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The Power of Praise

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 16, 2020 7:00 am

The Power of Praise

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 16, 2020 7:00 am

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has stretched us economically and stressed us emotionally, Dr. Tony Evans says that Christians possess a very powerful tool that can transform our personal outlook, especially in times like these. Find out what that is when you join him in this lesson.

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Problem solved gets appraisal Dr. Tony Evans is a response to a crisis should be based on who we're transiting not what we're facing.

Appraising problem solved on praise God and consult. This is the alternative Dr. Tony speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the Trinity. Even though the coronavirus pandemic has stretched us economically and stressed us emotionally. Dr. Evan says Christians possess a very powerful tool that can transform our personal outlook, especially in times like these must join him as he explains when asked a question. If you're wrong.

If you help is falling apart probably going to go to the doctor because you think the doctor can help you get back together again. If your house is falling apart. No call repairperson to the kind of common fix what's broken. If your car is making all kind of noise means you need a mechanic, somebody who knows what they're doing can bring resolution to your car dilemma. If your clothes are tattered and torn you going to go to a tail.

The kind of put it back together again not doing well in school and the grades of falling now then you got to go to a tutor to help help you learn what you need to learn so you can pass what you need to pass will do when your world is falling apart when the nation is in trouble when you do when you feel a crisis so big that you have no way to go when you do when all human options have disappeared, and no matter which direction you look in north, south, east, west, the answers are difficult and everybody's trying a lot of things but nobody has a definitive answer and is not only affecting you and your family.

It's affecting your neighborhood, your church, your nation and the whole world was Waconia Vivian, it's a pandemic, which means it's a national and international negative crisis a crisis is a situation that overwhelms you crisis can come in a whole lot of form that can be economic crisis we know what that's like. The Corona that can be relational crisis that can be social crises that can be career crisis. Crisis can come in all, shapes and forms and sizes. One thing is true, though it is overwhelming. It can bring tears to your eyes.

It can cause you to be disconcerting, emotionally when you do when there's nothing you know that you can do well.

That's why I love second Chronicles chapter 20 is the story of King Jehoshaphat, King Jehoshaphat has a problem on his it's a problem that has affected his whole nation. He says in verse two, a great multitude is coming against us. He looks out and he says every direction and I look in the names. He says every direction that coming against us and Québec closing. He is in a predicament, a dilemma is a crisis, he says that this crisis is hitting him in every direction. You pretty much know when you get back on a crisis because your emotions begin to take charge, because verse three of second Chronicles 20 says Jehoshaphat was afraid he was scared he was terrorized because this was a problem. He did know how to fix this was an enemy. He did know what to do with this was his own. Karen a problem too big for him to handle.

Where told that in the midst of this problem. He turned his eyes to seek the Lord.

That's what verse three says he looked up because nowhere looking out to solve his problem. Right now we see more people talk about God talk about faith, religion done by Jesus: Scriptures or newscast here. There those attractors out there, but is pretty clear we have a dilemma that is a little bigger than us. And even if it wasn't this Corona so many of us have our personal growth is the viruses that have messed up our last he saw the Lord.

He wanted to bring God into the equation of his dilemma.

You know you're in a crisis that you can fix when the harder you try to depot down you go, like quicksand in all the harder you try to get out of quicksand.

What section 1. That's what a dilemma.

Does that is a pandemic kind of crisis in your life and your world, but that's Jehoshaphat's problem. What he decides to do is turn to the Lord dinner by us to do it to. Because verse four says he gathered together to seek help from the Lord and they even came from all the cities of Judah to seek the Lord compactly told in verse three he proclaims a national fast. You know that's what we need today we call a whole nation to a fast and pray this prayer and fasting say a word about fasting. Fasting is a Bunsen burner underneath prayer, fasting is giving up something physical to gain something spiritual to most people visit the spiritual while we live and are controlled by the physical, but what fasting does is it shifts that it says right now the spirit was more important than the physical habit is more important than earth because I can't fix with Earth because my problem is too big. I need the unseen world into to that seen world to affect my dilemma. My crisis because a fast right now, everybody should fast you should pick up a meal a week a day a week when you leave the smart devices you cut off the television you walk away from a meal and you say God will cry out for ourselves, our families, our churches and our nation because we all in trouble with cry out to you with this is so big and so bad that we willingly give up something to gain something more that is to gain you in the middle of our pain, uncertainty, sickness and death from an unseen before we go any further I need to tell you something if you want God to do something about the problem in chapter 20.

