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Trusting God

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 9, 2021 7:00 am

Trusting God

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 9, 2021 7:00 am

Trusting God isn't that difficult when your life is just sailing along. But when a senseless tragedy changes your reality, it gets hard to hold on to hope. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he reviews God’s record of faithfulness from ancient history through much more recent tragedies.

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Dr. Tony Evans talks about how to get more of that mountain moving celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

People often say you can do anything if you have enough faith. Dr. Evan says that's not true. Unless you have the right kind of faith. Let's join him as he explains the Bible's mountains Little League but also speaks of mountains, figuratively something that is immobile, something that holds you so that it looks like it is a hopeless situation, call your attention to Mark chapter 11.

Let me start by reading verse 23. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and cast into the sea And his heart but believes that what is going to happen, it will be granted. I want to talk with you for a few moments about what it means to trust God at the base of the mountain that is you in an insurmountable situation. The context for this statement about mountains really go back to verse 12 through 14 on the next day when the honey. Jesus became hungry. See three Emily. Perhaps he would find out anything on and when he came down the season next to where maybe you eat fruit from you when I want to time that I know of in the Bible when Jesus says a curse on something Jesus Christ was hungry and says he looks for some food truly would leaves on it now believes means that it is entering into fixing become the leaves come out first to see the leaves to see if there's something for him to go to training and there are no on the tray and then he got an astounding thing.

He said no one ever eat from you again.

Jesus was really good and they become not yet come for a very important statement made. His disciples were not is what leads us to our story because in verse 20 in the morning, they saw the figtree whether the root reminded him by what you have with her now shocking about this one arrived well by what he sees God's morning she had come true when one fully could not do anything ever again overnight with what you've gone, that's not what you would expect something that you would've for the why is this now goes to teach spiritual lessons. Physical things like figure 3 whether becoming a spiritual lesson to teach. The committee would become the apostles would write the New Testament to jostle he would teach them by giving them something to think something in the moment spiritual principle stated in verse 22 and God you were all around the negative, trying to teach the lessons that you will learn Christian and that is to turn things around. Trust God to turn around time can lead to so quick yesterday believe the web from 20 because he can turn things. Please notice what say that's not enough information directly. Athletes want to please God. We got a not enough in the nation diagonally by itself is a meaningless concept. What many people try to do more. They want to increase their regional by finding and pumping like blow up a football blow on the basketball. Let me put me some more sleep, more is usually not a problem problem. Ms. the shift into which is being placed in God's Emily and God based on his word and believing something at all because the word of the tree and when he spoke to train that made no you again statement word about anything of the company that is a word word was always congruent with God's word you now and not doing the scenario you know when referred to in the Gospels to the Mount of olives and olive tree olive tree grow all along the mountain. I stood on the Mount of olives on numbers of occasions and you can see all the olive trees from which greater things olives are used for this violence could be seen you but the cycle because it looks no see 1000 S. violence. See you speak to about the because Jesus is going from the last writer Jesus spoke to 11 21 tray tree whether you think the dreams 13 and will 13 possible when you Dr. Evan says there are people who have plenty of faith just not in God talk about that when he continues this lesson from a series freedom through forgiveness.

It starts by helping you understand the pardon you receive from God and shows you how to pass on that kind of forgiveness to people who hurt you and even how to forgive yourself right now would like to send you a copy of freedom through forgiveness is our gift when you make a donation to help support the work of the urban alternative here on the air, and around the world.

This offer is only available through tomorrow, but if we hear from you right away will include a special bonus, Tony's companion book for the series 30 days to victory through forgiveness, which explains that the person who benefits most from your forgiving heart is you visit us for details or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 20 will come back with more of today's lesson. After this, with the new Lois Evans legacy Bible study seasons of a woman's life, Crystal Harris and Priscilla Scheier take their mother's classic book and expanding into a life-changing Bible study in DVD series to help you do the veering seasons of every woman's life, including times of growth, knowing that often require us to be uncomfortable and require us to have it done before stretched beyond our own to meet that God takes us from one season to another ask for your copy when you get to the urban alternative today. You can find out more about seasons of a woman's life 2011 start or an outback to Dr. Evans.

Most people have faith. So that's why they keep focusing on the in God because God for you. The faith that you want to leave what you think about what you feel about you is not faith in God-God should be believing in God to deal with the situation your life you will want to be that way because God allows nothing impossible with God where maybe only impossible when you growing in your faith simply means seeing God on a bigger level in your life one more and don't go out tomorrow and go out more God when you go out on God. You see God's mountain and it is hard but is going to happen, it will be great since you not in your heart that you say bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly. I really really really really going on in your heart not on the time looking at whether you have confidence in him, all the question that God will remove the smell of the big always treat and ability alone time on the building supporting you what you 15 years and this amount may move not talked with Craig about going to church and Bible study over laid hands on it cannot stop and is not met J about my same job I don't think marriage is going away from that this situation can take one statement he makes a number times 11. Plaintiff John Fox want to see my father doing.

That is what I do one thing with the signal when his father was doing Jesus would spend five minutes with people with slick tool will father is thinking that God is ready to remove this about what you about what you speak confidence by his word use validation by his spirit. It all know stupid God with his spirit. If you leave the revelation of his word guidance when we're not going to see kids object of direct word he will never tell you his secret work guidance public from his audience will bring. That's wanted not God's divine plan and therefore they came to it with. He says that verse 24 I say to you what you pray. Now please connect the mountains in your life that you supposedly gone about pray all what you plan to ask believe that you have received them and they will be granted to you introduces the subject of prayer relational communication with God when I will history giving mission for parents mission for only enter clearance all by which we commune with God.

Three. Based on his will. It is the execution of the will of God in all visible physical well.

Specific communication means whereby the plaintiff to God and his carried them out. Only it's where you ask, pray and ask God to intervene in this mountain, but also where he spent about one because most people is communication with God is rarely ever listening. Now if you want audible voice for long. Okay; one day I God spoke to me last night. What wouldn't say they did was long but for the good, can you know I heard every word out loud is not unique before you pray God speaks to us today by his Spirit in the inner city. Backside talks is also talk is that you must come to, which is why one of the main ways you praise with your Bible so that he can move off the page and what the Bible calls the new covenant. If you literally inscribe will word to you and you will not when you got to talk with but there's a condition to their promise. Dr. Tony Gavin's will come back to tell us about it just a moment for so don't forget that tomorrow is the last day you can get the full length version of all six messages. Tony's current sermon series freedom through forgiveness bundled along with a copy of his companion book 30 days to victory through forgiveness. As I mentioned earlier there yours with our thanks when you make a donation toward Tony's ministry so visit us to get all the details before time runs out. Make your contribution and request online again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 like one of our team members help you again that's 1-800-800-3222 God's forgiveness is a gift. Dr. Evans says the grudges we hold toward others can prevent us from receiving it tomorrow he'll tell us about the prayer that leads to pardon right now though he's here with a final comment about our authority as believers. Now, finally, there is a condition for God to move about an impossible situation. You must believe on God's terms. You must pray communicate with God two-way street so he can speak to you with the deepest level way you live with the moving mountain.

He says there is a condition versus 25 and 26 stand pray for you.

If you have anything against anyone, so that your father who is in heaven will also forgive your transgressions. But if you do not give, neither will your father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions will mountain you must be on good terms with life, you will naturally when you talk to me one to give you any fellowship you not moving your mountains that will not be alternative with Dr. Tony Gavin my celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions from listeners like you

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