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Reversing Anxiety Consequences, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 25, 2021 7:00 am

Reversing Anxiety Consequences, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 25, 2021 7:00 am

Even though we know that worry does nothing but eat us up inside, sometimes we cannot seem to stop. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains how easily anxiety can turn into a trap and spells out how that stronghold can be broken.

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Most people do not ask Dr. Tony Evans says it's anything but natural and talked about what a traffic can turn into law when all function as if you can get up in the morning celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, even though we know worry does nothing but eat us up inside.

Sometimes we just can't seem to stop. But that stronghold can be broken today. Dr. Evans will tell us how is he takes us to Matthew chapter 6 let's join him this so much in life to worry about money were about health where relationships were about jobs were about our careers, we worry you worried about a large part of us. Because worry is become part of the human dilemma. One man said I got so much to worry about pay somebody hundred thousand dollars to do my worrying for me. I gotta get this off my back so bad I'm going to pay somebody hundred thousand dollars to do my worrying for me. Of course, apply for the job you're hired.

He says $100,000.

He said that's the first thing you got to worry about. Some of us if we could, we would pay somebody… This thing called worry and so in my moments with you today. By the time we are finished, you won't have to worry okay what is about to what is provoking it irritating exacerbating frustrating.

We want to lift the burden based on God's word of worry three times.

We are commanded in this passage.

Not to worry versus 25 says, for this reason I say to you, not wary verse 31 says do not worry.

Verse 34 says so do not wary three times. There is a command not to worry all too well. This is something of a command and it's called sin. Most people do not know as wary as sin, they look at as natural looking at something that is legit. Given the circumstances that I am facing. Yet the Lord in this passage gives a command and a couple of the command with the statement, all of little faith, you believe I can take it happen like & Co. water. You believe are good for eternity but I'm insufficient. Do not worry the word, worry, anxiety means to be torn into where he is concerned on steroids. Worry is concerned that's gone haywire.

There is a difference between concern and worry, concern is I issue in my life that is pulling me and I am setting forth a plan as best I can to address that is legitimate concern, but warily is where the concern controls you. It is way up because of the concern I can't sleep because of the concern I can control my temper, because all the concern I am losing my ability to cope. It is where concern has now become the controlling because of the issue. Whatever it is that you face now. Let me give a clarification here.

I am not talking about the chemical imbalance where there is a physicochemical reality that needs to be addressed because that physical is affecting that emotional and absolutely that may need medication that is not what I am addressing what I am addressing is whether circumstance in and of itself is controlling you is dictating who you are where you are, how you function. Whether you function it tells you if you can get up in the morning and tells you, you better go to bed right now it on well, he says, and introducing the section for this reason you don't worry.

This reason, so before I tell you. Don't worry, there is a reason so you cannot worry unless you understand the reason for this reason with me for the backup. A few verses in verse 22. This is what he says. The eye is the lamp of the body.

So if your eye is clear your whole body will be full of life. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If in the life that is in you with darkness, how great is the darkness no one can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth because one of the big worries of life has to do with resources says you want to get all well wary you got to get rid of one of your masks worry will you down if you got more than one he says if you got God over here and something else and control over their since the definition of the worry is to be torn into and you got two different masters going into different directions.

Then they will keep you wary they will keep you, says the light is in the eye. If the light is in the whole body knows what the grant where you want the whole body can function because it's seeing things clearly. But it is a dog. Everything else is in trouble one's grabbing the theater and trouble to know where it's going says everything else is in trouble if there's darkness in the eye. If there is not clear sight because you have become divided with masters. One of the reasons why we stay.

Worry is we stay divided between master. He says you cannot serve two masters. And when you do you will be wary because he will be divided the spiritual division creates and supports the ongoing nature of wary they put another way, the more heavenly minded you become less earthly worry you will have said again. The more heavenly minded you become less earthly worry you will have to carry if I hold the glass here. It's going to be full of I can't just shake the air around because I'm shaken it, but the air is mostly an Internet glass on his head and Ernesto will be in the glass if I want to get rid of the air in the glass. I gotta fill it with warning about the glass with water, it will automatically remove air in the glass, the more of God to get filled with the more we have to leave the environment but if you are divided double-blind. If you are distracted in terms of having master and a mask is about tells what to do a master somebody controls the priorities of life. He says do not wear ye of little faith will of that sounds easier said than done. Stay with us. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the piece of the puzzle that may make everything look different to you first. Though Tony has written a brand-new book called U-turns that goes hand-in-hand with today's lesson.

