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Concept of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 4, 2021 7:00 am

Concept of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 4, 2021 7:00 am

Too many people, faith is a feeling a sense of confidence or optimism. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains that real faith is something we live out, no matter what our emotions are telling us.

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The lifestyle is Dr. Tony Evans explains why fee to be more than just a way of thinking about things that are not experiencing God's righteous will they live. This is the alternative Tony-author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when the road gets tough. It helps to know how others have successfully navigated the trip will today. Dr. Evans tells the stories of people who've gone before us on their faith journey as he takes his two Hebrews chapter 11 must join many people today who are living with a sense of hopelessness sense that it's not working it's not worth it. It's not, I quit.

I give and I throw in the town. I can't take it, send so profound. This was true of the folks. Hebrews was writing on the verge of quitting, quitting the faith going back to the world. Think this Christian thing was worth it. Got unanswered prayers going unfulfilled dreams things in my life that I thought God was going to take care of has not yet been addressed. So throwing the town that leads to discuss. Also concept in a profound chapter to discuss this concept arrives in chapter 10. In chapter 10 of Hebrews verse 35.

He says therefore do not always yield confidence, which has a great reward for you have need for endurance, so that when you have done the will of God. You may receive what is promised for you people is coming will come and will not delay but righteous one shall live by. And if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in those who shrink back to description but of those who have, to the preserving of the soul is used so that you don't for indolence for the righteous shall live by faith. Okay what what about a moment supposed to be a lifestyle, not an event. The righteous shall live by faith. In other words, is how you should roll it should be how you flow it should be your normal life is not a concept you the lifestyle you possess because the righteous shall live by faith. So if you're not living is because you're not yet righteous, because that's how the righteous live in the righteous to learn to live get to experience God in action is what he says you get to experience God fulfilling his word. So you got ask the question because it not only by faith that are not experiencing God in my circumstances because that's how the righteous will they live nothing but that raises the question, what is faith and how does it work verse one now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Then again, now is the assurance of things for the conviction of things not seen to be an it must have substance involves all faith is not a really really concept the never never land is making sure all of stuff of the things which are hoped for and against things you have not yet seen the word faith is the substance of things for things not seen deals with things not already own and traded your five senses seen it yet about the future hope is an expert patient which convinced or convicted about another words you are confident of this thing.

Even though the thing hasn't occurred must have substance, it must have some stuff that you can rely is only meaningful spinster with if you got bad substance.

Manuel will begin his mission no matter how much of it you possess the substance you are placing it in much, maybe not real at all to do with an expectation that must involve a substance so much substance and possess a significant substance produces great results substance will produce no results because what makes the substance to which a reassurance of the things substance and it is something that you have not yet made but you know, Israel want to grow your faith don't go hunting substance. Substance you remember me telling you some years ago I was to fly to speak and they couldn't get me there by the airlines so they sent a twin engine plane down to Redbird airport then now executive airport to me in this twin-engine plane to Ohio regularly since that happened was supposed to go, they will twin-engine plane.

She said you are going by yourself, you will have much plane changed around and we wind up being just going to set a schedule playing related to because it is written, substance which is in your life. You do not believe they tell you something you cannot do much with it from your confidence that the people in your life will do whatever they say because the person is coming from the for you to believe one place so to say you to look up things for that is what the subject is something something then faith is not is not how you feel is not put in the work necessarily how you feel you can save the last but people think you can follow and have nothing because it is not first and foremost motions do not select emotions don't think that's what you feel and shift based on the information received. If you get depressed because of your bills you are legitimate $400,000 you feel will immediately change.

So now you can go back are you feeling when you first walk in you will will change because the nation you received your feelings go to a scary movie with a monster and with all the technology today you can make stuff seem so real like company on screech of the life you might react to something you really know is not coming from the screen.

You know bite you when you go home, and some is not even real, like Israel substance is not real because the emotions become addicting emotions will not be injured back to the train at the front entry. I know in the back of a shifting shipping, the spirit will got the truck and even though there shifting in the condo doesn't say what is going but faith is only as good as were you invested. Dr. Evans will come back to talk about that as he continues this message from his current series your best. You, this collection explores the unique ways you can turn your spiritual potential into a day-to-day reality by healing damaged emotions and blocking the flow of God's power and getting the painful problematic parts of your life turned around and we like you to have this entire five message series on CD or digital download is or thank you gift when you make a contribution in support of Tony's ministry where completely listener supported.

So your faithfulness is the only way we can keep bringing you this broadcast each day so please let us hear from you right away. As always, you can make all the or give us a phone call at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will come back with more of today's lesson right after this price, Dr. Tony Evans says Christians have a habit of under using overlooking our most valuable spiritual resource connection with the Lord through art in the course on kingdom.

