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The Motivation for Godliness, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 17, 2021 8:00 am

The Motivation for Godliness, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 17, 2021 8:00 am

If salvation is free, what motivates believers to live godly lives? Dr. Tony Evans will tackle that question and more in this lesson on the importance of approaching life with a strong sense of contentment and an eternal perspective.

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You must possess and Dr. Tony Evans shares a lifestyle reflecting the character of God revealed everlasting rewards in life, not only in the light of the world we live celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

Some activities in life are of leading significance. While other pursuits can return benefits to go on and on today. Dr. Evans explains why practicing godliness falls into the latter perpetual rewards category join him in first Timothy chapter 6 as he begins this is consistent and functionally written problem problem because there is one above all move toward God did not pursue godliness. One thing above all, Paul tells both for himself and both of the congregation to make this point clear. Notice what is great gain is the difference between your expenses. That gives us our profit margin not only a good profit.

Great profit making a profit, high profit margin drinking in the way you gain the verse in verse number six but godliness actually is a means of high profit margin when a company by contentment to be profit margin and profit margin than a marriage needs to occur between your personal godliness and your contentment in life will stifle godliness with contentment with the process of godliness will give you a margin that will calls it great. Stay with me. One of the main reasons why this is subject to the material's lack of contentment means efficiency in spite of external circumstances.

Hebrews 13 verse five and six that man or woman who know that God is think of you that God is knocking on your behalf and is totally 100% 1% dependent upon you. You can't be content. Why is he concerned about the lack of contentment because he says godliness with contentment. You can have maximum godliness and discontentment.

So if you complain all the time don't have a topic that you want in the cracks. What you're doing is saying that God left a lifting because God is with contentment is great gain. That's because being rich and everybody is rich, being rich without contentment has side effects you go to the doctor you get this medicine to make you feel better and tell you side effects okay get this. Medicines will make you feel better never to be canceled. If you scroll give you a heart attack make you not want to take it for the problem. You need a side effect for headache and tell me of my QB.

He says when you are rich and now everybody.

So now I miss you one of those rare people in you are rich based on the bike. I thought about how we would like talk about Wall Street on some of the Bible based on the Bible to show that to put you in the contented category in the rich chemical cannot think right now once you know your original think differently if you don't know you richly try to get rich already rich, it changes your priorities.

He says there are two side effects for richness without contentment. Two side effects. He says in verse 17 and struggles are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches. He says they are two side effects of the discontented Christian who is wealthy with all of us.

He says side effects.

Number one is thinking of something you want to because of being conceited because when you're in your self-worth goes up with more money, more than I really cannot drive in a better, live in a lot better than I really am, and that's why the more you get, the more you are likely to look down on the people who used to be where you are not where you are now and you treat them with less you have left because you have peace as a sign of wealth is pride. So the second side effect is a shifting hope you fix your hope on the uncertainty of riches with me. You give money more credit than it deserves, because now you're looking for money to fix it money to get you out of it money to make the contact money to buy the solution money to do with you now make money when when you get money because you are pursuing godliness manager got American Express, MasterCard little chump change in the account. You are now looking and not more God says and you get the side affects of being rich when the material takes over priority over the spiritual. You get side effects you get the disease having more money doesn't make you better at being rich just like having more kids that make you better at being a parent is because you get more love and only you can do a better job with it and that's why the more money we get, the more debt we could we not able to have one Abraham it's $1000 last. God give us another thousand thousand thousand. Money doesn't make you better at being rich.

Everybody here is rich. I hope you caught in the news about the disease not to call Apple with got the kid committed a crime and he blamed his wealth on his crime spree after the winds and about how that disease. Affluenza is the disease of being rich, being conceited and hoping that money will do what only God was designed to God is upon you, being rich, everybody here is rich and varying levels. He never once your rich shares to compete with your pursuit of godliness or to cause you to be discontent with where you are when the basic needs met in verses 18 and 19. He gives you the vaccine after the winds for the disease of stuff again. Don't misunderstand me.

You are rich, God is not telling you.

Don't be rich. He's not telling you don't enjoy the riches that he's given you. He's just saying don't let it blind to the greater gain of godliness to watch this three things when you get these final three things you on the way to our profit margin likes of which you have never seen before. Regardless of your bank account.

I'm getting ready to tell you three things that will blow your mind and give you what he calls epic in life in you really go to the live now with these three things once you vaccinate the disease instruct them in verse 18 says to do good to be rich in good works to be generous and ready to share. He says if you want to be provision well so that riches and everybody's rich don't get in the way of your pursuit of godliness you tell them who are rich to be reddish and serving others. If you are rich in money, you are to be richer in service. The more your service should go on the job, but you're not getting a raise with God. That you got the disease.

He says you will tell the rich to be rich in service.

It's funny how the richer people get says the other thing is being rich and being generous giving.

The more your blessing does not. The average American Christian gives 2.5% of their income to the Lord. Average American Christian gives 2.5% of the income to the Lord.

The reason why there's so much misery in the church. The reason why the kingdom of God can advance read what people have to come up with gimmicks is that rich people's and everybody's rich not only do they not give an offering to tie he says I want God to be your source. That's why God said to give as first the first check you write the first give you my make up a God that God's job to the bank God is my source is not supply God. I want to let you know that people rob God all the time. She said you tell the rich people to be generous in this generous, not just the charge but they have a gripping spirit about them and when they can help and they can help that's in their DNA to do it because they'll be rich and most people in this room except when you compare yourself with Bill Gates. But that's not the comparison, the comparisons with the word of God and what God says your filthy rich. Dr. Evans will have more force on the motivation of godliness when he continues her message just a moment. Stay with us throughout anyone's life. You hold many roles and so often can feel like you just plotting to get through. We know that this can feel like obscurity and mundane tasks whenever God is called to do yourself.

