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Reversing Financial Consequences

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 31, 2021 7:00 am

Reversing Financial Consequences

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 31, 2021 7:00 am

I want it, and I want it now. It sounds like something you would hear from a toddler having a tantrum. But whether we realize it or not, that is the attitude that has gotten US households over $12 trillion in debt. Find out how to break that bondage and experience financial freedom in this lesson with Dr. Tony Evans.

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John when this happens Dr. Tony Evans shows when the Lord blesses you, you'll know what is misery with because God brings with it. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony-Dr. speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. What's the point in wanting when we don't appreciate what we already have Dr. Evans answers that question today as he explains how to ask God for a blessing that will not only change your new year, but the rest of your life. Let's turn to first Chronicles chapter 4 as we join him.

This is known as the prayer of Jabez's because in the midst of what most people consider one of the most boring sections of the Bible that is any section that is listing genealogy. That is one family tree after another. When you read chapter 3 chapter 4 you find the sons of this person, the sons of that person. One name right after another. You would skip this section. I am certain many of you read your Bibles through Indonesia. Read this real quick. You began to see the list that you decided to skip the chapter. If you did that, then you've done an injustice to yourself because that means you skipped verses nine and 10 verse 9 to 10 reads this way NJ baths was more honorable than his brothers and his mother named him Jabez saying because I bore him with pain, has called on God of Israel, saying all that you would bless me indeed in large mob order and that my hand might be with me and that you would keep me from harm that it might not paying me and God granted him what he requested to introduce to Jacob. As in verse nine as a man more honorable than his brothers. All of his brother simply were listed by name. The only thing you know about them is what people called the just man stands above the crowd. He is here by God, not because of some great feat, not because he had done some insurmountable activity for God is listed Jacob as is looking out is because of his prayer is simple. One of those prayer made him more will then his brothers said Jay Vance status with God was more honorable that is more recognizable.

More to be congratulated that all of his products because of his prayer reforming you a simple breakdown of the prayer don't move too fast for you must play a significant role in verse nine that his mother named him Jabez because he was born in pain. Jacob as means pay because brand-new baby that she's just given life to name him pain. A mistake that's not a casual thing for you and maybe I made my that they would be known by all of their life, says that he was more than a mass will have to spiritual imagination as to on the baby boy's name.

Were not given an explanation for what purpose doesn't want us to narrow down the one thing so that you can bring your pain to this passage so that whatever it is in your life that you pray can be related to this man and his prayer.

I don't know what scenario cause her to name her baby boy. All I know is that time everybody knew something was this child and its implications in the light, that he couldn't go nowhere and not be reminded that he was living in full existence cousin just called me. He was living a life of pain. Talk about self-esteem problems you talk about a negative self-image. This kid had to know whose name is Jabez or maybe not in the literal sense where people call you that.

But when you open this year or perhaps over the last few years.

It might as well be Jabez because all you can remember. All you can remember all the negative circumstances one after another and look like you I would never let you go all the Jabez in the house. Jacob and not for you but if that is the Jabez in the house somebody whose first name, last name, middle name all three names. They this appointment, anguish, loneliness, depression, frustration, and all the other Eddie all syncretic possibilities. This passage is for you because were introduced to the solution we fully find the method says Jack Bass once more honorable status that all problems show up when any problems at all. Nothing negative about any other brothers they were okay boys, but the disappointment, the one with all the negatives along with all the struggles God's absolute read through the boring section of Scripture let you know if you have the last word on your life situation is painful. You can still be able to get this painful person circumstances, be an extraordinary individual notice and I was talking that another thing that was more honorable name from being pain all around it so that it fell into the background as God the forefront circumstances change your situation. If God put you on the top shelf, it won't matter what your name is name is is the status of his prayer is that you would bless me indeed that word indeed lets us know the stories. This is not a casual. Now I lay me down to sleep on my soul to keep casual prayer. Indeed, if you know my situation. If you use this thing that I was born into this world painful in the gradual sleep that's me in the state will likely keep going like it was going to sense the plantation of supernatural thing is to have super natural law injected in our life is all him says Gloria Thomas is going throughout the day, painful, new teeth, God has in my business scenario and my situation said Blacks may indeed get me another life might not live in like nonexperts and I don't want to get away from only called me Jabez remind me out in a painful situation, I don't want to call me Jabez remind me that I can't even know what I have the day but give me another life to bless me one and take it back the next minute nicely show no state would me my lesson that will go left me and indeed kindness the implementation of spiritual faith that comes along from God. Notice the specific bless me indeed Liesel could you say what you want to know you'll take everything not giving you the particulars of God is data that the situation you will leave it open.

Bless me indeed he says that your hand might be with me. In other words, I don't want your blessing and not have you to want to write and not interested in blessing us and an expanded Morton's was built into every bless and the constant is you become with the black thing so you no longer need the hassle… Let me get this right. I want you to bless me and be I want to expand my business. I wanted to expand wanted to expand my education.

