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Praying and Waiting for God's Timing

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 15, 2020 7:00 am

Praying and Waiting for God's Timing

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 15, 2020 7:00 am

When you order something online, you typically get to choose how fast you want it delivered. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains why that isnt the case when you pray and how important it is that we learn how to wait for Gods perfect timing.

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You need something's going in the late Dr. Tony Evans is the kind of prayer that really makes a difference is our hard work will ask God to do some this is the alternative only monitor speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative prayer can be a pleasure as we enjoy the closeness it gives is with God. But today Dr. Evans will tell us how to take our prayers to the next level level. That's much more effective but much less comfortable.

Let's join him as he explains one established to make what he has already decreed there is no where there is no you do not what God has already noticed his will you today what you right now everything out of your mind about prayer for a few moments. I want us to learn from Elijah this point of contact and how it works by reading two verses 17 verse one first Kings by Gilead, said Ahab, the God of Israel lives people stand shortly. There shall be neither do rain these years except my word so is not the chapter 18 verse one after many days, that the word of the Lord came to you and the third DSA go half and I will send rain on the face of the earth.

Verse one is not going verse one is getting ready to rain.

Let me explain things that place didn't make 13 to 17 this is what God said God will now happen so it shows God's will no longer bless you bless your planting. I'm no longer going to bless you Barry if you turn away from other gods in heaven. Again, all is based on something you biblically. We now going to say something. I do want you to turn your Bibles first Kings and turned to James chapter 5 the book of James chapter 5 in James chapter 5, beginning with verse 16 therefore complex your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed.

The factual prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. This job was a man with a nature like ours and he prayed earnestly that it would not bring back the Kings and did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again and the rain and the earth produced its fruit. Stay with me.

God is not God's reign of three is between when he said no rain because of their idolatry when it rains so much this only came when the idolatry was addressed as long as there was a tree that would be no rain people one to send rain in their lives. All blessings with one thing God to change their lives and he gives you the secret of prayer that produces the supernatural. James said the factual fervid prayer of a righteous man avails much. So we only know that Elijah prayed.

We also know we Elijah prayed the factual prayer of a righteous man and James is writing the New Testament Christians. James is writing to you and uses an Old Testament say to explain the New Testament Christians to deliver rain to open up to deliver the will of God, which is varying from person-to-person in its application so that if you understand it factual (as illustrated by James in the life of Elijah, you and I cannot open heaven closing.

No rain.

We can just like Elijah affected and how you know why because Jane says that Elijah was all like nature as us one Superman, Batman, Spider-Man will ask me some superhero just want you to know you have nothing on you questions will look like right verse 21 it says I have the sound of the rule of the heavy snow is Elijah says I hear from distal but wait a minute.

In the process to follow.

There is no storm was in a moment out of the sky, but Elijah will come in so you will determine what you see if you close the God you won't hear the will of God. One of our problems is we want to hear from God keeping our distance from God. No, you could hear the will of God and God's will see what the word of God said so is me as applicable to me right now to do with spiritual distance. What is proximity so close that Elijah was a righteous man. He lived his life to please the Lord God's will and live a lifestyle that makes him sad that makes him unhappy that is not seeking to please if you can hear his voice and began a long distance relationship you want experience supernatural power in prayer. The proximity must be close cannot be far away, so you can hear the sounds of the particular application of Scripture. Your personal experience gets deeper because verse 42, says an went out to eat and drink, but Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and crouched down on the earth and put his face between his knees.

Stay with me.

Elijah goes up to Mount caramel Goes up to them.

Carmel separates himself, and he finds a place to get along with God. In other words, what he will get right to ask for was so big when you write a call from heaven was something that he needed and distracted environment for his discussion. Do you have a place you can go some place you can go that will be just good communication. This is bent down here between his knees in Old Testament days. What the women did was crouched down down and then somebody with a push in other words, it was the position of why it was the position of labor cost is about to give birth to a miracle.

The position of life because he didn't get back to something supernatural and regular unleaded God to do something extraordinary you got to get in a position as that you are pregnant since the last one God to get pregnant.

