go study this column Seinfeld. Many of you watch that show when it was on the air and it was a huge success. He said I want you to analyze why Seinfeld is so popular in their study and came back with their report they said the reason that Seinfeld is so popular is that it has no plot. It meanders from week to week. Scenario two scenario and it is this program so we've included another class of the reason it is so successful is because plotless people love plot program that because the audience is plotless, they can relate to the plotless nest where living in a day of plotless people living plotless lives watching plotless programs when living in a day when people have surrendered and leading to convenience and have surrendered purpose to existence and this is nowhere to see as great as it is a dilemma as it is in the lives of men. The struggle of manhood today has in the society chaos in every element area of our lives. The refusal or failure of males to become men as God has defined to be able to define themselves as God defines us has created in every level. Now we know there are many exceptions, but the reality is when you look at the scope of the decline of the marriages of churches of the climate in the culture. Much of it can be tied to the absence of that many not being in their God ordained space. Ezekiel 2230 God says I try to find a man to stand in the gap. So I would not have the curse the land but I could find plenty of males but I couldn't find me. Jeremiah chapter 5 verse one says they look for land I love all the male and they couldn't find one, which means it is possible to be a male and not be a me the question of the hour today is all we making our males men are we limiting them to simply their biology in Genesis chapter 18, we are looking at a culture in chaos in the decline and getting ready to experience judgment. Solomon tomorrow. Homosexuality had become the rule of the day they were ripest admitted talks about they were living in a context of social injustice by oppressing the poor. So you had homosexuality with violence in US social oppression.

All of that is an Solomon will borrow.

The Bible says and so God looked down and he saw the outcry be able decline of the culture and was preparing to judge in the midst of his preparation to rain down fire and brimstone on the moral and social decay that was occurring in these two cities that were the distance between Fort Worth and Dallas. He identifies a man named Abraham and he gives the men who are here today starting with me but applying to all three that every man needs to understand every male needs to understand and every female needs to expect if you're going to be God's man and experience God's involvement in your world. So I think about your personal insight. I am not seeking to be comfortable. I am not seeking to be convenient and I'm not seeking to win friends. My job is to tell you what God says and what God think the media reports, the question of the series is Adam where are you, not adamantly. Where are you Adam where why God created a man because he would be the one God will be looking first.

Abraham is now in the vicinity of Solomon will borrow a decaying culture as you and I are living in today. Decaying culture for all three of the same reasons any given three things verse 19 I have chosen him. I have chosen him. The first thing a man is to understand you've been drafted. You watch the NFL draft the NBA draft when you draft a player is the position you want in the field you got a wall you want them to take up you got a purpose for drafting him for the improvement of your team. Every man has been created as the man as a draftee of God because he got a posting want you to fulfill any purpose he wants you to accomplish chosen him in the midst of this decay in the midst of this culture only, may have selected him and I have chosen him for a purpose. Knowing chosen for purpose because verse 17 says show I had from Abraham what I'm about to do network and to do what I'm up to tell me of me. The point is some of the things God wants to do.

We gave you because he can't find he can at least do it the way he wants to do it because Adam is locatable even the first thing every male needs to understand is that you have a divinely orchestrated reason for your manhood. Now I know the culture wants to give you a whole bunch of reasons for your manhood. But God says will not manhood manhood manhood something God says and that's why I chose, so if a male is living his life never discovering what God wants out of his life. He is a misguided mail. So he makes up his own rules along the way or he makes up the rule that his passage is what makes up the rules.

That is, the media gives him and he defines himself in all kind of parent ways because he's going to work at 14. The didn't drafted. When a man accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Drafted into the purpose of God. But unfortunately, many men will even go to church. Don't even care to know the purpose of God and therefore they live distracted in the purposes of remind me of the story of Hank Aaron.

When I turned the baseball home run king for the Atlanta Braves came up the bat in a preseason game against the New York Yankees.

Hank Aaron stood up at the plating was get ready for the pitch and the catcher for the Yankees was Yogi Berra. Now any good catch is going talk smack to the back so Yogi Berra looked up Dragon is a Hank Aaron you can hit your mom okay big man little Steve talk to noisy product distracted.

Finally, Yogi Berra said hey hey the insignia of the writing on the back turned the wrong way for you folks know baseball you know that the writing is supposed to face the better because of the writing is not facing the better you can break the bat or reverberate on your hand very painfully. So the writing on the back is supposedly better Yogi Berra said hey you better look at the bat. You don't have the writing turned the wrong way was trying to distract, but John wooden boat Tiger just kept looking at the picture. The next pitch that came across the plate of the centerfield fence for home again when rappers ran around segment around 13 back to home plate textile plate began to walk to the dugout, but halfway to the dugout.

He looked better.

Yogi bear hey you just thought you might want to know I'm coming read see if you don't know why you hear my own voice is distracted.

If you don't understand the purpose of God because you're not living in the presence of God because you living in the presence of culture or your own desires or design what you learned from our father. That did not have God as the center of his purpose, you're going to create parent purposes and you will be distracted from the purpose of God is like the mountains that I was dying to finish high school so that I could go to college and I was dying to finish college so I can start my career that I was dying to get married so I can start a family that I was dying for my kids to get 18 so that they could leave then I was dying to be able to retire only to discover now I'm just I just just live life without ever connecting it to a reason for being the reason that Adam knew what he was supposed to do it since God told Adam what he was supposed to do. He told Adam that this is the God not want you to work and he told Adam he gave him specific instructions is that Adam walked with God during the cool of the day before he rebelled against God. He walked with God, so God was free to tell him what he was up to God has some plans for every man here not free to tell you what he is up to, because you're not walking with him in the cooler that they just visited him on Sunday. He says I've got some stuff. I am not going to have because he's been selected. He's been chosen for my purpose.

Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with more about what we can expect from God when we stop visiting and start biting for so I'm excited to tell you about our current featured resource.

It's Tony's brand-new book kingdom men rising goes hand-in-hand with the message we been listening to today for too many men had been weakened by the false definition of what it means to be a man coming from a culture that's at odds with God's biblical blueprint kingdom and rising looks beyond phony stereotypes, helping them understand who they were created to be and how they can rise up to the task and responsibilities. God is given them the one of the first to get this powerful new book will send you a copy is our gift when you help support Tony's work here on the air, and around the world by making a contribution to the ministry and as a special bonus will include all 12 lessons on both CD and digital download from his current series by the same name attorneys even created a valuable kingdom men rising Bible study can help you learn more and better share this life changing teaching with others get all the before this limited time offer runs out.

That's Tony or call 1-800-800-3222 repeat that after part two of today's lesson coming up after this way, then you're more than just greater than the balance in the bank status face for character encourage the legacy that lasts only yesterday's final tomorrow made for much more. In a sequel to the instant bestseller kingdom men Tony Evans came to men rising urges men to embody the greatness of God's already given lookahead behind you guys forward. All God has for you is there for you right now going to get his faith was needed right now. Get the book kingdom men rising today. Discover how find out more. Tony that a real man.

What I call the kingdom by design for God's glory of his kingdom. That includes all the other stuff we go about work. What good is a good-looking call that will what good is a brand-new shiny when the attachment because it is going nowhere because a lot of time asking women to follow. We not going nowhere.

We don't know where we should be going. But we say follow me into never never.

The idea was God was going to tell whether no so that by the time you gave and gave. Adam knew what he was no single woman here. You want to ask the man who wants to marry you. Where are you going because I don't want to spend 50 years.

Having gone nowhere. Following you. God told Adam where he was to go so that he could plug into that and therefore they would be going some have chosen you. God has a purpose. Proverbs 20 verse five says that in the heart of every man is a purpose, but the man was brought work God has already given you a reason for being in see all and you can only person and in relationship with him, just because you got have a good education. You gotta degree what you got a business context because of that, it came because he was in sync with God and it came to Abraham because he was in sync with God as a way of life. Not everything is far too many men are living without a divine purpose that you talk about that Korea about their business goals and to talk about their finance. But when you ask them what is God's purpose for you to get client because they spent all that time in school and none of the time of the kingdom in Super Bowl XLIII the Pittsburgh Steelers were two minutes left in the game they floor pass driving down the field when the Super Bowl to San Antonio, San Antonio homes dropped the ball that would have put them in position to win the game. He had failed. He slowly went back to the huddle after dropping a perfect pass in the huddle been Raquel's burger call this number again to Antonio Gulfport again in the next place Antonio runs down to the edge of the end zone. He goes to the very end bin Laden's burger throws in the past. He reaches up high and catches it for the winning Super Bowl touchdown for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now the reason that he scored was two things happen at the very same time he ran and caught the pass, but he had to feed and bounce to what God is calling man is to reach potential to grab happen, but the executed so that history is benefiting because you've reached time, but too many men are doing is asking their wives to reach powerful too many men are doing is asking that wives are the people to do for them what God is waiting on the man to do because he wants to know where, because God always starts with the main I know that many people have not politically correct if not culturally acceptable. That's what the Scriptures say and when we are operating out of that order chaos into the into the life. The whole and the culture is not what I'm about to do because this man is operating according to my authority and in relationship with me, especially second thing he says in verse 19, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord and to do righteousness and just the misunderstanding is that if a woman's job to raise the child that may come from a culture doesn't come from Scripture says I command to raise the children and to teach them righteousness and justice.

Ephesians 64 father's raise your children in the Bible. It is a good job of the man to raise the children not the Scripture says that Charles will give to raise and train and command his children after him. The reason why we've got chaos with kids is that he can't be for that is even them physically or emotionally. Daddy neglect or abuse them. Thank God for all the great men we have in our charge with the this category but far too many men spend more time training dogs and train the kids and so we wind up with a generation of fathers fathers becoming fathers so they have not had an example. That's why it says I have chosen him so that he may command his children.

It is absolutely critical that men take their stand in their relationship with God and coming on the gods of already. If you don't know what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Stay with us. Dr. Tony will come back in a moment to talk about what it means and how it happens in the time we have remaining. I want to mention that today's lesson is part of Tony's powerful series called kingdom men rising there are 12 full-length messages in this collection containing bonus content. We won't have time to present on the air. As I mentioned earlier, it's yours. As I thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station along with it will also send you his just-released companion book kingdom men rising. There's even a comprehensive Bible study available if you want to dig deeper. This is a special limited time package so don't wait visit Tony have and start org today or reach out to our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are always on hand to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 men grow up in a series of hoods, babyhood, boyhood manhood, making it all the way to Biblical manhood takes a certain kind of growing. Dr. Evans will tell us about tomorrow. Right now though his back with this closing thought for today.

If you been listening to our broadcast and you have not personally trusted Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins so that he can give you the gift of eternal life right now I want you to go to God and transfer your trust from any and everything else except the son of God, who died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead impeccable say little prayer you can repeat after me just have to mean it for yourself. Heavenly father, I know I'm a sinner and that I can't save myself.

I believe Jesus Christ your son died on the cross in my place for my sin and I know and trusting him alone to forgive me and give me the gift of eternal life that he promised to give to anyone who came to him for it. Thank you for saving me and help me from this day forward to live a life leaving to you. Congratulations welcome to the family.

The alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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