I want to expand on water but we don't want expansion that exclude you blessing when you live with the blessings I don't want a blessing that exclude you and Moses said you don't go with me. I won't go every night is real nice to have the 10 of the 10 plagues but let me know if you want bigger borders that want more glasses that some happiness with joy that was miserable with joy when we spend it let you know when you've been blessed because the law that expands you will give you what you gonna come from God is you have joy with it not misery with it because God brings himself along with toys that you I don't just want you stop and what is lose my focus dependency on you, Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message including a look at why being blessed makes you a target right now though he has a few words to share with us as we launch into 20 2100 I want to start off by wishing you a blessed new year. I know God's got something special for you.

I don't know what it is but you did write to let us know when you find out whatever God's good word for you is in the upcoming year also want to ask you for your continued, generous support and help to the orbit alternative.

We really need friends who will partner with us, pray for us so that we can keep the word going for you know wishing life changed in over 100 countries around the world and of course countless thousands here in our own country because of the word of God that goes out over the broadcast. So your investment in the orbit alternative is a worldwide investment.

It is a national and international investment we can do without you and is her way of saying thanks for your gift toward Tony's ministry would like to send you his current series on CD or digital download called your best you if you look at writing out the storms of life, building confidence in the Lord's presence and provision making the most of your God-given potential. Your best, you will help you shed healthy new directions for 2021 and it's our gift when you visit Tony and make a donation to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station. Don't put it off because this special offer is only available through the end of next week.

That's Tony or call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 right now Dr. Evans is back with more of today's lesson. Let's join that links him to another request that you would keep me from all evil that it may not paying me what is evil or harm because the more God blesses you the more Satan sees you. Success is a great opportunity for failure. You know all bless all our senses for dependency on God being challenged is could you not be a bless become a big laugh you going to be challenged because you use the blessings as an opportunity to become independent from God expecting to fall into and enjoy your blessings coming from you that you go with you so that does not come from the blessings you give me a restraining one on the devil, because the way you know you're in the battle is you big mouth, would you not worried about you. You know you're not a program know you're not going to do anything to mess up the map for no spend time with you and hold you to the program of.but if what you all day to day long as you expand the board as you present with me so that you will meet lately in the book delivered me from his time to leave mediocre expectations. It's time to stop in a kind of Christian, expect little from God because God is sovereign and he makes the final choices as to what he will do what he will do, but don't recall next year with gifts this year things that God is not for you and all around and put it on the Christmas tree and you refuse to open.

Don't be satisfied with the Monday age-old excuses when you can say I won't be a little bit more accurate but it still is because the price paid for with precious blood in the kingdom of God. No more excuses all comes down to the prayer God granted him what he request is good news. Must my forgiveness was brings pain. Pain called on God. If you qualify to be more noble than those of us who don't happen to me if your five to be viewed by God as one of its citizens to be more on how the status with God and also to know the name is David that made was that bad but they don't want you to know that to let you know that name is David good sounded me that makes them say like I'm in the playoffs but it I want you to know God says to grant the request of Jacob will go in there and in spite of all on God and daughter got all the grace was operating in the New Testament concept. God simply because buddy asked seriously indeed. And he said all he would bless me what you hear the passion you not only hear the words all you would bless all you would take away this complaining attitude it will let me see my bone is only limited by what I see all those lots of memory that you do like Jacobson. I will let you go I will let you know you want change my name. I will let you know Jacob becomes ever Israel I will not let you all see and my situation so we wind down.

What was started on Jacob as our baby folks here who are willing to say my name is Jade's pain of not being understood pain of being passed over for the promotion, mother and father. Pain of financial circumstances. This is what somebody calls me Jerry. I'm tired of being no pain and not by God.

I want to challenge you to make the prayer of Jabez. Your prayer or you will every day you wake up okay you wake up going to go God and you tell God blessed me today and do something to date, which is you expand on. Let me know you like that with me without you and to save and enjoy your blessed located 2 miles from the House Ave. in Baltimore where I was raised wasn't only his work when you both little peoples of the big balls you put your finger in small bowl with sophisticated tenpin bowling today but every Saturday as a teenager only said the bowling alley on Lafayette Avenue. One of the things we would do was go pin bowling in fact go back. Sometimes whatever melding go by the planes. This dictated like it is with all the mechanics that they have an example. Often times, things didn't work like you're not down the pin machine will come down and pick up all the pins always going all wrong you push a button when you push the button a little walk in the back of the day on their running some machine that looks like nice now one next line right I'm going somewhere where they will all down.

All we can say right anyway some assistance so you know what they were doing. That's what got messed up because we couldn't fix it ourselves some good news following the been got out and bring them all over the place for you. Once you know okay thanks you not know the grace of God will influence how now what not down to lunch and I want you in the right place right now. You may know deal with the new God expand my borders on Dr. Tony Evans wrapping up a message on the prayer of Jabez is always copies are available. Just visit for details or better yet, get it is a part of Tony short but powerful audio collection.

Your best. You, as I mentioned earlier on five full-length messages in this collection are yours is or thank you gift when you make a contribution to help keep the alternative, coming your way.

This is a limited time offer so don't wait contact us or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are available day and night to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222. The Bible tells us to run away from temptation. But when it's coming from your emotions.

There's no easy way to escape next week.

Dr. Evans will talk about the feelings that controllers and how you can decide who direct your thoughts.

I hope you join us, the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the is made possible by the generous contribution of listeners

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