You have to address something in chapter 19 is in chapter 19 King King Jehoshaphat got all the nation to get right with God. It says in chapter 19 verse four that King Johnson Fed brought the nation back to the Lord to the God of their fathers you see being right with God is a prerequisite to hearing from God. You can fast and pray all day, but if you refuse to get right with the one you're talking to. Then you have no guarantees response because they got one response.

Or you can leave him out more so you can ignore him more so you can say a prayer to get out of it and then skipping so they got right first and then they sought the Lord when trouble and even before this dilemma, we see all, trouble in our nation political class, race, and all that's gonna come become secondary to this bigger problem but we had a lot of problems that we need solutions for. But that starts with God going God would eventually cause everybody back.

Verse 13 says that they even brought their children along with their wives, which means the men went front and center their brother. One of the brought the children upwards.

Everybody on this because this thing affects all of us and with this invasion hits us. Everybody's will be destroyed. Jehoshaphat said whistling with this coronavirus. It can hit any of us can be deadly with the blow so everybody got on board is why we want our church church in Dallas to response some time every week and maybe a portion of every day to call you to a faster tell the children know not now when Max will take 50 minutes 30 minutes an hour. Whatever works with them to give up meat. Today we going to give up the television for this. At times we go talk to each other will talk to God because we want our family protected from his virus and when I nation be healed up if we want our medical experts to find a solution to ask. So let's cry out to God's call, the solemn assembly in Scripture, a sacred gathering where people call to invoke on heaven because history was in trouble and so he calls on them.

He makes a statement in verse 12 he says the reason that we're calling on you is we don't know what to do as you. You don't know what to do. This is outside of your control. Say we like to be in control.

We like to be able to handle stuff what God will let you know how bad you need him by allowing things in your life in my life and our lives collectively we can fix on our own.

He says we will know what to do and I'm not too proud, big, and I will be humble with this thing. He prays a prayer beginning in verse five we paid the ingredients of this. You start your praise with the prayer he starts his prayer by rehearsing God's person and then graduating to God's power we say that again he starts his prayer by rehearsing God's person, then graduating the God's power. He tells God how great is how awesome he is. He tells God that he rose from heaven.

He tells God that he rules over all the kingdoms is good to notice that there is no problem one are so big that God can overrule.

He tells God that the enemy coming at him is no competition for the God of the universe so he brags on God's person and then he talks about God's power. That's what you want. Don't just asked was powering skip this person because his power is tied to his character you want to know what is like in order to get what he can do so.

He brags on God makes a big deal about God because he got a big virus a big invasion that he needs to be able to address and everybody was wooden because that's how big the problem was from our house to the White House everybody should be dropping on the knees, ideally at the same time so he can hear all the voices calling down heaven in history and calling on God to invade this dilemma that we face after his prayer, he got a prophetic word it says God heard what he had to say and he called a prophet, and he called the prophet. In verse 14 he said if you listen to the prophet verse 20. You will succeed. You know right now we need a word from God thing about the prophet, the prophet was not a particularly popular person because they usually showed up during times of calamity and difficulty, often with negative things to say but always with a positive goal in saying to get right with God so that things could be reversed. So the deliverance could take place so that the agenda could be changed and so you want a prophetic word. Recall that a Rhema word to give you a few Greek words here that will help you understand the Rhema word there is the glace. The glace is the book. It is as it sits on the shelf on your coffee table. It is the written recorded word of God. That's the graphic so you could never even opened the Bible but it would still be the Bible because it is the written word of God, but the low gospel is what it says and what it means by what it said. That's why Jesus Christ by the way is called the logos of God. John 11 because he came to explain the father to us. But then there is the Grable word. The Rhema word is the specific utterance into your specific situation, a Rhema word is not a general word is just is not even served as a servant can can be one word for everybody a Rhema word is God's word to you there in a dilemma and they need a Rhema word which is a prophetic word he says if you listen to the prophet now the disc is not a presumably that the prophet, but he does give his application words to the prophetic voice today. Dr. Evans will tell us what happens next for the people of Judah in their time of trial, but he continues in a moment. Stay with us, you might be breathing a sigh of relief as 20/20 draws to a close this year is been a tough one.

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Just visit us or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222. I repeat that contact information for you again after part to today's lesson after they prayed, God brought a prophet and then it was time for praise. Look at how much praise goes on in this chapter without the problem, yet being solved. It says in verse 18. They fell down before the Lord in worship to they say in verse 19. They stood up to praise the Lord. They say in verse 21 they saying to the Lord.

Those who praised him and holy attire. It says in verse 22 when they began singing and praising the Lord said an ambush. In other words, praise made the difference. They had a problem virus. They couldn't take them invasion. He couldn't overcome that led to a prayer the prayer opened the door for profit, and then it was time to get your appraisal to talk about praise, praise his accentuating and expressing value to God you can worship privately without saying a word.