There are ways to reverse the consequences of spiritual failures you may have experienced in your life in areas like anxiety, addiction, financial responsibility and more including problems you may have heard were irreversible. U-turns will show you how to get your life headed in a positive new direction and that's why were offering the book in all 12 U-turns lessons on both CD and digital download is way of saying thanks for coming alongside Tony's ministry with your contribution. We depend completely on your support to keep the alternative on this station and this is one way we can show our appreciation. And if you want to learn even more about how God can work to redeem the negative consequences of bad choices or if you want to help others in this area you want to look into Dr. Evans companion U-turns Bible study kit and DVD. You can find out more and make all the or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 where one of our helpful resource team members can assist with your request. That's 1-800-800-3222. I'll have her contact information for you again after Dr. Evans brings us part two of today's lesson right after this Amazing, Intense, Thinking That Just A Few Students Describe Their Experience since Enrolling in the Town's Training Center. The Best Part Is the Training Center Is Where Ever You Are Online Connection. I Going beyond the Sunday Sermon. These Compelling Bible Study Courses Take a Much Deeper Look at Scripture.

The Finals Writers, Social Issues of Today and Much More Alive Time Today to Learn More Training. Finally, Tony Evans,, You Can Anytime Anywhere. He Now Says Says If You Are Consumed by Wary. If Where Is Your Middle Name If You You Would Know What to Do, Which Also He Says You Don't Understand God You Don't Understand His Nature and You Don't Understand Is Providence. You Don't Understand His Priorities Is What He Says in Verse 25 He Says, I Say to You, Don't Worry about Your Life What You Eat or Drink or Edge to Your Body As to What You Will Put on. Is Not Life More Than Food and Body More Than Raiment Get Worried about the Wrong Thing.

You Get Worried about What You Are Going to Eat You Be Worried about Whether You Go Get up to Eat Anything Because Life Is More Than Food.

You Are Right about Food, but You Are Alive Because If You Don't Have My Word. I Followed, so If You Have a Life You Can Assume Food Body Is More Than Raiment the Body of Morning Clouds. We Worry about Old Close New Close to One Close, so Close We Were about Close to What about the One Thing to Worry about Whether Your Body Is Intact to Put You on the Sleeves like the Guy Was Driving His BMW Drivers BMW and He Loses Control the Car to Jump off the Cliff. He Opened the Door, Jumps out Just in Time Car Goes over the Presidencies of Though No BMW by BMW Although My BMW Policeman Drives up He Says Mr. You Just Lost Your That All My Rolex Rolex to Get Things Out Of Sync. Mr. Priorities He Says He Says in Verse 26 You Have Paid Attention to Nature Study Nature Because He Says in Verse 26 Look at the Birds Look at the Birds Pay Attention When You Leave Church Today and Look at the Birds Because He Says They Don't.

So Read or Gather in the Bonds and Your Heavenly Father Feeds Them Not They Have Any Father You Heavenly Father Do Not Work Much More Than They Birds Don't Have CDs, Mutual Funds, Stock Market Investments, Savings Account yet.

Every Morning I Wake up Sick Every Morning I Wake up I Wake up Saying Would Know Savings and All, but He Says, but the Birds in the Very Thought Says the Phone Is Going to Feed Us so That Will Be Somewhere Today with Enabling Assume That You Get Out Of Sync. We Get up Close and Confident Complaining about That Get Upset about God's Children Were Removed Today Because They Assume Something That Even We Don't Are You Not Worth Much More Than They He Says Clothing Is the Solomon Was Not Arrayed like the Lilies of the Field with All of His Billion Dollars. He Says the Lilies of the Field.

They Neither Toil nor Spin You've Never Seen Enough of Lily Using a Sewing Machine Calling on Singer to Keep My Cattle You'll See That He Says Because God Works It out in Nature, Toil, Little Spin, but Your Heavenly Father Supplies What They Need and It Is Assumed That All of Nature Arranged by God's Natural Supply. What I Have Discovered Is Accordance Thing of Worry Is We Really Don't Know. We Dealing with.

We Have Lost All of God.

God Is a Great Person up in the Sky Somewhere. We Don't Know Who We Dealing with.