There should not harvest connecting with you curing the legacy of Lois Evans that is Crystal Harris and Priscilla Scheier encourage you to not just survive the season.

You're in the time there with the new four DVD Bible study seasons of a woman's life with your generous gift to the urban alternative received the classic book workbook in DVD series now visit Tony to learn more about how you can get the seasons of a woman's life Bible study package and that's also where you can go to receive a full-length copy of today's message part of the short but powerful new series. Tony's delivering called in pursuit of godliness this for message collection takes you deep into Scripture explore what it means to be godly.

God allows us to approach him and just why godliness is something we should seek in the first place.

You can get the complete series on CD and digital download is our gift when you make a donation to the ministry of the alternative, and if we hear from you today will also send you a copy of Tony's popular book, God himself. A journey through his attributes.

This exciting work takes a look at God's wisdom and wrath. His sufficiency and sovereignty and his goodness, grace and glory. Dr. Evans dives deep into the character of God giving you fresh new insights that will deepen your understanding and love for your creator. Just visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 make a contribution and letter sent you is or thank you gift in pursuit of godliness and Tony's book, God himself. However, contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson. The third thing that will blow your mind and give you great game at the high profit margin in your life is storing up for yourself the treasure of a good foundation for the future, you must possess. I must possess.

We must possess an eternal perspective. He says tell those who are rich or something, in this present world. So you rich right now to stall up in the future. Okay, let's get this straight you living in two worlds.

The present world and been, says the future, you must learn to think and live in light of the world to come not only in the light of the world we live C is only going to get you to think about the which means godliness will be a priority. Make it more than the Joseph will be a priority. You being rich that your rich. What is my link to Jesus Christ you have a future that's going blow your mind. And God is going to see what you to maybe one day went on a trip and she had a cat. She told a husband who hated the cat keep the cat while she was gone she will go for two weeks or something. This cat was driving this man nuts so he couldn't take it anymore and he took the cat down to the shipyard and put the kettle during takeoff way back home. Wife came back the next which is aware of the Cat. The cat went away. Gold Went away so we gotta find it. If it certainly did look today when all around course can set up finding my time, so nothing would do with this, put an in paper.

Anybody who finds this cat will give them 5000 as I love you that much. One of the guys friends Saul said this and you put in the paper for the $5000 for a Yeah why would you give 5000 will send a simple when you know what I know, no investment is to be when you know about your future and what God has in store for you in eternity, giving in-service giving in resources as a priority to God because these major which will let you know it on a change couple times a year. I talked to Dan Cathy, then Kathy is the son of Truett Cathy Truett Cathy is the founder of Chick-fil-A Truett Cathy would be on the side of the road selling chickens with his unique recipe and more people like more people like that more people like that more people like you grew and grew and grew and now it's a Fortune 500 company today.

If you ever go to Atlanta go by the Chick-fil-A offices beautiful offices sitting right outside the front door is their mission statement, paraphrase it for you. Says Chick-fil-A exist to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in providing a quality product to our customers with quality service alongside. As you know, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays is called on Sunday because that philosophy is the Lord's day were willing to give up whatever profit we would make on Sunday in order to make sure that people don't get their worship interrupted when they took their stand for the biblical family said the biblical family of the man and there is no other definition came out of the woodwork to condemn them taking a stand that with what the amount of chicken with the cell body coming out to support kingdom value because God knows what we gave Sunday conference board so they support missions in the world to support the kingdom of God because they understand what to make a profit break, so let me conclude by telling you a great game is tell you at the end of verse 19.

Great game. The profit margin that will blow your mind is life indeed if you make godliness with contentment will spend more time giving thanks and complain about which you will be at rest with what you have until God legitimately allows you to get more to enjoy which debts will be your past to pursue the spiritual only materials he said and now you will have the word indeed means showing off when Jesus rose from the dead, the women came back and said he has risen. So what is life in the spirit is like the is experiencing the reality of God operating in your life and in his presence and that, thank you peace in the midst of trouble stability, but all that but they don't have means that God stop, but they don't. God is offering you if you mix godliness with not just about your life. Dr. 2011. Wrapping up the final message from his current series in pursuit of godliness but don't forget all four full-length messages in this collection can be yours with her. Thanks if you help us keep bringing Tony's teaching here each day with your generous contribution will receive the complete series on CDN downloadable MP3s and as a special bonus when we hear from you today. You'll also receive Tony's popular book, God himself. A journey through his attributes to take advantage of this offer should a call right away.

1-800-800-3222 resource team members are on hand 24 seven to help you. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 or you can make the arrangements again Tony Avenue The more we really get to know someone, the more it seems like we're getting into their head tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will explain why that's exactly the way it works with God's spirit, and our heads as he begins a series of lessons about life in the spirit before we go. Today we want to share this quick shout out. Dr. Evans recently received in celebration of 40 years of God's faithfulness to the ministry of the urban alternative hey Dr. Evans, OS Hawkins and Tony Jack Graham here just thanking God for you and your 40 years of ministry we been in the city together with Dr. Evans in this wonderful church all these years. 30 year plus for me and you 25 years and we just seen God do incredible things in your life, not only in this community where you are loved and appreciated by through the urban alternative in the ministry of your church around the world.

I love you I respect you. I thank God for you, Dr. Kelly Evans and Tony, let me just add that today is Jack and I sit here just wish you happy 40th anniversary of ministry is a subset of King David.

You lead your people with the integrity of your heart and the skillful use of your hands just want you to push the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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