You can worship you can worship in your heart you can worship with your mind, you can worship in silence which candidate will praise praise is worship gone public praises Dick Clary, your stay. That's what the psalmist met in Psalm 34 what he said will magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt and extol his name together.

In other words, he says get your appraisal when you magnify God.

You can't make God big open a magnifying glass doesn't make something bigger. It just shows you in a bigger way. Which really made the Bible says that God inhabits the praises of his people. He hangs out in praise when praise is coming from the right heart gets appraisal.

And even though your problems that self praise God that is bigger than Corona.

Praise God that is bigger than your private coronas. However, they may show up in your life, praising Betty's greater then whatever the greatest challenges in your life is says when God heard that praise. He said an ambush for the in football. My son Jonathan was a fullback fullback's job is run through the line and open up a hold of one of the gaps for the halfback is one of his main job.

The quarterback receives the ball the landmen at things a come in at the quarterback because quarterback has the ball but when the quarterback handled the ball to the halfback everybody shifts to go after the halfback John.

The job was to block them on the ship. You see, because you've shifted the problem to somebody else. When you have the problem right now we gets appraisal and you've shifted over to God. That's why when David was facing Goliath. He says in first Samuel 17 verses 26 and 1236. Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that challenges the armies of the living God. He shifted over to God. He said no you mess with God it was, he made it a spiritual battle not just a physical battle with the boy know he said big boy is big, but he ain't dead because I know somebody big when you learn to ship your pain your problem you will deliver your coronas over to God that you have somebody bigger than the problem you face the problem that the medical environment faces that worldwide establish if that thing over his tongue to give that thing all the Bible says in your praise.

Psalm 50 verse 23 is your deliverance that God will deliver you in your praise you say, but my problem is not been solved yet. I know you problem had been solved yet. It's appraisal what are praising for the problem has been solved on praise and for the garden.

Consult I'm praising that is not so big, that is bigger than him. I'm praising them for what I've seen them do in the Bible. See, that's why you have to know what to God because you need to know what he did yesterday to remind you when you can do today is what all the Bible it rehearses God delivering from from each. It rehearses God delivering through the Red Sea, why to show them when they ran into the next Pharaoh when they read into the next Army when they ran into their next dilemma that same God can handle it because it is already habited before the problem is if you have a history would God do you have and see what he can do that you won't be as energized appraisal right now. Could you have a history with all but throughout the Bible we forgot to praise on God did so that you don't believe me as Joshua Miller walking around the wall of Jericho once a day for seven days six days and seven day seven times never let not a shelf you know that show what I was just noise that's a shout of praise.

What were walking around a big problem wall that wouldn't fall an enemy that would flow when I got appraisal. Crack started comely rumbling started taking place. When I got appraisal and things begin to collapse the problem came to within you don't believe the praise works as Paul and Silas in jail then change that you jail but they got appraisal.

When I got appraisal and things started to shake things started to rumble and they were delivered David to evangelism by leaving the Philippian jailer to salvation.

See when you gets appraisal it causes having the moves of the earth shakes so that the rumbling down here occurs because God is moving.

Praise is not praising Thomas expressed with the last time you got appraisal in your fast pitch appraisal in your prayer get you praising your dilemma. Celebrate God because he deserves a break, make a big deal about it. Dr. Tony Evans on the wisdom of praising God even in the midst of troubles and he'll come back in just a moment with the closing thought first and they quickly remind you of that special offer. I mentioned earlier, when you make a year and contribution right away will say thanks by sending you the best of Tony Evans 2020 audio collection on CD and digital download containing 20 of Tony's most requested messages as well as his powerful devotional book called for a purpose. See your talents and interests. Through God's eyes, and discover the purpose God has in store for you.

Both of these resources make a great gift and they're both yours is our gift when you make a donation to help keep Tony's teaching on the station just Rabbi Tony you can get all the details and make your contribution online again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members assist you with your request, it may seem like if you focus on a problem. You're more likely to find a solution tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain that sometimes your focus is the problem right now though he's back with this final thought for today again. Psalm 34 says not clear is looked up to him and they got call if you're nervous about coronas. If you're nervous about the economic situation if you scared about your jocks tell you fears you want them to take a look at somebody else as long as they looking at you, they don't control you, tell you fears and someplace else. I want you to look because it somebody else that I want you to respond to.

So the more fearful you get, the more enclosed you feel it's appraisal you will never know God is all you need until you discover God is all you had. Right now God is all you have. So let's let them know we know he is all because heaven can overrule the alternative with Dr. Tony have you fighting urban alternative is made possible by the generous contributions of listeners and

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