And Because Our View of Human so Small. We Worry When I Do Things in Our Lives That Are Out Of Our Control, the Other Day on Help All of Us to Go about God's Illegal about God When the Last Time the Thought of God Would Bless Him to Follow God Overwhelmed about the Other Day in One Drop of Water in One Drop of Water. There Are 6 Trillion Atoms Six 6 Trillion in One Drop of Water That We Not Talk about the Dams We Not Talk about the Ocean We Not Talk about the CDs about the River… The Legs When I Thought about the Streams Which Make All That Water Makes up More Than Two Thirds of the Earth Space on Earth and in One Drop of Water That Is Six Sick Again. God Lost All the Water in the World He Would No Longer Be Gone Because He Would No Longer Be on Mission, on the Average Is 100,000 Strands of Hail Damage and Only Get the Short against the Lower Get Average 100,000 Strands of Hail on the Average P Let's Not Apply That 7 Billion People Now beyond You Know You Can Count. You Can Put Another Miserable Ministry of the Path. Yet the Bible Says God Knows Every Spread on Every Body That Has Ever One You Would No Longer Be God, What Did You Tell Me You Were Worried about See the Thing Is We Don't Know Who We Dealing with. And so We Find Ourselves under the Stranglehold of Wary, yet He Says Don't Know If You Said and When You Elevate the Supernatural Man over God and You Are Telling Me You Are Your God and You Live Divided into so It Shouldn't Surprise Us That Isaiah 26 Verses Three and Four. I Will Keep Him in Perfect Peace, Whose Mind Is Stayed on Me Shouldn't Surprise Us That Second Thessalonians 3 Verses 6 to 8 Says God Gives Peace in Every Circumstance Wrong. I Am Not Suggesting That Life Does Not Get Hard.

I Am Not Suggesting We All Know Better Than That. Jesus Said in John 1633 in This World You Will Have Tribulation, but Then He Can Bounce Right over That and Say Be of Gucci Say You Just Told Me I'm Going I Can Expect Trouble and Then You Go.

Tell Me Shira and See When We Understand When God Allows Trouble and I'm Not Too Much Trouble. We Create Trouble That He Allows That Would Create the Insecurity That Drives Us from Concerned Wary That What He Is Creating in Your Situation Is an Opportunity to See That He Is God. So the Next Time You Are Tempted to Worry beyond Concern Concern Is Where You Have a Real Issue and You Are Seeking a Way to Resolve It Wary Is Where It Has Taken over the Concerns It Is Controlling You the Next Time You Are Tempted to Wary. You Must Now Look at That As an Opportunity for God to Let You See How Much God Is All Put It This Way in Second Corinthians Chapter 1 He Said God Gave Us a Great Ordeal of Affliction, so We Were down to the Point Where We Didn't Even Know Whether We Were Going to Live. Got That Bad, but Adds a Phrase and He Did It so That We Could See He Is the One Who Raises the Dead.

He Did It so We Can Let Our Seas God Knows about All the Time. Jesus Would Leave His Disciples into a Stolen and a Septembers Now, Now That We Parish Sleeping with Struggling out Here, O Ye of Little Faith When Larry Is Seeping in. That Is a Call to Faith in the Midst of the Legitimacy of the Concern. So What Do You Do Verse 32 for the Gentiles Eagerly Seek All These Things for Your Heavenly Father Knows That You Need All These Things When You Worry You Have Now Joined the Ranks of Pagans the Gentiles the Nonbelievers the Pagans Mismanage Their Priorities Because They Gotta Make It Happen Themselves.

They Seek Basic to Control the Wife Because They Are Their Own God's but You Got a Daddy. Your Father Says Stop Being Pagans Because They Fear Them, nor Daddy but Your Daddy Has Also Gotta Be Your Master.

You Can Have Divided Loyalties. Dr. Tony Evans Rubbing Apart One Message on Reversing the Consequences of Anxiety. Now If You Can't Be around Tomorrow for Part Two.

Or If You'd like to Get the Complete Version of This Lesson to Reviewing Your Owners Share with Someone Else. Just Visit Tony for Information on Getting a Copy. Better yet, You Can Get.

It Is a Part of the Powerful Resource Package I Mentioned Earlier That Includes Tony's Brand-New Book U-Turns Reversing the Consequences in Your Life. The Companion Study Guide and Resource DVD and All 12 Messages from the U-Turns Series on CD and Digital Download. The Entire Package Is Yours When You Make a Contribution to Help Keep This Broadcast Coming Your Way Each Day. This Offer Is Only Available for A Few More Days. So Don't Put It off. Visit Us Right Away. Tony to Get All the Details and Make Your Contribution or Color 24 Hour Resource Request Line at 1-800-800-3222 at like One of Our Team Members Assist You. That's 1-800-800-3222 People Passing the Scene of an Accident Often Can't Resist the Urge to Stare Tomorrow. Dr. Evans Will Explain Why We Often Do the Same Thing with Our Problems and He'll Reveal How to Shift Our Focus to Something Healthier.

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