We wanted to get to America in a position paper. The biblical word means to be was with Marianne John chapter 11 and was getting ready to address from the day. So what the Scripture says he sees himself when you need something supernatural and great supernatural something supernatural is not asking God to do the content question is if you do, Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with more on the specific steps you need to take it with us. It's easy to feel overwhelmed right now but go bigger and we would encourage you with truth by sending you the best of Tony Evans 2020 on CD or digital download featuring 20, Dr. Evans most popular messages for 2020. Get your copy when you give to healthy urban alternative. Stay on the year and bringing a message of hope in life and are confusing out-of-control world. Plus you will also receive Dr. Evans devotional book called for a purpose. Go online to Tony whenever you get a total of 20 of Tony's most popular messages focusing on the keys to spiritual growth biblical ways to beat, worry and anxiety. How to know God cares about you personally, and much more. So get in touch with us today.

Make your generous year and contribution and letter sent you the best of Tony Evans 2020 and is popular devotional book called for a purpose make the or call our resource Center at one 800 832, 22 team members are standing by to help you day and night. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 right now Dr. Evans is back with more of today's message. Some situations the counselor to help you money can fix it and people you know can change it to go. In the late father Mount caramel somewhere – will do a push to the Scripture (righteousness was serving 43 now look toward the sea. Look for the answer to verse 43 says and said there was not.

He praying for you and nothing happened is again 77 is the biblical number of completion when something is completed in the Bible it gives you the biblical number of completion. Servant 11 know what God told me, and we close the written word lines up with me in my spirit and yet you keep going on to use that thing that maybe you tell God answers it wants you to his words. You know nothing you can then comes back up to 7×44 behold the clown in small demand is coming up from the sea, but that's all he needed to see sometimes God doesn't give it to all. He wants to see a little something something something is using rail God gives you a little down payment so that you keep on going, keep on people because here you get serious verse then the Lord was one Elijah ran a hand okay when watch is now in the previous verse Ahab is got a cherry which means you have horses, horses, all pulling his chariots and multiple horses because he's the king, so he got a Google forces pulling his chariot from Como to Jezreel which is 15 miles to the 15 mile run. Kings had runners.

The job of the run was to run in front of the king. Make sure it was nothing in the road so there will be nothing to jeopardize the key so the king had runners have runners. Maybe they got scared when Elijah killed all the prophets and quit. I don't know what was nowhere to be found and becomes a women just says he had to girdle up his loins role will cease the launch of the new spring tracks for you for much use the actual print close with something a number of years ago for those who haven't heard the story I was doing this to crusade in Columbia, South Carolina. This crusade was at the price football stadium which is the football stadium for the University of South Carolina. It was Sunday night, the first night of the crusade when somewhere between 15 or 20,000 people gathered in the stadium for us to preach the gospel to before the service. All the ministers and the planning committee went downstairs to pray. A gentleman came in and said we just been warned that a major storm is coming and it will be here by 7 o'clock. It's now 6 o'clock meeting is supposed to begin at seven, so based on the meteorological report will be drenched with a heavy thunderstorm at 7 o'clock so we went into prayer and we pray that God would hold the rain and we pray that God would allow the service to go on and we pray just pray for including me praying a safe pray as long way if is not you will see you as well.

And in case it still reigns multiple pray that safe. Pray the prayer. One lady named Linda said may not pray we said yes yes Glenn Preminger is the son of Linda's. Pray the Lord doing what you ask. You ask us to win people to Christ, you asked us to proclaim your word. We have spend money to put this crusade doing what you told us to do so. You will command you little man we want now is to begin gentleman, we know that rain is supposed to call this guy is coming this way we know, we just as we can go maybe as long as you can do as much as we can do a background is coming this way. As we begin the service with 15 minutes of service and black thundering behind us, you can begin the rain came to the stadium with actual person you know something like James Evan bridging example of the power ring within God's will and timing. Today's message is part of Tony's brand-new audio compilation the best of Tony having 2020 for limited time this giant collection is available as our gift along with his popular devotional book called for a purpose. When you make a year and contribution to help us keep his teaching on the station get more details and make the arrangements today at 2011' and be sure to take time to browse through our huge collection of CDs, DVDs, books, Bible studies, and more. We can be your one stop shop for holiday giftgiving again that's Tony, you haven't' or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by to help you with your resource request day and night. That's 1-800-800-3222, even though the coronavirus pandemic has stretched us economically stressed us emotionally. Dr. Evans says Christians possess a very powerful tool can transform our personal outlook, especially in times like these.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for the alternative with Dr. Tony have is made possible by the generous confusion of listeners

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