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Victory in the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 23, 2021 8:00 am

Victory in the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 23, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that we’re all at one of three places in life: we're either being tested, just got through being tested, or about to be tested. Join him as he explains how to be ready to succeed when those times come by depending on the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Join the church to say what needs Dr. Tony Evans talked about how surprisingly easy it is to misdirect your devotion, especially during times of testing worship is five celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the Dr. Evans is said that all of us. One of three places in life. We are either being tested. Just got through being tested or are about to be tested today. He explains how depending on the power of the Holy Spirit prepares us to succeed, regardless of where we are less joint. My mind to Jesus in chapter 7 verse one that Jesus will the Holy Spirit returning to the spirit into the wilderness for 40 days and he became hungry.

We are faced now with the three temptations depending on when you got from Satan inside the Jesus Christ summarize them by simply saying there's only one point here that three illustrations of one point Jesus independently of God that the quest that is the question that you and I face and I went to Mrs. well we got that was the task of God test one of the son of God to become bread and some bread because Jesus was hungry Jesus is saying let me make bread for you when I come off.

He was, why don't you make bread for you. Don't you wait around here.okay so stuff. What it comes from. Another way provision in the grab side a faction on your lesson will come from when I come from right because men live by bread alone. He also lived but when it came from what source and the reason why some of the one that we still own choice, and as long as your own source you not ready for an limitation secret God will keep you in the wilderness as long as it takes to discover your natural source test number two. He let him and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory in a moment of time to video it is a moment of time. He is into a virtual reality kind of what he sees the Sphinx of Egypt and he sees the Coliseum's role and he sees the magnificence of Greece's, and he has shown the world of the world and the devil said, okay, what is the curb or have people ask about the brittleness they read business and I don't understand this and that's verse six and the devil said to him when talking to me how much we didn't actually see the world is been given to me and I can give it to whoever I want to get to and right now Jesus will give you the world of finance want to give you more money than you could ever dream politics more power than you could ever dream business. I want to give you more success than you could ever dream of the world of education. I want to give you more knowledge than you could ever dream of mine to give.

Before I go any further, I'd like to suggest that many of us who are successful have been made successful by the devil has blessed you with that house. With that, with that wardrobe with that Korea has blessed you with that name because he says his mind really give is because it was given to me this must alleviate some of people you know soon will you go to refuse you.

You one thing. Worship me, I will give you the King of glory.

But then I would give you the goals with the glory, given to Jesus you work it don't have to be this summer.

Give it to make it easy for you, just from you is you worship? What in the world is how you know what you worship.

Your worship is tied to your worship is tied to who you where you will for your life worship show necessarily is not necessarily all job and worshiping the devil joined the first church to say worship God and Satan say what I will bless you with all excited to get all excited about the question is why they want men. They wanted me. We want me Angry with them. They were complaining and grateful and so God said, I'll send you meat boxes quail ring down to squeal to squeal everywhere. But the Bible says begins. Think what they thought was a blessing with actually a curse and is said to begin the stink in the nostrils is said and God quail but only this just common stuff and haven't stopped if God gave it to you but what I am saying is just but he was off many of us this morning to talk about things, and that when we first got that turned out to be a curse. No, if it's a blessing from God will bless him from the devil if it's like a neutral thing. It could be a blessing for me, the real simple Bible says if it comes from God. Proverbs 1022 at half no sorrow with God always accompanies his blessings with his joy.

This happened joy. That means stability internally regardless of circumstances that watch this Jesus answered and said, it is written, they go to the quote about my get the impression he believed it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God and serve him. Satan never brought up serving things that worship me. Jesus and worship the Lord and serve him only because Satan worship me worship yourselves to serve worship always is connected to service never just Dr. Evans will come back with more force in just a minute, including a look at an unbeatable biblical strategy for dealing with the devil. Stay with us. God is faithful when the world was topsy-turvy pandemics, God still touch the heart of donors come alongside of us and keep us strong at a time when the world needed spiritual strength. We were able to maintain and even expand ministry during the pandemic because that's how thankful God. So I am not a doubt about the greatness of God's very great for 40 years.

See this kind hand of fate, one lasting hallmark of the ministry.

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You think one thing you can get now stop waiting for God I give so you know what he had to believe Jesus is saying 311 doing a lot of the spirit while being led is God's will for if development got 50 feet high and you will not be asking Jesus to do. He said I want you to jump off the temple do Superman thing right off the temple with the temple. The Jews worshiping God one building in the temple because it's all in the juvenile.

In other words with you because if you think and let them see God being down to the ground easy to work by Blue Cross the suffering rejection will make use of make no when you become give you an God. The name of Jesus every legal about every tongue confess Jesus is also written, you shall not put the Lord your God test okay with living in this miracle -induced culture. Everybody looking for that miracle. Think about your miracle do this miracle jump mixed. You don't create miracle opportunities for God. You don't back God into a corner when he got to do a miracle official situation. Miracle financial mess. I know I don't want I am, but my God is a miracle working you call that presumption that you don't put them all your God to the tests just so you can have an insatiable testimony of how God okay what ever starting with so that the break down another day with another time I was. He said it is written in the new double is allergic to Scripture. Here is what you think what your friend God only only thing the Angels respect. They don't respect the word because they know you would have no power and that no spirit of God will never use your words only use God's word but notice how Jesus uses the word he quoted. When you are under attack. Here is what you do this you only discuss his word. But one thing which is why the Bible calls were God's spirit, Dr. Tony heaven talking about how we can be completely confident Christians, thanks to the power of God spirit inside us and if you have any doubt left. Stay with us.

Dr. Evans will come back with a closing thoughts that will encourage you first. So don't forget to contact us and request that special double offer.

I mentioned earlier Tony's powerful book, the fire that ignites as well as a copy of his current eight part teaching series life in the spirit as I mentioned earlier, if you make your donation and request before time runs out. Will send the complete package to you as our gift and thanks for your support of the ministry of the alternative.

Just visit Tony Avenue and start or for details today.

That's Tony or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 our resource phone center never closes, so there's no need to wait again that's 1-800-800-3222 God wants us to live by his power, but we can't get it unless we live by his principles tomorrow. Dr. Evans will talk about the importance of submission and obedience as he takes a look at what it means to live a spirit driven life right now though he's back with an encouraging thought about how the spiritual battle you're facing is going to turn out as wrestler came out it was talking about progress as I believe most people know this but pro wrestling is staged before we go where you want to take a predetermined so celebrating 40 years of generous contributions from listeners like you

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