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Start today Tony Evans to substance that is experience with the five senses is real based on the of the subject who was calling for the subject calling for the thing. It's got you John the will of God. Now let me tell you why this sermon in this series for many, maybe the most important one you've ever heard because it was 11 verse six says with it is simple to please God don't miss this one is not one of the things you need thing you need if you want to experience God because with you on this pleasing to God. So, who are visiting faith. On occasion with you all day and lifestyle you will know living a life pleasing to God, not pleasing.this pleasing. Why is God all went you on challenging God's integrity and every deadline to call God a liar every time we leave we say God you don't know what you're talking about you down right now would come out and you will when God said something you feel when you told the truth and somebody tells you that you have insulted your integrity style of insulting God's integrity because they know… July and July in the morning when the sun goes down because I choose not to live by faith because I don't believe that you are a person of integrity for you have challenged the integrity of God's and why God said without you. Do not please me. Just please me because you challenge my integrity.

If you want to make concrete you go get a bag of cement you the bag of cement with water pouring in its cells and becomes concrete for almost God is not yet concrete reality in our lives. He's really sick and I'm back because we have gotten next so that I get becomes experiential concrete. In my experience of God. In other words loss is and what God said and that have not yet graduated to be concrete cover hadn't gotten mixed so let me give you will remind you again the full definition of faith bawling all down is simply God is telling the truth is not feeling that God is telling the truth is not saying that God is telling the truth is God is telling the truth.

That's why the Bible calls it walking by faith and not talking about faith or feeling nothing, or even thinking, by faith and spiritual nothing to a concept that makes with action. Therefore, nothing concrete that showed up in the life.

If you want a concrete manifestation of God than what you believe about God must be married to what you do in light of that belief. Exercising faith so that God cannot become concrete in your life and not in your head that said before in the rooms around the sanctuary. We've had to install motion detector lighting because people really like the Lord was causing too much electricity bills and so we had to do something to install the life you walk in the room like You Walk on My Goals so That We Not Wasting Electricity without Leaving like Someone You Walk in the Light Comes on. You Walk out the Light Come Goals but It Will Not until the Detectable Means That You Haven't Given It Any Motion You Haven't Triggered It. God Is Real.

God Makes Promises until He Sees Motion. If There Is No Motion on Which Really Made It so When It's Not so Might Be so Simple Because Nonsense so Now That We Have This Understanding of the Statement about What an Witnesses WITNESSES to Know What Is What You What You Witnesses Will Come for the First with Don't Come Forth and Testify. No, Don't Come to Share with You Some Testify As Well. Don't Give a Testimony Joseph Don't Give a Testimony to Go Get My Testimony on When You Understand Their Football Great Snow Exceeded an Excel to Be Remembered.

God Says This Is Not Hall Of Fame in Ohio. He Was Shot. 11 These Are the Men and Women Demonstrate That This Plaything.

Dr. Evans Will Come Back in a Moment with the Final Illustration to Wrap up Today's Program First so a Reminder to Today's Message. The Concept of Faith As Part of Tony's Current Series Called Your Best. You Don't Forget for This Week Only.

We're Making This Five Message Collection Available on CD or Digital Download As Our Gift When You Make a Donation to Help Us Keep Tony's Teaching on the Station Visit Tony for Details. And While You're There, Be Sure to Check out Our Huge Collection of Books, CDs, DVDs, Downloadable Resources, and More and Take a Moment to Sign up for Tony's Free Weekly Email Devotional Again That's Tony or Call Us at 1-800-800-3222 and Let One of Our Team Members Help You Are Resource Center Is Open 24 Seven and Again That Phone Number 1-800-800-3222 One Tomorrow.

Dr. Evans Will Offer More Encouragement on How to Keep Our Faith Strong Even When the Pressures and Problems of Life Pileup Right Now Though He's Back to Close with This Story and on Boxing When They Have a Heavyweight Champion Champion Fight the Two Challenges of the Two Boxes on They Bring in the Heavyweight Champion of the Mold and Introduce Them to the Graph. The People Clap and Then the Champion Will Go over and Shake One Guys Hand and Negotiate the Other Guys Hand the Way to the Crowd Plotting and the Reason Why They Bring the Champion Was to Let His Will in the Battle Right Now. No Somebody Else Has Been in This Ring before Somebody Else and Punch the Wonderful Somebody Else and Not down before Somebody Else and Bruise before Testify As the Battle, This Thing Went Let You Know When, In Spite Of the Night but I Want You to Battle Business That Can Be 120 Is Made Possible by the Generous Confusion

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